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How To Become A Crypto Trader In 2022 (Best Full Proof Guide)



Become A Crypto Trader

As the days are passing many people are showing their interest in crypto trading. In the financial world, it’s gaining a lot of focus so knowing how to become a successful crypto trader can be helpful in today’s time.

If a person has done past trading experience it will act as a bonus and help him to develop a better trading strategy.

What is cryptocurrency?

Before getting into depth let’s start with the basics. This is a system of digital payment and what makes it different is that it does not require a bank to verify its transactions. Cryptocurrency is based on a peer-to-peer system. People from around the world can send or receive money using this currency.

You don’t need to carry this currency with you physically like money, the existence of this currency is digital and transcriptions are stored in digital entries.

A public ledger is used to record all the transactions. If you are wondering where these currencies are stored, the answer is a digital wallet. ‘Crypto’ is taken from the word ‘encryption’ and this currency uses encryption to verify transactions. This currency aims for your safety and security.

The first cryptocurrency was discovered in 2009 and it was ‘Bitcoin’. And trading of cryptocurrencies can be very beneficial.

What do we understand by crypto trading?

Become A Crypto Trader

The trading of cryptocurrency implies obtaining a financial position on the direction of the rate of the individual cryptocurrency compared to the dollar or maybe against some other cryptocurrency by crypto to crypto pairs.

Contracts For Difference or CFDs are a popular way of trading preferred by many people.

CFD permits vaster flexibility, the potentiality to carry both short and long positions, and the benefit of leverage.

The most popular cryptocurrencies in the world of crypto trading

  • Bitcoin – Bitcoin was introduced in 2008 and was the first cryptocurrency that got introduced to the world. Also, this is the first cryptocurrency that adopted blockchain technology. In today’s time, this is one of the most valuable commercially and has surpassed gold.
  • Bitcoin Cash – In 2017 it got out as a result of the hard fork which took place on the actual blockchain technology. The change resulted in faster processing by permitting larger blocks on the actual blockchain.
  • Bitcoin Cash ABC (BAB) – This one was also a result of a hard fork and it took place in 2018 in November. This hard fork was the outcome of an upgrade to the blockchain software of Bitcoin Cash which was desired to be introduced by the Bitcoin Cash Adjustable Block size Cap. During those times they were on top of blockchain software. This upgrade is aimed at making non-cash transactions possible like smart contracts. This upgrade was not accepted by all members.
  • Crypto 10 Index – This is designed to give a tradable benchmark. Tradable Benchmark is offered to the cryptocurrency asset class. The index was formalized at 1000 points in the year 2016.
  • Ethereum – This one is designed for faster transactions. Based on the actual Bitcoin blockchain technology the blockchain network of Ethereum was developed. The first proposal of this cryptocurrency was in November 2013.
  • Litecoin – This got introduced in the world of cryptocurrency in the year 2011. This is intended to promote cross-border payments. It has a design that offers faster transaction verification.

Who is a crypto trader?

Become A Crypto Trader

A person aim to earn profit from short-term cryptocurrency market price changes. Being a crypto trader one can focus on a single coin and pairing.

There are few popular Bitcoin pairings like BTCUSD or BTCEUR. One can also focus on more than one major coin and pairings like Ethereum and Bitcoin paired with EUR or USD.

There are ‘adults’ too. Alternative cryptocurrencies are termed ‘alts’ and they are comparatively smaller and are represented by market capitalization. There are crypto traders who focus only on ‘alts’ and are aloof from the main cryptocurrencies.

One can choose any strategy according to how much risk one can take and their goals.

There are several crypto trading styles and here is a few of them listed below

Here are a few crypto trading styles you can give a try:

Day Trading- Buying and selling markets several times a day is included in this style. Traders who opt for this style mainly have to rely on technical analysis tools for example chart patterns of the trading decisions made and trading indicators.

The use of CFDs is preferred in this trading style as traders of this style require correct tools to trade on market conditions of different types for example rising and falling markets.

Swing Trading- This is a style of crypto trade where one has to buy and sell markets but has to hold their trade for some time like a few days or even weeks. Fundamental analysis and technical analysis both are used in this trading style.

Auto Trading- One has to program a crypto trader bot that can trade automatically in this style of crypto trade. We can clearly understand this mode of trading requires programming skills.

The platform named MetaTrader delivered by Admirals is preferred by algorithmic traders.

Copy Trading- This style is gaining popularity day by day. In this style, you have to mimic the trade positions of a person. That doesn’t stop you from having control, you can stop loss and change settings in need. For new traders, this is a great option.

The Key To Be A Successful Crypto Trader

Crypto Trader

If you want to be a successful crypto trader you must be aware of the connection between risk and reward. Negative consequences of trade and risk management volatility measures.

A very important principle is never to run away from risk because the risk is related to probable returns. The more risk one takes the chance of greater reward increases if one will manage to occupy the top position.

Every crypto trader relies on technical analysis for the identification and prediction of trends and changes in the value of a currency.

