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The 12 Most Strongest Currencies in the World (Update 2023)



Strongest Currencies

Do you want to know the Strongest Currencies in the World? If yes, then read the full blog post

The world would have seem stopped if we, the living people could not able to exchange things for managing our needs, and even better for earning money.

The idea of exchanging things literally gave birth to what today we call currency.

From materials to papers to digital currency, the journey of money has been quite an interesting one.

And so is which currency has the most power to bring change by expending little; so this article will show light intricately on the Strongest Currencies in the World.

Most Valuable and Strongest Currencies in the World

Most Valuable Currencies

We will make this list with the help of CMC Markets and Forex.

The ranking of the currency of one nation ultimately determines the power and position of that nation in the world.

The more powerful or strong the currency, the more steady is the economy of that country; all the international trades and economic establishments happen to depend on that currency, hence the significance of a strong currency is of utmost.

There are 180 currencies in the world as of today, and among these the most valuable one is, well not the US dollar, some may think that the USD is the strongest, but that is not the case.

The US dollar act as a fixed base currency for the easiness of comparing the value of currencies and the currency that gives the minimum return against a US dollar is considered one of the Strongest Currencies in the World, here is a list of these –

12. AUD (Australian Dollar)

Most Strongest Currency in the World

The Australian dollar (sign: $; code: AUD) is the currency of Australia and its dependent territories. It is the fifth most traded currency in the world. It is also referred to as the ‘Aussie dollar’.

The AUD has been a floating currency since 1983, when the Australian dollar was floated from the fixed currency regime.

The dollar is subdivided into 100 cents, and is often reported with the symbol ‘c’ to distinguish it from other currencies denominated in dollars.

The value of the Australian dollar has been influenced by market forces, and is affected by the Reserve Bank of Australia’s monetary policy. In the last few decades, the AUD has been relatively strong against other currencies, mainly due to the country’s resource wealth, economic stability, and strong international engagement. It is one of the strongest currencies in the world.

In general, the Australian dollar is considered a strong currency, providing stability for investment and savings as well as an attractive destination for foreign investors.

11. CAD (Canadian Dollar)

Most Strongest Currencies in the World

CAD is the national currency of Canada, the neighboring country of America. Although it has a ranking of 11 in terms of strength among the Strongest Currencies in the World.

However, it is considered one of the vast reserve currencies all over the world (5th in the world), mainly because, the central banks preferably hold the Canadian Dollar as reserves for foreign exchange.

Canada has got a rich economy because of its exquisite supplies of uranium and crude oils, and this has helped Canada sustain itself in the competition of the world trade (global foreign exchange) market accounting for at least 5 percent of the routined trades.

The conversion rate of 1 Canadian Dollar is 0.78 dollars.

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10. USD (United States Dollar)

Strongest Currencies in the World

Being the fixed base currency for trade and conversion, the national currency of the United States of America (US dollar) itself already is a widely used currency all around the world and it is the primary reserve currency of the world as well.

However, for the record of ranking among the Strongest Currencies in the World, it remains at the 10th position.

Due to the Covid – 19 situation, the US dollar has seen worse, and even after the pandemic situation is getting better, its value has not risen to its former position; the other reason for its dropping value may be the national debt that resulted in dropping against euro.

But even so, the influence and importance of the US Dollar in commercial places stay intact as it accounts for the majority of the tradings in the foreign exchange market.

9. CHF (Swiss Franc)

Strongest Currency in the World

The Swiss Franc is unlike other countries, the national currency of two nations at the same time, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

The currency is known for its strong position in the trade market as it holds the position of the 6th majorly traded currency, so no doubt that it has made a place in the list of the Strongest Currencies in the World.

Being a wealthy country, Switzerland has the reputation of keeping the economy stable for a long period now and for this reason, and also partially for their inflexible fiscal terms and policies and security many industrialists, as well as investors, prefer to bet money on the Swiss francs.

Currently, the conversion rate of the Swiss franc is 1.01 US dollars.

8. EUR (European Euro)

Strongest Currencies

If you talk about the strongest currencies then Euro is definitely one of the Strongest Currencies in the World.

Being adopted by the European Union in 1999, this currency has got the role of playing the second largest reserve currency in the world and also being the official currency of over 18 countries, this is the most widely used currency both in the trade market and exchange market.

The history of the European Euro is something one should know about, the physical form of the Euro as notes and coins was not always there from the beginning, at first a virtual exchange was placed, and gradually in 2002, coins and notes were issued.

The implementation of the Euro as the official currency of the European Union countries boosted the economy and trading opportunities greatly, as of now, one can get 1.10 US dollars in exchange for 1 Euro.

7. KYD (Cayman Islands Dollar)

Strongest Currencies in the World

The Cayman Islands Dollar is 7th in terms of the Strongest Currencies in the World and it is the national currency of the Cayman Islands.

