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11 Best Free Music Download Sites in 2022



best Free Music Download Sites

Are you want to know the Best Free Music Download Sites in 2022?

Without music, life would be a mistakeFriedrich Nietzsche.

Music is a therapy to many and home to others. When we ponder the essence of music in our lives, it may have different intent for each person, yet it is special in everyone’s life in a unique way.

If you are one of the music fanatics but find no reason to spend your hard-earned money on songs you can download for free, you have knocked on the right doors, my friend.

Top 11 Best Free Music Download Sites

Top Free Music Download Sites

These lists were created to help of HP and foss bytes.

Many music sites or applications have procured enough fame while the users are asked to pay a commendable amount of money for the premium services.

We here bring to you our list of best free music download sites from where you can catch the musical in you without spending any money.

Here are the 11 Best Free Music Download Sites in 2022:

1. SoundClick

Free Music Download Sites

SoundClick is a popular free music download sites in the music world that accommodates the need of its users to enjoy the jingles of their favorite songs. Music lovers may refer to the website as the best platform to explore new music at no cost.

It has existed for many years and is of great help to many users. Using this site, any individual can narrow down the songs of his choice easily, and can later download the songs as per his requirements.

We are focusing more on downloading audio files, but this site helps you in online streaming the songs as well. Other than streaming and downloading, music files can be sold by professionals and licensed to other people as well.

Downloading a song from this site is very easy. The only thing you have to do is search for the music you need to download.

Once the search results appear on your screen, you will be easily able to locate the download icon, and by pressing the download icon, you can get the downloaded file on your system or mobile.

The platform of SoundClick contains a variety of genres and music artists. It has an unlimited number of music uploads.

A license is mandatory if you wish to use the available songs for other purposes. Trying this site at least once is recommended as it provides ease to its users and because you do not have to spend a single penny.

2. The Internet Archive

Browse your best-loved music albums using “The Internet Archive” in a smooth and elementary protocol. It is a hub for various media files like e-books, movies, software, games, music, etc.

The digital library originated with the motive of providing knowledge for everybody. It provides a vast source of content but let us focus on the benefits for the music enthusiasts using a public source of data.

The idea of building this plethora of source files was an idea of an MIT software engineer, Brewster Kahle. It is an authentic and legal source to download music on your system.

The downloading is no complicated process. You can download the needed music files by simply searching for the songs and by looking for the download icon on your screen.

It may give an easy protocol for downloading songs, but one drawback is that there are some songs you can only stream.

It offers various types of formats in which you can download your files like FLAC, OGG Vorbis, or MP3.

Another thing about the Internet Archive is the absence of viruses that may corrupt or affect files on your computer. If you need any music (or any other data file) from our list of Free music download sites, we recommend you to use The Internet Archive.

3. Free Music Archive

Free music archive is another free music download site that lets you download the mp3 files without any hindrance.

Not to be monotonous, but again, you can get your music downloads at no cost. To download any song, find the icon for initiating the download of the needed song (icon with an arrow pointing downwards) and press it. The file will be downloaded and further saved on your device.

By using this platform you are not restricted to downloading music files, but you can also choose to stream and share your songs with just one click.

It covers a lot of genres of music like instrumental, electronic, pop, rock, classical, etc. the site contains albums and songs of the most popular artists.

If there has been any song that has been hit at any point, you can easily find the high-quality streaming on this platform, and you can also download it at your ease. It can be referred to as a very much accessible dataset when it comes to the music industry.

This site has a wide range of artists, genres, albums, and tracks. To eliminate the hindrance between you and the healing power of music, give a chance to free music archive.

4. Fildo

Free Music Download Sites

Fildo aims to satisfy its users by giving a smooth experience when they want to get lost in the verses of the music. We present another free music download sites e to you using which you can get audio files in your systems.

This site we are talking about right now differs from the other sites. The site has no uploads of its own, but it acts as an interface between different platforms. You get the results with the help of fildo from other sources of the files.

It acts as a link between the user and the already existing music files over the other platforms. Fildo lets you download music files of the best quality from any part of the world.

One of the requirements for this site or its application is that the operating system must be android. If you want to get lost in the zone of music at your own convenience, we suggest you use Fildo this time.

It provides access to stream a lot of artists and their work. There are so many albums and songs that you can easily find using this site. Like other applications or sites, fildo also lets you stream music instead of just downloading the music files.

5. SONGily

If one of your devotions is music, we have one site for you from where you can discover your love for music in more depth. Songliy has an aim to provide free music to music admirers. When you use this site, you will be able to relish the power of musical serenity.

Downloading music has always been a tricky task. Pop-ups, misguiding links, and other hindrances when you are downloading any music file are annoying. There are a lot of sites that offer free music downloads, but not many sites give an easy experience to their users.

We bring these free music download sites to you all that make downloading your music very simple. SONGily is an ad-free application that simplifies getting your playlists for your offline streaming.

