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How To Become A Successful Freelancer in 22022 (Step By Step Guide)



Become A Successful Freelancer

Do you want to know How To Become A Successful Freelancer in 2022?

How To Become A Successful Freelancer in 22022 (Step By Step Guide)

In this blog post, we will talk about how to become a successful freelancer; lets start

Whom can we identify as a Freelancer?

Become A Successful Freelancer

An individual earning money based on per task or job commonly for the short-term can be identified as a freelancer.

The person freelancing can not be an employee of any company, this grants a lot of freedom.

The person can try different jobs together and can work for single or multiple firms if not committed through any contract to work on a particular project until it’s completed.

In simple terms, we can say freelancers are independent workers. A freelancer can do their job full-time or part-time according to their choice. A freelancer can get paid based on each work or per day or even monthly.

Some comparatively easy freelance jobs that you can give a try- Translation, Transcription, Data entry but one has to improve their skills a lot to make their work last long.

Are you aware of the term local freelancer?

A local freelancer gets work without joining any freelance marketplace all they have to do is work for local businesses. For example, writing for local brands and designing websites of local companies. For being a local freelancer first you have to make local people aware of your services. You can ask for help from your friends and if they have a company do a sample logo design for them etc.

Terms to know in the world of freelancing-

There are a few terms that pop up now and then in the world of freelancing knowing the meaning of these terms is important. So, here

Is the meaning of some of them-

  • Contract Job- It means your work will be temporary and work under a contract.
  • Contract work and contract job both are the same.
  • Independent contractor- The terms of your work will be determined by a contract with an individual or firm.
  • Contract Consultant- Hired as a consultant to solve issues in a company for a limited period.
  • 1099- This number defines a job. This depicts an IRS form filled out by any independent contractor.
  • Contract-to-hire- This is a type of job where you join as a freelancer but if everything works great you have a chance to become a regular employee.

Characteristics needed to be a successful freelancer

Become A Successful Freelancer

In every work field, there are certain qualities required to be successful. In the field of freelancing here are the characteristics you should check yourself :

  1. The most important thing needed in every field of work is discipline and in this field, you will need it the most. The benefit of this field is also a great disadvantage. There is no one to keep an eye on you so you can easily get distracted. No one can supervise whether you are working or scrolling the newsfeed so having self-discipline is important.
  2. You need to have persistence in this field. This skill is especially needed when you are starting your career as a freelancer.
  3. Stability to face all your rejections. Facing ‘no’ is very important and one will come across several rejections but a successful freelancer will overcome them and get back on track.
  4. If you are taking multiple tasks you need to be organized to avoid confusion. Keeping track of income to maintain deadlines can be hectic if you will keep things messed up. Sort your files and maintain daily data to avoid complexity.
  5. One needs to overcome their introverted nature to grow their business. Approaching new clients is the key to success so being comfortable interacting with strangers is needed.
  6. You must be able to communicate a lot. Need to have the skills to face hard conversations. Good conversation skills will help to negotiate with the clients and handle multiple clients with professionalism.

As you are your boss you will need to have all these to be successful

Reduce Financial Loss in Freelancing

While freelancing many people back off due to the fear of losing money there are situations when your income might almost drop to zero.

So here we have accumulated some steps that will help you reduce the risk-

  • To get paid handsomely by negotiating with your clients, good negotiation is very much needed in this field, and also you have to keep getting better yourself so that your demand increases. Higher demand means a higher payment.
  • Have other financial resources or at least have some amount of savings before stepping into freelancing. This is needed to develop your business and will support you throughout that time.

How to Become a Freelancer

Become A Successful Freelancer

Freelancing is not as easy as it sounds so before moving forward one should know about the proper ways to start freelancing-

Step 1- The first and most important thing needed in this field is a laptop or computer. Having this basic equipment is necessary and if you don’t have any go for a lower-priced one or even second-hand so that your work gets done without much investment.

Step 2- Next, you need to decide what skills you have that you can offer in the marketplace. Don’t think like you have to come up with something complicated only you can go for simple things like writing or translating and also complicated skills like web or software development.

Step 3- Polishing up your chosen skill is the next thing you should do. Just having a particular skill is not enough. You have to make your skill marketable enough. If you are thinking about joining as a translator, practice translating scripts with proper pronunciation and if you are planning to start your career as a freelance writer then polish your writing skills and adapt to different formats and writing styles like email writing and blog writing. Adapt to using WordPress and other tools.

Step 4- Reputation needs to be maintained in every work field and this one is no different. You have to prove how good your skills are and this will indicate how successful you can be in the future. No matter how qualified you are and how many degrees you have obtained, if you fail to prove your skills no one will show interest in hiring you. The best thing to prove yourself is to show examples of your work. If you are a freelance writer you must have some works published on a renowned site or as a web designer you must show any site you have designed etc.

