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The 10 Best Alternatives to PayPal of 2022



Alternatives to PayPal

Do you look for the Best PayPal alternatives in 2022?

Is undoubtedly one of the best payment apps which are user-friendly, fast, reliable, widely used, and a secured method. But every great company has its kind of rivals in the same market.

For instance, apple as a brand is fighting with Microsoft for becoming the best.

This friendly competition is, however, said to be good for the development of each company. It helps the companies as well as their developers to push their limits and capabilities and cater better to their customers.

As a customer, we always search for better things for ourselves. Right?

So, if you have ever been thinking about what is a good alternative to PayPal and why would you need PayPal alternatives, this article is definitely all you need.

Here, we will cover the 10 best alternatives to PayPal as of 2022 and whatever you feel better you can opt for it.

When do people look for PayPal alternatives?

PayPal alternatives

Did you also come across certain situations in which you felt that you might not have been suffering from that if you had been using any PayPal alternative?

If you have also faced some such similar situations, you are not the only one in it. The reasons listed below are why people feel the necessity to change their payment mode from PayPal to some other option.

  • Excessive charges

Though PayPal doesn’t charge you any extra fees for opening an account, if you are sending money or receiving money from earned your business transaction or receiving money as a gift or payment from your friend and family or sending money via PayPal you will be charged some extra fees for proceeding your payment.

When you are sending money through PayPal, they might charge you up to a limit of 1.9 to 3.5 percent of the total money. It might sometimes as well result in charging high payback money.

  • Time management

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hand and you want instant access to your money, PayPal would charge you a 1% fee with an extra $10.

And that is why people often wish to change their payment method to something else than PayPal which would be more convenient for them and they would not have to pay extra charges for it.

A bank transfer with no charge costs will take a lot of days to be processed.

  • Vulnerability

Another reason why people having full knowledge try to search for better alternatives to PayPal is that it is because of its vulnerability and the risks of suffering from fraud.

Sometimes PayPal even refunds back the amount that the buyer has decided to pay for the goods bought and thus resulting in a huge loss for the seller.

The customer service is also not very efficient and They do not look into the issues properly or try to redress them either.

Top 10 best alternatives to PayPal for you

Though PayPal is a great option by which you can send and receive payments from your friends or customers of your business, still sometimes people do search for its alternatives due to certain reasons.

So, if you are also here to get some alternatives to PayPal, then listed below are some of the PayPal alternatives that you should definitely consider when seeking a good alternative to replace PayPal.

10. Stripe

Alternatives to PayPal

Stripe is a great PayPal alternative best suggested for handling payments of e-commerce and online businesses that make regular dealings in online transactions. This American financial company was founded back in the year 2010.

The main function of the company is to offer processing services of payments for the E-Commerce businesses. They cater their services in almost 41 countries and u can accept payments from customers living anywhere in any part of the world.

Stripe can be called out as one of the best alternatives to PayPal for business owners. However, people have to pay an extra charge of 2.9% in addition to 30 Cents for making credit card transactions.

They also have customized packages for businesses that are involved in large transactions regularly. Beat suggested for multinational companies and every business organization can with their eyes closed depending on the stripe.

You don’t have to face any kind of problem when using stripe. It provides ultimate protection against the risks of suffering from fraud and makes the entire process an easy one.

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9. Google pay

Google pay is one of the best free alternatives to PayPal used by individuals and merchants for making their online payments and receiving their money. It doesn’t charge you anything for receiving or paying any amount.

Instead, they also give you different gift cards with which you can avail of certain offers. Google Play was launched back in 2015 with the name Android pay but later in 2018, it was renamed Google pay.

It makes it very efficient to pay from one person to another without incurring any kind of stress. It is a very user-friendly technique. Confirm your pin and you do with the payment.

Google pay is supported by some of the major financial institutions and is available in almost 28 countries all across the world. Australia, North America, the UK, and India are some of the regions which include Google pay as their method of payment.

At max, you can transfer up to an amount of $9999 In one transaction and up to a limit of $50000 within 5 days.

8. Transferwise

Alternatives to PayPal

Transferwise, a UK-based mobile payment method and one of the best PayPal alternatives was introduced first in 2011.

Customers are given the authority to transfer money to banks from over 30 countries. The fees that transfer charge depend on the amount and the currency you are transferring, that is, based on the transfer being made.

However, it is comparatively less when compared with the original fees charged by the traditional financial institutions and money transfer firms. If you are a resident of the UK, Singapore, Australia, and also the US (except for Huawei and Nevada) you can avail of the services of transfers.

It supports over 57 countries and multi-currency transfers are also available. It doesn’t charge you any kind of registration fees. You can transfer up to a maximum limit of $1 million, however, the value differs from currency to currency.

The fees needed to be paid varies on the currency and the amount you are transferring. For instance, you have to pay a 1% charge for making a transfer in US dollars and some other currencies.

However, in most of the currencies, you will see transfers charges A maximum fee of up to 0.5%.

7. Payoneer

Payoneer is one of those greatest online payment solutions when it comes to alternatives to PayPal which are best preferred for contractors, small business owners, and freelancers to help them receive and process their payments from people all across the world.

