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12 Best Photo Editing Software for PC in 2022



Best Photo Editing Software for PC

In this blog post, we will talk about the Top 12 Best Photo Editing Software for PC in 2022. Without time-wasting let’s start;

Do you want to get highly popular on social media? The only possible way is to be significantly active there.

Being active means posting or uploading images, and videos on your social media account recurrently, at regular intervals. However, Not only posting random photos and videos would gain you, followers. You need to post the ones with great editing skills and attract the attention of more and more people through it.

Quick editing skills can do magic to your posts. You can create graphic content and do that, you would need proper photo editing software for PC in 2022.

What calls for the need for photo editing?

Best Photo Editing Software

Photo editing can make your pictures look more vibrant. Every picture has a story to tell and the story needs to be properly shared with people. Photo editing makes your pictures look more appealing and fun adding more life to them. Photo editing is a joy ride that everyone loves to experience.

However, if the editing Is not adequately done, your picture might turn into a mess. Therefore, you should have proper editing skills before you use photo editing software.

The importance of photo editing software is as follows :

  • Lighten up

Rectifying the errors the camera failed to do. Sometimes the camera due to certain issues of lighting fails to do the color balance. Through a photo editing app, you can perform all the balancing of colors, adjusting the brightness, contrast, highlighting, etc., and make the picture look better and brighter.

  • More appealing

When the picture was clicked, some things might have gone wrong resulting in making your favorite picture not much appealing. Photo editing software can do wonders. It can help you rectify the mistakes you’ve made and also get things fitted Into the frame that are camera failed to capture at the right moment.

  • Creativity

Editing is a way in which an individual gets the opportunity to show off their creativity and skills by inculcating various creative inputs And making their photo stand out from the rest. Make your picture look like your own by adding your personal stamps to the images and letting people know your creative side better.

  • Add extras

Whenever we intend to show the world a new aspect, we try to capture the moment with our camera lenses and show it to the world. A photo editing app allows you to put into your picture different things that are not possible for people to capture now in the present. It helps you enhance and brighten your mood.

What Skills are needed to be a professional photo editor?

Best Photo Editing Software

The skills that are needed to be good at photo editing are listed below :

  • Software tools

The person who needs to master the art of photo editing should be well accustomed to the editing tools that are available in the editing software.

  • Mindset

The person should have a creative mindset that would set aside his work from others. If the work of the person matches with others there is no creativity and therefore no professionalism.

  • Good knowledge about photography

A person who is willing to be a professional at editing should be great with photography. If you don’t have a broad knowledge of photography you will not be able to edit them properly.

  • Get inspirations

Take inspiration from the works of other professional editors but keep in mind you should not copy their work then there will be no individuality in your work. See how they inculcate their creativity into their work and search for your own opportunities to show your creative ideas.

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Top 12 Best Photo Editing Software’s greatly in use (2022)

Photo Editing Software

If you’re looking for the best photo editing software for PC that can easily help you edit photos, don’t miss my review of these 24 professional photo editing software that is user-friendly for amateurs but still show professional photo retouching results.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a graphic editor preferred by most well-known editors. Lightroom turns a drawback of Adobe Photoshop into its benefit. The biggest benefit is, Adobe Photoshop which is a bit weak in color correction, and Lightroom is quite strong in that segment. The drawback of Lightroom is that you cannot perform professional-level retouching of photos.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Super easy to learn and use.
  • Professional-level color correction.
  • Works wonderfully with batch photos.

Price – Paid.

2. Luminar (photo editing software free + paid)

As we know in every editing software type there is always software that is popularly preferred by people due to its feature richness and among photo editing software Skylum Luminar 4 is the one. You can avail numerous editing tools with exclusively Rich characteristics authentically designed for advanced photo editing.


  • Advanced color correction facilities.
  • Direct editing from the original RAW file.
  • Editing can be done with layers.
  • User-friendly and easily understandable.
  • Can be used as an alternative for both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Price Free trial available.

3. InPixio

InPixio is a great app that gets your pictures ready to be posted on your social media accounts. With just the basic editing and one-tap steps, you get beautiful photos ready to be uploaded with ultimate confidence. You won’t have to worry about the quality as they get you the best within some simple steps.


