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How to Block Subreddits? ( Best 2 Tested Methods ) [Latest April 2023]



Block Subreddits

Have you ever wondered how you can block subreddits? If your answer is positive, you have to read this tutorial attentively. That’s because, here, we will talk about the tricks to achieve that.

In recent years, Reddit has become hugely popular among netizens. Its popularity is perceptible in the fact that Reddit has secured a place among the largest and most visited websites today.

However, sometimes you might come across some user-generated content that you don’t want to see.

And with the massive number of subreddits, it might happen frequently. So what should you do? Well, that’s where blocking these subreddits come in handy.

Now if you don’t know how to block subreddits, don’t worry. There are some methods to accomplish that. But before we jump right into explaining the methods, let us see why the methods have become trickier nowadays:

Difference between subreddit blocking in Old and New Reddit

Like most other things, Reddit too used to be simpler when it was first introduced. Before it went through a total redesign, filtering the feeds was way easier for Reddit users.

It’s because back in those days, users were capable of blocking certain subreddits right from the r/all page.

If you didn’t like an irritating subreddit on your feed and wanted to remove it, you just had to was to navigate to the ‘filter subreddit’ search box. Then, type its name and tap on the ‘+ -’ icon to get rid of the subreddit. Yes, it was that simple.

Difference between subreddit blocking in Old and New Reddit

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However, such convenience didn’t last long as Reddit introduced a new, redesigned site in 2018. The event was special because that was the first time in over a decade that Reddit got that big of a visual redesign.

While the new website provided improved graphics, it omitted the ‘filter subreddit’ search box on the r/all page.

From that point onwards, blocking annoying subreddits has become more complex. Users can visit to relive the old website for a little nostalgia trip.

All new posts appear there first, and users signing up on the new website can also use the old site. For your info, the old page remains untouched.

That means you will see the page as it was prior to the redesign with the option to block subreddits using the ‘filter subreddit’ search bar on the r/all page.

But it is a bit problematic as filtering a subreddit on the old site won’t have any effect on the new one.

So you would continue to see that annoying subreddit on your new Reddit site. That’s why you got to read further. Now we will discuss how you can ban communities you don’t want to see on your feed.

Tried and tested methods to block subreddits

block subreddits

As you might know by now, the disappearance of the ‘filter subreddit’ search box has made things problematic. So we must seek alternative ways. Here are some proven ways to eliminate unwanted subreddits from your r/all page:

Method 1 – Opting for Reddit Premium 

While many users are dissatisfied with the Reddit mobile app as it is hard to navigate there, it is possible to get rid of certain subreddits on your mobile.

However, this facility is not free (5.99 USD/month), and you have to buy the premium version of Reddit for doing it.

Once you get Reddit Premium, you can follow the below steps to filter out/block subreddits you don’t like:

  • Launch the Reddit app and sign in to your account. Look at the top-left corner of your screen and tap on the menu icon that resembles three lines.
  • After doing so, scroll down and find the option ‘Block Subreddits’ under ‘Settings and Privacy.’ Tap on it.
  • Choose the subreddits you want to block.

reddit homepage android

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That’s it! You have now successfully prevented the unwanted subreddits from appearing on your Reddit feed. Besides letting you block subreddits, Reddit Premium offers other perks as well.

Purchasing Premium will allow you to buy Reddit’s native currency known as Reddit Gold.

Having this currency means that you would be able to interact with other Redditors and the content they post.

Plus, you would no longer see any ads. All this makes Reddit Premium well worth your consideration.

Method 2 – Using a browser extension

If you, however, don’t want to spend any cash, there is another amazing method to filter out your r/all feed. That is, using a browser extension that would help you do that.

FYI, there are tons of such browser extensions available out there. Among them, Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) is our favorite.

This suite is available for many major browsers like Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and so on. Here, we are using Chrome.

But you are free to use any browser your heart desires. The steps to get rid of annoying subreddits from your feed would more or less be the same in any browser. Here are those steps:

  • Visit Chrome Web Store and install Reddit Enhancement Suite. Once the installation is finished, open your web browser and visit Reddit’s website.
  • Now, navigate to the RES Extension Key and click on it. Doing so will show a drop-down menu. Chrome users have to click on the icon resembling a puzzle piece, followed by a click on the icon that looks like three dots beside the RES extension.
  • Click the ‘Settings’ option.
  • After doing that, you should see a gear icon (based on your browser version). Click on it.
  • You will now see the Reddit page for the enhancement set. From the left menu, click ‘filteReddit’ option under the ‘Subreddits’ category and enable it.
  • Scroll down and set up your blocked subreddit settings.
  • Next, click ‘+add filter,’ and type the name of the subreddit you want to block.
  • Finally, click ‘save options.’

Using a browser extension

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Congrats! Now you have successfully eliminated the pesky subreddits from your feed.

Conclusion of How to Block Subreddits


As you can see, we mentioned two methods to block subreddits here. However, one is easier but costs money, while the other is a bit complex but is free of cost.

Both of them are effective. So you should choose the one that best suits your preferences.

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