It is a payment gateway that gives you access to digital payment services, working capital loans, and making online transfers of money.

Small businesses and individuals who are self-employed can get access to its benefits across 200 countries and territories.

It allows you direct payment and also currency conversation. You can convert currencies including INR, AUD, CNY, JPY, EUR, USD, CAD, and GBP. Also, you can effortlessly make bank-to-bank and other online transactions with no maximum or minimum transfer limit.

No fees are charged on Payoneer from its customers to receive payments. However, if you want to make a direct credit card payment, a minimum of 3% fee is charged, and in the case of ACH bank debit 1% fee is charged for all currencies.

6. Square

Alternatives to PayPal

If you have a small business and receive small payments from your customers, then Square is the best option for you. Its current services are available in a few countries which only including Australia UK Canada Japan and US.

Square was first introduced back in 2009 and is regarded as one of the greatest and cheapest payment platforms which charge you no authorization fees or refunding fees or anything.

You can make a maximum transaction of up to $50000 per day. They offer you three payment methods – the square stand, square terminal, and lastly the square reader. The charges also depend upon which option payment methods are used.

There are multiple pricing options available and to know more about the plans properly make sure that you go through the entire pricing page and have full knowledge. However square reader costs $59, a square stand costs you $299, and square terminal costs you $439 with an additional 1.9% per transaction for square POS.

5. Amazon Pay

Amazon pay is another great solution if you are looking for PayPal alternatives. Amazon has been great at selling things online and that’s why they decided to step into the world of payment by creating their payment tool.

Just as you know Amazon has very user-friendly and therefore, Amazon pay is the same. Just add the details of your payment and you are done.

With just one tap you will be able to pay to whoever and whatever you want to pay through your Amazon pay button.

No extra transaction or processing fees will be charged. If you are a business owner, you can just add the Amazon pay option to make your payment method easy for the customers.

Amazon pay is a super-fast, reliable, and secured payment option. Whatever your business scale is whether small scale or medium scale or large scale, it does not matter because of its flexibility.

The Amazon pay pricing includes authorization fees which include $0.30 with an extra 2.9% charge.

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4. Authorize.Net

Alternatives to PayPal

Found in 1996 are a United States-based gateway service provider and another one among the great alternatives to PayPal that you might be seeking. It is one of the most sought online payment solutions.

It caters to merchants’ services and accepts credit cards online. They also provide billing solutions and other CRM tools. They don’t particularly charge any setup or any registration fees from its users.

However, it charges a certain amount of monthly subscription fees which is  $25. You can make transactions by paying a charge of 2.9% in addition to $0.30.

3. Adyen

It’s just searching for international alternatives to PayPal, Adyen is the perfect fit for you. It helps businesses manage their payments both in person as well as online.

It is a Dutch company that serves many major companies. Its pricing includes no monthly or set up or integration fees to be paid by the user.

However, it charges processing fees which vary depending upon the method of payment used.

2. Dwolla

Alternatives to PayPal

If you are a self-employed individual or own a small-scale or medium-scale business or a nonprofit organization or a government agency for managing online bank transfers, then Dwolla is the best online payment gateway for you. It was first established in 2008. It enables you to cross border online bank transfers and payments.

Its services are mostly available to businesses operating in the United States. Business owners can use the services of Dwolla to receive payments from across 180 countries and in 35 different currencies.

You can make a transaction from a personal account up to a maximum amount of $5000 and up to an amount of $10000 in the case of non-personal accounts. It’s the best fit for you if you don’t manage large payments.

They are available in 3 packages. Customers availing of Dwolla services have to pay a charge of 5% with every transaction with a maximum of $5 and a minimum of 5 cents with each transaction. It has a scale package that cost a monthly subscription of $2000 per month.

On the other hand, it also has an enterprise package that prices about $10000 per month and has exclusive customized features and flat pricing.

1. Venmo

Venmo is best suggested for online payments and bank-to-bank transfers of value. Venmo is a P2P (peer-to-peer) payment method for mobile. You can transfer money through your mobile from your bank account to another individual through this.

This app is, however, owned by PayPal and is limited to only the residents living in the US.

You can make a maximum payment up to a limit of $2000 each on each purchase and make up to 30 transactions in one day.

The fees that when more charges are comparatively lower than the firms transferring money or of the bank. You have to pay an almost negligible amount when transferring a huge amount of money.

For credit card payment you need to pay a fixed rate of 3%. If you are making a transfer from your when more account to a debit card 1% a minimum of 1% fees will be charged on the transaction.

Conclusion of The Best Alternatives to PayPal


PayPal is a great option. However, when choosing from among the PayPal alternatives listed above carefully analyze which one suffices your needs the most.

You should look at the pricing and the advantages it offers before choosing what you would like to use as your option from the alternatives of PayPal. You should be careful with these security options as well.

Topic Summary

Here Are A Quick List Of The 10 Best Alternatives to PayPal of 2022

  1. Venmo
  2. Dwolla
  3. Adyen
  4. Authorize.Net
  5. Amazon Pay
  6. Square
  7. Payoneer
  8. Transferwise
  9. Google pay
  10. Stripe

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