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Who is Ben Westwood? Famous Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood Son (Update: May 2023)



Ben Westwood

“Are you tired of hearing about the same old celebrities? Well, get ready for something new and refreshing. Meet Ben Westwood, a talented fashion designer, and photographer with a unique perspective on art and style. Being the iconic Vivienne Westwood son, Ben’s creative roots run deep, and his innovative work is something to behold. Let’s break away from the norm and dive into the world of Ben Westwood, the creative force shaking up the fashion industry.”

Who is Ben Westwood?

Vivienne Westwood kid

Ben Westwood, the oldest son of renowned British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, specializes in capturing stylish and erotic images of women in his work as a professional photographer. His designs are known for their edgy and punk-inspired aesthetic, often incorporating unconventional materials and techniques.

Alongside his fashion work, Ben’s successful photography has exhibited his work internationally. He is also an active activist in the world of fashion. He has been involved in numerous collaborations and fashion projects and continues to push boundaries in the fashion industry.

Ben Westwood’s Age and Date of Birth Details

vivienne westwood son

Benjamin Westwood is currently 60 years old. He was born in 1963 in Edgware, North London as the progeny of the renowned fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, and her former spouse, Derek Westwood. Derek, a retired commercial airline pilot, and Ben’s father, currently resides in Leicestershire. He separated from Vivienne, who was a primary school teacher at that time, in the late 1960s. The dissolution of the romantic relationship between Vivienne and Derek occurred when their child, Ben, was a mere three years of age.

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During his childhood, Ben frequently stayed with his maternal grandparents. He was raised in Clapham, where he shared a bunk bed with his younger half-brother, Joe Corre (son of Malcolm McLaren), who is four years his junior. As a child, Ben did not have any concrete aspirations and believed that he would eventually become a train driver.

Ben Westwood’s Career

Ben Westwood’s Career

A young boy whose aspiration as per a child’s imagination was to become a train driver but turns out to be a fashion revolutionary! In one of his interviews, he stated that he began pursuing photography when he was 28 years old. Before that, he had worked in post offices and factories and subsequently moved on to work in production for his mother.

After pursuing his career in photography for 18 years he followed in his mother’s footsteps and pursued a career in fashion, launching his label in 2009. It was noted that Ben Westwood, who was previously an erotic photographer, transitioned into a fashion designer, following in the footsteps of his mother. In 2012, he presented his debut collection at London Fashion Week. When asked about his sources of inspiration, he mentioned that tribal cultures, such as the Red Indians and pirates, were prominent in his childhood.

He also shared that his mother had an affinity for films featuring Red Indians. Additionally, he co-owns a menswear boutique called A Child of the Jago with his half-brother Joe, who is the founder of the lingerie company Agent Provocateur. He firmly opposes censorship and rejects the notion that his work is “dirty,” considering it to be niche and unexplored by others due to fear. He believes that it is psychologically unhealthy to suppress one’s sexual thoughts and that expressing them is crucial.

Some Lesser Known Facts about Ben Westwood

Facts about Ben Westwood

  • He started his career in the fashion industry as a model, not a photographer. In the late 1980s, he modeled for his mother’s fashion line and was even featured in several of her runway shows.
  • He was associated with a band called “A Man Called Adam” during the 1990s. The band released several albums and singles, and Ben even designed the artwork for some of their releases.

Ben Westwood’s Profile

Ben Westwood Profile

  • Full Name: Benjamin Arthur Westwood
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Year of Birth: 1963
  • Age: 60 years (as of 2023)
  • Zodiac Sign: Unknown
  • Place of Birth: Edgware, North London, UK
  • Current Resident: East Sussex, UK
  • Nationality: British
  • Hair Colour: Silver
  • Father’s Name: Derek Westwood
  • Mother’s Name: Vivienne Westwood
  • Siblings: Joseph Corré (Half-Brother)
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Spouse: Tomoka Westwood
  • Children: Bamboo Westwood (son)
  • Profession: Exotic Photographer and Fashion designer
  • Net Worth: Unknown

Conclusion of Ben Westwood


Not just as Vivienne Westwood son but known for his unique and provocative style, Ben Westwood’s photography has garnered attention from both the fashion world and enthusiasts of erotic art. He has also demonstrated a strong passion for tribal culture and incorporates it into his fashion designs. He is whole-heartedly vocal when it comes to supporting bold and erotic fashion or preferences.

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He has participated in several campaigns and rallies. With his creative flair and individuality, Ben has established himself as a unique voice in the fashion industry and continues to inspire others to break boundaries and think outside the box.

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