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The 18 Highest Paying Jobs in the World (Update November 2023)



Highest Paying Jobs

A reliable job is the key source of earning money and everyone in the world knows that for leading even a basic comfortable life having enough money in the pocket is crucial. Simply put, in this modern and advanced era, money holds the key to happiness.

Not only that but having enough money also gives you the freedom to pursue anything that you dream of or live your life just like you want, without being dependent on someone else. So in the materialistic world, the second name of liberty can be money.

Now, earning just any random figure cannot always provide you with everything that you desire eagerly. A greater amount of earnings can also help you get greater opportunities to lead your life in a different way. For that, you must choose your career field a very long time ago and with carefulness as that will define your whole life and how you will live it.

The List of the Highest Paying Jobs in The World

List of the Highest Paying Job

There are countless business fields that people now opt for earning a nice and satisfying figure at the end of the month. Same way, there are plenty of different job fields in today’s world that can fetch one a lucrative salary package. While some choose to be a business person, many others decide to go with the Highest paying jobs in the world. And which ones can be the Highest paying jobs in the world? Well, let’s find the answer to that in the below section.

18. Investment banker ($115,465/year)

With a yearly salary package of 115,465 US dollars, this job is one of the Highest paying jobs in the world. An investment banker is like a ‘financial advisor’ of a company. So the job responsibility varies from, coming up with effective ideas to increase the company’s revenue; deciding on the ‘initial public offering’ for having an impressive public introduction; preparing bonds for merging with other companies; etc.

Now many govt. sectors are too also appointing investment bankers for better working outcomes. For becoming an investment banker one have to graduate with a degree in either economics, marketing, or finance. Having an additional degree of an MBA will be a plus point in getting such jobs.

17. Software engineer ($121,758/year)

The highest paying jobs in the world have many various job fields and the software engineer job is among them. A software engineer in a senior position can withdraw a salary of around 121,758 US dollars. As the job name suggests, the job responsibilities of a software engineer include developing and creating applications through testing, checking, applying, and modifying them for clients from various sectors.

In today’s digital world, almost everything is based on artificial intelligence. And thus technology plays a major role in shaping the earth’s economic development as well as the lifestyle of its habitats. So the demand for software engineers is comparatively high and will be so in the near future.

16. Data Scientist ($122,000/year)

Highest Paid Job

The main role of the data scientist is to collect large amounts of data using analytical, statistical, and programmable skills. Their work is to examine which questions need answering and where to find the related data. They can handle large amounts of data and are responsible for deriving business value. To become a data scientist, a person requires a minimum of an undergraduate degree in data science or a related field like statistics, computer science, computer engineering, or information systems. The average salary of a data scientist is around $122,000. Due to its high demand and salary package, it is considered one of the highest-paid jobs in the world.

15. Financial analyst ($126,000/year)

If you are good with numbers and can solve numeric problems with ease then you can land the Highest paying jobs in the world by becoming a financial analyst. The post is currently paying nearly 126,000 US dollars. However, the workloads remain higher in this profession as a financial analyst has to deal with the company’s stocks.

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Patience is another key skill that is required for this job, as the job is relatable to the stock market, and precise analysis of every aspect of financial matters requires close identification. Thus a financial analyst remains responsible for any type of financial loss that a company has to bear.

14. Pediatrician ($126,000/year)

A pediatric job is considered one of the best jobs as well as the Highest paying jobs in the world. The job role consists of checking children medically, diagnosing them, and treating them properly if found any injury or disease. A pediatrician gets paid very highly and if one has years of experience in it, then the amount can even reach around 183,240 US dollars.

Apart from holding a medical degree for practicing as a pediatrician, one should also be very polite in nature as the job role completely involves children. So, how softly one talks and how nicely one behaves with them, matters greatly in this profession.

13. Solution Architect ($130,000/year)

Technical Architect

Solution Architect is also the highest-paid job in the world. Solution Architect plays an important role in the IT industry. They are involved in designing and implementing complex software and IT systems for businesses and organizations. They understand the client’s business needs, goals, and technical requirements and translate them into an actionable plan for IT solutions. A solution Architect comes from a strong technical background often with a degree in Computer Science or a related field and must have enough knowledge in Programming languages, such as Java, Python, and SQL. They must have a Problem-solving and communication skills. The average salary of a Solution Architect is around $130,000.

