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3 Steps How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently Now?



delete your Twitter account permanently

Do you want to know How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently?

Since it arrived on the market, Twitter has quickly become a favorite to a lot of people. This microblogging platform has gained a huge reputation in the world of social media over the years.

However, there could arise the need for you to get rid of your Twitter account.

No matter your reason – be it a platform switch, starting afresh, or anything else – you might wish to terminate your account as fast and hassle-free as possible.

If you are unsure of the method to delete Twitter account permanently, don’t worry. In this tutorial, we will teach you the steps to achieve your goal.

Step by step on how to delete Twitter account permanently

delete Twitter account permanently

Getting rid of your Twitter account wouldn’t be much of a problem if you know what you are doing. Now what’s interesting is that you have to deactivate your account first before the deletion process begins.

Deactivating your account will serve as a notification to Twitter that you no longer wish to use their platform.

So as soon as the deactivation happens, your profile, as well as Tweets, would become invisible to other Twitter users.

However, Twitter won’t fully delete your account until 30 days after the deactivation. Here are the necessary steps you got to follow to deactivate and eventually, delete Twitter account permanently:

Using a web browser

  • First, sign in to your Twitter account.
  • After signing in, tap/click on the three dots you see on your left sidebar and choose ‘Settings and privacy.’
  • Next, pick the ‘Deactivate your account option and after reading the info, tap/click on ‘Deactivate.’
  • Now, you will have to confirm your password in the dedicated field.
  • Finally, tap/click on the ‘Deactivate’ button once more to finish the process.

Delete Twitter Account Permanently

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Using the mobile app

  • Open your Twitter app and log in to your account.
  • Tap on your profile photo and pick the ‘Settings and privacy’ option from the subsequent menu.
  • Now, look under your username to find the ‘Account’ option. Tap on it.
  • After doing that, tap ‘Deactivate your account.’
  • Read the info on your mobile screen and select ‘Deactivate.’
  • Type your password in the given field when prompted to do so and tap ‘Deactivate’ again to finalize the deactivation.

Delete Twitter Account Permanently

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Following either of the two methods would effectively delete Twitter account permanently.

The aftermath of deactivating your account

As we already mentioned, Twitter makes your profile and Tweets invisible to others once you deactivate your account.

After 30 days have passed, it will initiate a full deletion after which your Twitter account will be gone forever. It could, however, take another week or so for the dull deletion to finish.

Anyway, if you change your mind within these 30 days, you can reverse the process by reactivating your account. For that purpose, you simply have to sign in to your account again and confirm reactivation.

This could prove to be beneficial if the deactivation was by mistake or if you want to keep using the platform.

Also, remember that during these 30 days, your email ID will stay associated with the Twitter account in concern. So you won’t be able to use that email ID to open another Twitter account.

delete Twitter account permanently

How to recover your deleted Twitter account?

How to recover your deleted Twitter account?

If you change your mind and want to recover the Twitter account you just deleted, Twitter gives you a chance to do that. But as we said, Twitter gives you a 30-day time period after which it is impossible to get your account back.

Hence, you have 30 days to reactivate your account. While you can always create a new account, recovering a Twitter account is less time-consuming in comparison. So, many users opt for an account recovery instead of creating a fresh one.

Here is how you can reactivate a deleted Twitter account:

  • First, launch the Twitter app on your smartphone or PC and enter your login credentials in the provided fields.
  • When you try to log in, you would get a reminder that you have deleted/deactivated your Twitter account and ask if you wish to reactivate it. It would also tell you the remaining time after which Twitter would permanently delete your account.
  • Click on ‘Yes, reactivate’ to finalize the reactivation process.

Note that some profiles and Tweets may still show up on the internet even after the deactivation – either in search engines or internet archives.

Some old tweets stay in internet archives. For instance, till 2017, the Library of Congress was known for archiving all Tweets out there.

However, that practice is discontinued now. Another service called Wayback Machine archives some selected Tweets. But the way it handpicks the Tweets to archive is still unrevealed.

But it’s unlikely that your Tweets would be chosen to archive unless you are a politician, a famous person, or some other public figure. However, there’s the ‘Save Page Now’ option that lets users archive a particular URL.

If that’s how some of your Tweets end up being archived there, it would be hard to remove them. It’s because Wayback Machine only removes the content the domain owner wants to be removed.

But with search engines like Google, things are easier. If some of your Tweets still show up in the search results even after deleting those Tweets or deactivating your account, don’t panic.

Follow these steps to have them removed:

  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Next, copy the Twitter URL you wish to get rid of.
  • After that, visit Google’s ‘Remove outdated content’ page and paste the copied URL.
  • Finally, click on the ‘REQUEST REMOVAL’ button to remove that URL.

Delete Twitter Account Permanently

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Like Google, Yahoo! and Bing also provide similar URL removing facilities. But remember that you can only request to delete Tweets that are no longer on the platform. Any Tweet that’s still there can’t be removed this way.

Saving data before you delete Twitter account permanently

Even when you’ve decided to leave Twitter forever, chances are you’d still like to keep some of your data.

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Thankfully, with Twitter, it is pretty much effortless to save or download all your data that including your texts, media, Tweets, and so on. Below are the steps to save your Twitter data:

  • Open Twitter and navigate to the icon that resembles three dots.
  • Click on ‘Settings and privacy.’
  • Now, under ‘Data and permissions,’ you would find the option ‘Your Twitter Data.’ Click on it.
  • Type your password in the field specified and pick ‘Confirm.’
  • After doing so, navigate to the ‘Twitter’ section and click on the ‘Request archive’ button next to it and wait. Under ‘Twitter,’ there is the option to request and download Periscope data as well. Clicking on the ‘Request archive’ button beside it will take you to your Periscope account provided that you got one.
  • When your data is prepared, you will be notified of the same on Twitter as well as via email. All you have to do now is to click on the ‘Download archive’ button to download your data.

Delete Twitter Account Permanently

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Conclusion of How to delete Twitter account permanently


Now that you know the ways to delete Twitter account permanently, you shouldn’t have any problem saying bye-bye to the platform anymore. Pick either method depending on your preferences, and you’d be good to go. Best of luck!

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