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13 Best Free Movie Apps for Android to Streaming Online in 2022



Free Movie Apps for Android

Are you searching for The Best Free Movie Apps for Android to Streaming Online?

Movies have been welcomed by the audience very often. Apart from being entertaining, watching a movie can impact your lifestyle.

An entertaining movie can make you laugh the tears out, or it may also help you to throw away the boredom. Watching a movie also enhances your creativity or helps you crawl out of stressful conditions.

free android movie apps

If you are looking for free movie apps for android, we bring you the list of streaming applications that are absolutely free to use, 100% free, and legal. Here are the apps to watch movies for free.

13. OneBox HD

Sometimes all we want to do is to isolate ourselves from the tiring workloads and just grab a box of popcorn and lazying around and simply watch something.

For your off-work cravings, we insist you on trying OneBox HD, one of the free android movie apps. The features of OneBox HD can be enjoyed at no cost.

OneBox HD renders a lot of movies and shows for its users. You can easily sort and search for movies of your choice. It is one of the top candidates from our list of apps to watch movies for free.

It is one of the leading platforms used by users in the domain of video streaming. With no need of paying any dollar is what makes it more profitable.

You can easily stream any movie or any TV show you wish to watch on any device be it your android phone, iPhone, smart TV, tablet, etc. You can also download it on your PC with no tiring protocol.

Multiple filters are available for the users to stream and download the movies that control the quality of the video.

One interesting feature of the app is you can directly contact and request the team to upload any movie or show unavailable on the platform.

Now, explore a wide range of movies and shows from almost every genre from a user-friendly interface of OneBox HD.

12. FilmRise

Free Movie Apps for Android

Another application you can consider to watch stream movies is FilmRise. It has a plethora of movie lists that are available for streaming.

The audience is given easy access to stream shows and movies. Its wide collection of videos is digitally amazing.

Now you can easily stream a movie wherever you are with the help of this free movie app for android. FilmRise gives you a wide range of genres to choose your movie from.

It costs you nothing to stream a movie if you are streaming through this application. Rather than asking for a premium account or subscriptions, the content is offered for free.

It offers the best movies from genres like romance, drama, horror, sci-fi, and comedy.

If you are a person who likes to appreciate the hidden gems and enjoy the underrated movies, we got your back.

FilmRise is a free movie app for android that has everything for you. It consists of movies in different languages. It also covers documentaries and the work of independent cinema.

The application works all good in android mobiles, android TVs, and the other smart TVs as well.

11. Popcorn Flix

Online movies and no-cost investment are two very opposite offers. If you are convinced that streaming any Hollywood and Bollywood movie, you have to pay every time you wish to see a show of your choice.

You are completely wrong and here we bring to you one most popular apps to stream movies and TV shows from the apps to watch movies for free.

Popcorn Flix another free android movie apps offers a variety of movies and shows you can watch for free.

With no subscription required and claiming to be fully legal, you can easily stream the movies and shows of your choice.

One of the drawbacks is Popcorn Flix is only available in USA and Canada. Users from other areas may not be able to stream movies using this application. But you can surf the video contents using a VPN browser.

10. Pluto TV

To make your video streaming smooth, we bring to you a very intelligent choice of a free streaming application, that is, Pluto TV.

Accommodating a variety of full-length movies and other video-based content, Pluto TV is efficient and perfect at making your streaming experience incredibly easier.

Providing its services to a huge audience, it has successfully succeeded in building itself into one of the lists of apps to watch movies for free.

You can easily search for the movie or shows here. Pluto TV consists of more than a hundred TV channels from which you can choose to browse content.

It has thousands of movies and shows you can see that too at zero cost.

Pluto TV is a free movie app for android but it can be accessed on android systems, iOS, MacBooks, etc.

To install pluto TV you just have to go to your app store (google play store or apple app store) and search “PLUTO TV”.

From there, you can easily download the application and use it to stream the movies.

9. RedBox TV

Free Movie Apps for Android

RedBox TV is an android media streaming application to watch movies for free that makes watching movies and shows on a free basis convenient.

When speaking of entertainment, RedBox TV will never break your expectations. Where in recent times, the audience has preferred to use streaming applications, the companies have been able to offer a great service to the customers.

It is in high demand by its users. All the beneficial features of this app are free to avail of, with no hidden costs.

Not only you can stream movies and shows, but the platform also offers you a choice of enjoying your favorite sports networks. RedBox TV also covers major sports shows.

With this free movie app for android get rid of consistent and annoying advertisements that ask you to pay every second.

The application is very easy to install and has a great collection of movies and shows.

It also provides you an option to list your favorite shows or movies. Housing sports, cartoons, and movies of every genre, RedBox TV has become one of the most popular platforms for online streaming.

8. Vudu

Vudu originated from an American source and can become your guide if you are not very old in the video streaming arena of the apps to watch movies for free.

If you wish to gain an amazing experience in streaming videos and that too for free, we next have VUDU on our list.

To watch various movies and TV shows in one place, VUDU is the application you were looking for!

This free movie app for android is amazing and very fast. Trending movies, popular shows, your favorite movies, your go-to show, to get it all VUDU is the place for you.

7. TeaTV

Tea TV is another option from the apps to watch movies for free for you if you are looking for an alternative to stream movies and shows.

