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Top Famous Bloggers in India & Their Estimated Earnings (Update: Jan 2023)



Famous Bloggers in India

Blogging is the new passion among the people and to keep you motivated we are going to discuss the list of Top Bloggers in India and hope that it encourages you to keep on blogging. Not many bloggers reveal their actual earnings so it is a really difficult job to decide that holds the first position.

Famous bloggers in India are blogging on various topics of their choice, including Word press, travel, technology, Web Hosting, How to Do guides, and many more.

Blogging is not the only option to make money online, but only the most stable method. People are earning tons of money through freelancing, Instagram, Affiliate Marketing, TikTok, and YouTube. Among all these online sources blogging is considered to be the most stable source of income.

These Indian Bloggers are using Google Adsense, Affiliate Programs, and Direct Advertisement as a source of income. They are not only earning a good amount of money but also enjoy their life to the fullest without going to a 9 to 5 job.

Top 12 Famous Bloggers in India & Their Estimated Earnings

Top 12 Famous Bloggers in India

I am pretty sure that you heard about these famous bloggers in India or visited their blogs for valuable information. These bloggers are quite popular on the internet and receive millions of visitors on their websites on a regular basis. They started this work as a side hustle and are now earning a good amount of money. They have turned their hobby into a passion and a source of income and are inspiring millions of people around the world with their success stories.

Making money through blogging is not a very difficult job and it does not need a very huge investment. You need to consistently keep on blogging and your patience and talent will be noticed by the people. When people start appreciating your talent, it turns into money, which starts flowing into your bank account.

Let’s have a look at the Top 10+ famous Bloggers in India and their blogs.

1. Amit Agrawal

top bloggers in india

If you have a good interest in blogging that this blogger’s name lies on the top of the list.  He is the most popular and first successful blogger from India who became a source of inspiration for many young bloggers. He was one of the first bloggers who shifted from a professional IT job to a full-time blogger and has been guiding ever since youngsters how they can make money by blogging.

Indian blogger’s hometown is in Agra and he has got a passion for computer science technology and following his passion he completed his graduation from IIT-Roorkee. In, 1999 he joined ADP, Inc in Hyderabad and managed their database for the next five years.

He quit his job and to follow his passion he came back to his hometown Agra and in 2004 he successfully launched a tech blog and named it Labnol.

The blog was How to guide consumer software and mobile apps that were free or cheap to use. Only his blog he explained to the layman the advantage of using software tools and technologies to make your work easy.

The blog was an instant hit all over the world. The blog is visited by 3 million viewers all over the world and has been listed in publications like the Wall Street Journal. Forbes has included Labnol as the top 100 technology blogs all over the world.

His site has an impressive ranking of 14,975 on the Global level and 2,313 in the Indian network.

He has never revealed his earnings but Indian bloggers Earning is estimated to be $80,000 (per month)

2. Harsh Aggarwal

Next on the list of top 10 Famous Bloggers in India is the famous Harsh Agarwal whose blog ShoutMeLoud is one of the most prominent blogs in India.

Harsh Aggarwal is a qualified engineer by profession and even joined Accenture as an engineer in  2008. He quit his job just after five months and launched his blog in 2009.

In his own words, it was a very difficult choice to choose his job or follow his passion. But following his hunch he chooses to blog.

But soon after the launch of his blog he met with a tragic accident and was bedridden for seven months. He did not give up on his passion and updated his blog from a hospital bed.

His blogging niche is online money making, using SEO for online money making, social media, and any topic which came under “Internet marketing”.His hard work has paid off well and the blog has 1 million subscribers with a whopping 1.5 million views every month.

His website has a Global Rank of 23,650 and in India, his site has the ranking of 1972. The blogger Earning is believed to be $50,000 per month.

3. Faisal Farooqui

Famous Bloggers in India

He is not the owner of a blog, but a website He obtained his bachelor’s science degree from the State University of New York at Binghamton and launched his website in 2000.

The website is a famous portal for consumer research and web services. He stays in New York and 2012 he was included in the list one of the most successful Indian Entrepreneurs by Time magazine.

His site has a global ranking of 5,078 and in India the site rank is  447.  One of the top Bloggers in India his income is estimated to be $50,000 per month.

4. Shradha Sharma

In the list of famous bloggers in India Sharda Sharma is the first woman to compete with men. Before launching her blog Your Story the entrepreneur has successfully worked as Assistant Vice President of CNBC TV18.

The blog is unique from all other blogs as it has a key focus on startups and entrepreneurial related stories. The digital platform after its launch in 2008 has successfully published 60,000 stories about promising entrepreneurs.

She has hired a team of 5-6 bloggers in Banglore who focus on highlighting the best entrepreneur in their fields.

Her blog has a whopping 3.6 million views every month and has a global ranking of 9,805 and an Indian ranking of 639.

It is believed that a famous blogger earns $30,000 (per month) through Adsense.

5. Anand Khanse

Best Bloggers in India

He broke the myth that blogging is the field in which only youngsters can shine. The 56-year blogger is an exception in the blogging realm.

He launched his blog in the year 2009. The blog guides amateurs in fixing their windows bugs and operating system in a simple manner.

He then expanded his blog service and started offering Windows Tweaker and the Fix Win Windows repair tool which is freeware software offered by Windows. His initiative was successful and the blog now offers more than 80 freeware software and is considered to be the largest online resource for free software.

The site has 10 million viewers per month. He also received the Microsoft MVP award from 2006 to 2016. The Indian Bloggers Earning is estimated between $30,000 to $40,000 per month.

6. Varun Krishnan

Are you thinking of buying a new mobile phone and are confused about which one to buy in your budget? Or are you not sure about your favorite mobile’s features or want to compare it with some other model?