At first, getting work won’t be easy, so provide examples to clients to do some free work if required. So, make sure to build a positive reputation

Step 5- Now that you have got some work of yours, start making your portfolio. While working on your reputation this is the first thing you should do. Make a portfolio by accumulating all your best works. Whether on any website or any webpage you can show your portfolio anywhere.

Being a writer you can take each work from every topic you write on and make a website. When clients will approach you, just send them the link and you will be able to show your skills easily and in a professional way.

Step 6- Look for the perfect freelance platform to start working. How many job opportunities you will get depends on this. Getting clients to work with is not an easy job. The first mistake every beginner makes is getting registered on popular sites like Upwork which are already filled with a huge number of freelancers. You will probably get lost among them and will hardly get an opportunity to work. So, look for new sites which are not that popular. You will face less competition and will also have a greater chance of getting hired.

Step 7- Then comes another important and hard part of freelancing which is fixing the appropriate price for your services. If you will charge an inappropriate amount, you will hardly get clients. If you want a little help regarding fixing your price then you can explore the common marketplace for freelancers and check out how much they are charging. Try looking for freelancers working in the same niche for a better idea. Make sure not to get carried away and charge the same as experienced freelancers as a beginner, that way no one will approach you. Try to find a middle-range so that you don’t look too greedy or cheap.

Step 8- After completing all these you are going to take your step toward getting hired. You have to write your first proposal to any client. This work needs sincerity. Write the proposal carefully unlike any other random email. Use professional words and not social media language. You have to think about how to make him or her interested in your work. You need to persuade the client in such a way that he chooses you among other freelancers. Avoid errors in writing, like grammatical mistakes.

Step 9- After getting your first client, make sure to follow every instruction given. You can also be a little extra and deliver something not expected like writing a little bit more than your word limit, 100 to 200 extra words. As a beginner, over-delivery can make your clients happy and the possibility of them returning to you is more. Attach unique headers or any related image to the topic in the case of blog posts. Just because you over-delivered never ask for an extra payment. The probability of you getting a good rating will be higher this way. Always do everything possible to stand out because that will result in a more long-lasting career.

Advantages of building a career as a Freelancer

Become A Successful Freelancer

Starting a career as a freelancer is not an easy job but once you can get a hold of it there are a lot of advantages you can enjoy-

Freelancing requires a lot of time and in the beginning, you will need to work harder but you will enjoy a lot of freedom in this field, you can choose your work and clients. You are the leader so you can work at your preferable hours and fix your hourly rate. Also, it’s up to you how much workload you want to take. You can turn down rude clients or less paying clients you are not bound to take every offer.

You can experience a lot more flexible hours of working. You can do other work side by side with your freelancing work. If you are a housewife you can do your work when your kids have gone to school and you are done with household chores. As a student, you can work after attending school. If you are working in a company and freelancing is your part-time job you can do that too by doing your work on weeks offs. Just choose your deadline wisely so that you don’t cross it.

You are your boss so you don’t have to meet any rules created by someone else but make sure to have your own set of rules so that you stay on track. You don’t have to meet any dress code or go through an extra workload that you don’t want to attend. But all this doesn’t mean freelancing is easy, keeping your clients happy is a tough job and sometimes you will be needed to meet urgent deadlines.

You don’t have to be fixed in a location to continue your work. You can work while traveling too. You can take clients from around the world so your chance to get work increases too. You can work from anywhere anytime just look after the time difference if you are going for international clients. Some freelance jobs do require staying close to clients but most of them offer you enough flexibility about location. So, you don’t have to give up your dream of traveling while being a freelancer. Enjoy your life while earning.

You don’t have to keep nagging for your promotion, you can simply take extra work by yourself and start earning more. You can work extra on those months where you have to spend more. Also after getting a good reputation you can higher up your rates too. In case you are going to have a busy month you can reduce your workload according to you.

You are not stuck with the same kind of boring work daily as a freelancer, you will get a variety of work and learn something new daily. Also, your skills get developed this way too. A traditional job can make you bored and stagnant while being a freelancer you can develop yourself.

You can also experiment with different types of work without any restrictions.

Conclusion To Become A Successful Freelancer


There are several negative sides to choosing freelance too but once someone becomes a successful freelancer they continue working because the benefits overshadow the number of disadvantages. As a freelancer, you have to pay taxes like any other business whereas in normal jobs they are covered by the companies. You won’t have the benefit of any insurance or any retirement benefit either so make sure you are prepared enough to provide it to yourself. The common works taken by freelancers are- data science, legal work, analytics, writing, etc.

Freelancing jobs are gaining popularity day by day and the hype for joining the freelance industry is increasing too. So be quick and take all the right steps to face the tough competition.

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