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How to create a YouTube channel and make money? (12 Best Strategies)



create a YouTube channel and make money

Have you ever wondered how to create a YouTube channel and make money? Well, look no further. Because here, we will give you some effective tips to monetize your YouTube channel and earn money from it.

YouTube has become a big part of our lives throughout the year. About half the internet users visit YouTube every single day with over 500 hours worth of video content being uploaded daily on the platform.

People earn lots and lots of money just by uploading videos.

Therefore, it’s no wonder why so many people wish to become YouTubers these days. If you too wish to become a YouTuber and monetize your channel, read on.

Below, we will discuss strategies to create a YouTube channel and make money.

Proven strategies to create a YouTube channel and make money

create a YouTube channel and make money

A massive number of people upload videos to YouTube each day. But let’s face it; not everybody is making huge bucks off YouTube.

In fact, many are making not even a penny. In order to create a YouTube channel and make money, you have to work smart and utilize some tips. Are you ready? Let’s see those tips:

1. Set up your YouTube channel

First and foremost, you got to have a YouTube channel. Having a YouTube account is just the beginning. You have to decorate your channel in such a way that it attracts the attention of your targeted audience.

Start by going to the ‘Advanced’ section of your ‘Channel Settings,’ and adding keywords that will let your audience locate your channel.

If people can’t find your channel, everything else would be futile. However, adding unnecessary keywords just for the sake of adding keywords won’t help.

So try to add only the keywords that are relevant to the type of content you’re planning to create.

Also, give attention to your username. It is the first thing people remember about your channel. Try to give your channel a name that is simultaneously interesting and easy to memorize. You can modify your username thrice at max before you have to wait for three months to modify it again.

2. Start adding content

create a YouTube channel and make money

Now that your channel is all set up, it’s time to add content. Remember, no matter how hard you try, if your videos are boring or not up to the mark, you’d never be able to gain views.

Try to keep your videos short yet exciting (some specific types of videos, like educational ones are exceptions).

You should also have to be consistent with your uploads. It’s true that nobody is great at first. So keep pushing and aim to gradually boost the quality of videos.

Besides that, try to get a better camera and editing software to produce high-quality and visually engaging videos.

Utilize a tripod, better lighting, and better filming techniques to improve your video content. If you are reluctant to purchase bright lights, you may try recording the video next to a sunlit window or better yet, outside, if possible.

Uploading on a regular basis is vital because it helps to hold your audience and keep them interested.

If you keep uploading engaging videos consistently, viewers are more likely to subscribe to your channel to never miss a thing.

Plus, do not forget to tag your uploaded videos with keywords describing and related to those videos and write an impressive title to catch the viewers’ attention.

Doing so will be extremely beneficial in alluring people to click on your videos when they see them or find your videos from YouTube searches.

3. Build your audience

To create a YouTube channel and make money, it is essential to gain an audience. Your viewers have to watch the ads in your videos for you to earn money.

Truth be told, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to gaining more subscribers to your channel. But the best thing to do is to give your best when making each video.

There is no way that you won’t have haters. You can’t avoid them. So be confident in what you create. Share your content on social media.

Remember that the more subscribers you get, the more your chance to earn money from your videos. Thus, reaching more people is the key.

Interact more with your audience by replying to comments or occasionally creating content responding directly to those comments.

You can also opt for some live Q&A sessions or shout-outs. Such things may seem simple, but they are very effective in making your audience feel more connected with you and your content.

4. Monetize your videos

create a YouTube channel and make money

In case you were unaware, you got to have at least 4000 watch hours during the previous year. Besides that, you also need at least 1000 subscribers before you can start monetizing your videos.

Monetization of your videos is vital if you wish to create a YouTube channel and make money. 

It signifies that your YouTube will now show ads in your videos and that you are ensuring the absence of any copyrighted material in your videos.

First, enable monetization by simply going to My Channel > Video Manager and clicking on your channel and enable monetization.

Now, you can easily monetize your videos while they are uploading by clicking on the ‘Monetization’ tab and ticking the ‘Monetize with Ads’ tick box.

Once the upload is finished, click on ‘Video Manager,’ followed by a click on the ‘$’ sign next to your desired video.

Doing so will allow you to earn money from your uploaded videos every time your viewers watch the ads. But to finalize it, you have to set up Google AdSense.

5. Configure Google AdSense

Configuring Google AdSense is quite simple. You can visit the AdSense website and easily set up Google AdSense free of cost. But remember, you can have your own account only if you are an adult.

If you’re not, you would need an adult to help you out. Also, it would require a PayPal account, or at least, a bank account along with a valid mail ID and some other info to allow AdSense to verify your identity and figure out where to deposit the money you earn.

It would be ridiculous to think that you’d earn huge amounts of money per ad click or view.

That’s not how it works. Nevertheless, it would keep accumulating and become a good sum of money over time. Therefore, having a large audience is essential.

