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How to set Goals and Achieve them easily (Step-by-step guide of 2023)



set Goals and Achieve them easily

Are you one of those people who set goals frequently but struggle to achieve them? If yes, this article is for you. Because here, we will discuss how to set goals and achieve them easily. Going through this article would help you a lot to accomplish your goals. So, read on.

Setting goals would help you succeed in life by achieving all your goals one by one. However, most people in the world never go past this goal-setting step. Thus, they never achieve the goals they set for themselves. So, it is important to know the correct way to approach things. Luckily, in order to make it simpler for you, we have identified some proven techniques to set goals and achieve them easily. 

Why should you set goals?

set Goals

Before we start telling you about effective ways to set goals and achieve them easily, you got to know why you should even set goals in the first place.

Well, a goal is not something random. The goals you set reflect your vision for the future. That’s why it is different from objectives or resolutions because an objective is a particular step you follow to get closer to your goal. On the other hand, a resolution is a decision about what you want or don’t want to do. A goal is different from these in the sense that it is a particular aim that you wish to ultimately achieve. They can contribute to making you a better person. Here are some reasons why you should set goals and work towards accomplishing them:

Firstly, setting a goal can give you a sense of purpose in your life and consequently, turn your life more meaningful. They can renew the sense of direction in your life. Think about it; you construct a plan on what you wish your life to look like in the next three years. Now, this 3-year-plan would assist you in actually doing something rather than just daydreaming and sitting idly. Having a clear route to your goal prepares you mentally and gives you a good idea of what to and not to expect.

Secondly, setting a goal can motivate you like never before. It is a well-known fact that when you set goals, you get something you could look forward to. It gives you aspiration and provides you with enough motivation to give your 100% every single time. If you have a team, setting a goal can motivate each one of your team members as well. Working towards your aspirations as a team is not only productive but also very satisfying.

Thirdly, when you set a goal, you take charge of your life. It makes you the helmsman of your own life. Also, when you set goals, you acknowledge what you want out of your life. This is a vital step in going one step further in taking full control of your future.

Lastly, setting a goal can give you a bigger perspective on life. This, in turn, can make your life more meaningful. If you have a team, it can make everyone on the team grasp the entire picture better. As they now know what the long-term goal is, every team member would strive to give their 100% and perform wholeheartedly.

Tips to set goals and achieve them easily

set goals and achieve them easily

Now coming to the main part, here are some proven tips to set goals and achieve them easily. Following these tips would help you eliminate the overwhelming feeling that may set in at times while you are working towards accomplishing your goals:

1. Pick goals that are worth it

set Goals and Achieve them

If you set goals that have no significant value and meaning in your life, it is pretty much guaranteed that you won’t feel the urge to achieve them at all. You got to keep in mind that worthwhile goals are those that stimulate and make us put in the work. If the goals you have chosen don’t have this capability, you are simply wasting your time.

Planning to start your own business is a worthwhile goal that can change your life for the better. Deciding to opt for an online course to learn a special skill is a worthy goal, as it can positively impact your life in the future. Or, maybe you have made up your mind to lose weight. This is also a worthy goal as it can make you healthier and help you live longer.

Thus, no matter what goal you pick, it has to be something that can motivate and push you to achieve it.

2. Set goals that are achievable

set Goals and Achieve them easily

Choosing achievable goals is an essential factor to set goals and achieve them easily. It is pretty much a known fact that setting a goal that you will never be able to achieve is a big no-no. Because if your goal is unachievable, you would soon get tired and discouraged. And as a result, you are very likely to abandon it altogether.

That is why it’s important to choose a goal that is both realistic and interesting. Your goal has to be engaging. Otherwise, you would never feel the urge to attain it.

3. Be specific about your goals

set Goals and Achieve them easily

If your goals are not specific or ambiguous, you are making way for failure. Your decision to get more views on your YouTube videos or lose 15 kilograms is not enough. You got to have a plan regarding the way you are going to achieve your goals. Things become much easier if you have figured out a clear path to your goal.

So whenever you set a goal, create an action plan along with it. For instance, if your goal is to lose 15 kilograms by next year, chalk out the specific things you are planning to do like getting a gym membership, running 10 kilometers every morning, etc. Trust us when we tell you, this is going to be a game-changer and help you achieve things you never thought were possible.

4. Write your goals down

set Goals and Achieve them easily

Another easy yet amazing trick to set goals and achieve them easily is to bring out a pen and paper to write them down. Yes, doing so makes them appear more concrete and real. Dr. Gail Matthews of the Dominican University of California has shown in his research that individuals writing down their goals have higher chances of attaining their goals than those who don’t write down their goals.

So stop wondering about your goals and what you can do to achieve them. Instead, put them on paper and see the difference yourself.

5. Be committed to your goals

set Goals and Achieve them easily

If you truly want to attain your goals, you have to fully commit to your goals. That is why we suggested you write your goals down before. This will push you one step further in achieving what you are striving for. Also, try to motivate yourself with positive thoughts and inspiring life stories.

Choosing a goal is easy. Staying committed to that goal isn’t. So you got to put in work to turn your vision into a reality. However, this is a time-consuming process and won’t occur in an instant. So perseverance is the key.

6. Set deadlines for your goals

set Goals and Achieve them easily

Setting a goal without a deadline is a recipe for failure. It signifies that you are not fully committed to your goal. It’s a basic fact that when you know you can start doing something at any time your heart desires and have never-ending time to complete it, you would feel zero urge. Therefore, it is necessary to set a deadline for your goals.

To make things clearer, let us take a look at our weight loss example again. If you decide to lose 15 kilograms but don’t have a strict deadline, you simply won’t lose weight. But if you make up your mind to do so by next year, you would take the necessary measures to become fitter within that timeframe.

7. Recognize possible hurdles

set Goals and Achieve them

Recognizing the obstacles that might appear in your way is another necessary aspect to set goals and achieve them easily. So sit down, think about what these obstacles might be like, and how to deal with them. Being conscious of your possible hurdles will help you face them without fear if and when they arise.

8. Reflect and adjust

set Goals and Achieve them easily

Even if you are unable to accomplish your goals within the deadline that you set for yourself, don’t let the feeling of defeat overwhelm you. Perhaps your goals were a little unrealistic or it was some other reason that hindered your success.

Instead of feeling defeated, sit down and reflect on your goals. Is there something you can change? If there is, perform the necessary change, and you would now be able to achieve them with ease.

Conclusion of How to set Goals and Achieve them easily


Here, we gave you some tips to set goals and achieve them easily. We are certain of the fact that if you follow these tips, you will surely accomplish anything you are striving for. Just be a little patient and determined, okay? Good luck!

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