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Top 10 Most Expensive Cigarettes in the World (Update Nov 2022)



Expensive Cigarettes

Smoking is not good for our health and our lungs. But not only the old people but also the young generation also addicted to smoking. Many smokers in the world suffer from lung problems. Do you know the cigarette business all over the world sells sixty-five trillion cigarettes every year?

The companies have received lots of money through this business. It is very difficult to understand how smokers spent money on their bad habits. In the following article, we have discussed the top 10 most expensive cigarettes in the world.

List of the Most Expensive Cigarettes

A cigarette is a luxury item and there are many kinds of Dulux cigarettes in the world. We do not discuss any type of electronic cigarette, mini cigars, flavored pipe etc. The costly cigarettes are famous all over the world. Customers order expensive cigarettes online or offline also. It is low tax and there are lots of variations.

There are price differences in cigarette packs in many countries in the world. The cost of tobacco is very high in Australia and Hawaii. Now you will get detailed information about the top branded cigarettes.

10. Davidoff

David off is a luxurious cigarette brand. They serve us for 100 years and produce premium quality cigar and smoking accessories. The rate of this high-quality cigarette is $5.90. The founder of this brand is Zino Davidoff. The company was set up in the early twentieth century. When they started their business it was a tiny tobacco store in Geneva, Switzerland. There are many variations of this expensive cigarette. Silver, gold and classic brand. A new Ice Green version for menthol lover smokers.

This branded company also sells Davidoff Supreme, Blue and Magenta. Each product has its extraordinary scent and taste. David off also produces high-quality. David off creates premium cigars and cigarettes. The company is becoming popular in the year 1960. Their Unique cigar was made in the factories of Cuba.

9. Natural American Spirit

Expensive Cigarette

Natural American Spirit is a popular and expensive cigarette brand that attracts many smokers. They always show arrogance about the quality of the product. Their tobacco is pure and organic. The price value of this brand is $7.20. Another product is made with a small percentage of chemicals and fillers. That is why the cost of another product is so low.

Natural American Spirit is organic, so the price is so high. People are very curious about what type of tobacco plant they are nurturing because their product is good and pure. These aromatic and rich cigarettes are the favorite of smoking lovers. Light green and dark green are the menthol selection of this company, while gold and turquoise packaging is utilized for the organic mellow and organic full-bodied flavors.

8. Parliament Hybrid 2 in 1

It is one of the most expensive cigarettes in the world. Parliament Hybrid 2in1 is preferred by those people who love none menthol and menthol cigarette. If you do not like the normal cigarette then scrape the filter and blaze the menthol capsules. The worth value of a cigarette is $8.30. It is an extraordinary brand known for its indented tip.

The ending extra paper is presumed to enable keeping the nicotine and tar-consuming filter off a customer‘s lip. This costly brand is safer for our health. Parliament Hybrid 2in1 is more favorable than any other cigarette.

7. Salem

Salem is a famous American expensive cigarette company. This branded company is occupied by the ITG brand in the United States and Japan Tobacco in other territories around the world. Salem was inaugurated in the year 1956. The founder of this brand was R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

This company is famous for generating the first filter-tipped menthol cigarette in the global market. When it was introduced in the market the launching slogan was  “Take a puff, it’s springtime.” It was used for a long time to increase publicity. Salem cigarette brand is popular for its Asian menthol flavor. So it is a unique brand among the competition.

Their sale increased in the United States and also around the world such as in Europe, South America etc. The market price of this brand is $8.84.

America never tastes this type of cigarette. The cigarette brand is available in three major types, the Gold Box for lights, Silver Box for ultra lights, and slim lights in the Salem Slim Box. This branded company also gave rise to an impression in popular movies and TV shows.

6. Export A’s

The high-quality cigarette brand Export A’s price is $9.00. It is one of the most expensive cigarettes in the world. From the United States to Canada there is only one brand that rules that is Export A’s. It was owned by JTI Macdonald. In the year 1928 the, company began its business producing cigarettes and the name was Macdonald Tobacco.

Soon it was known to everyone as an Export. But now the company has various choices of cigarettes. Like the plain, full flavor, medium and providing a taste contour for everyone. There are other options which are very costly such as Rich, Extra Smooth and Active. They come in blue boxes with water capsules.

When you buy the most expensive wine, it is your best companion of yours. At first, it serves the Canadian market but you may find Export cigarettes in the United Kingdom, Hungary and the Netherlands. Macdonald Tobacco and JTI Macdonald have funded an extent of fascinating advertisement campaigns for their cigarette brands.

5. Dunhill

Expensive Cigarettes in the World

Dunhill is known as the most expensive cigarette in the world. The price value of this branded cigarette is $9. 30. Dunhill has produced products with the help of the British American Tobacco Company. It is a popular company around the world.

