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14 Most Useful Android Apps In Daily Life (Update: October 2023)



Most Useful Android Apps

In this blog post, we will give you the list of the Most Useful Android Apps In Daily Life in 2023.

The crucial role that the mobile phone plays in this modern world is not unknown to anyone. Mobile phone is undoubtedly important for our activities in our everyday life. The usefulness is undeniably unending and without our mobile phones, we cannot do anything.

The reason behind this is the constant ongoing transformation and change that is taking place in mobile phones from being just ordinary devices to technologically advanced systems.

In today’s world, absolutely anything and everything can be done using a mobile phone if you have an averagely high Internet speed. Mobile phones have given us a whole new world of technologies through the development of mobile apps.

 The Usefulness Of Mobile Apps

Usefulness Of Mobile Apps

If we go back by a few years, for checking our emails or reading messages, we had to go to the cyber cafes and use the computers there. But with the advancement of technology, apps, and mobile data packs, communication has been made easy as everything can be done from mobile.

We don’t anymore need to go to the railway stations to book our tickets. We can transfer money to our friends from our bank directly with the help of apps. We don’t need to be physically present. No matter what trouble we are in there’s always a mobile app that can solve it effortlessly.

Sectors Where The Use Of Mobile Apps Can Be Significantly Visible

Sectors Where The Use Of Mobile Apps Can Be Significantly Visible

The use of mobile apps is noticeable in the areas such as education, social media, shopping, money markets, banking, cooking, communication, etc. In our day to day basis we tend to update mobile apps to get more and more benefits from them. The reasons why we need mobile apps are mentioned below.

  • Social media

The youth these days is very much attached to social media. Social media platforms are ways to share pictures community conversations opinions about different topics, and video calling.

  • Transport

With the advancement of mobile apps, there are now developed apps like Ola Uber in which we can easily book our transporting medium and travel from one place to the other effortlessly. They pick you up from your location and drop you at your destination in no time.

  • Banking

We don’t anymore need to wait in long lines to transfer our money to our friends or family directly from our bank. The facility is now available in mobile apps which are safe and easy to use. In case of emergency, you can easily transfer money to the needed ones.

  • Food

We don’t have to go to the restaurants or opt for pickups at our favorite restaurants to eat their delicious delicacies. We can just order them online Through mobile apps and enjoy the food.

  • Entertainment

Due to the pandemic, We are stuck In our homes and doing nothing. But having our phones is enough. We can entertain ourselves by watching our favorite shows online. All one needs to do is download the apps of their choice and you are ready to slay.

14 Most Useful Android Apps In Daily Life (Top 10 must-have Android Apps)

Most Useful Android Apps In Daily Life

With time, apps have made sure that team made our life much easier. With the technical advancement these days there are multiple options and alternatives of one particular app that we can download from the Play Store. In this article, we have listed below some of the apps which would benefit you in your daily life in multiple ways And are mostly used by everyone.

1. WhatsApp (Best Apps to Download)

Most Useful Android Apps

The most used and convenient app where we can video call, have regular conversations, send messages, and voice notes, make and take voice calls, and share images with our close ones without letting our privacy go out.

When in trouble you can also share your location with the person concerned. The easiest way to contact someone in private is to communicate with them through WhatsApp.

2. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (Best free Android apps)


Just as we know social media is everyone’s favorite these days. We cannot go anywhere without using social media. Through social media, we update people about our regular, daily life and our activities.

It also helps us know what is going on in our favorite person’s life, what celebrities are doing, what is going on in the world, etc. Instagram Twitter and Facebook are the most used social media platforms all across the globe.

People use Instagram and Facebook to share pictures of themselves and check what their idols have posted whereas people use Twitter to post their opinions And see what other people have to say.

3. Google apps

Most Useful Android Apps

Google Apps are super useful. Whenever we want to know about new things or we are lost in the middle of the road and want to relocate or want to go to our destination as soon as possible in the shortest route or if we want to download our favorite music or video or anything, Google is just our one-step solution.

Google is the hub of multiple apps like Google Drive, Google Maps, Gmail, calendar, and many more

4. Uber or Ola Cabs

ola cabs

Every day we need to go from one place to the other for a job or any other work activity. At that time it becomes very difficult to find transport. It is not always possible for one to wait for a long time to find suitable transport.

In that cases, we have Ola and Uber apps on our mobile phones. We can easily and quickly with just one finger tap before going out of our home you can fast book your vehicle and in no time they’ll be at your doorstep.

5. Zomato or Swiggy (Best Food Delivery Apps)

Most Useful Android App

Craving your favorite food from your favorite restaurant? But doesn’t have the energy to go out and buy the food yourself?

Then you know what you need to do nowadays with the advancement of technology.

Now you can buy just one tap book your food from your favorite restaurant, check their prices menu cards and try your favorite delicious items staying at home because in 30 minutes or less, they will deliver you the food to your doorstep.

6. CamScanner (Very Useful Apps)

The pandemic caused classes, offices, and everything to go online. Online work means you need to send the homework or assignments to your teachers or the important papers and works of yours to your clients through PDFs.

Not all apps make clear PDFs. Some apps cause the pictures to get too dark or too bright.

But when sending it for some professional use, it needs to be clear enough for the person on the other side to understand. And that is why it calls for a need for a clear scanner where you can scan your documents.

