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The 15 Online Super Addictive Web Games to Play When Bored



Games to Play When Bored

Are you looking for Super Addictive games to play when bored?

Then read our blog post, and know the 15 Online Super Addictive Web Games to Play When Bored!

Games are our anti-boredom pills. In this busy schedule, everyone is frustrated and is always craving something to refresh their minds while keeping out of their boredom.

Whether you are in a boring class or have no work in the day, web games are a great way to keep yourself entertained as they are like your go-to games to play when bored.

Not only children but also adults love to play online and offline games whenever they feel bored.

No matter what their parents say, people cannot leave out their addiction to games. However, games are not as bad as they are regarded.

Not everyone likes to go out outdoors and play with other children, right? So what would be their source of refreshment?

The answer is Online Games!

That is why in this article we have listed 15 super addictive web games to play when bored.

Are games good for one’s brain? How do they affect you?

Games to Play When Bored

Games are often regarded as children’s spoilers by parents. Parents consider that games only lead to having bad effects on their children. And that is why they want their children to be as far away from games as possible.

But do you know games are also beneficiary for your kids? Yes, you have heard it right.

Games to play when bored are not always bad for the children. They have quite a several benefits which actually help in the growth and development of the child.

Let’s know how games can benefit your child before you decide to prevent them more.

  • Better learning

As learning is always said to be done better when seen, some video game developers have made sure that they develop games that help a child in better learning while in a fun mode through playing.

Recently we come across a lot of video games that ask you to do fast math problem solving, word making, etc. It is nothing but a new way to learn because kids learn fast when they see it.

They give you fun riddles to make your brain function more and teach you new things. The math-solving games make your brain work harder and solve the questions within a very stipulated time.

The word games make you learn new words which you can use in your daily life as synonyms for regular words. So, games definitely help in a better learning process.

  • Mental health

Did you recently come across a terrible problem or your mind is blocked because of some issues, or can’t solve the toughest math problem? Feeling frustrated?

The best solution to shrug off all your stress is through video games.

Doesn’t sound like a really good idea at first, but video games to play when bored is undoubtedly one of the best ways in which you can heal your mental health.

Video games are mind-blowing stress busters and mood healers. There are some games through which you can play and make beautiful tunes and thus relieve your brain.

When your brain hears beautiful notes, it can easily relax, and thus with more energy and power you can hit your math problem and see how easy it gets solved.

Well, therapy is costly and video games are free. So, choose wisely.

15 Web Games to Play When Bored which also contribute to the enrichment of your mind

Games to Play When Bored

We will make this list with help of Google Play Games and CrazyGames.

The 15 Online Super Addictive Web Games to Play When Bored List Is Below:

15. Pac-Man

Pac-Man is also called Puck Man in Japan. This game was introduced in the year 1980 and became one of the most popular games in the world. This video game was developed and released by Namco for arcades. In this game, the player needs to eat all the dots inside an enclosed maze while avoiding four colored ghosts.

After eating the large flashing dots called “Power Pellets” which causes the ghosts to temporarily turn blue and also allows the Pac-Man to eat them for more bonus points. It was one of the highest-grossing and best-selling games, generating more than $14 billion in revenue.

14. Line Rider

When you are sitting idle and have nothing to do, then you can play this interesting game. This game was introduced in the year 2006 and became a sensation among children and adults. Line Rider is one of the most interesting games where the player has to draw a track for the sledder to ride on. This game was developed by Bostjan Cadez and till now it is considered as one of the most popular games in the world. You just need to use your cursor to create lines.

13. The Wiki Game

The Wiki Game is one of the most interesting games that we can play whenever we feel bored. Almost everyone knows that Wikipedia is a treasure trove of interesting information. This game is also known as the Wikipedia race and it is a hypertextual game which is specially designed to work specifically with Wikipedia.

To play this game, you only need a computer or else a smartphone, Internet access, a web browser, and a time-keeping device to play. You can start the game on the same randomly selected article and must navigate to another pre-selected target article by clicking on the links within each article.

12. Mahjong

Were you born in the 2000s? Then Mahjong was definitely one of the games to play when bored in your childhood days.

Remember the time when there were not many online games available? We didn’t get to play a lot on our parent’s mobile devices. So, we would open our computers and play online games there.

And what was the favorite game of everyone back then?

Mahjong! because there we could match two tiles of the same drawing on it and they would vanish instantly unlocking the one below them.

