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Top 6 Best Freelance Websites That Pay In Cryptocurrency (Update: May 2023)



Freelance Websites Pay In Cryptocurrency

Do you want to know which freelance websites pay in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency also popularly known as crypto is a type of currency that’s present digitally or virtually.

This currency takes the help of cryptography to ensure that the transactions are safe. This currency is not issued centrally and neither any authority regulates it.

The system for maintaining a record and granting new units is done by a decentralized system.

Verification from the bank is not needed for transactions and the total system is digital. Everyone can send or receive crypto.

Crypto is not something that you will need to carry everywhere you go for exchanging it, the payments are done digitally. Digital wallets are used to store cryptocurrencies.

The need for encryption to verify transactions gave the name ‘cryptocurrency’. Encryption ensures that everything is safe and secure.

The first cryptocurrency introduced to people was Bitcoin in 2009. Before getting into freelance websites pay in cryptocurrency one must have an idea about the crypto world.

How to work with cryptocurrencies?

They run in the blockchain method which means it is allotted to public records. Currency holders have a track record of all updated transactions.

Cryptocurrencies are created through a complicated process of solving twisted mathematical problems using computer power.

Owning a bitcoin means you own an un-tangible key that lets you move a record from person to person without any involvement of a third party.

It is predicted that the use of cryptocurrency will increase a lot in the future. There is a possibility that cryptos will be used for financial assets and stocks.

What are the things one can buy using cryptocurrency?

Freelance Websites That Pay In Cryptocurrency

  • A lot of companies that deal with tech products allow paying with cryptocurrency on their website and some websites like that are Microsoft,, etc.
  • In fact, cryptos are accepted in home depot and Shopify too. An e-commerce platform named Overstock was the first that started accepting cryptocurrency.
  • You can even exchange cryptocurrency for luxury goods. Online retailers like Bidials can offer high-end products like Rolex and Patek Philippe in exchange for Bitcoin.
  • You can get a car too because many luxury dealers and brands have mass-market accept cryptocurrency.
  • AXA has also started accepting cryptocurrencies except in the case of life insurance. So you can get an insurance policy too like Premier Shield Insurance.

You can also use cryptocurrency debit cards if a retailer does not accept cryptocurrency directly.

Keep your cryptocurrency safe:

cryptocurrency safety

If you are earning cryptocurrency you should know how to keep it secured so that mishaps like theft and hacking don’t take place. Cryptocurrency is stored in crypto wallets and there are different wallet providers.

Two types of wallets are-

  • Hot wallet storage that stores crypto using online software. The private keys of your assets are kept protected.
  • Cold wallet storage is different and they securely store private keys of you relying on offline electronic devices.

Top Freelance Sites That Pay In Cryptocurrency

Freelance Sites That Pay In Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity day by day and the number of places accepting this as legitimate currency is increasing too.

Soon there is the possibility of its acceptance in day-to-day transactions so setting foot of the crypto world can be highly beneficial.

To start earning cryptocurrency here are the top freelance websites that pay in cryptocurrency.

6. CryptoJobs

Freelance Websites That Pay In Cryptocurrency

CryptoJobs is a platform that allows people to look for jobs and earn cryptocurrency. It is a great way to make money by working from home or on the go. With CryptoJobs, you can find jobs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, ranging from software development and marketing to customer support and data analysis.

CryptoJobs offers a wide variety of opportunities for people looking to work remotely or in-person. You can find jobs that pay in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., as well as those that pay in fiat currency such as USD or EUR. With CryptoJobs, you can also find freelance gigs and contract work with companies around the world.

Whether you are an experienced crypto enthusiast or just getting started in the space, CryptoJobs is a great way to earn cryptocurrency while doing something you love!

5. Enhance

Freelance Websites That Pay In Cryptocurrency

This is a platform based on blockchain technology. This site is developed by District0x to maintain transparency and efficiency in hiring freelancers.

This site helps employers connect with freelancers. This is done in a decentralized labor marketplace that is powered by Ethereum.

The source files are located in IPFS which is fast and secured. This site is free and any kind of commission is not needed for customers and freelancers.

One can post gigs limitlessly and also can freely apply for jobs. A fee is charged when the Ethlance database. The charge is just a few cents.

Chrome extension is needed for accessing DApp which lets people make changes.

Chrome extension acts as a gateway to this process. This site should definitely be considered if someone is looking for freelance websites that pay in cryptocurrency.

4. Coinbase Earn

Best Freelance Websites That Pay In Cryptocurrency

This is also known as Earn and it’s one of the freelance websites that pay in cryptocurrency.