Technical support is a lot helpful and it is capable of helping investors to find the key support and also the level of resistance. This information helps the traders to determine when to enter and exit a trade.

The sentiment of news and community- Keeping track of news events and discussions in the community is a great way to gather the information that might impact the market price of cryptocurrencies.

Not only news rumors too can have a strong effect on the market and sometimes they can also establish lucrative opportunities for trading. Staying active in the blockchain community is a sign of a successful trader. A successful trader must enjoy the benefits of information power.

If you want to get a hold of your mistakes there are several tools offered by digital asset exchanges which can help keep your spiraling in control and reduce your mistakes and loss.

A great crypto trader must know the types of order and techniques of mitigation.

A crypto trader must have control over their emotions. Especially negative ones like fear and greed. The negative emotions can blur the judgment of a person and provoke them to take incorrect decisions.

A successful trader must eliminate this negative feeling and focus on trading strategy. Always keep one thing in mind even professionals make mistakes so making mistakes is pretty common but you have to overcome it.

Technical Analysis is something every crypto trader relies on. This helps to anticipate patterns and trends in the change in the value of a currency.

Not only this but technical analysis also lets traders find the level of resistance and key support. All of these can be helpful to assume the perfect time one can exit or enter a trade.

Guide To Start Crypto Trading

Crypto Trader

The first thing one needs to do to start crypto trading is open an account with any crypto exchange if you don’t have it.

There are many crypto brokerages present in the market and a few significant ones are eToro, Gemini, and Coinbase.

You can get a simple user interface that will help any beginner and also one can choose among a variety of altcoins.

What you need for opening an account –

  1. Personal identification information.
  2. Address
  3. E-mail address
  4. DOB
  5. Social Security Number
  6. Other KYC requirements.
  7. Sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange

Then the second step is to link your bank account after signing up in any crypto brokerage. Many cryptocurrency exchanges are compatible with bank deposits using debit cards and wire transfers.

One should go for wire transfers while filling an account as it is very cost-effective and you can access them on Coinbase.

Choose wisely which cryptocurrency you want to invest in.  Mainly traders focus on Bitcoin and Ether but, there are many others too.

Now that you have chosen your crypto to invest in, start your trading journey.

As a beginner, automatic trading of crypto using software like Coinrule will be a great option. A crypto bot executes the trading process in a way that you can get considerable returns established on your investment.

Through this method, one can make money quickly and also widen their portfolio by using automated trading. This automated trading process lets the trader explore different crypto trading sites.

Storing the cryptocurrency is the last step. The funds collected on the exchange need to be stored to access them. One can buy a Bitcoin wallet for storing purposes.

These cryptocurrency wallets are divided into two types Software wallets and Hardware wallets. Both the wallets offer protection.

Risks Included In crypto trading

  1. The cryptocurrencies get stored in digital wallets, and only the possessor of the private and public keys of the digital wallet can control the wallet.
  2. Both the keys are unique. Once the private key of an investor goes missing they might not be able to access the Bitcoins present in that digital wallet. Safety is necessary because if any third-party gets hold of the private key they will gain access to the bitcoins.
  3. Maximum risks while crypto trading includes volatility. Volatility is high-risk so before setting your foot in crypto trading have an understanding of the possible risks. There can be unexpected changes in the market which might result in changes in market price. The drop in prices of cryptocurrencies is pretty normal.
  4. Both the government and central banks do not supervise cryptocurrencies for now. Though they are gaining attention the confusion lies in which category they should be put in commodity or virtual currency.
  5. You may face hacking and technical errors and the worst part is there is no way to stop them.
  6. In the case of a hard fork, trading might get suspended. One has to be ready for situations like this while trading.



Cryptocurrency markets get affected by a lot of things among which supply and demand hold the maximum importance. Factors that affect the prices are- Supply, Market Capitalisation, Integration, and Major Events.

Trading cryptocurrency is similar to another trading too and also requires more or less the same skills. Before starting your journey make sure the necessary skills required for analyzing the market are present in you.

Trading is volatile and had high risk. The high risks pay off too but might also result in big losses that you are not prepared for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How profitable is crypto trading?

Trading cryptocurrencies includes a lot of risks but if your strategy is properly designed trading cryptocurrency can be very successful. The higher risk will often reward you with great rewards. In the year 2021 Bitcoin was also declared the best asset. To be successful in this field make sure to develop a great strategy and make sure to research tools that can help you take a step ahead to be a successful trader.

  1. What do we mean by blockchain?

A shared digital directory to record data is a blockchain. It maintains the transaction history of every cryptocurrency unit. This holds up how over time ownership gets transferred. What makes it different from other computer files is its security features.

  1. In crypto trading, what is leverage?

Gaining exposure to big amounts of cryptocurrency without having to pay the complete value of your trade upfront. For example-  You can enjoy a 2000 dollar position with only 200 dollars. Your loss and profit will be based on the complete size of the trade. The leverage technique lets a person amplify their profits but also increases their loss. Before opting for leverage one must be aware of how to manage risks.

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