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Who is Frances Abbott? Daughter of Australian PM, Tony Abbott (Updated March 2023)



Frances Abbott

Who is Frances Abbott?

A Daughter of Australian PM, Tony Abbott.

Welcome again, readers! This article is related to Frances Abbott, the daughter of the 28th Prime minister of Australia and the wife of 2 times Olympic bronze champion Frances Loch.

If you are interested to know about her then please keep reading the article carefully.

Who is Frances Abbott?

Who is Frances Abbott

Frances Abbott is the daughter of Ex Australian prime minister Tony Abbott. And she is a professional bodybuilder.

Now she is 31 years old. Recently on 14th Feb 2018, Frances married Sam Loch, a professional rower, and changed her surname to Frances Loch. They both live in Oregon in the US.

Family Background of Frances Abbott

daughters of tony abbott

Frances Abbott is the daughter of a famous Ex-Australian Prime minister Tony Abbott. He was the 28th prime minister of Australia. From 2013 to 2015.

After he became prime minister he created a new budget in 2014 for Australia. Also, he approved same-sex marriage, chopper gate, and in 2015 he also create a leadership spill.

As a prime minister, her father made many things and gave Australians a new way to live their lives.

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Her mother’s name is Margaret Aitken and she is a teacher. Frances also has two sisters named Bridget Abbott, and Louise Abbott.

Early Life, Career, and Marriage life of Frances Abbott

Louise Abbott Sister

After completing her school studies Frances received a scholarship from the chairman for a higher degree. The scholarship’s name is “chairman scholarship”. It cost around 60000 dollars from the Whitehouse institute of design.

Frances took a scholarship, a bachelor in design at the Whitehouse institute of design in Sydney from 2011 to 2013. After completing her bachelor’s degree she moved to Melbourne and she works for Whitehouse as a teacher for her master’s degree.

After completing her study she focuses on her body and she workout daily for her fitness. From fitness, she also gave her body a great figure. After some time she decided to join a bodybuilding competition and she took this profession as her career.

She is a famous fitness lady in Australia as she won many bodybuilding competitions and received many awards in bodybuilding competitions.

In 2017, Frances met with Sam Loch for the first time through her mutual friend. In the first meeting, they both liked each other and they got engaged after just two weeks of dating. Sam Loch is a professional rower. He also participated 2 times in the Olympics in 2008 and 2012 and received bronze two times.

When they both engaged Frances told publicly about her love “When I am around him, I am like, ‘This is what it’s meant to be like. Life is short, and love is special, and sometimes you just need to follow your instincts”

The pair didn’t wait so long and got married in 2018. After marriage, the pair moved to Oregon. From Oregon, Frances shoots her bodybuilding videos and uploads them daily.

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In 2021, Frances shared another good news publicly she is expecting her first child.

“BIG LITTLE BABY LOCH. Joining the party Summer ’21,” she captions that in her Instagram.

On 11th July 2021 Frances Loch and her husband Sam Loch welcomed their first son Ernest Loch.

Conclusion of Frances Abbott


So, we have covered all the recent details that we found about Frances Abbott. However, She is not as famous as her father. She always loves to live a simple life with her little dream. Now she has a family and she loves to spend time with her family and she cares about her child.

But after her family she also never let her dream go down. Now she again joined Yoga to stay fit and soon she will again come to a Bodybuilding competition.

We hope that you all like our article. If you have any quarry then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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