One of the great things is it lets the users earn a variety of crypto coins, it is based on the curve of learning.

The first one needs to go through videos and tutorials to know about several cryptocurrencies and how they perform.

More learning will result in more earnings on this site.

What is different from other sites is that on this site one can earn only up to a certain amount of cryptocurrency. Each quiz can be taken only one time and payment also varies.


Best Freelance Websites Pay In Cryptocurrency

This is a site to shop online and a portal to save discounts that work in conjunction with Amazon.

It’s a portal for shopping gigs that helps a person to earn money, all one has to do is find deals having deep discounts on Amazon.

This site merges crypto earners with shoppers who want to save up on their purchases.

This site tracks a transaction till the delivery of the order and the payer gets Bitcoin or cash of the same amount.

One can be a shopper as well as a user who fulfills the orders on Amazon for easy earning of Bitcoins. This is a great option among freelance websites pays in cryptocurrency.

2. LaborX

Freelance Websites That Pay In Cryptocurrency

This is a firm established by an Australian blockchain firm named Chrono. tech. LaborX is like an online marketplace.

It hosts small-term gigs as well as permanent openings of jobs that will offer cryptocurrency in exchange for work.

This firm is based on the Ethereum contract so that smart contract agreements can be made for easy payment and protection. To use this one has to sign up by using e-mail.

One can signup either as an employer or freelancer. The best part is this site is free to use and the commission fee is 5% per gig for freelancers and 1 percent for customers.

Admin, Legal, and Translation are the three categories in which gigs are sorted.

One can also go for premium membership as it lets them have a lot of advantages. Accessing premium membership of this site is not an easy job because one has to lock time tokens

To do this one has to visit Pools and select the underlying blockchain. The motive of this site is to let people work online safely and increase the adoption of cryptocurrency and boost the use of

This site ranks second among freelance websites pay in cryptocurrency.

1. CoinGigs

Websites That Pay In Cryptocurrency

This site acts as a portal for steady freelance gigs. Users just have to sign up and post jobs or look for gigs and apply to them. One can also create a freelancer profile.

To look after the safety of work transfers and money transfers the site offers escrow protection.

The payment transactions are borderless and freelancers can earn in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

This site was designed with a motive to help workers situated in Venezuela earn money online. One needs to know about blockchain and knows about cryptocurrency to earn on this site.

The site doesn’t ask for any payment so one can use it freely but charges an 8 percent commission per gig.

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Gigs can be founded in different categories ranging from Tech to Lifestyle.

Regular Writing jobs are also available which made this site top among freelance websites pay in cryptocurrency.

Why one should look for freelance websites that pay in cryptocurrency?

Freelance Websites That Pay In Cryptocurrency

Earning cryptocurrency is highly profitable, let’s know in detail about the benefits:

  • Highly secured

The fact that cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain security and cryptography makes the payments secure. The security of Cryptocurrencies is based on hash rates.

A more hash rate means it will require more computing power in order to compromise the network. Till now Bitcoin is the safest cryptocurrency.

  • Less time-consuming and less fess

Few people like investing in crypto only for price appreciation whereas there are people who like to look for benefits in using crypto as a medium of exchange.

Transactions of Bitcoin and Ether can be as cheap as nickels as well as expensive as several dollars.

Payments with cryptocurrencies get settled in just a few minutes and sometimes even seconds. On the other hand, wire transfers at banks will take a few days.

  • Extensive Growth

The growth of this industry is increasing rapidly day by day.

  • Privacy is maintained

Privacy is very well-maintained by cryptocurrencies. Blockchains have a public ledger that records every transaction of a lifetime.

The wallet address is the only thing that’s visible in a ledger. One can only track transactions if one can connect the identity of the user with any specific wallet.

  • Facility to make payments across borders

The payments had no boundaries and one can easily transfer Bitcoin who lives in a different country without any complications.

Traditional financial transfers on the other hand take a lot of time and pricey fees.

  • Simple transactions

Transactions using crypto are easy and do not cost much. The transactions are a lot more private compared to other transactions. Sending and receiving cryptocurrencies is easy all you need is a smartphone and hardware wallet.

  • Available 24×7

The crypto markets are available all the time so you can trade anytime that favors you.

These are a few advantages of cryptocurrencies so earning in cryptocurrency can highly benefit you.

Topic Summary

Here Are A Quick List Of The Top 5 Freelance Websites That Pay In Cryptocurrency

  1. CoinGigs
  2. LaborX
  4. Coinbase Earn
  5. Enhance
  6. CryptoJobs

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