The Dunhill cigarette appears in a huge range of tar and nicotine levels to suit a broad variety of tastes. Arthur Dunhill was the inventor of this company. He is a tobacconist and established the brand in the year 1907.

He first opened his tobacconist shop on Duke’s street. Dunhill cigarettes from this period appeared with a cotton wool filter tip and were traded as undervaluing any perceived health danger from smoking. This top-rated brand was first introduced to American smokers in 1939. Their brand quality is good but expensive.

We know that Dunhill cigarettes were also a favorite brand for legendary gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, he was repeatedly seen smoking Dunhill cigarettes through his iconic cigarette holder. This cigarette brand got the approval of British Royalty.

4. Marlboro Vintage

The most expensive cigarette brand in the world is Marlboro Vintage. This brand holds its position tightly among the tough competition of smoking brands. It’s another cigarette brand is Philip Morris USA, which also manufactured different versions. Everybody knows the brand name properly and it is famous for its brand value.

This top-class cigarette brand sells its product all over the world. They are holding its position since 1972. Though the company is a high-class company but comes from many sponsorships. Their logo is used for Formula One racing events and Superbike World Championships. Three main products of this brand appear from Philip Morris International Line.

Various market territories around the world have extraordinary flavor and tar profiles that you can not purchase in the United States, like the Marlboro Purple Fusion blend available in the Philippines. The price of this brand is $9.80. This famous cigarette brand has started capitalizing on nicotine pouches that are used under your upper lip. Marlboro Vintage is the most successful brand in the world.

Most 3 Expensive Cigarettes are Below

3. Sobranie Black Russians

Sobranie cigarettes are the world-famous and oldest tobacco company. The company was set up in the year 1879 in London. The company is now acquired by the Gallaher group. Sobranie cigarettes are mainly sold in the United Kingdom, but now cigarettes can be bought everywhere.

The company was registered by the name of Balkan Sobranie but they shortened their name to Sobranie. In the year 1980, the company till now manufactures its cigarettes. Sobranie Black Russians arrive in a wonderful black and gold packet that trickles class and style, with extra flair coming from the gold foil established inside the pack.

This company offers many variations in the market like Sobranie Gold, Sobranie Cocktail, and Sobranie White Russian. The company uses top-class tobacco for all its items. The price of this expensive cigarette is $12.50

2. Treasurer Aluminum Gold

This costly cigarette is always a favorite of cigarette lovers.  It is one of the most expensive cigarettes in the world.  Treasurer Aluminum Gold is a prized item that attracts smokers. The cigarettes are prepared by The Chancellor Tobacco Company Limited, which is founded in the United Kingdom and has been producing cigarettes since 1999.

Cigarettes are king-size, and the length is 90  mm. Every cigarette is designed with hot foil and the Treasurer logo stamp is a must on the package.

You can discover the same beautifully modeled, elegant logo on the cardboard shoulder boxes, which is domed in foil to improve the impression of luxury. These cigarettes are rich in flavor. Smokers appreciate this brand of cigarettes around the world. This top brand cigarette is made by Virginian tobacco. The worth price value is $60.

1. Treasurer Luxury Black

Most Expensive Cigarettes

In our list, Treasurer Luxury Black is an expensive cigarette. This cigarette is made by Treasurer. The price of this brand is $67. This the exact brand responsible for  Aluminum Gold and other high-end tobacco items. This exclusive cigar is very costly and it is appreciated by smokers around the world.

The Chancellor Tobacco Company is very proud because they made this luxurious brand of cigarettes. Smokers have a tasteful experience when they use it. Virginian tobacco is the main ingredient making this top-branded cigarette. The taste and texture always attract customers.

You could not discover these cigarettes in your ordinary local stores. These high-class cigarettes are sold exclusively by specialist tobacconists, haute cuisine restaurants, top casinos, and first-class airport lounges. If you will go to some premium places then you will find and buy this branded cigarette.

Treasurer Luxury Black cigarettes are powerful compared to some of the other luxury cigarette brands on the global market. The flavor and the taste first hit you and then it feels light-headed. Though it is very strong, the taste is sweet also.

Conclusion of the Expensive Cigarettes

In the conclusion, the readers have surprised to see this list. These top-rated cigarettes are unique for their strength, taste, perfect blend and flavor. We will update our article when some luxury brand cigarettes enter the global market. Though smoking is injurious to health luxurious cigarettes attract customers.

If you are a smoker, definitely you will have modern items on your list. Are you ready to try Cuban cigars? How much do you pay for buying these luxurious cigarettes?

Topic Summary

Here is a quick list of The Top 10 Most Expensive Cigarettes in the World.

  1. Treasurer Luxury Black
  2. Treasurer Aluminum Gold
  3. Sobranie Black Russians
  4. Marlboro Vintage
  5. Dunhill
  6. Export A’s
  7. Salem
  8. Parliament Hybrid 2 in 1
  9. Natural American Spirit
  10. Davidoff

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