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How to Start Freelancing with No Experience in 2023 (Full ultimate guide)



start freelancing with no experience

Do you want to become a freelancer? Then you have come to the right place as here, we will tell you how you can start freelancing with no experience. So, read on.

Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. More and more individuals are embracing freelancing as a career.

It is because being a freelancer has multiple cool perks, including flexibility, uncapped earning opportunities, etc. However, people who have no experience sometimes think that getting clients as a freelancer is a hard task.

Well, it is indeed hard if you don’t know what to do. But if you learn the basics well, you are in for an amazing career where growth is not a worry.

In order to ease things up for you, we will offer some tips to start freelancing with no experience. Pay attention, alright?

Things to do to start freelancing with no experience

start freelancing with no experience

Here are some valuable tips that you have made up your mind to start freelancing without experience: 

1. Obtain necessary equipment

Although freelancing indeed opens up the vista for multiple benefits and a comfortable living, it is not a piece of cake as many would assume. It is not at all like that.

Being a freelancer requires serious dedication and hard work. Remember that freelancing is not easy money. If you are seeking a way to get rich fast, it won’t be suitable for you. You got to put in work.

Also, while today’s smartphones can do lots of things, they are simply not enough. They have limited features that could hamper your work and prevent you from giving your best.

So it’s important to get a laptop/desktop (at least a second-hand one if not new) that can efficiently run the software required for the type of work you’re planning to do. Otherwise, you would face many hurdles on your freelancing path.

2. Develop the right mindset

start freelancing with no experience

Getting into the right mindset is vital if you want to start freelancing without experience. Sometimes people think that they are not worthy or skilled enough to be successful in life.

But those thoughts do nothing but destroy your confidence and sabotage your growth before it even begins. So you have to develop a rich mindset to succeed in this field.

You can empower yourself by doing simple things like thinking positively, following a morning routine, etc. Stay humble but don’t doubt yourself. Be focused and positive.

3. Identify your marketable skill

Next, you need to identify what skill you have that you can provide as a service. It could be anything from developing a website to writing web content.

No matter what you choose to offer, make sure that it has good demand in the market.

For better understanding, go to online freelance marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr and see if there are sufficient job listings for your skill. If yes, you are down the right path.

If you’re passionate about what you do and it has enough market demand, know that you have hit the jackpot.

4. Polish up your skill

After figuring out your marketable skill, you got to hone it so that you can make a living off of it. That means you have to take your skill to the next level if you wish to start freelancing with no experience and earn money. 

Suppose you wish to become a Freelance Content Writer. Although we have all written essays about many different topics while in school, it is simply not enough.

Being a Freelance Content Writer takes way more than that. Writing blog posts online demands being proficient in a quite different writing style and knowledge of formatting.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to cater to the general audience. So you have to learn about all that.

This is true in the case of all Freelancing skills. No matter what service you intend to offer, you can’t just start doing it without polishing your skills first.

Reading books, watching YouTube videos, and doing self-research about your skill and industry will help you hone your skill.

Needless to say, it will take time. So you got to keep pushing it and practicing.

5. Make your website

start freelancing with no experience

Lots of people don’t want to create their website when they just start freelancing without experience. It happens mainly because they hate the idea of having an imperfect website.

Well, you got to keep in mind that you should have a website even if it is not perfect. Because your website is merely a way to let your potential clients know more about you and your portfolio, that’s all!

So don’t hesitate to create a basic website and get it live ASAP.

Normally, your website should include your portfolio, rates, contact info, etc. You also need to have an ‘About Me’ section to seem a little more familiar to your potential client even before they contact you.

6. Build your reputation and portfolio

To make a good impression on your potential client, you need to build your reputation and portfolio. No matter what skills or degrees you have, you won’t land a freelance gig if you fail to prove your worth to them.

If you are Blog Writer, you should have your articles published on a popular blog. If you are a Graphic Designer, you should have designed logos for some brands.

In short, you must prove your credibility to a client for them to hire you. So focus on building your reputation and portfolio by doing some actual work.

Try doing internships or even free work in the beginning if required. Try connecting with blogs for some guest blogging or websites for conceptual design works.

Once you have worked enough, bring all or the best of your published works into a single place, that is, your website. The portfolio section of your website should showcase your best works so that clients know what to expect from you.

And if your potential client is impressed by your work and skills, they would certainly want to hire you.

7. Start freelancing part-time   

Let’s face it; not everybody is fit for choosing freelancing as their occupation. Freelancing includes offering your services in exchange for money, marketing yourself, handling clients, and so on.

Sometimes they could get a bit overwhelming, and you might end up questioning yourself if you have made the right choice. So to make sure that freelancing is your ideal career option, try doing some part-time work at first.

Dedicate a few hours each day working on small freelance projects. This will help you get accustomed to the world of freelancing. If you feel you can handle bigger gigs, only then go for full-time.

8. Choose your ideal freelance platform

Finding the right freelance platform is vital to start freelancing with no experience. It would impact the number of gigs you would get or clients you would collaborate with.

Most first-timers make a common error of joining some of the most famed platforms like UpWork or Fiverr. Such freelance marketplaces are already flooded with freelancers worldwide.

Thus, the competition to get jobs is extremely high. And as you’re just starting your journey, you would struggle to land jobs that actually matter pricewise.

So it’s best to choose and join a platform that is quite new. Doing so will help you boost your chances of getting a freelance gig with less competition.

9. Cleverly set your price

start freelancing with no experience

Deciding what to charge for your services is one of the most confusing things when you start freelancing with no experience.

It’s because asking for the wrong price could result in clients outright rejecting you. So we suggest you visit the popular freelance platforms and see what the standard price of the service you are offering is.

Since you are a new freelancer, it would be unfair to charge the same as the experienced ones.

Hence, you have to be smart in setting your price to something that is lower than the experienced freelancers but isn’t too low either. Remember never to make yourself look cheap, as it hampers your image.

10. Send your first well-thought-out proposal

As a freelancer, you have to craft your proposal in a neat and attractive manner. It is an important task as a good proposal can persuade the client to choose you over other freelancers.

Crafting a proposal is not the same as writing a social media post. You have to be clear, thoughtful, and most importantly, sincere in your proposal.

Don’t exaggerate or lie about something you can’t do. Be honest. Clients respect honesty.

11. Exceed the client’s expectations

When you start freelancing without experience, always try to maintain quality. Deliver the project exactly as your client wants or, better yet, go above and beyond what your client hopes for. Not only it will make you stand out but also contribute to the making of a lasting freelance career.

Conclusion of start freelancing without experience


Now that you know the best tricks to start freelancing with no experience, don’t wait any longer. By utilizing these tricks and being dedicated, hardworking, and persistent, you too can be a successful freelancer. Best of luck!

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