Acquire free streaming in systems like Android, Windows, and macOS with quality as good as 1080Pwithout spending any amount of your money.

With its free services and user-friendly & easy to use platform, its users are increasing exponentially. This free android movie app helps you in getting reviews, trailers, and details of the movies, series, and shows.

Streaming online has never been so easy, but our genuine gratitude towards Tea TV.

You can even get the movies that don’t make it to big hits in theatre very easily. The library is very wide and adding to that, the content is updated and upgraded very frequently.

Get your daily dose of entertainment simply by installing and using Tea TV.

6. Crunchyroll

Free Movie Apps for Android

If you are a big fan of anime, we have an application that is focused on everything related to the anime world: Crunchyroll. Proven to be one of the largest sources of anime movies and series, you can find any anime among the big library of content Crunchyroll offers.

The supported platforms for Crunchyroll are iOS, Android, Roku, PlayStation 4, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc. One can easily download Crunchyroll on its android device or PC. You can discover new anime movies and shows with the help of this application.

5. Momix

If you feel like streaming movies, TV shows, web series, or documentaries for free, MOMIX is one of the apps to watch movies for free that can make your streaming very easy.

It gives you the option of streaming unlimited movies and shows without asking for a single penny.

Momix makes streaming fun and easy, where it lets you stream the latest movies, the trending shows, and your wishlist movies.

Having a great collection of movies, shows, and series, momix provides a safe environment to its user without affecting the privacy of the system. When it comes to entertainment-based applications, momix is pretty much popular in its domain of free movie apps for android.

4. Viewster

Belonging to the entertainment domain, viewster has gained enough fame for its services as a free movie app for android.

It offers video streaming of movies, shows, and web series in quality formats. Offering a great variety of genres like action, thriller, drama, adventure, comedy, romance, sci-fi, Bollywood, classics, and documentaries, there is hardly any movie you will not be able to track down.

With an easy installation on your system, it makes streaming is an extremely easy task for you.

After installation, all you have to do is start streaming the movies you were going crazy for using the apps to watch movies for free.

The top 3 Best Free Movie Apps for Android are below

3. Yidio

An acronym for “YOUR INTERNET VIDEO”, YIDIO is one of the apps to watch movies for free and provides free streaming to its audience.

YIDIO makes the streaming process extremely easy, smooth, and simple. You can now stream any movie at any place at your ease and according to your requirements.

The services provided by YIDIO are fully free.

It is a legal application that has a license to provide its services, which means you are not streaming any content illegally.

YIDIO is a free application that lets you stream movies and shows on the following devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Amazon Kindle devices.

2. Crackle

Free Movie Apps for Android

Crackle is another free movie app worth trying if you are figuring out which app to go for online streaming.

The application asks for no direct or hidden costs crackle lets you stream movies with no disturbance caused. Its collection of web series is a bit deficient, but the movie collection will not disappoint you.

When free services are an option, the safety of the user’s information is a crucial factor to be considered.

While using crackle, you do not have to worry about your safety is at risk. The content is obtained from a trustable source and it has made its position in the list of free movie apps for android.

Crackle can be one of the best sites you may wish to explore to filter the best movies from the cinema world.

You can now filter out the movies of your choice among the wide choices of movies present there. They have almost every genre; including Sci-fi, Horror, Action, Crime, Comedy, and Drama.

You can now watch any movie or show with a simple click using our list of apps to watch movies for free. Crackle makes it easier for movie lovers to stream their movies.

The services can be accessed on many devices like mobiles, tablets, smart TVs, desktops, etc. it includes movies of full-lengths, trailers, TV shows of every genre, and whatnot!

1. Tubi

Watch your favorite movies and tv shows with no subscription fees and no payments done at TUBI.

This platform out of our list of apps to watch movies for free has a good collection of movies and shows, so you can narrow down your source of entertainment easily.

Owning one of the largest collections of movies and shows, it has been successful in achieving a large number of users every month.

You can get tubi on various platforms like android, iOS, Apple TV, PlayStation, web, and many more. Here is a platform where you can stream for as long as want with no interruptions.

The platform is a free movie app for android that provides video streaming by many popular sources like Paramount, Lionsgate, warner bros, MGM, and many more.

The revenue generated by TUBI is from advertisements and commercials in its streaming.

Tubi has a personalized algorithm that recommends the shows and movies as per your previous streamed searches. It is a free and legal option available to stream the video files of your choice.



With advancements in technologies, we can get everything so easily. On a boring day, you want to sit on your couch, grab a box of popcorn, and start watching some movie, no more is it a tiring task.

Most people in recent times prefer to watch a movie on their PC or mobile phones. We researched the apps to watch movies for free that have provided a promising experience to its users and presented them to you.

On your boring and monotonous days, we hope you get your dose of entertainment with the apps to watch movies using our list of free movie apps for android!!


Topic Summary

Here Are A Quick List Of The 13 Best Free Movie Apps for Android to Streaming Online in 2022

  1. Tubi
  2. Crackle
  3. Yidio
  4. Viewster
  5. Momix
  6. Crunchyroll
  7. TeaTV
  8. Vudu
  9. RedBox TV
  10. Pluto TV
  11. Popcorn Flix
  12. FilmRise
  13. OneBox HD

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