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Who is Aran Murphy? Son of the Versatile Actor Cillian Murphy



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Aran Murphy, son of “Peaky Blinders” actor Cillian Murphy and Irish artist Yvonne McGuinness, has followed his father into show business.

He may become famous. He is Cillian Murphy’s son and has started a successful acting career.

Fans only know about young Aran, even his appearance, since he is now a theatrical performer. His father, Cillian Murphy, has always kept his family out of the spotlight.

Malachy and Aran are the proud Cillian Murphy’s son, known for “Peaky Blinders” and Christopher Nolan collaborations. Despite his prominence, Cillian Murphy maintains his love life private.

Art and creativity are essential in Aran’s childhood since his mother is a renowned actress.

Who is Aran Murphy?

Who is Aran Murphy?

In 2007, when Aran’s older sibling Malachy Murphy was just 19 months old, his parents excitedly announced the birth of their second child. Father Cillian isn’t the only famous member of his clan. The mother of Aran is a renowned visual artist.

The 11-year-old Aran starred in “Hamnet,” a one-person play in which he portrayed Shakespeare’s prematurely deceased son, who is still yearning to connect with his renowned father. He held shows in New York, Boston, and Hong Kong in 2019.

Aran is the renowned son of an equally well-known Irish actor. He became 15 in 2022; he was born in Sweden, England, in July 2007. However, Aran’s actual birthday has yet to be discovered to the general public.

Malachy Murphy is the name of his elder brother. He is a dual citizen of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Aran Murphy Childhood Facts

Aran Murphy Childhood Fact

Some tidbits regarding his early life:

  • He came into the world in July 2007.
  • Malachy Murphy is the name of his elder brother.
  • The Aran Islands, located in the Irish Sea, inspired his name.
  • He is a die-hard Liverpool FC supporter.
  • He has a penchant for the piano and guitar.

He was born to Irish immigrants Cillian Murphy and Yvonne McGuinness. They met at a Dublin music festival in 1996 and tied the knot in 2004. After settling in London for some time, the family eventually returned to Ireland in 2014.

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Although he has featured in a few short films, he has yet to make acting his profession. He has a knack for music, and the guitar and piano are two of his favorite instruments to perform. He also enjoys watching soccer and cheers for Liverpool FC.

He is a very reserved individual. He does not have any social media profiles, and he seldom appears in public with his parents. Besides, he seems a healthy, happy, and well-supported little child.

Some further information on him is as follows:

  • For many years, he learned at home.
  • He and his sibling Malachy Murphy went to the same high school.
  • He excels academically and finds education rewarding.
  • He has a good heart and is quite sympathetic.
  • He’s a wonderful son, always there to help out.
  • Aran Murphy may just be a young lad, but he already shows great promise as a young man.

Aran Murphy’s Personal Life

Aran Murphys Personal Life

He was born to a famous actor. He was wealthy, so the youngster and his brother lived well.

They had great homes and schools. They had life’s finest. He and his sister may have gained media exposure, but their father wasn’t interested.

Cillian Murphy always said he didn’t seek celebrity and lived like everyone else. He also hid his family.

He shielded Aran from magazine interviews. He only allowed occasional red-carpet appearances.

This allowed him to grow up in privacy. Except for occasional paparazzi photos, he remains a mystery.

The meaning of his name “Aran Murphy”

meaning of Aran Murphy

 Irish “Aran” has many meanings:

“Aran” comes from “Árann,” the Aran Islands off Ireland’s west coast. These islands are beautiful and unusual, thus the name.

Irish “árann” denotes “fruit” or “fruitfulness.” This might imply wealth.

“Aran” may also signify “noble” or “warrior” in Sanskrit.

“Murphy” is an anglicized variant of “Ó Murchadha,” which means “descendant of Murchadh.” “Murchadh” means “sea warrior” or “sea battler” from the components “Muir” (sea) and “cath” (battle).

Aran Murphy Early Profession and Career

Aran Murphy Early Profession

The current location of Aran is Dublin, Ireland. His parents took the family back to Ireland when he was eight years old so that he and his brother could grow up immersed in Irish culture rather than adopting the English way of life and speaking with a refined British accent. He and his brother relocated near their maternal and paternal grandparents.

He has relocated to Dublin, where he will complete his secondary education. He has not yet decided on a profession, although he will likely follow in his father’s footsteps and become an actor. He has done acting in school and community plays. The Dead Center Theatre Company cast him as Hamnet in their 2019 performance, marking his professional debut.

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Aran’s portrayal of Shakespeare’s son in the historical role of Hamnet at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in late 2019 was a highlight of the production. His dad was there to cheer him on, and the New York Times gave him an A+ for his effort.

His Net worth is $100k.

Aran Murphy Height, Weight, Body Measurement

  • Height in Inches: 4 feet 9 inches
  • Height in Centimetres: 145
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 28-25-22
  • Body measurements in centimeters: 71-63-55

Conclusion of Aran Murphy


Aran’s acting prowess has already been on display at an early age. It’s easy to see where he picked up his acting skills. Aran has taken a lot of cues from his famous father. The 12-year-old actor has been in many productions at the Dead Centre, an Irish theater group, and has even performed the leading role in Hamnet. Reviews of the play were primarily negative. However, many people praised his performance.

The child intends to establish himself in this area, much like his famous father before him. It’s clear that Aran took his name seriously and followed in his father’s footsteps. Yvonne McGuinness, his mother, works as a visual artist and producer.

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