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The 10 Mesmerizing Things That Can Only Work With a VPN (Update: Sep 2023)



Things That Can Only Work With a VPN

Have you ever wanted to know about the many unique uses of a VPN service? If you have, keep reading. In this article, we will inform you about 10 mesmerizing things that can only work with a VPN.

The internet today is known for being a crazy place. While the internet can be a blessing in your life if you use it right, it can quickly become a curse if you don’t. If you don’t take the necessary precautions to protect yourself, you might face dire consequences.

One such consequence could be that somebody might track your online activity and use it for their crooked personal gains.

We mean, nobody wants to have someone snoop on them. That’s where the Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes in. Using a VPN could protect your online identity and make you feel a lot safer.

However, besides that, there are some other benefits of using a VPN service that we feel are not enough talked about. In this article, we will talk about 10 mesmerizing things that can only work with a VPN.

How does a VPN function?  

things that can only work with a VPN 

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method by which a user can protect their network connection while using a public network. A VPN service encrypts your internet traffic and makes your online identity concealed. This makes it harder for someone to keep a track of your online activity and prevents them from stealing your data.

The entire encryption process takes place in real time. A VPN conceals your online identity by redirecting your network via a specifically configured remote server by a VPN host.

This signifies that the VPN server turns into your data source. Therefore, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or other third parties won’t be able to see your visited sites or your sent and received online data.

That means using a VPN will make sure that even if somebody steals your data, it won’t be useful to them.

While you might think that your ISP is trustworthy. In reality, it is not the case. Your ISP might share your data with advertisers, the Government, or other third parties.

Additionally, Internet Service Providers could also face cyber-attacks. If they somehow fall victim to hackers, your personal data might be gone, and the hackers might use it for their benefit. This is true especially if you are someone who uses public Wi-Fi networks often.

You would never know who might be snooping on you and trying to get their nasty hands on your private data like passwords, payment info, or even worse, your identity with malicious intent. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from online hazards, a VPN becomes a great friend.

Nonetheless, besides these fundamental perks, VPNs can provide you with some other cool benefits as well. Below, we will see those benefits:

List of some mesmerizing things that can only work with a VPN 

things that can only work with a VPN 

Let us now take a look at a few things that are not possible to do without a VPN service.

1. Change your online location 

Things That Can Only Work With a VPN

As we told you earlier, a VPN conceals your online identity. While using a VPN, the VPN server you opt for becomes the source of your data.

That’s because your traffic is being routed via one of the VPN servers situated in a remote location. Therefore, your location will show up as that remote server’s location.

For instance, if you are using a VPN server located in Singapore, anybody trying to snoop on you will see you’re coming from Singapore instead of your home location.

This is helpful not only in maintaining privacy but also in bypassing geo-restrictions to access content that would not be available to you under normal conditions.

2. Use free limited services for an unlimited time

Among the most mesmerizing things that can only work with a VPN is the ability to use free limited services beyond their limits.

There are many services that are incredibly useful but offer only a set number of free uses daily. If that’s the case with the service you’re using, just use a VPN to solve this issue.

Free services know your number of uses from your IP address. If you connect to a VPN server and keep changing it every time you have reached your daily limit, the service will mistake you for a new person. So, it would keep granting you more free uses as many times as you want.

3. Protect your smartphone

Smartphones have turned into an inseparable part of our lives. Naturally, they contain a remarkable amount of sensitive information.

Thus, if a hacker ever gets access to your mobile and obtains your personal data, it would be a disaster. Luckily, VPN services are not limited to PCs.

They can also work with mobile phones and have dedicated apps for that purpose. This makes your mobile internet connection all the more secure and helps you stay tension-free.

4. Dodge governmental censorships 

Things That Can Only Work With a VPN

Accessing some websites is illegal in some countries. The governments of these countries have banned certain websites so that the public can’t visit them.

Changing your location to another country using a VPN could assist you in bypassing such bans.

As your location will display as the location of your VPN’s remote server, you would not break any laws.

While it can enable you to access what you want, do so with caution and at your own risk. Use your own judgment before doing anything that is this risky.

5. Use free communication services

As some of you might already know, some communication apps are available free of cost in some parts of the world and are paid for in others. If you live in a country where an app is paid, you could use your VPN to connect to a remote server where that app is free.

Doing so will let you use the app without paying any money. This is no doubt one of the most mesmerizing things that can only work with a VPN.

We mean, why pay for the same app or opt for some other free alternative that is not even secure when you can apply this trick to use it for free?

6. Alter your IP address 

Things That Can Only Work With a VPN

Anybody can track you, using your IP address. It’s because your IP address is unique and points toward you only. However, a VPN eliminates such a risk by masking your IP address and helps you get some peace of mind. Besides that, it could also provide you with increased privacy, geo-restriction bypassing, and many other benefits.

7. Do online price shopping

While this may or may not have struck your mind, depending on the country you live in, you might be paying more for an item than you actually should.

Yes, a lot of online sellers, like Amazon, Target, etc., have set different prices for their products around the world.

That means while a laptop you are trying to buy in the United States might cost 1200 USD, it might be available at a price of only 900 USD in the United Kingdom.

Even with the shipping cost, it would be a great money-saving deal to take. Although it is not feasible to go to the UK spending all that money on travel costs, using VPN to change your location certainly is. Thus, a VPN service would allow you to price shop both locally and internationally and get the finest available deals possible.

8. Boost internet speed and bandwidth

An annoying thing that many ISPs do is that they implement speed throttling and bandwidth limitations on your internet connection.

While this is actually intended to improve the traffic flow through their network, it can seriously hamper your experience.

A VPN could help you out in this regard by letting the traffic pass through without any filters, boosting both your internet speed and bandwidth.

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9. Watch live sports or events from all over the world 

Things That Can Only Work With a VPN

And lastly, here’s another one of the mesmerizing things that can only work with a VPN: if you are a sports lover, you can utilize your VPN to Livestream your favorite sports event. Every sports enthusiast will agree that watching a game or match live, be it cricket, soccer, tennis, or any other sport is among the best feelings ever.

And it happens quite often that the teams they love are located in a foreign country, and their cable provider does not offer the facility to watch these events live.

In such a case, using a VPN could help you a lot. As it can alter your geolocation, it enables you to watch the sports events live as and when they occur, bypassing geo-restrictions. So, even if a sports streaming site has a strict geofencing policy, it won’t stop you from enjoying your favorite sports and cheering for your favorite teams.

10. Use your banking services even when you are out of your country

In case you were unaware, banks and other financial institutions, such as PayPal keep an eye on users’ IP addresses so that they can keep fraud at bay. When you are traveling overseas, you have to be cautious while doing monetary transactions.

If the bank or the relevant financial institution detects some issue with your IP address, it might block you. Moreover, some banks are known for not allowing users to log into their portals if they are in another country.

Luckily, a VPN can be your savior in such a case. Simply open your VPN app and connect to a server located in your country of origin. This will help you obtain a home IP address. Using this home IP address, you can easily log into your bank portal without any trouble. In this way, the financial institutions do not suspect anything. Hence, you can uninterruptedly access your banking services even when you are away from your homeland.

Conclusion of The Things That Can Only Work With a VPN


Now that know about these 10 mesmerizing things that can only work with a VPN, you can start utilizing this newfound knowledge to get the most out of your online activities. Good luck!    

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