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Extraordinary Alidropship Chrome Extension Benefits in 2022



Alidropship Chrome Extension 2022

This free solution is specially designed for Ali Dropship plugin users and store owners. In other words, it’s an application that you download and integrate into your Google Chrome browser.

With this extension, on the Product Analysis tab, you don’t have to import information such as links to AliExpress products and suppliers’ stores, logistics reliability and demand for this product in the last two weeks, etc., into the store.


When you visit Alidropship Chrome Extension 2022 will display your Ali Dropship seller score. This shows how reliable the seller is. AliDropship seller scores have more complex formulas than AliExpress scores, soresults may vary.

With the Ali Dropship extension for Google Chrome, you can:

  • Compare prices from different sellers
  • Track changes in product prices
  • Look at customer photos to see what the product looks like

Also, if you have the AliDropship plugin installed, this extension allows you to:

  • Add products and reviews to your site directly from AliExpress
  • Edit the product before importing
  • Update inventory and product prices
  • Automatically process orders, collect tracking IDs and send them to customers

Alidropship Chrome Extension 2022

Alidropship Chrome Extension 2022

If you want to use all of these features, your site must approve the Google Chrome Ali Dropship extension. Here is a detailed description of how to do this:

Later, you can physically modify the item data for these things and distribute them. As a result, you will make them stand out to your site visitors. Sounds like an ideal discovery for a fast, executive-friendly store. However, there is always room for perfection!

Not only did we change the look, but we also added a new utility to this device and confirmed that all recognizable highlights were as good as expected.

Now let’s see what happens when you access the AliExpress article page with Alidropship Chrome Extension 2022 enabled.

The lower the value of the first item, the greater the possible profit. So, hitting the green is your most significant advantage, ready! Go to article capture to see alternatives.

You will be redirected to another page with an indexed list. You’ll see a variety of indistinguishable items here, so you have the option to choose the one with the lowest cost if needed.

A pop-up window opens with point-by-point details about this particular dealer’s view and unwavering quality. You can see the store’s rating and our suggestions on whether you should work with it.

Seeing if your outsourcing business benefits from this particular reseller is certainly a streamlined and straightforward approach.

Shouldn’t we say anything about the graph and the third symbol with a small green arrow now? This is a brand new component with never-before-seen growth.

The increase collects information about changes in the value of the item after a while. Therefore, you can see a chart describing the dealer’s quote strategy for this particular item.

What is the Ali Dropship extension for Google Chrome?

What is the Ali Dropship extension for Google Chrome?

If you don’t have 35,000 users, take a brief introduction to this tool. After installing and activating this extension, you will import products directly from AliExpress into the store.

This way, you look at the AliExpress page and click on the items you like, and they will appear in your store’s product database!

Later, you can manually edit and publish the product information in these articles. Therefore, it makes them visible to visitors to your website.

What’s new in the Google Chrome Ali Dropship extension?

What’s new in the Google Chrome Ali Dropship extension?

In addition to changing the look, we’ve added some new features to this tool to ensure all the features you’re used to are the best.

Now let’s see what happens when you enable the Alidropship Chrome Extension 2022 in Google Chrome and visit the AliExpress product page.

In this case, the product page looks like this:

  • As you can see, on the left side of the product page, there is a small, smooth gray item. Here’s what the new extension looks like.
  • You can click anywhere to activate the feature. Now let’s see what happens when you click the “Search” icon at the top with a magnifying glass.
  • A small pop-up window will appear, allowing you to see if other AliExpress sellers offer the same item at a lower price.
  • The lower the original price of the product, the greater the potential profit. So, of course, you need to go to the green “Done! Product button” to see the alternatives.

Next, let’s see what happens when you click the second icon in the expansion bar.

A pop-up window will open showing detailed statistics on the performance and reliability of this particular vendor. You can review the store’s rating and recommendations on whether you should use the store.

It’s certainly a quick and easy way to see if your dropshipping business will benefit from this particular seller.

But what about the third icon with a graph and a small green arrow?

what about the third icon with a graph and a small green arrow?

This is an entirely new feature with no extensions ever. Extensions collect data about changes in product prices over time. Therefore, you can see a chart describing the seller’s pricing policy for this particular item.

The green down arrow means that the price of this item is lower than it is now. Therefore, this is the perfect time to add to the store offers.

However, if the extension shows an up red arrow for this particular product, it means that its price is rising. It’s a signal to wait for it to fall again or look for a replacement from another seller.

Next, let’s see what happens when you click the 4th icon in the extension menu.

Oh, that’s all-new!

Here you can see the number of buyer reviews, including photos. Therefore, you no longer have to scroll to the Review tab when opening the product page on AliExpress. There is already essential information in front of you.

This window shows the photos taken and sent by the actual previous purchaser. You can easily compare it with the image gallery provided by your provider. In this way, you can check if the quality of the product matches the seller’s description.

And of course, as always, the extension serves its primary function: it provides a direct import of the product directly to your website!

So, as soon as you’re sure this product is precisely what you’re looking for, press the Import button at the top of the AliExpress page.

After this, the item will immediately appear in the import list. As soon as you edit and complete the product page, you can publish it and make it visible to everyone.

Alternatively, you can click the Edit button and start making changes here now. It’s up to you to decide how to organize your work process in the most convenient way.

Conclusion: Benefits of Google Chrome Ali Dropship extension in store


  • Time-saving import

Make the product import process more accessible than ever! You can browse as many AliExpress products as you like, dig into them, and then display them on your website with the click of a button.

  • Useful comparison tool

You like the product, but do you think there is something wrong with this particular store? There is no need to search for alternatives manually. It is convenient to click the [Search] button once.

  • Clear store evaluation

Everything you need to know about store credibility is summarized in a short and informative profile text. We even offer you your recommendations regarding choosing this seller!

  • Illustrative pricing dynamics

Do you know if it’s the best time to import this product to your website? Check for recent price changes and make informed decisions.

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