All your problems related to mobile research will be easily solved by this blog. Famous blogger Varun Krishnan gives you the best reviews and comparisons about the latest mobile phones launched in the market.

Launched in the year 2005 his blog “” is the best in the market if you want to resolve any query related to mobiles. He covers all mobile phone reviews, latest updates, comparing phones, and many more things related to mobile phones on his blog.

His blog is estimated to have 1.8 million viewers/visitors every month. The site has a global ranking of 19,756 and 1,973 in Indian ranking.

Indian blogger and owner of the most famous mobile phone blog FoneArena have an estimated income of $22,000 per month.

7. Srinivas Tamada

The Rajnikanth of Top Bloggers in India is an expert in programming. His blog is followed by people who love programming and all the latest web development can be found on his blog.

He is basically from Chennai, India, but is currently living in the U.S. He launched his blog in the year 2009. The blog provides codes for Website Designing like AJAX, PHP, and many other website designing tools.

His blog’s global ranking is 76,046 and his site ranks 9,281 in India. His income is estimated to be $20,000 per month.

8. Arun Prabhudesai

Famous Blogger

Top Bloggers in India have ranked IT geek Arun Prabhudesai in the seventh position. Before starting his successful blogging career, he worked in the IT industry for more than 10 years starting from 1996.

He launched his blog Trak. On 1st May 2007 after he went to the U.S.A. The blog highlights the Indian entrepreneurs and startups with an Indian twist. It sometimes also highlights and focus on Technology and Web-related topics.

So, what makes this blog different from other tech blogs? The blog highlights the business perspective of technology. The blog is not monotonous like other tech blogs as he explains the technology from his perspective. The blog receives 200K  visitors per month.

He is not only a blogger but also a successful blogger with 1 million subscribers to his tech channel. His blog has an income of $15,000 per month.

His Social Media Handles are

linkedin youtube   website twitter instagram

9. Jignesh Padhiyar

If you are looking forward to buying Apple products and are looking forward to a review that you have come to the right blog. Jignesh Padhiyar and his partner Dhavnesh Adhiyar in the year 2012 launched the blog iGeeksBlog.

The Indian bloggers got inspired by Steve Jobs himself and kept a focus on Apple products only. It provides you a how-to guide, error fixing, app list related to Apple products only.

IGeekBlogs has hired a full team of editors, SEO, app developers who are responsible for searching about new technologies available in the market and explore the latest technologies available in the market.

The website has 63,000 viewers visiting their website daily and has a global ranking of 26,386. The site is quite popular in the U.S and European countries for their honest reviews about Apple products.

With above 1 million visitors each month the site has estimated earnings of $10,000 per month and has an estimated worth of $ 551,520.00.

10. Jaspal Singh

Best Blogger

The blogger is the master of all niches. Launched in the year 2009 his blog covers all the topics relevant to fashion, technology, health, travel, and blogging.

He is a famous blogger from Jaipur who is passionate about the latest technology trends. He is a gym enthusiast himself and writes about health-related latest topics on his blog.

He is a mechanical engineer himself and provides valuable tech-related tips on his blog. Apart from this, he gives many tips about the latest software in the market and comparison with the rest.

His website has a global rank of 41,205 and his Indian ranking is 11,418. Indian bloggers Earning is estimated to be $8000 per month.

11. Manish Chauhan

“People don’t become old when they reach a certain birthday; they become old when they decide to live life without crossing that line of discomfort.”  These are the famous lines said by our famous Indian blogger who writes blogs relevant to finance in India.

He believes that people are confused and afraid of the financial market in the world. They are generally manipulated by the people who are related to the finance world to earn good profits for themselves.

He demystifies all your confusion through his blog JagoInvestor related to the financial sector. He has been guiding on his blog about retirement plans, Systematic Investment Plan (Sip)  and best policies in which we can invest.

He always emphasizes the fact that people neglect the most important plan of one’s life which is financial management. Many older people in the country are suffering today due to poor financial management and die in disgrace and poverty.

Financial management and independence is our basic right and if managed properly even a small amount can turn into a significant sum in the future.

His website ranks 1,01,434 on the google ranking and is visited by 16,000 viewers daily to understand the investment sector. He also gives an insight into the Mutual Fund sector and gives you suggestions about the best fund in which investments can be made.

His sites estimate worth is considered to be  $ 118,200.00 and his estimated monthly income is $ 5000 per month.

Don’t forget to visit the blog of one of the Top Bloggers in India to get a better insight into financial management.

12. Shivya Nath

Travel Blogger

Famous Indian women travel blogger who quit her IT job in 2011 to pursue her dream of traveling around the globe. She is a famous vegan, storyteller, solo traveler, and environmentalist. She is an inspiration for many women around the world to follow their passion and live life on her terms.

She launched her blog shooting star in the year 2012 and 2013 she sold most of her belongings and has been living a nomadic life ever since. Through her blogs, she motivates to step out of their comfort zones and explore the earth and its natural beauty.

Through her journey she has lived with many indigenous tribes of the world and people can see their lifestyle and traditions through her blog.

Her site has an estimated traffic of 12,000 daily and her site has been ranked 1,32,420 on google. She has an estimated income of $4500 per month.

Her Social Media Handles are

instagram twitter linkedin facebook


Last Words

We hope that you like the list of bloggers made by us. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comment section.

top bloggers

Blogging is quite a good alternative for your daily job. Get inspired by these bloggers who quit their job and followed their passion and changed it into a stable source of income.

Blogging is quite popular in India nowadays and we hope you can select your niche and start a successful blog.

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