There were so many shapes available for it. When you could match two tiles, with a magical sound they would vanish from the screen exposing another.

Until you finish the top ones, you cannot match the ones which are under those.

It was super fun and exciting game and even kids these days also love to play it because it helps in improving the vision and searching abilities of the player.

11. Helicopter

Games to Play When Bored

The helicopter is another great game to play when bored if you want to increase your hand-controlling speed.

Here, in this game, all you need to do is dodge the chopper from the incoming obstacles and save it as long as you can.

You have to prevent it from hitting the obstacles on the way by moving it upwards or downwards and also prevent it from falling or hitting the ground.

There is no end to the journey of the helicopter. As you move forward, more obstacles keep on coming on your way.

It speeds up when you advance in the game. The unending journey gets a halt when you hit the helicopter with an obstacle on your way and die.

This is yet another fascinating game that will keep you glued to the phone screen with the urge to win more points and travel more distance than what you have covered before.

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10. Books Tower

Book Tower is a very simple game but needs high concentration. The main aim of this game is that you have to stack as many books as you can without letting them fall over.

Once you put one book, another book appears gliding left to right and the moment you want to drop the book on the other, you have to click on the screen and thus drop the book wherever you want.

You have to make those clicks constantly to make the books top one over the other while trying to align them as perfectly as you can.

Slight left to right movement will not let the tower fall, however, if the wrong placement is done constantly for some time, it might cause the tower to fall down.

Thus in failing in your game, you have to start from the beginning again to win it. It is a very fun and interesting game if you have the patience to play it.

Every time you lose your mind will say ‘one more time’ so that you can break your own record by placing more books than earlier.

9. The Floor is Lava

The next one on the list, The Floor is Lava is a breathtaking game that the players love to play. In this online game, the players have to avoid touching the ground which they consider to be made of dangerous molten lava.

The player who touches the ground gets killed due to it. Though it is not as easy as it sounds to be.

So, where do the players stay to save themselves?

The players stand on the furniture and the other architects of the room to save themselves from touching the floor and getting themselves killed.

However, you cannot stay on one piece of furniture for too long. You have to keep on moving from one piece of furniture to the other.

To save yourself from the rising lava and the fierce death, all you need is high skills and quick movements.

Make one wrong move and you are done for the game. So be quick to live.

8. Cookie Clicker

Cookie clicker is an incredible game where all you have to do is click on the large cookie and with one click one cookie is generated.

So, the ultimate aim of the person playing the game should be to make as many cookies as possible.

The large cookie placed on the left side of the screen is the main cookie.

With the small cookies you earn, the more the number of cookies the more you have to buy new assets such as farms, cursors, mines, factories, grandmas, banks, temples, etc.

The price of each asset exponentially rises to 15% after every purchase you make of the same.

People try to unlock more and more levels to achieve more. However, it has ample unending levels which have no possible ultimate final level.

Cookie Clicker is one of the most relaxing games to play when bored that helps you relieve your worries.

7. The Jigsaw Puzzles

Games to Play When Bored

Who doesn’t like playing with puzzles? All of us as kids loved to play with puzzles. We would play all day and yet not get tired of solving them.

But currently, everything has gone digital and kids these days play everything on their phones. There’s no time to play with jigsaw puzzles and that is why the rise of online jigsaw puzzles.

Here you will get a wide range of jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw teaches you patience, concentration, and how to be fast.

You get a wide variety of options in categories to choose from like nature, animals, etc. You can choose the number of pieces in each puzzle ranging from 50 to 150.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles might not be as fun as solving the real puzzle but what else could be better than this when you don’t have a real one.

If you are in a metro or traveling by bus or on a short 15-20 minutes journey, then those jigsaw puzzles can be a great game to play when bored as your partner spends that period.


One of the legendary games to play when bored of all time.

The rule is basically that here you have to control the player whose name is QWOP, the representative of a small nation in the great games of the Olympics, using the keys Q, W, O, and P. However, you need to be careful with the movement so that you don’t make your character fall on the ground when completing the 100 meters race and win it.

All you need to do is simply use the keys to move the legs. Control the thighs and calves of the runner when they run off the tracks.

You have to use smart movements. It would be great fun all in all while playing this.

If you’re just bored and don’t want a game that would make you exercise your mind too much, yet would be fun to play, for the time being, QWOP is definitely the one for you.

Because it does not require many activities of your brain while it will also entertain you for some time.

