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Shopify: The 10 Best Shopify Alternatives of 2023 (Update July)



Shopify Alternative

Here are the Best Shopify Alternatives of 2023.

Do you know about Shopify? If you have not come across Shopify yet then it is a platform for e-commerce. If you want to set up your online store you can use Shopify. From D2C brands with high growth to beginners who are just growing, Shopify is suitable for growth. Anyone can use this app as it is really easy to use.

If you are not confident about Shopify then you can go for the free trial of it which will give you more clarity. You can set up your personal online store during the free trial period.

If you begin with the Starter Plan it will cost you five dollars a month. If you are already in this field and experienced then you can go for the advanced plans. The advanced plan will give more features to the users. From opening a storefront to accepting payments the tools offered by Shopify will help you manage all these activities and a lot more. If you can get a hold of this app and use it wisely you can set up your successful online business without having to pay much.

Millions of people around the world use Shopify.

We all know that Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms, but that does not mean it does not have its flaws. Setting up a storefront online has been made easier by Shopify. An app this great has its cons too.

Why Look For Shopify Alternatives in 2023?

Why To Look For Shopify Alternative

There are some disadvantages of Shopify which make people look for Shopify alternatives, some of them are listed below-

Using Shopify can turn out to be a little pricey. The free period of Shopify lasts for fourteen days only. The paid plans of Shopify are $29, $79, and $299 per month. The basic plan of Shopify can barely meet your expectations so, one has to spend a lot to get desired features.

Doing content marketing on Shopify is a lot tough. Writing content on Shopify takes up a lot of hard work and the software lags sometimes too. Promoting a business is a very important part of setting up a business.

Shopify uses a liquid setup for customization which is not known by a lot of users and so the opportunity to customize gets limited. One has to spend hours learning about their liquid setup.

One can only use web hosting as e-mail hosting is not supported.

Shopify is not easy to leave so enter the platform only if you have intentions of staying for a long time.

The List of the Top Shopify Alternatives of 2023

To save up your time in finding Shopify alternatives we have made a list of software that can compete with Shopify-

10. Pinnacle Cart

Pinnacle Cart Inc. is a software company that was established in 2004 and it offers an e-commerce platform that caters to businesses’ requirements for creating and maintaining online stores. This platform comes with several tools and features designed to help businesses manage their inventory, process payments, monitor sales and customer data, as well as develop their online stores according to their unique preferences or needs.

One of many advantages of Pinnacle Cart is its easy-to-use interface which enables non-technical users to set up their online shops seamlessly. Businesses can select from a variety of professionally-created templates sourced by Pinnacle Cart itself, ensuring a comprehensive array of designs that genuinely reflects the business’s brand image while simulating excellent purchase experiences for customers.

Apart from that, businesses have access to comprehensive inventory administration tools that enable them to stay aware of items in stock whilst managing product options ingeniously without confusion. Additionally,you also have the option to arrange automated prompts should inventory levels dip excessively low irrespective of the reason behind such depletion. The platform interfaces with well-known payment gateways, allowing companies to safely accept online payments and give consumers a variety of payment alternatives.

9. BigCommerce

Best Shopify Alternative

The first app in the list of Shopify alternatives is BigCommerce.

If you like simplicity and want an experience without frills this will be a great choice. While setting up their website one can use the

drag-and-drop editor in a flexible way. The themes available on this platform are stunning but if you want free themes you will get only seven to choose from. In terms of customization, BigCommerce is a lot better. The loading time of BigCommerce is a bit slow compared to the other platforms. The price of a paid plan starts from $29.95/month.

No transaction fees are charged by Shopify and one can get above fifty secure payment gateways. The visual editing tools of BigCommerce help a lot to set up an attractive e-commerce store.

The speed of this platform is a bit inconsistent and setting it up is not that easy.

8. WooCommerce

The next great Shopify alternative on the list is WooCommerce. If you have knowledge about e-commerce sites, you probably have come across this platform by now. A number of entrepreneurs prefer WooCommerce over Shopify. One can use this platform free of cost and the visitor experience is really great. WooCommerce is an open-source platform. If you want advanced functionality you will need more investment. One can build their site in minutes.

WooCommerce is very responsive and one has to pay for hosting only.

If you want to give a boost to the speed of your

WooCommerce site you can couple it with hosting solutions that are reliable.

WooCommerce does not charge any transaction fees and is very easy to set up. Hostings are not included.  One can also sell limitless products in their store.