  • They don’t show unnecessary useless advertisements
  • A lot of adjustments are available for your photos, starting from exposure to temperature to hue.
  • Enjoy beautiful aesthetic effects, background editing options, frames, textures, and many more to have fun with.
  • You can edit RAW pictures directly from your camera. Not converting is needed.
  • You won’t have to waste time exploring as everything comes in very handy.

PriceFree as well as paid features available.

4. Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is regarded as the best of all apps for editing on PC. It is exclusively designed for professionals and designers who want to edit their photos flawlessly. Adobe still enjoys its benefits over many wells knows apps. Any editing needed – Adobe Photoshop is your one-stop solution. You can easily edit your pictures effectively.


  • All formats are supported.
  • A wide range of tools is available to edit your photos. You don’t have to wander from one app to the other to enjoy the benefits of different tools.
  • The innumerable number of brushes, textures, filters, and editing facilities.

Price – Paid.

5. Photo Director 365 (best photo editing software free)

Photo Director 365 is one of the software that is designed to best fit the editing on PC. It allows you to edit and manage a lot of tools together in one photo. However one of the drawbacks of photo director 365 is that it is only compatible and works with windows.


  • It supports a wide range of formats like JPEG, TIFF, RAW, and many more.
  • It can easily be operated in various versions of windows.
  • It consists of many cool effects, GIFs, (artificial intelligence) AI sky replacement tool, etc.
  • You can also add face tags.
  • Wide range of Numerous top-notch filters.
  • Intuitive UI.

Price – Paid for availing of advanced features and free for basics.

6. PhotoWorks (best photo editing software for pc free download)

There are certain software made for beginners whereas there is certain software designed for professionals. But PhotoWorks is a software that works great and suits both learners and professionals. It comes in three different versions – a. Standard; b. Deluxe; c. PRO. The version depends on the complexity of your work. The drawback of PhotoWorks is the absence of the feature of layering.


  • A wide range of advanced, top-notch toolsets.
  • You can create magnificent editing in no time.
  • Add beautiful captions and a watermark facility is also available.

Price- It is completely free.

7. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo

Affinity photo is one of the best editors for beginners who are searching for software that can help them combine or collage several images, add effects, edit images with tools, Make corrections of layers, etc. The drawbacks of affinity photo are that it Has a limited photo retouching option, the image organizer is poor and some of the tools are not well developed to perform advanced-level editing.


  • Simple and easy interface.
  • Image retouching feature.
  • It contains approximately 60 various types of effects, filters, over 120 brushes, and many more.
  • A wide range of different tools can be used to perform the basic editing works.
  • It comes with a real-time display function that allows you before directly applying effects to your photos to preview them.

Price – It is free for 90 days with no obligations.

8. Online Photoshop Editor (photo editing software for pc free)

Online Photoshop editor gives you all the features that you will never be able to get in any online photo editing software. If you have ever used Adobe Photoshop or GIMP then this would be very easy for you to operate because they are quite similar to each other. You can make a lot of changes to your pictures to make them more appealing and attractive.


  • You can avail a variety of advanced photo editing tools.
  • They do not waste your time by showing unnecessary advertisements.
  • You can work on complex editing operations easily.
  • You can also work with layers.
  • Apply texts to your images and enhance their quality.
  • You can even open PSD files with an online Photoshop editor and also save them in the same format.
  • It supports other image formats too.

PriceIt is free.

9. Pixlr Photo Editor (online photo editing software)

Pixlr comes in various versions. Namely, PRO, Editor, and express. When using Pixlr pro you will not feel any difference with Photoshop. The editor version is like a simplified version of the pro. However, Pixlr has an area for advertising. Unlike most photo editors available in this list, the editor version of Pixlr does not support the RAW file format. The only file format where the pictures are saved is JPEG.


  • It is ideal for beginners who want to learn to edit.
  • It is very easy to operate.
  • It has stunningly beautiful editing tools and filters and effects.
  • You can open your photos from desktops.