5. Snow Line

Games to Play When Bored

Is Christmas your favorite time of the year too? It certainly is for everyone! So let’s not wait for Christmas to arrive but play a fun game that also includes the atmosphere of Christmas.

Although it might seem to you very simple at first, it is not as simple as you think it to be.

It requires extensive thinking capabilities and logical calculations before you take any step. You need to draw lines, which are said to be of snow as they are white, on the screen to let the sleigh of Santa slide through the snowy place.

Be careful how you draw the lines because Santa is bringing to you beautiful and fun gifts and the way you draw the line, is responsible for the movement of the sleigh forward.

Thus bringing Santa to the winning position. You are the one who determines whether he will be able to arrive at the desired winning spot or not.

4. Gridland

The fourth one on the list of games to play when bored is Gridland. It is an absolutely awesome game that lets you build your town and defend it from the invaders.

When I was a kid, I always opt for these types of games that made me feel that you can build anything on your own.

Developed by Doublespeak Games, Gridland is a match 3 elements game, which means, you have to match three similar elements and see the magic.

It comes in two times of the day, daytime and nighttime.

In the day session, you have to match the elements and collect them to build your village and also make a strong defense system to safeguard your town.

If your defense isn’t strong enough, it will not be able to protect your town from foreign invaders.

It is a very interesting game as it keeps your eyes stuck on the screen wondering if you would be able to build a strong town and protect it.

With proper planning and thoughts, you can easily win over those monsters.

The Top #3 Super Addictive Web Games are Below

3. Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is a super fun game that everyone would enjoy playing, whether a child, teenager, or an adult. It is a very compelling game that doesn’t let you feel any boring moment.

Quick, Draw! is not only a game but it also trains your brain to act promptly. But how?

Well, it checks your and the machine’s ability to connect or communicate with each other better. In this game, the device presents you with a word and you get 20 seconds to draw that on the whiteboard using your fingers.

Once the guess of the machine matches with the word that was given to you, the correct answer is taken and you move on to the next word.

The system guesses all the possible words that are related to your drawing. However, if you use your brain a little bit and draw it accordingly, the system can easily guess what you have drawn and that’s winning you the points.

2. Color pipes

Games to Play When Bored

Color pipes is a game that every child would enjoy and love to play. It is very simple to play. All you have to do is connect all the dots of the same color and you are done with the level, thus, you get promoted to the next level. Sounds so easy, right?

Here they give you a big square box which has small square boxes in it with various colored dots.

You just need to fill all the squares in it while joining the dots.

However, keep in mind that one color pipe cannot intersect the other. You have to find ways so that they don’t overlap each other but are connected with fills all the squares.

Tap on one dot one colored dot and drag it to the other of the same color while making sure that they do not get intertwined with another pipe.

Color pipes come in a wide range of levels to keep you entertained. There will never have a moment of boredom. This is one of the most interesting and fun games to play when bored.

1. Entanglement

If you’re going through some sort of stress or anxiety and desperately want some refreshment, entanglement is a definite try for you at this moment. It has very soothing and soft music which helps your mind to relax.

There are two arrows one on the right and one on the left and it helps you to rotate the hexagonal tile when and as you want.

All you need to keep in mind is you have to make the longest path possible while making each of the lines connected and once you connect one line with the other a tile will disappear scoring you points.

Even if you don’t like puzzles, it is a definite try because it helps to refresh your mind to a great extent.

The maroon color tiles are at the dead-end and once your line touches the maroon tile (wall) your game ends and you have to start once more from the center if you want to play it again.

It is a superb option to relieve your pressure and brighten up your mood. It also makes your brain exercise as you have to think about what path you have to choose to get the longest one.

Conclusion of Super Addictive games to play when bored


Though games can be classified depending upon the age variety of the person, in this list of games to play when bored we have listed the games that you can play irrespective of your age.

Among them, we hope some of the games you already have played, but you can also give a try the new ones.

Entanglement is one of the best games on the list which you can give a try as it tests your mental ability to create the longest path and create new record scores. Go and play!

Our Summary

Here is a quick list of 15 Online Super Addictive Web Games to Play When Bored

  1. Entanglement
  2. Color pipes
  3. Quick, Draw!
  4. Gridland
  5. Snow Line
  6. QWOP
  7. The Jigsaw Puzzles
  8. Cookie Clicker
  9. The Floor is Lava
  10. Books Tower
  11. Helicopter
  12. Mahjong
  13. The Wiki Game
  14. Line Rider
  15. Pac-Man

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