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The 11 Most Expensive Laptops in the World (Update March 2023)



Expensive Laptops

Do you know which are the most Expensive Laptops in the World in 2023?

Hello readers! This blog is less related to technology and more related to luxury. That’s right I have gathered for you some crazy intel about the most expensive laptops in the world.

What makes them expensive and exclusive? Who makes them expensive and exclusive?

These laptops are more of a priced possession rather than just a tool of utility. These pricey laptops are made of gold, platinum, diamonds, and other rare as well as expensive materials. So let’s know more about these expensive laptops.

 List of the Expensive Laptops in the World

Expensive Laptop

Computers are an important part of our life. Whether you are a student or a working-class employee, a head of a company or a millionaire/billionaire, etc, having a computer is a necessity. Laptops are a handy way and stylish way of computers.

In today’s materialistic world, everything is about being exaggerated, modified, and making it big. The same has happened with laptops. Today laptop is not only a means of utility but also a means to showcase luxury and status. All this exaggeration is done by the opulent class.

The moneyed class is constantly in need of one-up their status of wealth. They want everything customized as per their pleasure and preference. And why not? They have the means to make it happen. So, let’s get to know about the top 11 expensive laptops in the world.

11. Rock Extreme SL8 ($5.5k)

The award-winning Xtreme SL8 promotes sensational gaming featuring the next generation of mobile graphics technology. It gives an intense gaming experience with NVIDIA GeForce 9800m GTX 1 GB graphics card. It is one of the most expensive laptops in the world and the most potent for gaming.

It comes with Intel Core-Quad 2 processor, a 256 GB SSD, and 8GB RAM. It is an exceptional choice for those who want to stand out in luxury and enjoys gaming.

This fast and powerful laptop has a high-speed processing rate, which means multiple tasks can be done single-handed with lightening fast speed! Apart from gaming, this laptop is apt for graphics designing and various creative works.

10. Stealth MacBook Pro ($6k)

If you are seeing the word, “MacBook”, it means that it is already hefty in price. Adding the word, “Pro” in it makes it even pricier. However, the functioning and features will be undoubtedly advanced and smooth.

This expensive laptop is the definition of the above-mentioned qualities. Modified by Colorware, 10 limited edition of this laptop was produced. The laptop is a 15-inch model with 8GB RAM, a 3.06GHz processor, and 256GB SSD.

In additional qualities, customers will get an exclusively crafted matte screen, a Xero-gloss finish, a soft-touch trackpad, and various other cool features. It comes under the limited edition category so if you are lucky and rich you will be able to get your hand on one.

9. EGO for Bentley ($20k)

Top Expensive Laptops

If you are a crazy admirer of cars and computers then this laptop is for you! This laptop stands out of the crowd because of its collaborated makers. Bentley, a British luxury car manufacturer, and EGO, these three huge companies come together to make 250 limited editions of this laptop.

This makes this laptop one of the most expensive laptops in the world. The configuration consists of a 12-inch wide display, 2GB RAM, AMD TurionTM 64 Mobile Processor, 160GB hard drive, and Microsoft Vista Ultimate.

It might not be the best configuration but it surely stands out because of the amalgamation of brands that it has which makes this laptop exclusive and expensive.

8. “Golden Age” MacBook Air ($26k)

This laptop was designed by the company ‘Bling my Thing’. This company designed the MacBook Air laptops with around 12,000 Swarovski crystals, each covered with a 24-carat gold coating. The gems were placed beautifully in a traditional Japanese pattern.

The beautiful work was all done by hand and with precise attention to detail on each laptop. Altogether twenty MacBook Air laptops were designed by Bling my Thing and sent for sale in high-end stores. The precise handwork and the authentic gold studs make this one of the most expensive laptops in the world.

7. MacBook Pro 24 Karat Gold ($30k)

Top Expensive Laptop in the World

This expensive laptop was designed or customized especially for a single customer. The name of the buyer was not revealed. The customization was done by Computer Choppers in 2013. The whole case of the laptop was made of pure 24-karat gold! The Apple logo was designed with multi-colored diamonds!

All this blingy effect was made and presented to the buyer with full warranties. As far as the configurations go, the entire configurations were the same as a normal MacBook Pro; 2.4GHz Internal Core 2 Duo, 160GB hard drive, 4GB RAM, and 15-inch display. It is loads of gold and diamonds that make this laptop one of the most expensive laptops in the world.

6. MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition ($200k)

Expensive Laptop in the World

There are only five units available of this Stuart Huges customized MacBook. Apple products are known to be expensive around the world but after Stuart Huges’s alteration, it becomes exceptional and exclusive. The luxury treatment by Stuart Huges made in the MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition is platinum coated.

The famous Apple logo is decorated and designed with diamond gems. It is said to be 53 gems on the logo combined with 25.5 carats. This laptop is known to be one of the most expensive laptops in the world. The platinum coat makes the laptop weigh around 5 kg.

