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The Top 9 Best Alternatives to Stripe in 2022



Alternatives to Stripe

Are you looking at alternatives to Stripe?

Examine various top Payment Gateway services that offer similar advantages at affordable prices. Give your team the power to choose the most suitable Stripe competitor to meet your business needs.

Stripe is a renowned technology firm that offers payment processing services and other applications and tools for merchants. Overall it’s a popular solution for a lot of businesses.

3 Things To Look Out for In Stripe Alternatives

Stripe Alternatives

3 of these are popular requirements:

  1. The service – Stripe offers a range of products for companies that accept payment both online and in-person. At first glance, it appears that competitors would benefit from offering the same functions as Stripe or more. However, it’s more concerned with your service caliber and the required tools. Most likely, the business has more committed customer service and will invest more time and money in developing a specific technology that is constantly improved.
  2. Security – No matter how many options a payment system has, your funds are in danger if it’s not secured enough. Check to see if the service can be PCI DSS compliant and has safeguards against fraudulent transactions like Stripe.
  3. Price – Last but not least, the charges you have to pay could determine whether to purchase. Examine charges and select the most appropriate option.

Top 9 Best Alternatives to Stripe

Let us now discuss an overview of nine Stripe alternatives that could help you change from Stripe:

9. Square Alternatives to Stripe

Alternatives to Stripe

Square began as an app for mobile POS applications; however, today, it’s a complete business platform that supports both in-person and online sales.

One of the alternatives to Stripe provides seamless, advanced inventory management for no cost, online ordering, invoicing, an account database for customers, powerful reporting tools, and most recently, the introduction of in-app purchases.

Square’s APIs and documentation enable you to create an efficient system that can integrate in-person and online sales, reports inventory, reports, and many other features, with Square’s extensive tools.

The Stripe Alternatives like Square offer huge benefits as you don’t need to purchase third-party software to manage the inventory, customer engagement and other tasks that are peripheral to the system.


  • Predictable flat-rate pricing
  • No monthly costs
  • Amazing feature set
  • Cheap chip card readers for credit cards

8. Authorize Alternatives to Stripe

Another on our list of Stripe Alternatives is Authorize, that have been used for two decades and has made it easier to process transactions.

With Authorize, creating a Buy Now payments button is never so easy, and all you have to do is customize it, copy the HTML code, and then add it to your website.

Integration with the service is simple, and several resources help developers select the most suitable solutions for their company.

It is a good Alternatives to Stripe for those working on a tight budget. The cost is $0.10 per transaction, with an annual fee of $25.


  • Tools for risk detection and authorization safeguard the customer’s data.
  • The billing process is automated for repeat customers.
  • Supports virtual points of sale with no cost.
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7. Genome Wallet Alternatives to Stripe

Another on our list of best Stripe alternatives is Genome, an internet-based financial platform designed to give users a simple and accessible banking experience while sitting in the comforts of their homes.

The platform provides users with a secure and straightforward experience in managing finances. It is available in two different versions, business and personal, to meet every individual and business requirement.

This alternative to Stripe lets you create as many multi-currency accounts as you want, per your needs – and for no cost.

They also provide the fastest service, and you can be approved immediately after submitting an online bank account application.

Users can also transfer funds or receive money and top up any wallet using this Genome system in a matter of minutes.

With this Stripe alternative, customers can also earn cash through Genome’s referral program. Personal and business wallets.


  • Transfer money quickly by paying a one-time fee of 1% over the interbank exchange rate.
  • Invite and share your company’s business account details with your employees and business partners.
  • Make payment templates and repeated transfers with just one click.
  • Make account statements available in CSV and PDFformats, access transaction reports, and access in-depth analysis to be always at the helm of your company account.

6. Shopify Payments Alternatives to Stripe

Alternatives to Stripe

A Shopify seller will need to join a payment processor as Shopify transactions are already a component of your account, allowing the merchant to accept payments without trouble.

Alternatives to Stripe, Shopify payments are accepted in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Shopify payments enable businesses to be globally active in various payment options, including PayPal and Shopify.

Quick approval and a simple setup allow users to start using Shopify payments without trouble.

Payment and transaction allow users to keep the details of transactions in one dashboard that helps you be informed of your transactions’ actual situation, which can help prevent fraud.


  • Instant payment accepting
  • Popular payment methods that accept local currencies provide a great experience.
  • One of the best Stripe alternatives offers secure checkouts, encryption of payment data, and PCI-compliant servers that allow customers to confidently complete transactions.
  • Tracking payments and orders using live dashboard updates is an integral element of the functionality.

5. Transferwise – Alternatives to Stripe

Transferwise can be an excellent option among all the Stripe alternatives. Transferwise allows global money transfers with competitive exchange rates, creating a cutting-edge banking system.

A profile for your business, with some profile information and a verification procedure, is all you require to start your journey with a payment processor for your company.

The process of signing up for transfers is extremely simple. Documents, support documents and their confirmation to protect the account are followed up to 3 days after acceptance of the account.

Transferwise offers the currency conversion rate in the middle. This means they are fair for buyers and sellers on the market, with no markups.

