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Popular Women Bloggers in India & Their Estimated Earnings ( Update: March 2023)



Women Bloggers in India

Women in India have now broken every taboo and today we are going to discuss the Top Women Bloggers in India. Women with time have proven their in-depth knowledge and talents in various fields which were originally ruled by men.

You can find active and successful women entrepreneurs, politicians, and social activists who stand and give competition to men in every field.

Blogging is the latest trend in India and women Indian bloggers have successfully launched many blogs and are now noted all around the world. Some of them are so successful that they have taken blogging as their profession.

Women Bloggers in India

Top 7 Famous women Bloggers in India 2022

Life is not a piece of cake and the Famous women Bloggers in India have worked hard and consistently to make their blogs successful. Life for women is always a multi-tasking job. She has to play the role of daughter, mother, and sister along with her successful professional career.

Apart from the ample amount of knowledge about your niche, patience and consistency are a must to make your blog successful. Many people in India have successfully turned their blogs into a good source of income.

Before making the final list I was in a dilemma that how should I rank such talented women. What criteria would be best for giving them ranks GoogleAlexa, Stats, Domain Authority, traffic, or popularity?

Famous Women Bloggers in India

And the truth is that I was unable to finalize any single metrics which could be used for ranking. So, I have used the mixture of all the metrics available and created a list of popular women Bloggers.

Pro blogger is a term used for a person who has turned their blogs into a successful earning source. These female bloggers know their niche in plenty and have successfully become pro bloggers.

These pro bloggers have broken all the chains and myths of society and successfully established them in fields like fashion, travel, cooking and politics.

They earn not only good income but also people’s respect. They have set a trend among females in India to opt for blogging as a professional career.

Let’s have a look at the Top Women Bloggers in India who are quite influential in their fields

1. Nandini Shenoy

Nandini Shenoy

Most of the blogging industry revolves around tech, SEO, or gadgets. But Nandini changed the air with her different niche. She lies at the top of the list of Famous women Bloggers in India as she earns maximum earnings and has the highest amount of traffic on her site.

Nandini launched Pinkvilla in the year 2007 and has its main focus on lifestyle, Bollywood, gossip, and entertainment. Nandini is an engineer and used to work in a company in the US. She always had an interest in Bollywood Masala news. She started Pink Villa in 2007 along with her husband, but she did not immediately, but Shenoy’s lived a dual life to make their dream come true.

It was in 2008 that when they uploaded Sonam Kapoor’s dance party pics, the blog started getting traffic. In 2013 she hired an editorial team in Mumbai by sitting in the U.S. Though she has no Bollywood connections, she has surely created her name in the industry.

The site has been ranked 12,986 in the world and has 8 million views per day. Her estimated income is between $45,000 -$52,000 per month.

Her Social Media Handles Are

linkedin instagram

2. Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma

Founder of the famous blog YourStory which covers the stories about the most famous and promising Indian Entrepreneurs and their journey. The versatile blogger along with blogging has worked for CNBC and The Times of India.

She is quite influential on Linkedin too and was included in the list of 500 Linkedin Influencers of the world. Her blog is mostly trusted blogs among the entrepreneurs who gain genuine exposure through her blog.

Unlike most of the blogs, her blog is available in twelve different languages. Her blog has helped 50,000 entrepreneurs expand their network and get successful financial help. The entrepreneurs are allowed to share their ventures and success stories on her blog.

Indian women bloggers Earning is estimated to be between $35,000 -$40,000 a month. Her website ranks 9104 on the global ranking with daily traffic of approx 1,99,000.

Her Social Media Handles Are

twitter instagram facebook linkedin

3. Malini Agarwal

Malini Agarwal

MTV worker and successful RJ Malini Agarwal is a popular woman Blogger who writes about celebrities and lifestyles.

She used to work as a DJ on Radio One and started blogging as a hobby. She named the blog after her name MissMalini as a hobby in the year 2008. After the blog became a hit she quit her job and started blogging full time.

Apart from Bollywood news, she gives tips related to lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and health to her subscribers. Owing to a successful blog she has partnered with Lakme Fashion Week, Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour, and India Resort Fashion Week events.