Camscanner is the best option for this in this field. People choose a cam scanner over every other option.

7. Snapseed (Best Photo Editing Apps)

Most Useful Android Apps

Sometimes, not no matter how much higher the megapixel your camera has it is not always possible to get your desired type of picture. That calls for some editing. There are editing apps that are very tiresome as they need an advanced level understanding of the application app.

However, Snapseed is an app that almost every person has on their phones with advanced editing tools but with a very easy and understandable User interface. You can easily operate it with no effort.

8. Adobe apps

Adobe is another option like Google where you get multiple apps from Adobe. Adobe gives you access to a wide range of apps that you can use for editing photos, PDF making, graphics, motion pictures, and many more purposes.

Adobe has apps like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom where you can edit photos. Use can also use Adobe Express for advanced-level graphics work.  For pdf making or editing, you can get access to Adobe Acrobat Reader among others.

9. GPay or Google Pay(Best Apps to Download)


With the outbreak, it is not very preferred for people to go to the banks for minor transactions. Banking has also been made much easier with the introduction of apps by the banking sector. They are safe and convenient. So, you don’t need to worry about security as there is no risk of monetary loss.

GPay is the best-preferred app for bank transfers. What could be better than just one tap option? Enter the amount, confirm it by putting your pin and your payment is done.

Now you must be worried that anyone can open your pay and watch the transaction? No! To get access to your account at first they need to enter the pin and then only your account will open.

10. Netflix

Most Useful Android Apps

Since everyone is nowadays at home there should be a source of entertainment to keep oneself going. What could be a better source of entertainment than surfing Netflix?

Netflix has a wide range of variety of genres of web series, movies, Anime, etc. Netflix has an authentically good collection like no other and that is why people leave every other app and come to Netflix for their entertainment.

11. Zoom or Google Meet (Best free Android apps)

The need for the apps has increased due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The reason was that people did not want to go out to do their Work. Schools colleges, classes, offices, meetings, etc. were also held online for that purpose.

Multiple video calling apps can be used for such purposes but the most easiest and convenient is Zoom or Google. You can get into a meeting without opening an ID in Zoom.

Whereas for Google Meet they connected with your email ID and you are done. These are mostly preferred by people because of their easy interface and accessibility. You don’t need to put in much effort trying Login into your account.

All the apps mentioned above in this list are used by technologically aware people. If you are well accustomed to technology and even if you’re not these apps can be of great help for you because they don’t need any excessive effort.

The Last 3 Useful Android App are Below

12. Avast

Avast is one of the best Android security apps which is used by many people. This application provides multiple services to its users such as Virus Protection, Privacy Advisor, Application Management, Shield Control, SMS and Call filter, Firewall, Network meter, and Anti Theft. This application scans the apps and files for viruses.

It also acts as a Privacy advisor by letting you know which have access to potentially dangerous permissions. Besides all these, it also protects your device from web phishing when you are online. This application is widely used by many users in their daily lives to protect their devices from viruses.

13. Viber

Best Skype Alternative For Video Calls And Chat

Almost everyone uses this application in their day-to-day life. If you are tired of paying your huge mobile bills, then this application is best for you. Viber provides you with free calls, text, and picture messages. You just need a Wi-Fi or a 3G internet connection to use this app.

You can save your money by using this app as it is cheaper than regular voice calling. No need to pay heavy bills, just download this app on your smartphone and enjoy the free voice callings on Viber. Currently, Viber is expanding messaging services to S40, Symbian, and Samsung Bada.

14. Flipkart or Amazon

In this digital era, we want everything by sitting at home. Flipkart and Amazon are some of the best shopping applications in today’s time. This application is widely used for online shopping. If you don’t feel like going to the market to buy something, then this app will help you a lot.

You can order any accessories, furniture, electronics, home appliances, and other materials from this app by sitting at home. Flipkart and Amazon are considered the largest e-commerce platforms. So, If you have not installed this app now, then go now and download this app from your Google Play Store or Apple Store and start your shopping at an affordable price.

3 Advantages catered by apps when compared to old methods of life

Advantages catered by apps when compared to old methods of life

The usage of apps has made the life of people easier in the following ways :

  • No limits

Earlier when going offline shopping one had to spend hours in the mall at the market to search for the desired item. Whether be it grocery shopping or clothes or furniture now you don’t need to move out of your house to find the whole globe at your fingertips.

For instance, there are apps like Myntra, Meesho which offer you multiple clothing options to choose from.

  • No more weight carrying

Earlier bookworms needed to carry their favorite novels with them whenever they would go out to read them if they find the time.

But, with the advancement of technology and the introduction of multiple reading apps, you can now read your favorite novels on your phone online either for free or by paying for them.

While traveling around public transport you are not carrying a weight with you yet carrying hundreds of novels in your pocket.

  • Communication made simple

Earlier one had to send letters to communicate with close people. With the introduction of social media networking apps, you can just contact anyone placed anywhere around the globe.

All you need to do is install the social media apps, open an account on your smartphone and you’re done.

Conclusion of Most Useful Android Apps


From this, you now know the usefulness of apps, some of the sectors in which the apps can be used for great help, and 14 of the most common apps that you can find on almost everyone’s phone with their usefulness. So the next time you hear someone saying that they are not well accustomed to apps make sure that you tell them everything.

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