UK Financial Service Authority has approved Transferwise and has made it a safe financial institution. This regulation protects the customer’s funds in the event of bankruptcy or other fraudulent issues.

International transactions for businesses require a payment gateway that has a multi-currency account.

Transferwise is an excellent choice as it shields clients from any pitfalls and offers a fair rate/cost of conversion.


  • International money transfer
  • A multi-currency account can facilitate online payments, simple transfers, recurring payments and a multi-currency wallet.
  • Low Currency Exchange Rates
  • Low cost

4. Adyen Alternatives to Stripe

Adyen is another Stripe Alternatives payment platform that also provides business merchant accounts. Not just that, it permits card processing, and it provides point-of-sale for retailers.

Big corporations like eBay, L’Oreal, and Spotify depend on Adyen’s solutions. With the help of this Stripe Alternatives, you can accept credit cards, wallets and other payment methods, such as the local ones from the Americas, Europe, Middle East and APAC regions.

The cost per transaction varies significantly. For example, for European retailers, Mastercard and Visa transactions will cost you 0,10 euros plus Interchange+ (more on how Interchange++ operates on this page). Also, there are no setup charges which is a huge advantage!


  • Ideal for international retailers
  • No application or setup costs.
  • No monthly costs

3. PayPal Alternatives to Stripe

Alternatives to Stripe

Paypal is another Stripe alternatives, which allows businesses to increase the size of their payment system to process and accept payments from merchant accounts without asking for financial data or compromising security.

PayPal uses some of the top encryption technologies to shield its customers from any type of fraud risk.

Customers can register their credit cards, eliminating the necessity of typing passwords and other information at every transaction, thus enabling an easy checkout experience that is hassle-free and speeds up sales.

Customizing invoicing, pre-designed templates, integrations, templates, and more without providing personal financial details makes PayPal an ideal online payment system.

Moreover, it lets you pay instantly around the globe using an email address, making it the most reliable alternative to Stripe.


  • Improve relationships with consumers.
  • Make use of an international network to connect with potential customers.
  • A variety of applications to manage mundane yet crucial tasks.
  • Money transfer in minutes.
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2. RazorpayAlternatives to Stripe

Another on our list of best alternatives to Stripe is Razorpay which is an ideal choice for any Indian who wants to create an international e-commerce platform. It facilitates faster conversions, less code for simpler integration and the ability to bill recurring. Razorpay is compatible with major well-documented SDKs, APIs, and plugins. Users can get the latest statistics and data in real-time and give them information to aid in the growth of their business.

Being the best Stripe alternative, Razorpay lets businesses use a variety of payment options, process, and pay out the money through their product range.

Pay with mobile-based wallets, and credit cards, debit cards, and UPI are just a few of the accepted payment options that work with Razorpay.

Recurring and one-time payments via wallets such as PayUmoney, Ola money, airtel money, and Pay Zapp, and a few others are possible through Razorpay.


  • A unique and easy-to-use interface that is unique and intuitive.
  • Available in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Australia, South Asia, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Simple integration.
  • Control loyalty programs and offers in one click.

1. PAYMENTCLOUDAlternatives to Stripe

Stripe can handle a wide range of companies, both domestic and international. However, high-risk businesses will have difficulty obtaining and maintaining a Stripe account.

Third-party processors such as Stripe combine their customers into bigger merchant accounts.

In turn, they avoid businesses that result in an unusually high volume of fraudulent transactions or chargebacks.

If your business falls into the wrong category, there are processors such as PaymentCloud. PaymentCloud, Stripe alternatives, is a high-risk expert highly recommended by several of the best low-risk processors for businesses that they work with.

Dharma Merchant Services is one example. They refer their clients with high risk to PaymentCloud. Since they’re a high-risk processor that searches your profile to find the right merchant account, the pricing can vary between customers. However, we advise applicants to ask for an interchange-plus price


  • High-risk specialist
  • Affordable rates and charges
  • Excellent customer support

Are Stripe Alternatives really better than Stripe?

It’s a challenge to know if one payment option is better than the other because they offer different features, have different charges, and can work with various types of businesses. And the most suitable solution for selecting alternatives to Stripe is the one that meets all your requirements.

For instance, you could locate a payment provider with a more favorable pricing plan and more fraud prevention tools or one that can cover your country, as opposed to Stripe.

Furthermore, just looking at the features that Stripe Alternatives offers could be a refreshing idea if you’re looking to keep up with the most recent developments in finance.

Conclusion of Best Alternatives to Stripe


There is a myriad of Stripe alternatives that offer payment gateways such as stripe and alternatives. The services and prices that they offer are not identical.

Every service provides exciting services. Some cost per transaction, while others have the billing cycle.

At last, it is recommended to conduct a thorough study on the advantages, features, uses, and prices each service offers before choosing the most appropriate Stripe alternatives.

Topic Summary

Here Are A Quick List Of The 9 Best Alternatives to Stripe in 2022

  2. Razorpay
  3. PayPal
  4. Adyen
  5. Transferwise
  6. Shopify Payments
  7. Genome Wallet
  8. Authorize
  9. Square

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