12. Information systems security manager ($140,000/year)

In the list of the Highest paying jobs in the world, this job comes in the 12th position. This job position provides its employees with a salary package of 140,000 US dollars. The manager has to make sure the hiring company is secure with its technology and information systems.

The job responsibility involves creating and managing various protocols, and programming codes for keeping the security system intact and ensuring a hacking-free network of the company’s data. For getting a job in this field, one must own strong skills in handling cybersecurity threats. Besides that, he has to have a ‘computer science’ degree specializing in cybersecurity.

11. IT manager ($142,530/year)

In today’s time, one of the most successful industrial sectors is undoubtedly the IT sector. And grabbing a managerial post in any of the IT industries can give you the opportunity to earn handsome money at the end of every month. Being one of the Highest paying jobs in the world, the IT manager job position offers a yearly pay of 142,530 US dollars.

10. Airline pilot ($161,280/year)

The airline is the dream job sector of many aspirants across the globe. While spending an exciting and adventurous life can be one of the many reasons, getting highly paid could be another one. The airline pilot and co-pilot job provide a salary package of around 161,280 US dollars and thus this airline pilot job is definitely one of the Highest paying jobs in the world. The job role, as the name indicates is flying the plane. So if you have vertigo disease or are afraid of flying high, then avoiding this job irrespective of its salary package is advisable.

9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer ($189,453/year)

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial Engineer is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world. When an expert creates intelligent software systems that can learn, adjust, and get better over time is known as Artificial Intelligence. The AI engineers collaborate with stakeholders to determine business requirements to design and create software solutions that satisfy those requirements using AI and machine learning technologies. The average of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer is around $1,53, 634 per annum.

AI Product Manager is one of the highest-paid jobs with a salary package of $189, 453. Due to its high demand and salary package, this job is considered one of the highest-paid jobs in the world.

8. CEO ($200,140/year)

The term CEO is a popular one and so is its payment amount. A CEO earns around 200,140 US dollars in a year and thus this profession falls under the Highest paying jobs in the world. The term is the abbreviation of ‘Chief Operating Officer’. In every big and well-established company, there remains a CEO post for smooth transactions of the working procedure and achieving the vision that the company has set.

Thus behind any company’s reach to a certain position in the industry, the CEO (or CEOs) contributes a lot. A CEO becomes responsible for the following roles, such as picking effective strategies and setting them as per the govt. rules and norms. However, becoming a CEO is not a mere job, it requires years of experience for excelling in the post.

7. General practitioner ($208,560/year)

A general practitioner plays a very crucial role in the medical sector. It is the general practitioner that patient contacts first for any kind of medical issues that they are undergoing or suffering from. And after checking patients and diagnosing them temporarily, the general practitioner then advises or refers the patients to their proper medical department as per the symptoms. So, the job responsibility remains huge and very significant as any misguidance or wrong understanding of any symptom may lead to patients’ death. However, as there comes risk and huge responsibility with this profession, so comes a handsome salary, as much as 208,560 US dollars per year; with this, it is undoubtedly the Highest paying job in the world.

6. Orthodontist ($228,500/year)

An orthodontist is a dentist whose job responsibilities are related to the teeth and jaw area of our mouth. The job profile consists of solving any issues or problems in that area after properly examining, and treating them. An orthodontist helps patients get relief from dental pains. So no doubt the role of an orthodontist in our life is of grave importance. Because we can meet with an accident anytime that may leave our teeth or jaw damaged.

The pay structure of an orthodontist is very satisfying as the number comes in 6 figures, that is to say, a good orthodontist can earn around 228,500 US dollars. So if you are looking for the Highest paying jobs in the world, the orthodontist profession is for you.

