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8 Useless Phone Scrolling Habits That Are Killing Your Productivity



Bad Phone scrolling Habits

Useless phone scrolling habits Killing Your Productivity? If the answer is yes, then this blog post is only for you.

Smartphones make our life a lot easier we can connect with anyone with just a click. We can surf the net and play games to kill boredom but sometimes it doesn’t stay only time pass slowly people start getting addicted to it and it starts devouring all your time.

It can become such an obsession that you keep checking your phone even if there are no pop-ups.

Useless phone scrolling habits can result in a lack of concentration at work which will lead to a rising number of mistakes and might result in you getting fired from work.

Useless phone scrolling habits that are making you less productive

Useless phone scrolling habits

While on a date or sending family time using the phone can leave a very bad impression. Check the list of bad phone scrolling habits and make sure you don’t have any.

If you want to have control over your relationship with your phone make sure you avoid these habits-

8. Wear a watch instead of checking the time on the phone

If you have a habit of checking time often and you check the time using your smartphone, then maybe you should buy a watch soon.

Whenever we open our phone it is very likely that our actions won’t be limited to checking time only.

Someone having bad phone scrolling habits will start going through his usual scrolling wave.

The work that took a few seconds will take a few minutes or hours due to your smartphone addiction.

You can’t let this happen it will ruin your habit to stop this you can get a watch that will break the flow of your scrolling wave and also you won’t need your smartphone for just checking time.

7. Using the phone right after waking up

Useless Phone scrolling Habits

Almost everyone has this bad phone scrolling habit and it’s indeed a very irresistible one. Everyone thinks about catching up with what’s going on around the world using their smartphone.

It might start with ‘let’s just use it for a few minutes and end with spending an hour for no reason at all.

This decreases your productivity in the morning. If you really want to catch up with what’s going on around the world then try reading a newspaper.

Once you will start scrolling through the newsfeed your time will fly away and your energy will also get wasted in the wrong place.

6. Too much dependence on phone

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and every smartphone offers a lot of features to the users.

They have become so advanced that they can remember things for you so that you don’t have to worry about it. All might think this is a great advantage but hardly people have an idea how negative its effects can be.

From storing passwords to other important information related to work even birthdays of our loved ones all can be done using a smartphone.

While your smartphone is remembering everything for you, your brain is sitting idle and hardly had things to remember.

The more you depend on your smartphone the weaker your memory starts becoming. Your brain forgets things easily that can be remembered by your phone.

So, try working your brain and start remembering things of your own and replace your bad phone scrolling habits with better ones.

5. Change your mobile settings to greyscale

This can be done simply by going into the phone settings. After this setting gets applied you will view your phone screen in a completely colorless form.

The exciting logo of your favorite game won’t look that exciting anymore. The logos of social apps won’t look that much distracting and you will lose the hype of using your smartphone always.

The colorful logos and display play an important part in making you addicted to your phone screen and without them, you will even get bored of your phone fast and while using your phone on the bed you will fall asleep faster too.

To eliminate the attractive colors and gain control over useless phone scrolling habits.

4. Checking mails now and then

Useless Phone scrolling Habits

At first, it may seem like a good habit that can increase productivity but sticking all day with your email inbox is making you miss a lot of more important work.

The flow of messages which are not even urgent distracts a person continuously.

If you are working as well as checking your inbox your attention gets divided and will make focusing on things hard for you. All this will make you less productive.

The number of unread messages can also be a reason for stress and anxiety.

To stop this just schedule a time when you will check all emails and reply to them then spend the rest of the time focusing on your work.

By following this your relationship with your inbox will become a productive one.

3. Downloading bulk of productivity apps

You might be wondering how can be possible that productivity apps are ruining your productivity.

When you will visit on play store you will find a number of productivity apps that feel very helpful. Some might help you to focus on your work and others might not and downloading a bulk of those apps can counter your productivity.

The variety of features and the options offered by each app can make you confused and subdued.

Lots of productivity apps can also result in a lot of notifications which is not good at all.

To avoid all these one must list down the problems they are facing and choose software to meet all the needs. Also, avoid the urge of downloading apps more than needed by you.

2. The irrational surfing of the Net

Useless Phone scrolling Habits

One moment you are working and the next moment you are on social media talking to random people, reading useless articles not related to your work in any way.

Then you feel unable to concentrate on work and your productivity is reduced.

If you will continue to fuel this kind of bad phone scrolling habit it can make you distracted from your goals in life.

You can take the help of productivity apps and prevent yourself from this addiction or else this will become an intentional habit.

1. Never use the phone in Bed

The idea of doing it is very tempting but the extra minutes of scrolling newsfeed can easily become hours of newsfeed scrolling.

The exciting Reels videos and Tiktok Challenges can be tempting and you can lose track of time enjoying them.

The engaging contents and the bright light of the phone can make it hard for you to fall asleep and can result in insomnia.

If the sleep cycle gets disrupted it will lead to a lower energy level during the day and you will be less productive.

Using a phone right after waking up and before you to bed is one of the useless phone scrolling habits that can even affect your health by causing headaches and straining of the eyes.

What to do to eliminate bad phone habits?

What to do to eliminate bad phone habits?

Several ways can help kill your bad phone scrolling habits, a few of them are listed below-

  • Use an alarm clock instead of setting alarm on phone. After waking up getting your hands on the phone might lure you to scroll a bit on social media or check emails etc. Using the phone right after waking up is a bad start so using an alarm clock will keep you away from your phone for a few more emails.
  • If you are addicted to your bad phone scrolling habits and imagining a time without using your phone seems impossible then to break this habit you can set times when you will be completely gadget-free. It can be any time of the day. This will allow you to be productive and you can interact with people in real and also might discover some healthy hobbies.
  • Turning off notifications can help a lot too. When the phone buzzes one is more likely to get tempted to use the phone for a while. Your notifications won’t run away so you can keep them waiting. If you do not want to ignore important messages then you can set your phone like that. Messages from selective contacts will be visible. This might help to eliminate your bad scrolling habits.
  • If you are very much addicted to your phone then going without it for a few days can help you to regain control over your addiction. You can focus on exploring hobbies and spending time with loved ones. Then slowly get back to using your phone like setting up times to use it.
  • You can try uninstalling the apps that cause most of the distractions like any game or social site.
  • You can try reading books.
  • Install useful apps that can limit your phone usage. Some apps will lock you out of your phone according to your entered time. This will stop you from using your phone during certain times of the day.
  • Another thing that can be useful is keeping aside your smartphone and using some phone that does not offer much except calls and texts.

Conclusion of 8 Useless Phone scrolling Habits That Are Killing Your Productivity


Today, almost everyone’s life revolves around the notifications on their smartphones. The buzzing noise of notifications constantly grabs attention.

No matter whether you’re in the office or in a client meeting many people start checking phones whenever a notification pops up, this reflects your priority and can have many negative effects too.

Quit your useless phone scrolling habits and take a step towards a more productive lifestyle.

Topic Summary

Here Are A Quick List Of The 8 Useless Phone scrolling Habits That Are Killing Your Productivity

  1. Never use the phone in Bed
  2. The irrational surfing of the Net
  3. Downloading bulk of productivity apps
  4. Checking mails now and then
  5. Change your mobile settings to greyscale
  6. Too much dependence on phone
  7. Using the phone right after waking up
  8. Wear a watch instead of checking time on the phone

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