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The 7 Best PDF Reader Apps for Android in 2023 (Update Jan)



Best PDF Reader Apps

Do you know the Best PDF Reader Apps for Android in 2023?

Do you use PDF files a lot? If yes, chances are that you want to know about the best PDF reader apps for Android in 2023. In this article, we will list some of the finest PDF readers to try.

People use PDF files for two major reasons. The first is business-related where you make forms in PDF format and ask individuals to fill them up.

And the other is for reading ebooks. The PDF format is a great format for reading. But to open the files and read them, you got to have a good PDF reader app.

There are so many PDF readers out there that sometimes it becomes difficult for people to pick the right one. We know that. That’s why below, we have compiled the 7 best PDF reader apps for Android today.

Best PDF reader apps for Android to check out this year (2023)

List of the Best PDF reader app

No matter what you are using PDF files for, be it for professional or personal use, you deserve the best PDF reading experience possible. A PDF reader that lacks support for certain files or closes unexpectedly, or doesn’t show texts properly will only end up hampering that experience.

Although your smartphone would most likely have a default PDF reader, it is often very limited in terms of features. Therefore, arises the need for a third-party app abundant in useful features. Let us now take a look at some of the best PDF reader apps for Android you shouldn’t miss.

7. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is an all-in-one ebook reader with rich features. These include numerous visual options, dual page mode, auto-scrolling, and many other cool features. Apart from PDFs, Moon+ Reader supports tons of formats like EPUB, TXT, AZW3, MOBI, etc.

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Besides reading the files stored on your device, you can access online ebook libraries and read books for free as well. With its abundance of useful features and a modern UI, Moon+ Reader can be your ideal ebook reader if you are looking for an app that has it all.

6. Librera Reader 

Another great choice for PDF readers would be Librera Reader. It is an interesting app that keeps changing itself drastically with every update; it just keeps getting better and better.

Currently, besides PDF, the app supports a plethora of other formats, such as EPUB, TXT, MOBI, and many more. So it offers a great experience to ebook lovers. Librera has a sleek, contemporary design and a Dark Mode for comfortable reading in the dark.

Additionally, it has features like TTS, list/grid View, recent list, etc. The app is free-of-cost. So naturally, it is dependent on ads for getting monetary benefits.

While Librera Reader could be a powerful alternative to your default PDF reader app, reports from users suggest that it sometimes gets a little buggy. But considering it offers a good PDF viewing experience even after being completely free, it’s worth a try.

5. Right PDF Reader (Formerly known as Gaaiho PDF Reader)

Although Gaaiho PDF Reader has been in this field for more than 20 years and is a veteran in the game, it is awfully underrated. While being just as good, Gaaiho PDF Reader doesn’t get as much praise as other big names like Adobe, Xodo, etc.

The app opens PDF files pretty fast and provides users with a comfortable reading experience. Also, you can add or manage comments and check out attachments if needed.

Apart from that, Gaaiho lets you bookmark a document so that you can quickly find important portions of that document whenever you want. You can add some basic annotations too. In fact, Gaaiho’s annotation tools are among the best available free tools out there.

The app is limited in terms of cloud support, as it only offers access to cloud files through Dropbox. But it has a standout feature that you would rarely find anywhere else. The app lets you share files with WebDAV servers, offering a level of flexibility that is difficult to match.

One drawback of the app, however, is that it does not get frequent updates. This hinders the app’s process of getting constant improvement. But other than that, Gaaiho PDF Reader, no doubt, ranks among the best PDF reader apps for Android.

4. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor 

If simple and minimalistic UI is your primary preference, you should definitely give Xodo PDF Reader & Editor a try.

As its name suggests, the app not only lets you view PDF files but also allows editing of those files. You can also make your own PDF files by scanning various documents using your camera or from images.

Besides that, you can highlight text, add annotations, or even collaborate with others via Xodo Connect. There is no need to register for that purpose.

The app offers multiple useful integration options like OneDrive, Google Drive, and so on. It not only allows you to import documents from the cloud but also auto-syncs your files, making sure that you always have the latest version at your disposal.

Another handy feature of Xodo is its File Manager. The ability to view thumbnails and recent files helps you find your desired documents in seconds.

Also, you can edit any document with ease. Interestingly, you also have the option to enable Night Mode to reduce strain on your eyes while reading PDFs in dark settings. Overall, Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is an excellent choice if you are looking for a versatile PDF reader.

The Top 3 Best PDF Reader Apps for Android are below

3. All PDF

When talking about the best PDF reader apps for Android, we must list All PDFs. All PDF is a popular choice for those who want something free yet decorated with some cool features. Being an indie app that happens to be free of cost, it earns from showing you ads.

While ads are a major turnoff for most people, you have to remember one thing. All PDFs are not just for viewing PDFs, it offers some amazingly handy tools that often have a price in other similar apps. Take its ‘Merge’ and ‘Split’ features for instance.

A free app offering such features deserves a round of applause. Apart from those, the app allows users to extract images, edit metadata, protect a PDF file, convert images to PDFs, and more.

Also, the app makes it simpler to organize PDFs as well. Users can start a file or files and choose the grid view to easily locate the files anytime they need. In short, All PDF is a wonderful, free-to-use PDF reader that offers way more features than most in the market.

2. Microsoft Word 

Best PDF Reader Apps

Microsoft Word? Really? That’s what you are thinking, right? Well, most people see Microsoft Word as just a word processor app. But it’s much more than that. It is one of the underrated (not as a whole, only PDF reader-wise) yet the best PDF reader apps for Android out there.

Microsoft Word offers support for PDFs. Using the app, users can open PDF files or even create their own PDF files. Almost everyone on the planet knows that Word can do things like word processing. CV building, and so on. But as a bonus, it has an ebook reading feature as well.

This simplistic-looking PDF reader is so comforting to the eyes because of its clutter-free design and minimalism. You can also edit the PDF file if you want. Opening a PDF in Word makes a copy of that PDF document by converting it to .docx format.

The converted file will match the look of the PDF file. Remember that you can always go back to the original PDF file if you dislike the converted version. Word doesn’t make any changes to the original file whatsoever.

Overall, Word is a nice all-in-one solution to your PDF reading needs.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader 

Best PDF Reader App

When thinking about PDF readers, one of the names that first comes to our mind is Adobe Acrobat Reader. Ask people what PDF readers they use and we assure you, most people will say it’s Adobe Acrobat Reader. For your info, the app comes equipped with features like annotation, taking notes on PDFs, cloud storage support, and so on.

Adobe Acrobat Reader has a material design that looks fabulous. Just like any good PDF reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader lets users zoom in and out, scroll, or even search for specific texts within a PDF document. Besides that, you can scan a document and make an OCR-enabled PDF out of it.

However, this PDF reader app is most suitable for professional use. It is not that great when it comes to ebook reading. Also, if you want to use Adobe’s Creative Cloud storage and other exclusive features, you can pay a subscription cost. Nevertheless, the app still works decently even if you use the basic, free version and is suitable for most works.

Conclusion of The Best PDF Reader Apps for Android

Conclusion of The Best PDF Reader Apps

Now that you know these 7 best PDF reader apps for Android, what are you waiting for? Refer to our article and install what works best for you. An unprecedented PDF reading experience awaits you. Don’t miss it!

Topic Summary

Here is a quick list of The Top 7 Best PDF Reader Apps for Android.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. Microsoft Word
  3. All PDF
  4. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor
  5. Right PDF Reader
  6. Librera Reader
  7. Moon+ Reader

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