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14 Best Free Media or Video Players for Windows/Mac PC



Best Video Player for PC

Video players come up as the media players and they are used to play video data from various sources like CDs, DVDs, etc. Users can easily install the media players on a PC and you can thus make use of the best form of technology.

Nowadays, there are manifold video player apps and you need to get an idea of the best video players for PC. Thus, you can now explore technology in a new way and it becomes easy to watch movies and short videos. The best free video player for PC brings in better audio and visual effects that make you feel good.

List of Top 14 Best Free Video (Media) Players for PC (Windows/Mac)

Top 11 Video Players for PC

Media players are used to playing songs, and movies and they can easily get input from your PC. The media players can burn CDS to read the content and the videos are displayed accordingly.

The media players also help you to download and play movies from the internet and you can thus explore true fun.

Now, users can easily install the media player apps from the app store and it takes only a few minutes to get it started. Only, you need to get a PC with a genuine operating system and make sure that the media player supports your PC.

Here is the list of the top 14 best free video or media players for PC:

1. VLC Media Player (All format video player for pc free download)

Video Player for PC

This is the most common and popular video player for PC. It turns out with a wide range of features and also you can find customization options. It has gained recognition as the top media player of 2021. This media player supports multiple operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux etc.

It’s a free and open-source video player and here you can even find the option to play 3D videos.

Next, the audio and video compression methods also come up as smarter options and more users today prefer installing VLC media player. VLC media players is an alternative to Windows media player and it supports all Windows versions from Windows 10 to Windows XP.

2. KMPlayer (download video player for pc)

Video Player for PC

This is another free video player for Windows 10 and there is the option to add external codes. It improves the compatibility of the media player and the 64-bit media player is recognized as one of the best video players for PC.

This media player supports different formats and the audio and visual effects bring in the best experience. KMPlayer also makes it easy to edit the subtitles and thus you can customize the video.

3. Miro

Participatory Culture Foundation developed Miro and using this media player you can play HD videos. It gives you a better visual experience and you would keep watching the videos. Now, you can download videos from YouTube, Amazon and Miro helps you to play the videos.

This media is free to install and you can now use the features free from any worries. Also, this video player for PC helps you to convert the video format and thus you can use the media player in your way.

4. MediaMonkey

Best Video Player for PC

MediaMonkey is a software, which helps in organizing the videos. This tool provides a good playback facility and you can even install plugins that enhance the functionality of the tool. Also, the video synchronization feature makes this media player one of the best video players for PC.

This media player gives you the option to download videos, movies, podcasts etc. and you can enjoy watching movies and videos.

5. GOM Media Player (video player for pc free download)

This is recognized as the top video player for PC coming up with smarter options. It’s a free and open-source application and it’s easy to install the application on your PC. Using this media player, you can import an entire video playlist and it’s a hassle-free procedure.

The tool features a comprehensive design and you would find it easy to use the media player. GOM supports screencasts and now you can easily connect your PC to a projector. Thus, you can enjoy watching the videos on a big screen and you can comprehend the true importance of using GOM Media Player.

It’s time to enjoy ultrasmooth high-definition videos and this media player thus turns out as the most prevalent video player for PC.

6. Real Player

Real Player is a video player as well as a video manager and it helps you to organize every content in the right way. Using this media player, you can import and export videos and it brings in a better experience.

Also, it comes up with a cloud space called RealCloud where you can save videos. Anytime you can retrieve the videos and thus the cloud space turns out as one of the useful features. Once you install Real Player you can download videos from YouTube and Vimeo or you watch videos online.

The user-friendly and appealing design of this tool makes it the most used free video player for PC.

7. Leawo Blu-ray Player (all format video player for pc free download)

Best Video Player for PC

Want to play the original audio and video? The Leawo Blu-ray player is the ideal option. It supports audio decoding technologies such as Dolby, AAC, DTS, TrueHD etc.

It gives you the best watching experience and you can comprehend how the media player helps you to watch the videos with original effects. The media player supports multiple audio and video formats and now you can play the best quality videos.

Here, you would also find the subtitle playback option and you can now learn why this media player gains popularity nowadays.

This media player supports multiple formats such as MOV, QT, DIVX, AC3, APE, MPG, MPEG, MP3, MP2 etc.

