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Top 11 Best Dark Web Browsers



Dark Web Browsers

Want to know the Best Dark Web Browsers in the world?

Using the best dark web browsers is the perfect option for you if you want to remain anonymous when you web search.

Browsers are currently the most widely used software, however, not all of your web browsing history is handled privately, which is why the dark web plays an important role in absolute anonymity.

The dark web is a decentralized platform of networks that attempts to keep users as invisible as possible by diverting information through many hosts. Information is also encrypted at each and every stage.

If you are planning to use the dark web, using a VPN is important because many criminal activities, unfortunately, take place on the dark web.

Authorities throughout the world often try to track dark web traffic because of these criminal activities.

What is a dark web browser?

Best Dark Web Browsers

When using regular browsers, people’s privacy is always at risk as a result of cookies, and tracking of their browser history.

It’s understandable that not everyone wants to provide their internet search history to a foreign entity.

Though accessibility to the dark web provides safety and confidentiality to internet users, it also causes trouble for the government because it facilitates a variety of unauthorized and illicit cyber operations.

When you use the best dark web browser, your data is relayed across multiple dark web nodes which are difficult to track. The traffic is highly encrypted at each node and then progressively decrypted one section at a time.

Anyone seeking to identify visitors based on internet activities will only come across the last location through which the data transit passed.

To put it differently, dark web browsers make it near impossible and exceedingly difficult to detect users. As a result, for incognito web access, the best dark web browser is far superior to a standard web browser.

11. SearX

SearX is simply the best dark web browser available for internet-savvy individuals.

In regular web browsers, most websites have .com in the end, but in dark web browsers, you will find that the websites end with .onion.

The dark web is made up of all websites that can’t be opened with a regular browser and necessitate the use of an Onion Routing network.

Searx is an open-source metasearch engine that collects results from multiple search engines while maintaining your anonymity.

One may use the search engine Searx to retrieve search results, as well as to create a search ranking. The adaptability of the SearX browser always comes in very handy while searching the dark web.

In recent years it was reported that Google was blocking SearX search results, and a practical solution to that problem hasn’t been found. However, it is possible to bypass Google altogether by directly logging in with SearX.

10. Tor Browser

Best Dark Web Browser

Tor Browser for Android is the only formal mobile browser supported by the Tor project. This is compatible with any platform, even with smartphones too.

Using Tor Browser to surf the internet is not illegal. You can download this free of cost and hide your IP address and browsing history. So tracing Tor is difficult, but not impossible.

You should choose additional precautions while browsing with Tor.

The tour sounds like a VPN. It is like a web browser that anonymizes your web tracking by using the Tor network. It makes everything easy and safeguards your identity online.

The tor is a virtual subway that allows people and groups to develop their privacy and security on the internet.

There are some differences between TOR and VPN. They operate in a totally different fashion. VPN encrypts & routes your traffic using a network of servers maintained by a centralized entity.

Whether Tor is a decentralized network operated by volunteers. It also appears in the list of the best dark web browser.

9. Subgraph OS

Subgraph OS is a Linux distribution designed to resist monitoring and interference from sophisticated opponents on the Internet.

It uses a built-in multilayer, which increases the level of security concerning your confidentiality and anonymity.

It is based on Debian. Edward Snowden spoke about the operating system as being promising. It ensures a much safer experience for its users.

Another prominent feature of this best dark web browser is the ‘container isolation settings’.

This functionality allows several vulnerabilities to be identified and overcome.

To put it in a nutshell, Subgraph OS comes pre-configured with all important / required security settings and applications, all you need to do is to easily install it and feel the security and power of Linux.

Subgraph has been already a safe solution for you. When we play around with this operating system, here are some features that we found noteworthy and need to be taken into consideration when deciding on your Linux OS choice.

8. 12P- Invisible Internet Project

The Invisible Internet Project is a private network that is completely encrypted. It protects your activity and location.

It is also an anonymous network layer that allows for censorship-resistant Peer to peer communication. Anonymous connections are obtained by encrypting user traffic and sending it across a volunteer-managed network of approximately 55,000 computers worldwide.

12p is an anonymous peer-to-peer distributed communication layer designed to run any traditional internet service.

As well as more traditional distributed applications. 12p Proxy access the web through 12p and it’s impossible to trace you. No other proxy server is going to give you that level of security.

The Invisible Internet Project is an anonymous network, which makes it possible to communicate without censorship. Anonymity is achieved by encrypted traffic and network dispatch via a network of volunteer computers.

7. Waterfox

Dark Web Browsers

Waterfox comes in the Firefox variety unless its connectivity to Mozilla is disabled completely. It is an open-source web browser for x64, ARM64 and PPC64LE systems.

It is aimed at being ethical and maintaining support for extensions inherited from Firefox, from which it is forked. There are official releases for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android in two versions: classic and current.

Kontos has confirmed that Waterfox Classic will continue to be supported, but it will exist as a separate open source project from Waterfox G4.

Waterfox is more privacy focused than Firefox. It provides tracking protection and removes numerous features of Firefox that diminish user privacy such as Pocket, Telemetry, Data collection and start-up prevailing.