7. PrestaShop

The third in the list of Shopify alternatives is Prestashop. Like other alternatives, this one is popular too and if your budget is low this will be a great alternative. This is kind of free to use but requires money to buy hosting packages and domain names.

Prestashop has partnerships with some well-known companies like Azure and WebHistingHub.

In terms of themes and templates, Prestashop does fall behind.

Up to 25 languages are supported by Prestashop and no transaction fee is charged.

By hiring a reputable developer having experience with Prestashop one can save up some money and also create an amazing online store. Prestashop may lack in features but in terms of usability, it can compete with Shopify.

6. Magneto 

The next great Shopify alternative is Magneto.

This company was purchased by eBay and later in 2018, it was bought again by Adobe. One might have come across the name Magento at least once. This platform is a popular choice among store owners. This platform is spread across the globe. The price is very reasonable so it gets a lot of popularity. For hosting, plugins, and themes one has to pay the price though if it is a free content management software.

If you are looking to expand your business this CMS platform is great. This platform focuses on selling all your products.

The platform is scalable as well as flexible. Have several add-ons and extensions that you can choose from. The community support is commendable. If you want to utilize this platform to the fullest you will need coding knowledge. It is a bit difficult to use and a bit expensive.

5. Dukaan 

The next on the list of Shopify alternatives is Dukaan. If you have a B2C and D2C business then Dukaan can be a comprehensive eCommerce solution. One can start their eCommerce store in minutes with Dukaan. Dukaan is a powerful SaaS platform. You do not have to worry about coding skills because even without them you can utilize this platform.

One can customize their store easily and the themes available on the platform library are free to use. The changes made get implemented easily. The loading speed is highly-optimized too. If you own a B2B business this might not be the right choice. Dropshipping is not supported by Dukaan.

The interface is highly intuitive and one can sell limitless products. If you are connected to your own payment gateway you do not have to pay any transaction fees. One might feel the number of themes provided is not enough.

4. OpenCart 

Top Shopify Alternatives

The next great Shopify alternative is OpenCart. This is a free-to-use alternative and one can create websites that look professional using OpenCart. This platform is somewhat modern and one can customize their site keeping their needs in mind.

A number of third-party modules are supported by OpenCart. This platform is great for eCommerce stores.

A lot of payment gateways are supported which makes the platform flexible.

Compared to Shopify this platform is not that easy to use. This platform can be set up quickly but does not have many add-ons.

The top 3 Best Shopify Alternatives are Below

3. Volusion 

Top Shopify Alternative

The next platform in the list of Shopify alternatives is Volusion. This is a cloud-based shopping cart and has a lot of businesses that support this platform, especially small businesses. One can enjoy access to several features and plugins that can one integrate within their online store. If you own a shipping business this will be great. One must be well known how to keep the shipping costs as minimum as possible.

If one crosses the bandwidth limit one may have to pay 7 dollars per GB.

To set up a store one will need basic coding skills.

This platform is easy to use and different payment processors are supported.

SEO and analytics tools are given for free so that one can analyze them easily. Though, the product search feature lacks this is a great alternative.

2. X-Cart 

Best Shopify Alternatives

The next platform in the list of Shopify alternatives is X-Cart. This is developed by Qualiteam and is an easy-to-use alternative. X-Cart can be your place for every solution related to eCommerce. X-Cart is filled with several features and the pricing begins with

$199/month. The higher package you choose the more features you get.

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If you are a great developer you can set up an excellent store. The support system of this platform is not up to the mark.

The virtual server of this platform works great.

1. Squarespace 

Shopify Alternative

The next great choice among other Shopify alternatives is Squarespace. If you are looking forward to having a comparatively small portfolio of products, this might be a suitable platform for you. One can choose from several templates and has great tools for website-building.

The cheapest and most affordable plan comes at $19 per month. An advanced package is available too that will cost you 49 dollars per month. Online payments are only accepted via Stripe and PayPal. Few marketing features are available too.

If you own a small store this will be great and coding knowledge is not required. The website takes a bit of time to load.

Conclusion of Shopify Alternatives

Conclusion of Shopify Alternative

If you want to step up your business and want to make your presence online, choosing any platform from the above will be a great choice.

Shopify itself is great but it fails to satisfy some people so we have listed some of the great Shopify alternatives.

Topic Summary

Here is a quick list of The Best Shopify Alternatives.

  1. Squarespace
  2. X-Cart
  3. Volusion
  4. OpenCart
  5. Dukaan
  6. Magneto
  7. Prestashop
  8. WooCommerce
  9. BigCommerce
  10. Pinnacle Cart

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