The country is situated in the Caribbean under the British region although independent.

The Cayman Islands is a famous destination for investors as it has a reputation of being one of the best safe tax havens for the same.

However, the currency was not always recognized as the Cayman Islands Dollar, instead, it was known as the Jamaican Dollar.

And after the transformation in 1972 into the Cayman Islands Dollar, the value of the currency only grew higher (1 KYD has the equivalent value of 1.20 US dollars) and in the near future, it promises much more growth.

6. GIP (Gibraltar Pound)

Strongest Currencies

The country Gibraltar has announced Gibraltar Pound as its national currency.

The most amazing fact is that the Gibraltar pound can be exchanged with the British pound as both values equally (the ratio is 1:1), hence one can legally use both the British pound sterling and the Gibraltar pound in Gibraltar.

With the conversion rate of 1 GIP to 1.23 US Dollars, the Gibraltar pound stands at 6th position in the list of the Strongest Currencies in the World.

5. GBP (Pound Stirling)

Strongest Currencies

GBP or the British Pound Sterling is among the Strongest Currencies in the World as well as it is one of the majorly used currencies for trading.

The currency is in used not only in England (United Kingdom’s official currency) but in many other countries, like, Wales, N. Ireland, Scotland, etc; and it can be legally used as a coequal in Jersey, the Isle of Man, and Guernsey.

The Great British Pound (GBP) when paired with the US dollar, is known as ‘the cable pair’ which holds the title of third of the most traded currencies all over the world.

One GBP stands for 1.26 US Dollars, although it is the oldest currency to accord however it is not the strongest currency in the world.

4. JOD (Jordanian Dinar)

Strongest Currency

The currency of Jordan is known as the Jordanian Dinar and for some people, it is a miracle that although this currency is usable in Jordan only, it remains in the top 4 places among the Strongest Currencies in the World.

Situated on the river bank of the same name as the country, that is, Jordan, this Arabic nation had introduced the Jordanian Dinar in 1950 after revoking the former currency.

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Palestinian pound, and it is only in the past 20 years that the value of this currency has seen a sharp growth despite the fact that Jordan as a country is not much developed.

As of now, the conversion rate of the Jordanian Dinar remains at 1.41 USD (1 JOD is equivalent to 1.41 US Dollars).

Top #3 Strongest Currencies are Below

3. OMR (Omani Rial)

Most Strongest Currencies

In the list of the Strongest Currencies in the World Omani Rial (the official currency of the Arabic nation, Oman) remains in the top 3rd position.

The conversion value of the Omani Rial is equivalent to 2.60 US dollars. The currency was first named after its Sultanate in 1970, Saidi Rial and since 1973 the growth of the OMR has been outstanding.

The country not only is economically strong but also has a high taste of standard living style. Oman has recently diversified its national income dependency from solely on crude oils to tourism and gas processing sectors.

2. BHD (Bahraini Dinar)

Most Strongest Currency

Being the second to the highest conversion rate, that is, one Bahraini Dinar is equal to 2.659 United States dollars, the national currency of Bahrain is also the Strongest Currency in the World of the middle east.

In 1965, the govt. of Bahrain decided to implement its own currency replacing the Gulf currency and since its pegging to US dollars.

The value of the Bahraini dollar has been quite high, as much as it remained at the top 2 positions for a long time. The primary source of the country’s income is petroleum and related products.

1. KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar)

Strongest Currencies

Till now, one Kuwaiti Dinar is the currency of the country Kuwait and now, one Kuwaiti Dinar represents 3.29 United States dollars.

Therefore, no doubt that this currency will remain at the top position among all the other Strongest Currencies in the World.

The country, Kuwait is situated geographically between two other Arabic nations, Saudi Arabia and Iraq and the majority (95 percent) of its national wealth comes from crude oil exports.

The currency, KWD was first initiated by the govt. in 1960 after gaining its freedom from British colonialism, and since then its value has been on the rise, marking it the strongest currency in the world.

Conclusion of Most Strongest Currencies in the World


The world stays afloat because of the trading and foreign exchange as that gives power to one nation, and in the process of that, the value of money of the respected country impacts greatly.

Hence, before investing in any business of any country it is best to be known about its currency’s strength as that will help markedly in the success of that project.

Topic Summary

Here Are A Quick List Of The Strongest Currencies in the World

  1. KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar)
  2. BHD (Bahraini Dinar)
  3. OMR (Omani Rial)
  4. JOD (Jordanian Dinar)
  5. GBP (Pound Stirling)
  6. GIP (Gibraltar Pound)
  7. KYD (Cayman Islands Dollar)
  8. EUR (European Euro)
  9. CHF (Swiss Franc)
  10. USD (United States Dollar)
  11. CAD (Canadian Dollar)
  12. AUD (The Australian dollar)

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