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The Top 15 Greatest Male Entrepreneurs in the World



Greatest Male Entrepreneurs

The factors of production such as land, labor, and capital are not enough to run an enterprise successfully while earning considerable profits.

It calls for the need for a person who would coordinate the functioning of the factors of production and bear the impending risks of the ever-changing market structure.


Therefore, there comes a fourth factor – the entrepreneur.

In this article, we have listed below the top 15 greatest male entrepreneurs in the world. They stand out from the rest because of their abilities to contribute to the development of the economy.

Greatest Male Entrepreneurs in the world (Top 15)

Greatest Male Entrepreneurs in the world

The top 15 male entrepreneurs across the world are :

1. Elon Musk

Greatest Male Entrepreneurs in World

Elon Musk is an investor, business tycoon, and an all-rounder world-famous entrepreneur. He’s the chief engineer and designer, founder and the CEO of SpaceX, A popular aerospace company; CEO and the product architect of Tesla Motors; founder of TBC (the boring company), and also a co-founder of OpenAI and Neuralink.

Elon Musk is an entrepreneur known for taking risks. Risks are not always harmful. If taken the right amount of risk and utilized in the right way it can benefit you to a much higher extent. Therefore one should always be like Elon Musk and be brave enough to take risks even if they are sometimes not in their favor.

As of March 2022, his estimated net earnings are about US$270 billion. You can also check Elon Musk Quotes here.

His Social media handles are


2. Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the perfect example of smart, rich, and competitive. These three traits are essentially important for a person to be successful. But among them, the competitive spirit of a person is the driving force that pushes the person towards the peak of success.

We all know how Microsoft has benefited us. And that is how we know who Bill Gates is. Bill Gates is an American-based software developer investor business magnet etc.

He along with his childhood friend Paul Allen cofounded The multinational technology corporation Microsoft. Gates was the CEO, president, chairman, and chief software designer of Microsoft.

He has played a major role in entrepreneurship during the revolution of microcomputers in the 1970s and 1980s.  As of 2022, he is regarded as the 4th richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $133.8 billion. You can also check Bill Gates’s Quotes Here.

His Social media handles are

twitter   linkedin   facebook   instagram

3. Mark Zuckerberg

The Greatest Male Entrepreneurs in the World

Mark Zuckerberg is an American-based philanthropist and technology entrepreneur. He is said to be the only person who is under 50 years of age among the top 10 richest people as listed by Forbes and the only person under 40 in the list of top 20 billionaires.

He is the co-founder of the social media platform, Facebook as well as its parent company meta platforms. He is the CEO, chairman, and controlling shareholder of it as well. Facebook is undoubtedly the most used and number 1 social media platform used by everybody including marketers, leaders, and students.

Zuckerberg aimed to create change in the world and not only acquire wealth. He wanted to set up a company that would not only make revenue and earns profits, but also be different from others. From mark, we can learn that we should never chase money.

Rather we should focus on creating and improving the lives of the people and thus money will come as a byproduct.

The estimated net worth of Mark Zuckerberg is $89.6 billion. You can also check Mark Zuckerberg’s Quotes here.

His Social media handles are

facebook   instagram  youtube

4. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is a worldwide known American entrepreneur, investor, computer engineer, media personality, and executive chairman who has founded the most commonly used E-commerce company, Amazon.

The net worth of Jeff Preston Bezos is, as of March 2022, almost around US$177 billion, making him the second wealthiest person all across the world according to Forbes as well as the Bloomberg billionaires index.

Amazon made it super easy for people to sit at home and shop without making efforts to go out and try on multiple clothing. Bezos helped people worldwide get access to millions of clothing styles and brands without having to travel long distances. You may also check Jeff Bezos’s Quotes here.

His Social media handles are

instagram  twitter

5. Walt Disney

Male Entrepreneurs in the World

An animator who used to work for an advertising company, Walt Disney started to create his shots animated in a studio garage. The first character he created was Mickey Mouse who was inspired by mice that roamed around his office.

This created a history in the world of animation through Steamboat Willie of mickey mouse in 1928.

The great success of Mickey Mouse inspired Disney to create a cartoon factory with multiple artists, musicians, and animators all across the globe.

Disney is right now the largest company for animation and media prevailing on earth.

It has a wide range of animated characters and has made a mark in history. After his death, the growth has continued which made Disney inspiration for many aspiring animators.

You may also check Walt Disney Quotes Here.

6. Richard Branson

Richard Branson, originally named Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is a British entrepreneur, business magnate, and billionaire who back in the 1970s found the virgin Group which today manages over 400 companies prevailing in multiple fields in the market.

Richard Branson wanted to be an entrepreneur from a very young age. Virgin Records, opened in the 1970s, a chain of record stores was founded by him. Later, in 1972 it was named Virgin Megastores. He then started Virgin Atlantic airlines, in the 1980s and expanded his already opened music label, virgin records.

He’s the third oldest person who flew to space at the age of 71. The approximate or estimated net worth of Branson, as of July 2021, according to Forbes is US$5.7 billion.

His Social media handles are

instagram  twitter  facebook  linkedin

7. Steve Jobs

Male Entrepreneurs

The only tech company that has the potential to challenge the dominance of Microsoft is apple. And Steve Jobs was the co-founder, CEO, and chairman of apple. Apple was said to be just a computer company when Jobs returned to it.