There were 10 units of this edition made and some are still in the market for sale. So if you are bored and have $200,000 laying around idly then it should be something that can give you a rush!

5. MacBook Air Supreme Fire Edition ($350k)

Top Expensive Laptop

Another limited edition MacBook was designed for luxury by John Lennon. In response to Stuart Hughes’s “Ice”, this “Fire” edition is according to its name. The metal used in this high-end laptop is 24-carat gold. And just like “Ice”, the logo is decorated with diamonds. However, this laptop is more expensive than “Ice” as gold is more expensive than platinum.

“Fire” edition laptops weigh more than “Ice” edition laptops. There are only 10 units made of the “Fire” edition. Taking about the pros and cons, there is not much of a difference in the configurations.

But the “Ice” edition is more scratch resistant than the “Fire” edition. However, this doesn’t affect the fact that it is more expensive than the “Ice” edition making it one of the most expensive laptops in the world.

4. Tulip E-GO Diamond ($355k)

More than platinum, and gold there is only one expensive gem left and that is the diamond. Tulip E-GO Diamond is another expensive customization of Bentley’s EGO. The laptop is styled by the designer Rodrigo Otazu. Otazu used 470 diamonds to surround a 12.1-inch screen, a DVD/CD burner, an AMD Turion processor, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

The uniqueness of this edition was that it comes with interchangeable covers. Another feature called “Auto DJ” comes with it that could play your stored media of yours without starting the Windows, which was a lifesaver in 2006. So, this is one of the most expensive laptops by yet another most expensive brand in the world Bentley.

The Top #3 Most Expensive Laptops are Below

3. MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition ($500k)

Top Expensive Laptops in the World

Don’t confuse it with the MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition. This edition of the customized laptop comes with a lot more of that rare metal than the “Ice” edition. MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition is known to be third on the list of the most expensive laptops in the world.

The platinum case used in this edition weighs around 14 pounds. The overall weight of this Supreme is around 7 kg! The more precious metal present in the design the more will be the price of the laptop in this edition.

Huges has outdone himself in customizing this limited edition. There are only five units produced, which makes it one of the super exclusive and most expensive laptops in the world.

2. Luvaglio ($1 Million)

Expensive Laptops in the World

The most mysterious, nearly impossible to get, and one of the most expensive laptops in the world! All the above expensive laptops that we read about in the earlier points are more or less regular laptops made exclusively by adding precious metals and gems to their structural designs. But this one is extraordinary with extreme attention to detail. Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio developed a cutting-edge laptop that is fully upgradeable.

The laptop was to include SSD, Blu-Ray player, and a 17’ inch LED widescreen with an integrated cleaning device. The laptop will be covered with whatever expensive material the buyer will demand. Be it luxury leather or whichever rare metal the buyer wants.

What’s unique from all the other customized expensive laptops is the rare-colored diamond power button and fingerprint scanner. What’s even more exclusive about this laptop is that even if you have an immense fortune you can only attempt to buy this laptop if and only if the brand’s director Sinclair extends you an invitation!

1. Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook ($3.5 Million)

Expensive Laptop

The most expensive laptop in the world title is bagged by this laptop. The credit goes to the Ukrainian art studio MJ. MJ art studio is known to have created various ranges of luxurious laptops like Acer Ferrari Gold Phython, Lamborghini Platinum crocodile, etc. But MJ got its most expensive laptop title for MJ’s Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook in 2016 and it is undefeated ever since.

That enormous price was set as per the hundreds of black and white diamonds studded all over the laptop. It also comes with a solid gold mouse and a designer cover. The guarantee of the jewelry is for life and the electronics in the laptop have a 10-year warranty.

The number of units produced in this edition is unknown to the world. It is the vagueness and the quality of gems that make this laptop the most expensive laptop in the world.

Conclusion of Expensive Laptops

Conclusion of Expensive Laptop

Coming to the end of this blog we can conclude that all these pricey laptops are regular laptops that are customized for high-end buyers. The people who fall under the exceptionally-rich category are the people who demand to make expensive things more expensive.

All the expensive laptops we got to know has no exceptional internal feature but have crazy expensive external elements. It is not a necessity but a luxury. But hey! Who cares! If you have an enormous amount of fortune, you should spend it as you, please. Just like the quote, ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it!’


Here’s the list of the most Expensive Laptops in the World.

  1. Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook
  2. Luvaglio
  3. MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition
  4. Tulip E-GO Diamond
  5. MacBook Air Supreme Fire Edition
  6. MacBook Air Supreme Ice Edition
  7. MacBook Pro 24 Karat Gold
  8. “Golden Age” MacBook Air
  9. EGO for Bentley
  10. Stealth MacBook Pro
  11. Rock Extreme SL8

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