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14 Free Anime Websites to Watch Best Anime Online (Update: April 2023)



Anime Websites

This blog post topic is Top 14 Free Anime Websites to Watch Best Anime Online of 2022.

Are you too an anime lover? Searching for your favorite anime but not sure where you can find them? Don’t have much space on your phone and wants to watch the anime online without downloading them and also for free?  That is probably the main reason why you are here. We share the top 14 Free Anime Websites to Watch Best Anime Online.

We, anime fans know how addictive anime is, and once you start watching them you feel like watching one after the other. Your friends must have suggested a new anime and thus resulting in you searching from apps to apps, websites to websites for the suggested anime. Then, here you will find your answer. In this article, we have listed some sites where you can stream anime for free online.

But before we directly get into the topic, let’s know some facts about anime, for instance, what makes it so special and why are people so fond of it, etc. Wondering why? So that even if you are new to the Anime world or probably are being compelled to search it on your friend’s insistence, you would love anime before you leave here after reading this article.

What is Anime?

What is anime?

Anime(s) In layman’s language is basically animations based on manga comic books that are popularly known all across the world with their origination in Japan. Anime is like the short form of the English word animation. Why is it named so? Because these anime are works of animation.

Animes are designed in such a way that it is not only perfect for kids but also for grownups. The youngsters of this generation love watching anime and also almost everyone has their favorite anime characters who in spite of being non-fictional are their ideals.

The characters are developed in such a way that the audience is easily able to connect with them emotionally.

What paying when you can get them for free?

What paying when you can get them for free?

Anime’s come in a wide range of genres ranging from fiction to drama to action, romance, etc. Irrespective of the genre of the anime, we anime lovers love to watch these and spend our time exploring more of them.

And that is why we are here to help you find what you are searching for.

These days everything comes after paying for it. But not everybody has the capability or the capacity to pay for membership or subscriptions for watching their favorite anime shows! And that is why people tend to search for online free websites. Are you too one of them? Then keep reading to know more.

However, it is important to keep in mind that since all the sites to be mentioned below are for free, therefore they might have some popups or advertisements.

Why do so many people love anime so much?

Why do so many people love anime so much?

Wondering what makes anime so special and appealing to the world? Some of the most common reasons for anime’s skyrocketed rising fandom and popularity are :

  • Diversity

The first and primary reason why anime is so popular among people is due to its wide range of availability. The diversified range available to anime fans is the reason why it receives so much love from all the people across the world.

One gets to explore a lot of genres, storylines, and other interesting facts through anime. This diversity available makes it a popular source of entertainment. You get to explore each and every topic you wish to see.

  • Visuals

What makes Anime interesting to the viewers is, in most cases the battle scenes or the fighting scenes between the characters. Artists put a lot of effort into designing the anime characters to make them give a strong desirable personality and visual that is responsible for attracting most of their viewers.

So, the quality of animated work people get to see in anime is quite high. Every minutest detailing is given ultimate emphasis which makes them appear like real scenes. The expressions like frowning and smiling are also given at most importance which is the reason for anime’s having unbeatably realistic visuals.

  • Effects

Almost everyone in the world adores F.R.I.E.N.D.S., the American show for the high-level comedy element in it. But nothing can beat the level of comedy that artists put into anime shows.

Ranging from funny facial expressions of the characters to animation effects on the background of the characters, to the sound effects, everything makes up an ultimate package of hilarious outcomes making the viewers roll on the ground when seeing the series. Their expressions add humor to the show. It is not easily possible to find an anime alternative.

  • Relatability

Though anime are cartoons based on manga comics, if smartly emphasized, they can be highly relatable to the real world. Anime, unlike most movies, doesn’t always talk about happiness in the world. It also speaks about depression and sadness that overshadows the world. Anime series are not only colorful and cute but at the same time manage to aim at serious matters.

They are a lot different from the western cartoon culture. They deal with themes that are serious matters of concern in the actual world. The inner messages are beautifully woven into the storyline. With a deep understanding, you can understand the interwoven message that is underlying this story.

  • Unbeatable music quality

The type of music used in anime whether during the opening scene or the theme track is unbeatably unique and creative in all aspects. Anime is a field where artists show their creativity with their unique artistic skills while designing the expressions, and characters as well as making the music for the anime.

Anime gives a vibe of Japanese culture and Japanese music and therefore it is a hell lot different from what we hear in Western culture. And that is yet another reason that attracts people to anime even more.

14 Best Free Anime Websites to Watch Them Online

Free Anime Websites

1. Funimation

Free Anime Websites

Are you too an avid anime lover? But do you find it boring to read subtitles? Can you certainly not enjoy your anime due to that? Then you can try this English dubbed free anime website. Here, the facility of both paid as well as free subscriptions is available. Almost all the anime series you will see would be dubbed into English.


  • An elite collection of dubbed shows
  • Stylish but easy to use interface
  • Offline downloading facility
  • You can purchase the subscription which would make it go ad-free while you can avail of the free services too. However, they will have ads.

2. AnimeFreak


Can you too spend the entire day and night watching anime? Then, anime freak can be an option worth considering for you. It has a wide range of anime movies, series, and manga comics for free. You can also have subtitles to your videos too.


  • High-quality resolution of the videos.
  • Wide range of options.
  • Watch subbed and dubbed anime online without having to pay any charges
  • This is a mobile-friendly site that comes with a responsive design.

3. 9anime

Anime Websites

Every anime fan who likes to keep themselves updated with new animes must be well accustomed to the name of 9animes. The platform contains both Japanese as well as dubbed series. You can also download the videos that you like and prepare a collection for yourself to watch later.