Now it has a wide range of products like iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc. which has made apple a competitive company and a strong competition against Microsoft which was once invulnerable.

As of 2019, over 500 million customers use apple. For the first time in 2010 when Microsoft’s market capital was surpassed by apple.

Jobs was also a major shareholder and chairman of The 1986 founded American animation studio, Pixar. Steve Jobs died on October 5th, 2011 at the age of 56 due to respiratory arrest.

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8. Mukesh Ambani

Are you too a Jio user? Then you must know who Mukesh Ambani is.

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is the greatest businessman, entrepreneur, and managing director,  chairman of Reliance Industries of all time. Reliance Industries deals in numerous sectors like oil gas, telecom, petrochemicals, and the retail market. Reliance was founded by his father Dhirubhai Ambani in 1966.

Ambani created a difference in the telecom industry of India by introducing the number one leading Indian telecommunication company, Jio. He introduced Jio with multiple offers, discounts, data, unlimited calls, etc.

Due to this innovative and creative idea, the prevailing competitor then, Airtel, Vodafone felt the need to reduce their prices to continue in the market. Some companies also had to shut their services down after the introduction of Jio.

Mukesh Ambani taught us that if you want to create your mark in the industry, disrupt the usual market structure and pick something which would be for the benefit of the people as well as profit the individual.  You can also check Mukesh Ambani’s Quotes Here

9. Larry Ellison

Male Entrepreneurs in the World

Larry Ellison is an America-based investor and businessman who is the chairman, CTO (chief technology officer), and as well as the former CEO of Oracle Corporation.

Oracle Corporation is the second-largest multinational computer software company in the world due to its market capitalization and revenue.

As of March 2022, according to the Bloomberg billionaires index 2021 March 2022, he is regarded as the 9th wealthiest person in the United States and the 10th wealthiest person all across the world.

His estimated wealth has increased from $57.3 in 2018 to $98 billion.

His Social media handles are


10. Jack Ma

Jack Ma is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs, a Chinese business magnate, philanthropic, and investor. He used to be a former English teacher. Jack ma is the founder of Alibaba. It was founded in 1999.

Alibaba is the biggest eCommerce business company not only across China but also one of the most popular ones worldwide has an average of billions of dollars of products sold each across.

Jack Ma is an example of how every people should learn from their failures and not get discouraged by them. For a successful career, failures are essential. Don’t look for the short-term methods instead focus on the long-term goals. Try to achieve success in the long run and never quit.

His Social media handles are


11. Larry Page

Greatest Male Entrepreneurs

Where do we search our queries? Of course Google. Then do you know who Larry Page is? You might or might not.

Larry Page is an American entrepreneur as well as a computer scientist who along with Sergey Brin, co-founded the biggest and most used search engine, Google. Nowadays, we cannot move even a step without using Google.

Larry page’s contribution to the progress of the world is enormous. As of sources like Forbes, and IMDb, his averagely estimated net worth of him is $131 Billion.

His Social media handles are


12. Henry Ford

Henry Ford was an American business magnate and well-known industrialist who founded the company named as Ford motor company, commonly called Ford. Though at that time his competitors focused on creating luxury cars for the people, Fort focused on creating automobiles that were inexpensive and could be afforded by the middle-class common Americans.

Ford Model T was the first car model that was purchased by most Americans. With time he made his cars better faster and cheaper and thus making Ford one of the biggest and leading companies all across the globe.

Henry Ford died on 7th April 1947 but ford still enjoys being one of the most preferred choices for the people. He chose the benefit of the people, making a creative approach to the automobile market and making its mark.

13. Amancio Ortega

Male Entrepreneurs

Zara is probably the favorite brand of every youngster. Back in 1975, Amancio Ortega along with his Rosalía Mera Opened the first Zara shop.

It has popularity all across the globe and now has almost 2270 Stores worldwide.  Specializes in fashion products like clothing, shoes, beauty wears, accessories, Perfumes, etc.

As of April 2022, The estimated net worth of Amancio Ortega is $56.4 Billion.

14. Guccio Gucci

Guccio Gucci, the founder of the famous and Youth’s favorite brand, Gucci was born in 1881 in Florence, Italy. The brand was founded in 1920. The first shop of Gucci was opened in 1921 and within a very short period, it became popular because of its master craftsmanship and the authentic quality of leather goods.

After Mr. Gucci died, in 1953 his sons opened decided to open a Gucci firm and continue the legacy of their father. Due to the creative style and quality of the commodities, Gucci still has its place in the market and is effortlessly maintaining its position.

15. Ratan Tata

The Greatest Male Entrepreneurs in the World

Ratan Tata is a well-known industrialist from India and the former chairman of Tata Sons. He has also received many honorable titles like Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, CNN-IBN Indian of the year in business, etc.

After completing his higher studies, he returned to India in 1961 to join the Tata groups. Tata group which now practically operates in every country in the world, he became the chairman of it in 1991.

If the trust had a name then it would have been Tata Brand. Ratan Tata knows how to value trust and they never compromise the quality. It values customer preference over everything.

His Social media handles are

twitter   instagram

Conclusion of Top Greatest Male Entrepreneurs in the World


The ones making innovations are responsible for designing a better and improved economy. And this is how these Entrepreneurs became the greatest male Entrepreneurs in the world.

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