“To the Moon: How I Blogged My Way to Bollywood.”  a book authored by her describing her journey as a successful blogger and the struggles she faced on her way. Her book is a source of both inspiration and motivation for young female bloggers.

Her website has a global ranking of 51,480 and has a traffic of 32,000 daily. She has an estimated income of $12,000 a month from her blog.

Her Social Media Handles Are

instagram twitter facebook soundcloud

4. Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath

In, 2011 this Top Women Blogger in India quit her job to follow her passion for traveling and blogging. She is a famous storyteller, a nomadic travel blogger, author, and social media entrepreneur.

In, 2013 she sold her belongings and started traveling around the globe. She launched her blog “The Shooting Star” in the year 2016 and has been blogging about her travel journeys ever since. She has turned Vegan and inspires people through her blog that how this lifestyle is healthy and beneficial for the planet.

In 2019 Travel, Leisure was listed as the most followed woman on Instagram. She was awarded the Silver Award by TBC for the best travel blog.

She has spoken on various summits like Outlook Responsible Tourism Summit held in Delhi 2019, Social Travel Summit in Belfast in 2019. She has discussed her traveling experience and various improvements that can be introduced for the safety of tourists and nature.

Many famous channels like TedX, BBC Travel, and National Geographic have featured her in their shows.

Bloggers Earning are believed to be $5000 to $6000 from her blog and royalty on the book written by her. Her website has a ranking of 1,32,400 and has estimated traffic of 60,000 every day on her website.

Her Social Media Handles are

instagram twitter linkedin facebook

5. Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi

Famous women bloggers in India launched her blog Archana’s Kitchen in 2007. She had a vision and dream to inspire people to cook their meals themselves. She also wanted to motivate people to lead a healthy lifestyle with her easy DIY solutions.

Her blog has turned cooking into fun where she provides healthy recipes, diet plans, and a special, unique dish recipe for every festival in India.

The website is enlisted in the list of one of the best cooking website. It empowers the people to cook and become a Master Chef at home. She is also a successful vlogger and her YouTube videos have millions of views.

She has launched an Archana’s Kitchen app for both Android and iOS make people believe in the power of home cooking.

Her website has a global rank of 36,503 and it has daily views from above 2 million. She has estimated earnings between $16,000 to $17,000 every month.

Her Social Media Handles are

instagram  twitter  linkedin

6. Harleena Singh

Harleena Singh

Before she started blogging Harleena had a very successful career as a freelance writer. She is known among the blogosphere for her dynamic presence which she makes by commenting on various blogs. She is known as the “blog commenting queen” for sharing her valuable reviews.

Initially, she started her blog Aha! Now to show a collection of her writing and articles to the clients. It was more of a family blog that mainly focused on parenting and relations.

But, with time she gradually shifted to other topics like Personal Development, Health, and life blog. The blog also provides solutions to people’s life problems.

She is also the founder of the blogging community ABC, which provides blogging solutions and guidance to new bloggers. She has helped many bloggers to turn to blogs easy and accessible.

Her website has a global rank of 78,256 and Indian women bloggers Earning is estimated to be $7000 per month.

Her Social Media Handles are

instagram  twitter  linkedin  facebook  pinterest

7. Nirmala Santha Kumar

Nirmala SanthaKumar

Last on the list of women Indian bloggers is Chennai’s famous blogger Nirmala Santhakumar. She also started her career as a freelance writer, but later shifted to blogging to provide valuable tips for blogging. The blog has helped her to earn name and fame far more than her writing job.

In, 2013 she launched her blog by the name of “Mymagicfundas” which helps her to enhance her writing skills. She initially wrote on the domain, but later on, from encouragement from Otis Ranjan, she started a tech blog and finally met monetary benefits from the blog.

She is an electrical engineer by profession and blogging provides her with flexible working hours and a good source of income. Her website has a global ranking of 3,13,778 and she has an estimated monthly income of 1600 dollars from her blog.

Her Social Media Handles are

linkedin  facebook

Conclusion Of Top Women Bloggers in India


Top Women Bloggers in India include the name of famous women bloggers who have created their mark in the blogging world with their hard work. All these bloggers are pioneers in their niche and even give competition to men in their field.

If you find that some other women bloggers could be included in the list feel free to leave your recommendations in the form of a comment.

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