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Top Freelance Websites to Work from Home – Get $1000 Easily



Top Freelance Websites to Work from Home

Are you searching for Top Freelance Websites to Work from Home?

Want to be in the comfort of your home and still earn the money? The way you are searching for is known as “Freelancing”.

In today’s era, when everything is online, what mostly catches the attention of the youth is you can easily earn good money using your knowledge.

You just have to showcase your skills on the freelancing websites available online and let the world know about them.

12 Best and Top Freelance Websites to Work from Home

Top Freelance Websites to Work from Home

There are a lot of websites available nowadays where you can make a profile, add your skills and search for clients to offer you a job.

12 Best and Top Freelance Websites to Work from Home are listed below for the tech-savvy like you, so let’s check out:

1. Upwork


Upwork is a cost-effective and flexible platform where freelancers, as well as contractors, can easily utilize their time and work efficiently. Upwork is being used by freelancers all over the world to search and provide jobs categorized by more than 5000 skills in over 70 categories (eg. SEO, web development, graphic design, and many more) and bringing millions of jobs one click away.

There are two categories of joining Upwork:

You are Hiring

  • Post a job and find a match
  • Receive proposals and hire
  • Work & Pay

     Note: 3% processing fee will be charged when you hire.

You are Working

  • Make your profile, highlight your skills and get rewarding jobs.
  • Work flexibly and get paid on time (invoice included)

Click here to know service charges by Upwork.

2. Fiverr


Fiverr is the largest online marketplace founded in 2010 for freelance jobs related to digital services in more than 200 categories. It allows contractors to post millions of small and large gigs and seekers to find it online.

There are a few ways to make a profile on Fiverr based on your requirements listed below:

  • create a profile using the “JOIN” button via Gmail, Facebook, etc.
  • Create a username for yourself. Please keep in mind that you can not change the username so keep it simple.
  • After activating your account, create a self-explanatory profile that will help employers to know you better
  • Setup customized responses for fast replies and introduction when an employer interacts with you. But do not use it too much.
  • When you get hired always try to deliver on time and with quality – as this is the most important key to success.
  • Use the Fiverr app on your phone to always stay in touch and respond quickly.

Fiverr has always been considered best among the 12 top freelance websites to work from home. Join Fiverr today and start making money from home.

3. Toptal


Toptal is an online freelance company working remotely connecting software designers, doctors and other business consultants offering and receiving services.

Recruiting a Toptal expert

  • You can recruit an expert from Toptal for a 2 weeks trial to check if it will work for you or not. You will be charged if the trial gives you positive results otherwise you will be assigned a new expert.
  • You will be charged a deposit of $500 for your first hire as a credit and will be returned if you don’t want to go forward. Click here to know more about becoming a seller or apply as a freelancer on Toptal.

4. Freelancer


As the name suggests, Freelancer provides a variety of jobs from content writing to delivery and whatnot. Any job you imagine can be found on the site. You just have to create an account and provide information about your skill sets and they will find the right jobs for you.

Getting Started on Freelancer

  • Create your profile with a professional photo and impressive portfolio
  • Go through the verification center checklist
  • Search through the list of jobs and find the right one for you
  • Write the best pitch for the project and convince the employer that you understand the requirements.
  • Get hired and work in a safe environment with the right on-time payment.

5. PeoplePerHour


PeoplePerHour is one of the 12 top freelance websites where a freelancer can work from home and earn income.

Follow these simple steps to become a freelancer in order to work from home :

  • Signup at PeoplePerHour.
  • Create an interactive and impressive profile.
  • Search for the projects which match your skills.
  • Offer your best skills at a good package to buyers.
  • Start making money by completing projects.

6. Guru


Guru is one of the best cost-effective websites to get freelance jobs online. Guru is considered to be among one of the 12 top freelance websites which offers work from home. You can get millions of jobs from established employers and get paid on time.

Check out the steps listed below to use Guru:

  • Sign up, create an impressive profile and join the freelancing community on Guru.
  • Find the perfect job for you by searching online. You can use paid memberships to get your profile viewed and receive more bids.
  • Submit your quotes, choose payment terms and share your understanding of the selected work.
  • Discuss your quote with the employer and get hired to start the work
  • Manage your work by adding team members & use a time tracker for short-time work.
  • There are various payments options to choose from like Paypal, wire transfer etc.

There is a similar process to becoming a Job seller on Guru.

7. College Recruiter

College Recruiter

College Recruiter is one of the leading job portals available for students and interns. They offer services to job seekers well as to recruiters. College Recruiter offers following types of career opportunities to the students and graduates:

  • Part-time jobs,
  • Seasonal jobs,
  • Internship, and
  • Entry Level career opportunities.

Career Recruiter also offers customized solutions for college-going students. They also organize boot camps, conferences, and events for the betterment of the students.

8. The Creative Group

The Creative Group

The Creative Group is one of the top 12 freelance websites to work from home which gives the solution to all the creative jobseekers. The creative group offers various benefits to their members along with providing remote work from home.

Signup on the website and restart your career from the topmost freelancing website where you can easily showcase your skills to the recruiters and earn a good income job with ease.

9. 99Designs


99designs is one of the most creative freelance websites helping the graphic designer and the clients to connect with each other.

Join as a Designer:

  • Create a profile & showcase your designs.
  • The team will review the designs to assign you a level
  • You will be charged a minimal fee according to the work you will get hired for and to give you services and secure payments. Check out more here.

Hire a designer:

  • Brief your requirements to the 99designs team.
  • Choose from a list of designers or organize a competition.
  • Hire your designers based on the designs you like and do the payment. Click here to know more.

10. FlexJobs


FlexJobs is among the  12 best top freelance websites where freelancers enjoy working from home. Flexjobs offers the following types of jobs to freelancers:

  • Full-time and part-time remote work from home jobs.
  • Freelance & employee jobs.
  • On-site jobs.

Benefits a freelancer gets from the Flexjobs platform :

Not each and every freelancing platform are created equal. Flexjobs provides specific benefits to their freelancers which are listed below:

  • They provide excellent job search resources.
  • They offer remote work-from-home facilities along with flexible jobs.
  • They offer special savings and deals to their members.
  • Flexjobs offer support to their members

Start earning money online by working remotely. Join Flexjobs today to avail best of the projects to work upon.

11. WriterAccess


WriterAccess is the freelancing platform specially designed for quality content writers, translators, editors etc. If you have the writing skills and you want to earn money out of it from the vicinity of your home, this can be a great platform for you.

Join as a freelancer

  • Create your account by applying from different options such as writer, content strategy, translation, editing.
  • Showcase your work and skills in your profile.
  • The team will contact you in less than 2 weeks and you are ready to work on the platform. Know more here.

12. Nexxt


Nexxt is a job Site that consistently strives for growth and innovation. This platform uses the most effective marketing tactics in order to reach the full spectrum of talent. It is basically a recruitment media company that helps recruiters and job seekers to accomplish their goals.

Signup on The job portal and explore the new journey ahead with these simple steps :

  1. Sign up here to access the Nexxt job portal.
  2.  Complete your profile at the job portal.
  3. Search the Job Which matches your skills.
  4. And start working with the best Recruiters.

Benefits jobseekers can avail from Nexxt

  • A centralized opportunity hub For talented Jobseekers as well for interested recruiters.
  • It promotes jobs and positions.
  • It offers optimized job listings.
  • Targeted exposure to affinity based niche sites can be gained.

Final words

final words

For jobseekers, in today’s era, it’s really a great opportunity where they can easily earn income by working from home. Have you worked on any other freelancing sites apart from these freelancing websites? Comment Your answer below in the comment section.

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