5. Internist ($229,500/year)

Top highest Paying Jobs

In the list of Highest paying jobs in the world, the internist job is in the 5th position. The salary structure of this profession can help one earn even 229,500 US dollars at the maximum. So what does an internist do for which he gets paid so much? Well, an internist is a physician but varies from other medical professionals.

Often happens that we feel pain but could not locate the source or exact location of that pain. That is when we need the help of an internist. An internist focuses on the treatment through a ‘non-surgical’ procedure and cures or diagnoses the diseases.

4. Gynecologist ($235,240/year)

Top Highest Paying Job

The profession in gynecology medical department holds the fourth position in the Highest paying jobs in the world with a salary package of nearly 235,240 US dollars. Gynecologists are physicians who undergo responsibilities like treating the ‘female reproductive tract’ as they are specialized in that subject matter.

Treating diseases in body parts such as the ovaries, uterus, breasts, or fallopian tubes of a female, falls under the job profile of a gynecologist. As the world is becoming more polluted day by day, this directly affects the healthy and natural productivity rate of women. And with that, the need for experienced and good gynecologists are also is increasing.

Top #3 Highest Paying Jobs are below

3. Surgeon ($251,000/year)

Highest Paying Job

In the list of the Highest paying jobs in the world, the surgeon profession is among the top 3 ones. The salary package of a surgeon is nearly 251,000 US dollars. And they deserve this as they work relentlessly towards saving the lives of their patients.

For becoming a surgeon one must have a bachelor’s degree in the specialization that he chooses and after that, he needs to take an internship under a good senior surgeon. Once he becomes good at his profession he may start practicing on his own or join any renowned medical organization.

2. Anesthesiologist ($265,000/year)

Highest Paying Job in the World

As the profession indicates, it is related to providing anesthesia to patients. Anesthesiologists contribute a lot and play a great role in making a surgery successful, as improper handling of the anesthesia can lead to a disastrous surgical situation. Anesthesiologist gets paid very highly, approximately 265,000 US dollars making it one of the Highest paying jobs in the world. Apart from this, they also handle emergencies by guiding through proper advice.

1. Neurosurgeon ($381,500/year)

Highest Paying Jobs in the World

Neurosurgeon tops the list of the Highest paying jobs in the world as one can get paid around 381,500 US dollars in this profession. The job responsibilities of a neurosurgeon include diagnosing and treating the ‘central and peripheral nervous system disorders’. This job requires experts and so one needs to be very professional, skilled and trained for becoming a neurosurgeon.

The requirements for becoming a neurosurgeon are a bachelor’s degree in MBBS and a postgraduate degree in the ‘neurosurgery program’. If you have these two, you can surely try for opportunities that will lead you to become one of the topmost Highest paying jobs in the world.

Conclusion of the Highest Paying Jobs


Congratulations! You have successfully reached the end part of this interesting article and with that, you now have the understanding of which job field is the Highest paying jobs in the world. That is to say, now you can decide better which job to choose and set as your ultimate goal. Every job discussed in this article comes with some huge responsibilities and any reckless behavior or careless decision can cause harm to others and society as well in the bigger scenario.

The Highest paying jobs in the world undoubtedly should be the dream or aim of every person in this world. However, that does not mean if you land a medium or minimum-paying job, you will spend an unhappy life. How one would live one’s life completely depends on his perspective of experiencing the very life. Apart from this, every Highest paying jobs in the world comes with a complex working environment, pressure, and work responsibilities.

So before marking out any of the Highest paying jobs in the world, and following the path in that way, make sure you have the capabilities of withstanding all those workloads and capacities of undertaking the same. It is always advisable not to choose any job field only by reviewing its payment amount, but the job role.

Topic Summary

Here Is A Quick List Of The Top 18 Highest Paying Jobs in the World.

  1. Neurosurgeon
  2. Anesthesiologist
  3. Surgeon
  4. Gynecologist
  5. Internist
  6. Orthodontist
  7. General practitioner
  8. CEO
  9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer
  10. Airline pilot
  11. IT manager
  12. Information systems security manager
  13. Solution Architect
  14. Pediatrician
  15. Financial analyst
  16. Data Scientist
  17. Software engineer
  18. Investment banker

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