It is also capable of deleting all online data on your system without the use of odd ones. It is the most trusted browser for anonymously exploring the web. You can definitely note this as the best dark web browser.

6. Tails

Tails or The Amnesic Incognito live system, is a Debian-based Linux distribution focused on safety and privacy and anonymity.

It connects to the Internet extensively through the anonymity network Tor. Tails protects users against online surveillance, and prevents online tracking and circumvent online censorship.

It uses the Tor network, which protects users against traffic analysis which is a form of survillance.

There are many differences between TOR and Tails. Tails is a live multimedia Linux distribution designed to boot into a highly secure office environment.

And the Tor is a browser that prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit and it prevents also the sites you visit from learning your physical location.

Therefore it is one of the best dark web browsers for us.

5. Duck Duck Go

Dark Web Browsers

Duck Duck Go is an American company. Gabriel Weinberg is the CEO as well as the originator of the company. It is the most fashionable confidential search engine.

The good thing about this sea the search engine is that it does not contain or share private data, like other search engines.

The benefit of using the Duck Duck Go search engine is security. It is a more secure search engine, that the mainstream browser wants to surf the web anonymously, this one is the best alternative for you. It does not link what you look for online with your IP address.

You don’t need to regulate your browsing activities, still, they are loyal to giving you reasonable answers to your question.

It has a .onion link. You know, this link prevails in secrecy. Duck Duck Go can be operated on the dark web because it also indicated .onion links.

4. The Hidden Wiki

The hidden wiki stands for one of the oldest links manuals on the dark web. It is well-known for listing all vital .onion links.

You can access all the important deep web services, from dark marketplaces to financial services listed here.

It is the dark the web version of Wikipedia. But there is a caution. You have to be very careful while you are going to access, any link. Because it maintains all kinds of websites.

It references legal and illegal websites. All the links that are listed may not be functional or Prudent either. The Hidden wiki is available in English.

It was first recorded in 2007. This hidden or secret website works such as money laundering, contract killing, cyber-attacks for hire, bomb-making, and contraband chemicals.

You can also use the hidden wiki for educational purposes. Many countries consider this the Is the website illegal?

But if you are doing a legal job, then it is considered legal. And it’s also famous as the best dark web browser.

3. Daniel

If you are fascinated to explore the best dark web browsers, Daniel is another best choice for you. Over 7000 .onion categorized links are hosted by it to provide you with surfing the website.

The built functionality India indicates whether a particular dark website is online or not. It is the most important characteristic. you don’t need to download every listed link to confirm if it operates.

The Tor browser has longer loadings than another regular browser. This website is a handy reference that helps to keep you safe.

Daniel always surfing the dark web searching for a new website. He also checks the status of other websites.

Hidden wiki maybe your choice at first if you are new to the dark web but you will recommend Daniel as you can get huge links from this site.

This site has in-build test functionality. It means you can check the website if there is any Tor website.

2. ProPublica

Best Dark Web Browsers

Paul Steiger was the CEO and president of ProPublica from 2008 to 2012. It is a nonprofit association based in New City? Investigative journalism is produced in this newsroom basis on public interest.

In 2016 the Pulitzer is won by this popular online republican. The main this publication aims to uncover abuses of power and deception of public trust.

It passes through, investigative journalism. You can visit this site anonymously as it has a link to the .onion site. Especially if you are from an oppressive authority.

All the controversial stories from corrupt politicians, child labor, and ProPublica do not stop unmasking them.

Though it is investigative journalism, it also has a dark web link. It covers stories in both languages that are English and Spanish.

It has become the initial major organization to launch a version of its site on the dark web. It is for those readers who want to browse it anonymously

1. Sci-Hub

Sci-Hub is a huge database site. It helps to give ample information about science. You can gain scientific knowledge by surfing this site. An endless scientific research document from all over the world is assembled here.

This site is the most questionable project in today’s science. The purpose of sci-hub is to provide all scientific knowledge ever published in a journal or book structure.

Nowadays the scientific knowledge in journals is highly restricted by high rates. But the motto of sci-hub is to give accessibility to those students who can not afford those books or journals for the lack of money.

Pupils can get free accessibility to read journal papers and research articles. Sci hub struggles with every obstacle which makes problems in the path to gaining knowledge of science all over the world. So make it legal and technical.

It helps to remove all barriers to getting knowledge from science.

Conclusion Best Dark Web Browsers


While exploring the dark web can be thrilling because of its vastness, it can also be harmful. You not only risk malware or spyware attacks but if you aren’t careful about taking the proper security precautions, you may unwittingly get involved in criminal activities on the dark web.

We all know that when the dark web makes headlines, it’s usually in connection with cybercrimes. There are several reports of a black marketplace existing on the dark web where narcotics, fake identity cards and guns can be purchased.

Although even the best dark web browsers aren’t as safe as regular search engines, SearX can help you avoid the explicit risks of the dark web.

Our Summary

Here is a quick list of the 11 Best Dark Web Browsers

  1. Sci-Hub
  2. ProPublica
  3. Daniel
  4. The Hidden Wiki
  5. Duck Duck Go
  6. Tails
  7. Waterfox
  8. 12P- Invisible Internet Project
  9. Subgraph OS
  10. Tor Browser
  11. SearX

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