8. Pot Player

Pot Player is a popular media player, which also features a screen recorder for live streaming. Using this media player, you can customize the appearance of the videos and it makes you feel excited.

Now, you can easily sync subtitles and thus it gives you a better viewing experience. Before you finalize you can execute a preview along with snapshots.

It helps you to come up with a customized video and you can learn how the smarter features help in managing the videos.

9. SM Player

Video Player for PC

This is another video player for PC featuring a smarter form of technology. The media player has in-built codes and there is no need to add any external codecs. There is the option to change the view of the player using the icon themes.

Thus, you can now get a new media player for your PC, which supports all audio and video formats. It comes up with a user-friendly interface and you can make use of the features freely.

Now, you start playing YouTube videos along with subtitles and you can explore the better quality of sound.

10. Windows 11 Media Player

Recently, Windows has released the media player for Windows 11 users. So, users won’t have to install any external media player, as they can get the media player from Windows. It features a smart user interface with minimal features.

Hence, you can use the UI easily and it motivates you to listen to your favorite tracks. This media player also features a nice appearance with rounded corners, exclusive accent colors etc.

Presently, Windows 11 Media Player is only available to Windows Insider Program users and it takes only a few minutes to complete the installation. It’s easy to install the media player manually and you can now explore the smarter features.

11. MPV Player

Video Player for PC

This is a free and open-source media player available for Windows 11 users. It features a clear home screen and the media controls are hidden. It’s easy to use the drag and drop feature to play videos and you can learn how the open-source media player brings in a better experience.

So, if you want to avoid using a large number of resources you can try the MPV player. This media player supports multiple operating systems and you can now install the software confidently.

12. Zoom Player

Zoom Player is one of the best free video media players for your PC. Many computers come installed with a video player. So, many people are not interested in downloading third-party software. When you are searching for a good video player for your PC, then you need to focus on its pros and cons. You must check the ability to play the widest range of video and audio files, without downloading any plug-ins. Zoom player will allow its users to play videos and some can also play DVDs and Blu-rays, stream online radio, and play videos from YouTube. It is very easy to use and a beginner can also use it.

13. Kodi

This application is a free and open-source video player and entertainment hub. This application is best for users with a large media library to store all their digital content in one place which includes TV, movies, podcasts, music, photos, games, and many more. Kodi is best for good organizational tools and it is fully customizable. It has some extra features like a video game and game controller support and the user can record and watch Live TV. This application has a catalog of over 900 add-ons to personalize your viewing experience. For movie and TV lovers, Kodi is the best place which help the user organize and store their digital files in one place.

14. 5K player

It is also one of the best applications and a free video player. 5k Player has smart features that will give you a night-at-the-the-movie experience with TrueTheater technology. It also supports 360-degree and VR video and has screen recording capabilities. You can watch a video in 1080p, 4K, and 8K picture quality. It also allows its users to download content from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Yahoo, and Vine, and you can also save a video to watch it later.

Time to Install the Genuine Video Players

Time to Install the Genuine Media Player

Finally, it’s time to install the genuine video player for PC and ensure that you are well-familiar with the features. It’s important to visit the play store and you would find the option to install the software.

Thus, you can now explore a new form of technology and it gives you a better experience. Now, you can watch the videos on your PC and you can learn the uses of media players.

Once you complete installing the software you can get an idea of the smarter features helping in video streaming online.

Get Familiar with the Features

Before you start installation it’s important to get familiar with the features. It gives you the confidence knowing that you can use the video player on your PC. Make sure that the video player for PC receives updates and thus you can get the updated version of the software.

Once you go through the list of media players mentioned above you can learn the features and accordingly, you can choose the suitable one.

Make sure that you get technical assistance if any feature malfunctions. It helps you to restore the functionality of the video player and once again you can play the videos and movies.

Conclusion of Best Free Video Player for PC


Overall, you get an idea of how technology has made notable advancements in recent days. These media players for PC feature smarter options and users can play movies, videos, and music with better visual impacts.

It’s easy to install the media player and if you want you can uninstall it anytime. Only, you need to choose the media player and it’s time to enjoy music with complete peace of mind.

The media players for PC support multiple versions of Windows like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows XP etc. & thus you can now get rid of all confusion.

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