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10 Remarkable Video Player For Android Without Ads in 2023



Video Player For Android

Are you looking for the best video player for android without ads? Then check our list, and use any one of these.

Streaming videos are very popular nowadays. We can find apps like Netflix, VRV, and most commonly YouTube subscriptions on everyone’s smartphone.

Choosing an app for enjoying video streaming services can be tough because more than a thousand apps are available.

Everyone has tons of videos, on their phone, and almost every video player can easily play popular video codecs without any complications. Weird codecs can mess up the functioning though.

During the early days, a maximum number of video players was based on hardware.

In today’s time almost every video player is based on software, compatible to be used on phones, browsers as well as computers to playback video content. There are few applications like VLC and Quicktime that can be installed to playback videos.

This article is more focused on the software-based video player for android.

Drawbacks and Perks of Streaming Videos

Video Player For Android

Streaming videos have gone through a lot of changes. Unlike before one doesn’t have to wait for a file to get downloaded to playback it.

The number of people having broadband access is increasing day by day which is needed by the technology for proper working.

Let’s get to know about the positive and negative sides of video streaming –

  • Nowadays one doesn’t have to wait till a file gets downloaded to playback it. One can play it just after starting the download too. The streaming of videos also gives the benefit of fast-forwarding or repeating a video file.
  • Streaming videos are not available to everyone because it needs a lot of bandwidth to stream high-quality videos. Sites like Netflix require 5Mbps for smooth streaming of HD videos. People having slower connections have to face issues with playback such as poor quality.
  • One can share their downloaded video files with family and friends through file sharing methods.
  • If the Internet connection gets to cut the video will stop as it is not downloaded.

The Best Video Player For Android Without Ads

Video Player For Android

We will make is the list with the help of Androidauthority and Toms guide.

Ads between videos can be disturbing so, after a lot of searches and checking out the benefits and comparing them a list of the top video player for Android which does not support ad is made. The list is arranged in descending order so the best comes at the end.

10. Next video player

Video Player For Android Without Ads

This app is like any other video player and one can quickly access the files last watched by them. The latest media gets displayed on the home page of your phone.

A lot of brightness is harmful to the eyes and can cause damage this app has the feature of negative brightness which dims the brightness during nighttime automatically.

It’s great features made this app stand out among another video player for Android.

  •  Size of the app: 3.9 MB
  • Review in play store: 4.1/5
  • The main features to look at:
    • Allows to queue video.
    • The latest local videos appear on the home screen.
    • The last watched video can be accessed with ease.
    • Has an equalizer as well as a bass booster.
  • Other additional features:
    • Equipped with modern features like gestures, like double-tap gestures for rewinding or forwarding a video.
    • Videos are scanned and grouped in different folders.
    • Dark theme.
    • Speed can be controlled etc.

9. Sun Player

Best Remarkable Video Player

This app lets people stream or play videos by choosing the perfect one among the multiple formats available. Audio and video files both are supported by this app.

You can even create your playlist. The background mode of this app lets the user play the video in the background and just listen to it.

If it’s confusing for you to remember your watched videos, this app has a marker option to mark the watched videos.

  • Review in Play Store: 3.8/5
  • Size of the app: 23 MB
  • Features to have a look:
    • The site is completely free to use and has zero ads.
    • Supports almost every video and audio format
    • A large number of videos is also supported.
    • Video rendering is supported through hardware acceleration.
    • Multi-Core Decoding.

These are not the only features you will find while exploring the app, overall it’s a great video player for Android.

However, before using this app keep this thing in mind that videos of high resolution may suffer from rendering issues and lag heavily on devices having low memory.

8. CM Player

video players for Android

This is one of the best among another video players for Android. The user interface of this app is very simple and provides almost every feature needed in a standard video player.

Like Next Video player’s brightness and volume can be adjusted using gestures while streaming a video. Playback speed can also be controlled by you.

The videos can also be shared using WIFI from this app. The app is filled with other miscellaneous features too like supporting multiple subtitles and allowing customization of themes.

  • Review in play store: 4.2/5
  • Size of the app: 2.0MB
  • Features to pay attention to:
    • This app is compatible with Picture-in-Picture mode.
    • Playback Speed can be controlled by you.
    • Has the advantage of multiple subtitles.
    • Brightness and volume can be changed using finger control.
    • One can change the themes of the app for customization.
    • Easily change the position of the video using finger control just seek the position by the left-right gesture.
    • Resize Mode lets resize the video in any modes like zoom, fit, crop, etc.
    • Lock and unlock the screen with just one tap while watching the movies.

7. Just Video player

Top Video Player

Next on the list of the best ad-free video player for Android is Just Video Player. This app is very to the point and avoids extra complications.

You can add subtitles to your videos and can play videos of any format. Keep playback speed in your control and adjust the brightness and size of the video screen while using this app.

You can stream videos easily in this app. This app is free to use and does not require any extra permissions after installing the app.

  • Play store rating: 4.4/5
  • Size of the app: 26MB
  • Features to check out:
    • You can have control over playback speed.
    • You can change the brightness by just vertical swiping.
    • Zoom videos in just a pinch.
    • You can crop and resize videos.
    • Boosts Volume.
    • Long tap on video for touch lock.
    • Free from Ads.

6. Night Video Player

Video Player For Android

The next on the list of the best ad-free video player for Android is Night Video Player.

Nowadays people love using apps with dark themes from Facebook to WhatsApp every app is introducing dark themes and if you are someone who is habituated to dark theme apps this video player will be a great choice for you.

