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Who is Dusty Rose Levine? Know Her Age, Parents, Wiki, Net Worth & Full Bio (Update: May 2023)



Dusty Rose Levine

Dusty Rose Levine is one of the members of the American Royal Family. She is the first child of the famous American musician Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and the model Behati Prinsloo. She was born on September 21, 2016, in California, United States. She is famous as the child of a renowned singer and a beautiful model. Her father is an American pop singer, songwriter, and actor.

Adam Levine has also been a mentor in the popular singing contest television show, ‘The Voice’. As of 2023, she is just 6 years old so she doesn’t have a career yet. Currently, she is living with her parents on the west coast of the USA and some of her pictures got viral while she was walking or sitting in a stroller with her father and mother. Although she is a celebrity kid still she enjoys her life like a regular kid and loves to spend time with her family. This shows the love between their family. Sometimes, you can see her pictures on her father and mother’s Instagram.

Dusty Rose Levine Childhood Facts

Dusty Rose Levine Facts

When she was born, her father shared her first glimpse on his Instagram account. She made her debut in the music video for the song “Girls Like You” in the year 2017. In the entire song, you will see Adam Levine with some female stars and celebrities like Ellen De Generes, Jennifer Lopez, Gal Gadot, Mary J. Blige, Sarah Silverman, Camilla Cabello, Tiffany Hadish, and a rap sequence by Cardi B. In the starting, you will only see these inspiring stars singing and dancing to the tune of the song. At the end of the song, Dusty Rose appears in her mother’s arms. Suddenly her father stops singing and hugs them both, making a sweet family moment.

Dusty Rose Levine Family and Personal Life

Dusty Rose Levine Family

Dusty was born on 21st September 2016, in California. Her father and mother are celebrities. Both of them were again blessed with a girl child named Gio Grace Levine on February 15, 2018. Adam Levine once told in his interview that Dusty Rose is an adorable elder sister and she loves to spend time with Gio.

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She also has two uncles from her paternal side who love her so much. Her paternal grandparents are Fred and Patsy, and her maternal grandparents are Boet and Magda. She loves her family a lot and likes to spend quality time with her grandparents. Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo started dating in May 2012 and got married on July 19, 2014, in Mexico. In an interview, they both revealed that they want to have many children.

Like other regular kids, she also likes to play with toys, and many times she was seen with her favorite toys in her stroller. Besides this, She also likes to read picture books and play with her younger sister Gio Grace. Currently, she lives with her family in California, USA.

The meaning of her name “Dusty Rose

meaning of Dusty Rose

On the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Adam Levine stated how he named his first daughter “Dusty Rose”. He also said that it was tough for him to find such a unique name for his daughter. He also took help from Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen suggested many names and one of them was “Dusty Rose”. Although Adam liked this name so much, still his wife didn’t like this name. Later when he came again and pitched the same name that time she loved it.

Adam also revealed that his daughter is not a big fan of her father’s singing. Once when he was playing the guitar in front of Dusty Rose. At first, she looked at him, touched the guitar, and said, ” Please put that down”. After that day the singer was unable to confront his daughter with music again.

Dusty Rose’s early profession and Career

adam levine daughters

Dusty Rose is a Celebrity kid and is just 6 years old. So, she hasn’t started her career yet. It will take some time to pursue a profession on her own. It will be interesting to see whether she chooses her father’s profession or her mother’s profession. Adam Levine is a famous musician who has rocked the hearts of millions of people with his wonderful music. While her mother was famous as a supermodel for Victoria’s Secret.

Dusty Rose Levine’s Lifestyle and Net Worth

adam levine kids

As she is a celebrity kid, she maintains a lavish lifestyle. She lives a luxurious life thanks to her father’s jaw-dropping $120 million net worth. Apart from this, her mother has a $9 million net worth from her profession. As her parents are millionaires, you can also consider her a millionaire.

Dusty Rose Levine Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Dusty Rose Levine Height

Dusty Rose is a beautiful child and got beautiful blonde hair from her mother. She looks so cute and pretty with her blue eyes. There is no doubt that she will look prettier than her mother. Her blue eyes make her even more beautiful. Her sister Gio Grace is also good-looking and pretty.

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Dusty Rose Levine’s Social Media Handles

Gio Grace Levine

As she is only 6 years old, she doesn’t have her own social media account. Her father Adam revealed the first glimpse of her on his Instagram account. You can also see her pictures on her parent’s Instagram profile. Adam uploaded her daughter’s first pic on September 24, 2016.

Conclusion of Dusty Rose Levin


This is all about the celebrity kid Dusty Rose Levin. She is famous for her well-known parents. Her father Adam is a great musician and her mother is a supermodel. If you are searching for Dusty Rose, then this article will help you to know more about her life and her parents. She is just 6 years old and maintains a lavish lifestyle. She is a very loving child who also likes to play with his younger sister Gio Grace Levine. This is all about Dusty Rose Levine. Continue reading this article to know more facts about the famous kid.

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