  • It contains more than 50 different types of anime genres.
  • It is so well organized that it has a separate section for you to easily be able to find the scheduled episodes.
  • This is a legal website for streaming animes.
  • You do not need to install any app from the play store to watch anime entertainment.
  • You do not need any login security on this website.

4. Gogoanime

Another free, legal, online anime-watching website with a variety of Japanese anime. They cater to your step with all the recent episodes of your favorite anime and also keep you updated. You can use the feature of English subtitles too. If you wish to see a new series of your choice, you can request the admin for it.


  • It is a safe website to watch series with no ads.
  • Animes that released their new seasons recently have a separate section for them.
  • Dubbing is available for Chinese animes too.

5. Snaptube

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution from which you can watch free anime videos, web series, and movies then you can easily go to Snaptube from your Android device. You can find innumerable anime series From numerous sources. Besides anime, here you can watch other movies as well.


  • The interface is super easy for beginners.
  • It searches for anime from multiple sources and thus contains a wide collection of animes.
  • It also allows you to download the video as MP3.

6. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime provides the users access to quality content without requiring them to register. This is an open-source website which means that no subscription is needed to be purchased for availing of its services. Chia-Animee is considered one of the best among the best streaming websites for anime because of its stability.


  • It provides you with an ocean full of anime options to watch.
  • It also has dubbed anime series too.
  • You can also enjoy its features using your phone too.

7. Crunchyroll


Certain legal websites require you to buy subscriptions or their premium memberships at low rates and Crunchyroll is one of them. Though some of the videos here are available for free, to avail all the anime videos and series you need to purchase their monthly subscription.


  • Has a huge collection of animes.
  • Offers some original series too.
  • Offline downloading facility.
  • Manga is also available.

8. Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD is one of the sites which gives you access to multiple popular anime with high-resolution picture quality. The contents that the people strive for are available in cartoon HD for free.


  • You won’t have to move from one website to the other in search of Your desired content. They are all available in one place in an organized manner.
  • Gets updated regularly by the team.
  • This has a kids mode as well
  • You can also enjoy offline videos

9. TubiTV

Tubi is a freely available app that has anime series that have already been released. However, it is important to note that no latest releases might be available. Tubi tv is a legal streaming website that you can use on your device.


  • Have a smooth browsing experience.
  • It is easy to use and organized making it easy for you to decide the category you want to watch.
  • Registration or sign-up is not necessary.

10. AnimeLab

Another legal website for watching free anime. Though it might not as well contain all the latest anime series, it has a considerably good collection of a variety of shows that people often love to watch. You will also get the automated subtitles to feature here.


  • Thousands of options are available from which we can choose.
  • Watch videos in HD quality.
  • Every week new series are added to the collection.
  • It has a wide range of categorized stuff like the latest shows, popular shows, different genres, etc.

11. AnimeHeaven


Another awesome website where you can find how your favorite anime videos in dubbed versions too. It consists of the latest anime videos and gives you access to them for free. It also gives you three killer updates so that you never miss a new episode once it’s uploaded.


  • Weekly updates of episodes are available.
  • Whenever new episodes are uploaded they can be found on the home page of the website.
  • The movies and websites are available in HD quality.

12. Animeland

Animeland over the years has earned its reputation because of its wide collection of anime titles and For making it easy for the users to get access to different anime without putting in much effort. Therefore, finding content in Animeland is much easier.


  • Wide range of anime movies.
  • Watch dubbed anime series.
  • Massive collection of HD content.
  • Free services with no registration requirements.
  • Download videos of resolutions ranging from 480P to 1080P.

13. Kissanime is the king of all anime websites. This is a collection-rich website with numerous popularly known and searched anime titles. If you are searching for some anime, then you don’t need to look any further because is definitely going to have it.


  • Every day over 4000 episodes of anime is streamed.
  • You can view a trailer before opting for the anime on this website.
  • It is very well organized and allows you to browse through the anime titles list easily.

14. Narutoget


Whether you are a regular watcher of anime or not everyone in their childhood was a Naruto fan for sure. If so, then this is that website worth trying for you. This website is currently hosted by the United States of America.


  • Watch your favorite Naruto animes wherever you want.
  • You can find English dubbed Naruto movie, series on this site.
  • It provides you access from anywhere anytime.



The unique filmmaking technique of anime is the reason why it successfully made its position in the world. Almost everybody today loves watching anime.

Whether you are a fan of anime or not, if you are fond of beautiful animation works, unique music, and creative, artistic approaches towards the social issues prevailing all across the globe in the lives of humans, then animes are something you are definitely going to like.

The anime characters never fail to impress the viewers with their features. You can get a plethora of movies and shows that air on the television as well as numerous websites. There are innumerable websites all across the Internet which allow you to watch anime(s).

Hope it was helpful for you in knowing where you can watch your favorite anime or the one suggested by your friend or sibling. Go to the official websites and watch your favorite Anime.



Q. On which websites can we watch anime for free?

Ans. On all the websites listed above in this article, you can watch your favorite anime for free without paying anything and in no time. You can choose any of the websites according to your convenience, whichever you feel, and stream your favorite anime there, if available.

Q. Where can I watch ads-free online anime?

Ans. Though we know that since these are free websites there show some ads to their viewers. However, certain websites do not show ads and are popular for streaming anime. They are –

  • AnimeSeason
  • Funimation (subscription)
  • 9anime
  • Gogoanime
  • Chia-Anime.

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