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How to Make Money Through Spotify? $1000 Per Month



make money through Spotify

In this post, we will know How to Make Money Through Spotify? And easily get $1000 Per Month.

Piracy was a major problem in the digital age a few years back. However, music lovers discovered that everything could be downloaded for free. Every musician began to see the end of recorded music sales. Thankfully, these days are gone.

Spotify is a Swedish media platform founded in 2006 that allows anyone to share audio content and make money. Thousands of musicians have used Spotify to publish their music, monetize it, gain attention, and grow their audience. Spotify is the perfect place to turn your talents into money, regardless of whether you are a singer, songwriter, or musician.

Are you wondering about How to Make Money through Spotify?

Spotify makes it easy to make money; thus, we have summed up some exciting ways to make money through Spotify.

1. Review Music to Make Money

You can earn money for rating music and also get paid to review it. After signing up, you’ll be given a list of songs you need to review. If you review more songs in a short time, you will receive Amazon gift cards.

Some may pay $1 per three reviews, and writing longer reviews can help you earn more. However, to excel in this area, you must have excellent writing and research skills. High-quality reviews evaluate songs critically and highlight the positive and negative aspects. You must be able to conduct research about the music and provide feedback.

2. Create an eye-catching Spotify bio to make more money

Create an eye catching Spotify bio

Don’t rush to create your Spotify account profile if you want to make money. While you might be eager to upload content right away, creating a compelling bio will help you get more listeners. Your Spotify bio should be:

  • Give a brief description about yourself that is approximately 1500 characters
  • Please include a description of the music you plan to share
  • Use Tags to link your content with other Spotify playlists or artists
  • Add links to your social media accounts

3. Create a blog about music and earn money

This is the most challenging and lucrative way to earn money from music. It is noteworthy that to make a music blog successful, you will need to invest a lot of capital and time. Choosing a specific genre and setting goals for your blog is important.

It is essential to identify your target audience to help you plan how to market your blog. If you want to see tangible results with this method, you must have a strong network. It is important to build relationships with local musicians, music labels, and organizers of music events. This will allow you to generate tangible income through your blog.

4. How do podcasts on Spotify make money?

do podcasts on Spotify make money

It’s another interesting way to make money through Spotify. A podcast can be a win-win for all parties. Most podcasts are just about conversing with people you don’t know. You might find your stories inspiring or touching others, and some of them could end up on your podcast as dedicated listeners.

Selling their services is the best way to earn on Spotify podcasts. Let’s take an example of a successful SEO campaign, and your next podcast is about SEO. The administrator might be willing to deal with a person who already has a large audience.

Partnering with sponsors is another way to make money on the Spotify podcast. Affiliate marketing is another way to maximize your profits. Although you might not be able to sell your product, this does not mean that you are out of luck.

You can still use affiliate marketing strategies to make a profit. Use your Spotify podcast to promote other people’s products, and you will earn a commission.

5. Listen to music without closing ads and make money

We all hate ads as they interrupt the song’s flow and ruin the listening experience. But would you still skip ads while listening to music if you know that you can earn by watching ads? There are many ways to make money in the music industry by simply watching ads.

Many platforms like Spotify pay listeners a portion of the advert revenue to spread the buzz about a song or get more listeners. You can listen to more ads and earn more by letting them play for a few seconds. You don’t need to worry about payments, as most platforms accept PayPal.

6. How to make money on Spotify as an artist?

Spotify is a unique way for musicians to make money online and offline. Spotify can be used by musicians who want to create a new theme for their evening programs. It offers a great way for artists to make money offline, allowing them to share their creative work worldwide. These musicians are paid a fair amount called royalties by Spotify, so this amazing service will enable them to make money online. Spotify pays royalties once per month based on the number of views an artist’s work has received.

7. Publishing More Music Helps You Get Streamed

Publishing More Music Helps You Get Streamed

The best way to earn more on Spotify is to get your music streamed. You can’t get your music streaming if it isn’t being distributed. Once you have started publishing more music, the best way to get your music streamed is to continue to publish. However, Spotify’s stream payout system can be very complex.

How Do They Do It?

They simply go to another website and pay for streams. Spotify charges around 0.38 cents per stream, approximately 3-4 dollars for every 1000 streams, which is more than half of the profit.

It is noteworthy that Spotify has only one risk: if you purchase a lot of Spotify streams, Spotify will detect that and take down your music.

Therefore, you should start slowly and get streams within 4,000 to 5,000 months. Then you can go up to around 1,000,000 streams, which are like $3,000 & 4,000 a month. This process can take approximately 2-3 months before you start receiving royalties.

Spotify is a music business, and to understand how to make money with Spotify, you need to understand the music industry. Below we have highlighted three ways to make money on Spotify.

  • Mechanical Royalties

Every time your music is streamed online, like on apple music or Spotify, you will be paid mechanical royalties. In Spotify, royalties are paid directly to the administrator and not to the music owner. It might deny access if you don’t have an administrator for publishing.

  • Performance Royalties

Let’s say you are a registered song publisher and song composer. You will receive payment through them every time your song streams. You may not be eligible to receive a payment if your name is not on the list of performing rights organizations.

  • The Regular Pay Streams

Depending on which is more convenient, you can either call it artist royalty or master use royalty. It’s a payment for streaming licensed sound recordings. You will need to have a distributor so that Spotify pays you for every song played.

Spotify allows you to sell merch and earn money

Spotify allows you to sell merch and earn money

You might sell merch while on the road to make extra income. You can also sell merchandise directly to your fans through Spotify. MerchBar is required to sell your merchandise through Spotify. MerchBar allows you to sell directly through your fans.

First, create a Merchbar profile, add your inventory and connect your Spotify for the artist’s profile. Your Spotify profile will allow fans to view images and then go to Merchbar to buy the product.

You can sell any posters, vinyl, or t-shirts leftover from your tour to fans who might not be able to attend one of your shows.

Conclusion of Make Money Through Spotify


There are many ways to make money today, among which Spotify is the most trending.

It is something that every music distributor and artist has been trying to hide from the public, as this technique allows you to triple what you have invested in 3 months.

Spotify is an excellent platform for content creators looking to make money with their music. We hope that above- mentioned ways to make money through Spotify will help you earn better.

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