You can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows at night without hurting your eye. The app opens with a list showing the video folders available on your phone. Just select the file you want to play or you can also stream a video by pasting its URL.

This app is enriched with features related to audio for example – enhancing voice and amplification.

The app meets almost every demand one has from a modern video player and the bonus is it’s free to use.

  • Play store rating: 4.0/5
  • Size of the app: 10 MB
  • Features that make this app one of the best video player for Android:
    • Can play video files of all formats and supports every codec.
    • Has the feature of voice-enhancing.
    • You can increase the volume of speech in this app.
    • One can remove noise from video.
    • Is equipped with a clear voice feature.
    • Has smart volume correction which gets applied to the whole video.

5. PLAYit

Video Players

This is a very easy-to-use app and that doesn’t stop it from offering all features of a modern video player. The best thing is it’s free to use too.

This app also lets you watch HD videos and can detect videos on your device all by itself.

This app also looks after the health of your eye, it has reduced the glare for protecting the eyes. You can also customize this app according to your choice by customizing the gestures as well as appearance.

These great modern features make it one of the best ad-free video players for Android.

  • Play store rating: 4.5/5
  • Size of the app: 15MB
  • Interesting features of this app:
    • Share videos, as well as music with your friends, and you don’t even need traffic data for this.
    • Detects and manages local media files automagically.
    • Videos and audios of all formats are supported.
    • You can also do multi-tasking while using this app due to its floating play and background play feature.
    • Converting Mp4 files to Mp3 is made simple by this app, just in a click it gets done without degrading the audio quality.

4. Nova Video Player

Video Player

This app is among the top three ad-free video players for Android. This app looks after your convenience so picks every video present in the phone’s storage for easy playback.

One can stream videos or enjoy them by downloading them and can understand videos in foreign languages with the help of subtitles.

Almost all types of media files are supported in this app and the user does not have to wait to access any newly added to the library. Video can also be played from where you left off.

  • Play store rating: 4.1/5
  • Size of the app: 21MB
  • Features to have a look:
    • You can quickly access the recently played videos.
    • Browse movies and TV shows in this app.
    • Folder browsing is also supported by this app.
    • If you want to avoid playback history recording enable the private mode.
    • Multiple subtitles are supported.
    • One can also play videos from USB storage.

3. KM player

Video Player For Android

One might have come across the name of this video player as it is very popular and great to use for smartphone users as well as desktop users.

You will find everything needed for a great video streaming experience in this app.

This app supports playing high-definition Dark mode and light mode are the two modes usually found in an app but this app is even better compared to other video player for Android as it allows the user to choose brightness according to the mood. From Chromecast to URL streaming this app will fulfill all your wishes.

This app is free to use but has dome VIP benefits too for which you have to pay.

  • Play store rating: 3.5/5
  • Size of the app: 75MB
  • Benefits of using this app:
    • One can add a bookmark to playback a part of the video
    • Have full control over hue, saturation, and brightness.
    • You can either expand or contract the video according to your choice.
    • Music and videos have different equalizers.
    • You can even change the position of subtitles and adjust the color and size according to you.
    • If you want to play a video from the URL you can do that too.
    • One Drive, Google Drive, and other Clouds are supported.

2. MediaMonkey

Video Players For Android

A media player program called MediaMonkey, which was introduced in 2001, enables you to organize your digital music and movie library. This is a well-known all-inclusive media player and music management program that works with Windows and Android operating systems.

If you are looking for an ad-free version, you have to pay $24.95(Licence for one copy), $49.95 ( Lifetime subscription)

  • Rating At Play Store: 4.1/5
  • Size of the app: 16 MB
  • MediaMonkey’s features include:
    • Gapless playback is one example of an advanced playback option.
    • Music management, which may separate duplicate files from your music collection and organize your music files by artist, album, and genre.
    • You can play a variety of audio formats using Media Player, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, and WMA.
    • You may create custom tags for your files using the tag editor.
    • support for podcasts and videos
    • Adaptable skins
    • Customized sound effects, personalized visualizations, and other add-ons and plugins
    • auto-update of the library
    • File conversion and synchronization allow you to sync music files with your mobile devices and convert them to other formats.

1. VLC

Video Player For Android

This app is the most popular in the world of the video player for Android.

The site is not only popular but also the best according to me. From streaming audio to video files you can do it all.

Don’t have to worry about the supported formats because it supports all. Play anything easily and browse the files in your media library with ease.

It has countless features to offer starting from auto-rotation to day-night mode. This is an open-source cross-platform multimedia player. One can play files from local storage too.

  • Play store rating: 4.2/5
  • Size of the app: 30MB
  • What makes it best?
    • It is fast and very easy to use.
    • Disk share is supported by this app.
    • From MKV to MP4 all formats are supported.
    • Subtitles, Teletext, and Closed Captions are also supported.
    • This app also allows multi-tracking of audio and video.
    • Brightness and volume can be controlled by gestures.
    • Audio-headset control is supported.
    • Has a widget to control audio.

Conclusion Video Player For Android


Ads can always interrupt streaming time so these are the apps where you don’t have to face this problem. All the mentioned apps are free to use and do not support ads.

Imagine you have reached the climax of a movie and a sudden ad pops up and ruins the excitement.

The mentioned video players will make your video streaming experience better and will offer you a lot more features than any other ordinary video player. Make your video streaming fun and ad-free.

Our Summary

Here is a quick list of 10 Video Player For Android Without Ads

  1. VLC
  2. MediaMonkey
  3. KM player
  4. Nova Video Player
  5. PLAYit
  6. Night Video Player
  7. Just Video player
  8. CM Player
  9. Sun Player
  10. Next video player

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