6. Go through your analytics

create a YouTube channel and make money

After you have uploaded some videos on YouTube, monetized them, and gotten views, you should check your analytics to obtain a thorough idea about your videos’ performance.

You can easily find the ‘Analytics’ option in your channel menu. By using this useful option, you can check various stats like your estimated earnings, views, ad performance, and so on.

These tools will be a blessing to you as they will help you determine how your videos are resonating with your viewers.

If you realize that your videos are not attracting the audience or that they are not finding your content interesting, you can make some necessary changes to make them appealing.

7. Market your content on other platforms

As we said earlier, if you wish to create a YouTube channel and make money, it’s crucial to build a wider audience. So it would be a big mistake to limit your videos only to YouTube.

Start a blog or a website and share your videos there. Besides that, utilize social media as well as other video-sharing platforms.

In either case, do not forget to add the link to your original videos (that are on YouTube) so that people come to your channel.

Remember that your goal is to reach as many viewers as possible. So never hesitate to share your videos to a wide variety of platforms.

If you don’t, you would miss the opportunity of being noticed by more people and as a result, earning more money.

8. Sell your own merchandise

If you really want to create a YouTube channel and make money, it would be a bad decision to rely solely on your income from the ad clicks and views.

So besides being a video creator, you got to start selling your own merch. Keep in mind that while you can sell anything your heart desires, your merch has to be unique and connect with your audience.

You can start by selling tees and then gradually increase the number of items you sell. It would also be a great decision to arrange polls, take ideas from your audience and implement them in your merchandise.

Plus, whenever you reach a significant subscriber-count milestone, try to offer limited edition merch and create buzz.

Your audience has to be aware of your products. So you need to have a dedicated website listing all your merch.

Advertise them more by including them in your videos, like wearing your t-shirts or featuring viewers who are using your merch.

Be creative and strategic regarding your merchandise, and you will make a lot of extra cash besides your video content.

9. Create sponsored content

Another great strategy to create a YouTube channel and make money, you should start creating sponsored content.

One great thing about sponsored content is that this way, you don’t have to offer a cut of your earnings to YouTube.

You talk directly to a brand, and they pay you to advertise their products in your videos. That’s it! No wonder why so many YouTubers prefer this method as a great way of making good money.

If you have a big, engaged audience, brands would most probably want to collaborate with you.

Once you find a brand that is willing to pay you, you need to go through the contract thoroughly before signing it. Never settle for a bad contract. Find another brand that seems fit.

As sponsored content is advertising, make sure that you comply with Google’s Ad policies. Be transparent.

It would not only help you avoid legal troubles but also help you maintain a healthy relationship with your viewers. YouTube has the feature to show “Includes paid promotion” in your videos to aid you in making your viewers aware that they are seeing the advertisement of a specific product.

10. Opt for direct payment options from your fans

create a YouTube channel and make money

This is a great idea if you want to increase your income from the YouTube manifold. You have to open the doors for your fans to pay you directly.

How can you do that? Well, you can take various measures like hosting live chats with the Super Chat feature enabled, persuading your fans to become channel members by paying you, etc.

However, only YouTube Partners can use these two features. So make sure you become a YouTube Partner first.

Also, try to encourage your fans to take YouTube Premium subscriptions. If they do, you would get a cut of their YouTube Premium subscription fees when they watch your videos.

It is a great way to benefit your channel passively.

11. Become a YouTube partner

Being a YouTube partner requires you to have monetized videos with a huge number of viewers. Applying for the YouTube partnership is quite easy.

Once you have a total of 15000 watch hours on your channel over the last three months, you can go to your ‘YouTube Partner’ page and apply for some of the most powerful Partner programs.

After you become a partner, you will get access to several special, cool features like more content creation tools, community support, tips, etc.

Also, you get the opportunity to win rewards based on your viewer count. Plus, as we mentioned above, only YouTube Partners can use the Super Chat and Channel Membership features.

Therefore, becoming a YouTube Partner is a wonderful way to increase your earnings.

12. License your videos to the Media

It is a known fact that every media outlet strives to obtain a copy of a viral video for replaying to their viewers. And these news outlets know that they must pay the creator to use their content. This gives you another scope of earning money from your YouTube videos. You can license your most successful content to the media by making yourself easily contactable.

It is a smart move to keep your contact details available at all times on your About page. Even if you lack a business manager, you need to create an email ID specifically for business inquiries. You never know when a media outlet may contact you. So, it is important to check the inbox of this email account frequently so that you never miss an opportunity.

Besides, you have to sign up for an online content rights marketplace. Timely video material is vital for news outlets. Otherwise, proper reporting becomes a tough task for them. Check the marketplace and find newsworthy footage to contribute to.

Conclusion To create a YouTube channel and make money


As you can see, you can make YouTube your primary source of income if you play your cards right. Here we discussed eleven effective strategies to create a YouTube channel and make money.

Apply them correctly, and nothing could hinder your success. Best of luck!

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