10. ON1 Photo Raw

ON1 photo raw compiles the best creatures of Lightroom and captures one. It has the simplicity of Lightroom and variety as capture. You can easily rectify the minutest errors of the photos and add retouches because of its availability of advanced editing tools. The only drawback is it lags a lot when compared to others.


  • You don’t need to make monthly payments. It’s a one-time payment software.
  • Use trial versions every month without registering.
  • Variety of tools to enhance your photos and get their best.
  • Avail benefits of Lightroom.
  • It’s a new type of approach to PC photo editing and is absolutely worth giving a try.
  • Simple and easily understandable interface.

Price – Paid; very low rates.

11. GIMP


Adobe Photoshop which is already mentioned above in the list of apps is a paid app to enjoy whose facilities one needs to be a member if it has a free open-source alternative app. The name of which is GIMP. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. However, to operate this you need to have some operating knowledge like lessons on how to use, etc. which you can gain through YouTube videos. The only disadvantage of this is that if updated the version might start lagging.


  • Enjoy facilities like Adobe Photoshop.
  • Enjoy advanced scripting using Python, Perl, and scheme.
  • Save creative animations in the format Frame as a layer.
  • It enables you with a high-end anti-aliasing feature.
  • It has an automatic option that quickly improves the picture quality.
  • It provides you the authority to customize your brushes.


Here in the list has been provided a wide range of options. Their features are also been mentioned so whatever you need tick on it and whichever software has the maximum ticks of your needs you can easily choose the one for you.

12. FotoJet

Professional templates and function-oriented resources make it easy to create with collages and social media graphics.


  • Powerful design and editing tools allow you to achieve quality results quickly.
  • Create professional collages for anyone, even without any experience, in just a few clicks.
  • Try FotoJet for free

In addition, you can also choose to use many drawings, icons, backgrounds, or text to increase the vividness of your photos.

Price: Free and Paid

How to choose your ideal photo editing app?

How to choose your ideal photo editing software

Every year with the increasing number of editors, More and new photo editing software is being developed. There are innumerable free as well as paid photo editing apps available in the market today.

However, finding the right and the best one for you is definitely a tiring job. Not all photo editing apps cater to the ultimate needs and goals of the users. The software needs to be judged and passed through various parameters and also satisfy multiple factors. We have prepared this abovestated list after going through multiple photo editing software.

The free editing software these days offers multiple valuable and unique qualities which make them stand out from the rest. Every software has its own unique characteristics which not only makes editing easier in it but also less time-consuming.

In the above-mentioned list since half of them are free and half are paid the main concern lies in whether you should buy the subscription and use it or use the free ones. To determine which to use check their features and specializations and how they help in photo editing so as to make it easy for yourself to decide faster.



Which app is the best for you is greatly determined by what you’re looking for. If your profession is image editing, designing, photography, or art working you would definitely need some best of the best and top-rated software which has the latest and most sophisticated tools to help you with the editing. If you are someone who does require editing software that recurrently and keeps on editing images every now and then, you should definitely be searching for something which would have all the features yet is affordable.

To help you out with these queries we have listed above some of the best paid and nonpaid editing apps. The paid ones are affordable for everyone. You can choose among them depending upon your needs and criteria and use them for your editing.



1. What is the best photo editor for PC?

Ans. From the above-mentioned list, the top three best photo editors you can try for your PC are –

  • GIMP – Best as a free editor.
  • Photo director – It is preferred overall. All the features are worth considering.
  • Pixlr – Best as an online editor.

2. What is preferred to be best for Windows 11 photo editing app?

Ans. The All in all best photo editor for windows 11 is Adobe Photoshop. Whether be it windows or be it Mac there is no comparison to Adobe Photoshop.

3. What is the best free PC photo editing software?

Ans. The best software that you can use for your PC photo editing is – InPixio.

You can also use GIMP for advanced-level photo editing.

4. What do professionals use for editing their pictures?

Ans. Professionals highly prefer using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for editing their pictures in Marvelous quality.

5. Can I use Snapseed for PC?

Ans. Yes, absolutely, Snapseed is available for PC Photo editing.

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