You have been offered a choice of listening to your favorite by streaming it online or by simply downloading it so that you can enjoy it later.

The music files supported by this site are from all around the world, along with a variety of artists and genres. If you are using this platform to listen to your music offline, you should already have a music player application in your system.

6. Museopan

In today’s world, there are a lot of sites available for music downloading. But most of them are filled with pop-up advertisements, unnecessary links, or other unwanted actions.

Museopan is one such free music download sites you can trust to gain a convenient experience when you talk about downloading the music files of your choice.

You can extract the files you need from various sources. The music files can be downloaded having the origin of any album, movie song, or independent artist.

7. DatPiff

Free Music Download Sites

DatPiff is another music site on our list that we recommend you to try when it comes to music. It is another platform that lets music lovers continue with their passions for musical art. The application can be supported by any operating system like windows, android, or mac.

It gives you a wide choice in downloading the mixtapes in your system. It majorly focuses on hip-hop, rap, and urban music.

The downloading of music is an easy process. You have to sign in using your mail address and later search for the song you wish to download. Once you find your song hit the download button, and you get your audio file downloaded to your system.

The site may offer an option of streaming music through the site, but it also has a few limitations. You can only download three music files in a day.

To get access to unlimited downloads; you have to get a premium account. We do not recommend our readers spend their money on a premium account; hence we have added other free sites that will make your music downloading much easier and at no cost.

8. SoundCloud

Soundcloud provides a platform for both music listeners and music creators. Anybody can surf the music library curated by them. Based on a Swedish origin, the platform has achieved building a great community.

It is home to a community of artists, bands, and audio creators. It has a rich collection of music, having recorded audio files of approximately 265 million music tracks.

To download a file using these free music download sites, you have to copy the URL/link of the file you desire to download.

And later, paste the link on the header that can be found on the page of Soundcloud. No prior registrations or logins are needed which makes a very convenient experience for the user.

9. Pagalworld

Free Music Download Sites

Pagalworld is a free music download sites dedicated mainly to songs originating in Bollywood. Being a source of downloads of all types of Indian music, it has a huge collection of songs.

Using this site you can easily download the latest music releases, ghazals, indie pop, Classical music, and Punjabi releases.

It covers a wide of music from other parts of Indian cinema like Punjabi songs, Haryanvi songs, Bhojpuri songs, and many more. Pagalworld is the hottest collection when it comes to the mp3 collection.

Pagalworld not only provides an access to free music, but it also provides you in helping to find the trendy and latest videos and ringtones.

You can find the recent song releases from movies, or tik-tok trends. It also lets you download the recently released albums.

10. BeatStars

BeatStars is one of the fastest ways to get the music files in your system. It is easy to use and one of the best platforms to download mp3 files. The app focuses primarily on selling beats and their purchase, but you can also get your music without any cost from this site.

They have a wide collection of music files from different artists. It is a popular application in the musical field.

If you are a music enthusiast you might already know about this website. With its partnership with “Sony Music Publishing,” the collaboration has successfully provided an easier way for the users when it comes to download music.

To download an mp3 file, you have to log in to your BetaStars account. If you do not have one, you can proceed by creating an account.

Once you have logged into your account you can further look for your desired music releases and download the songs. You are provided with an option of exploring new releases, songs, and artists.

11. Jamendo

Jamendo is another free website that we are including in our list of best free music download sites. The reason why it has been added here to our list is that it is a convenient way for its users when one has to download a specific site.

Jamendo has been one of the top choices of users for downloading and streaming music. As per the records, Jamendo was successful in building a community of around 3 million users across the globe in 2017.

Jamendo is an assembling of artists that work independently and people who are touched by music every time. You can track down the songs by using the keywords of the artists, songs, genre, or tracks. Jamendo remains a popular site for music enthusiasts.

Any person can very easily start streaming on this platform by simply creating a profile and then streaming the music, offline or online, as per his accordance. Jamendo has 6, 00,000, and more songs that can be explored.

The count of independent artists on Jamendo is more than 40,000. Jamendo is a trustable site for downloading music.

Conclusion of Best Free Music Download Sites


Having offline music is preferred by many people. The merit of having your favorite music files downloaded is that you can listen to them without any disturbance being caused. When the network strength is not so well, you can still manage t get lost in the mesmerizing world of music.

When you want to take a break from the troubles of the world, you can just sit back, turn off data and rejuvenate yourself with the healing power of music. And when music can be downloaded with no money invested, who would not want to have it?

We understand your needs when it comes to music, so we tried to narrow down the list of Free music download sites that help people download music offline. We hope you enjoyed reading it!!

Our Summary 

Here is a quick list of 11 Best Free Music Download Sites

  1. SoundClick
  2. The Internet Archive
  3. Free Music Archive
  4. Fildo
  5. SONGily
  6. Museopan
  7. DatPiff
  8. SoundCloud
  9. Pagalworld
  10. BeatStars
  11. Jamendo

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