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The 18 Most Expensive Dogs in the World (Update: Aug 2023)



Expensive Dog

Do you know, which are the Most Expensive Dogs in the World?

The dog is a good companion and loyal animal on the planet. Do you think that a good species costs a staggering amount of money?

The result is always favourable. So don’t worry about it. Dogs are friendly and understand our emotions even better than relatives.

If you are suffering in crisis a warm hug from your pet dog is feeling relief. Are you looking for good breeding dogs? Its costs are dependent on its rarity, heritage and breed.

Day by day the cost amount of dogs is increasing. A large number of money needs for taking care, of food, vaccines and training a dog besides its buying price.

The List of Most Expensive Dogs in the World

Expensive Dogs in the World

Are you a dog lover? Did you worry about how to take care of your dog? Then you provide the dog with proper care and a comfortable home.

At first, you think about what kind of dog is suitable for you. Taking care of a dog is like taking care of a newborn baby from the start.

People always prefer the best quality dog breed which is the most expensive dog in the world. Here we discuss an article about the most expensive dogs in the world.

You get detailed information from the above article.

18. Czechoslovakian Vlcak ($1,000 to $1,500)

This type of dog is one of the most expensive dogs in the world. The Czechoslovakian dog has earned this position because it costs approximately 1000 to 1500 dollars.

This type of breed is very popular and available in the Czech Republic. It is a mixed breeding program of German Shepherd dogs and Carpathian Wolves.

The dogs are mainly trained for assisting in border patrolling and they are helping in recovery operations. Czechoslovakian  Vlcak is an obedient animal and it is very strong, agile and dominant by nature.

Do you know that the wolfdog is social and effortlessly creates a relationship with small creatures and humans?

This breed is regarded as one of the best companions of human beings. Love and loyalty are the symbols of dogs.

This specific type of breed is very costly, so dog lovers are paying a lot to have this. When you will buy this particular dog must be aware of the person from whom you will purchase it.

Either you will be cheated by someone.

17. French Bulldog ($1,500 to $3,000)

The French Bulldog is known for being an expensive dog breed. The initial cost of purchasing a French Bulldog puppy can range between $1,500 to $8,000, depending on factors such as the pedigree, lineage, and breeder reputation. Additionally, French Bulldogs can also incur high ongoing expenses.

Due to their unique physical features and health concerns, they may require regular vet visits, special diets, and even potential surgeries that can significantly add to the cost of ownership. These dogs are also known for their sensitive skin, making grooming and skincare products more expensive.

Insurance premiums for French Bulldogs can also be higher than average due to their high incidence of certain health issues. All these factors contribute to the French Bulldog’s reputation as an expensive dog to own and maintain.

16. Saint Bernard (Around $1,500)

Most Expensive Dogs

This dog is an extremely lazy giant. But Saint Bernard has some languid inclinations. This type of breed is considered one of the most expensive dogs in the world.

This dog is bred as a working dog. It recovers the lost travellers in the snowy and hazardous Great St. Bernard Pass between Switzerland and Italy.

A puppy of this type of dog costs around $1500.  This monster dog is content staring over the kids and is a good couch companion.

15. English Bulldog (Around $1,500)

The English bulldog is one of the most expensive dog breeds on the planet. Its origin is from England. The price of this dog is between 1500 dollars to 4000 dollars.

English Bulldogs have a brawny impression and muscular and heavy build. The dog is mainly medium size and has a wrinkled face. Its nose is pushed in the nose.

This breed is very adventurous, kind and determined by nature. This type of dog does not need much physical exercise because of its energy, and gentle attitude.

These purebreds can form strong connections with children and with other pets. Their adorable nature makes them the perfect pet for people.

14. Irish Wolfhound (Around $2,000)

Irish Wolfhound is one of the most expensive dogs in the world. It is estimated to be around 2000 dollars.

It has many features but the most important feature is the height of approximately two feet and one hundred and eighty pounds of weight.

Irish Wolfhound is a large dog and it is very defensive and introverted. This type of dog originated in Ireland.

They are very friendly and have patience. Their heavy fur makes them comfortable for cold weather. These purebreds love to hunt.

But now they are happily living with human beings like other family members.

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13. Rottweiler ($2,400 to $8,000)

Expensive Dogs

Rottweiler is one of the most expensive dogs in the world. Its cost is estimated to be 2400 dollars to 8000 dollars.

This type of dog is available and it has various features. They are bold, strong and suitable for domestic pets. They have intelligence and strong power.

Rottweiler is sometimes used as an assistant dog who guides and rescues police and army operations. If you will train them properly it will help to sharpen their skills to the ultimate advantage.

Because of their purebred, it is very powerful, obedient and has strength. This breed is heroic by nature. They serve for protecting people.

Rottweiler needs physical training and mental challenges. It will help their growth.

12. Saluki (Around $2,500)

Saluki is a fancy breed and one of the most expensive dogs in the world. They have powerful sight, so they are hunting by sight rather than by scent or sound.

Its life duration is 12 to 14 years. Their price is approximately 2500 dollars. Saluki is peaceful, and calm and has patience for training.

They are deep-chested creatures and long-legged. Saluki does not relish rough actions and is perfect for living in apartments.

Their weight is sixteen to twenty-nine kg. The male Saluki is higher than a small one.

They have numerous colours like red, white, black etc. They can run very fast even at long distances.

They have gained popularity and are listed as their name in the Guinness Book of World Records. Because they run at a speed of 68.8 km/hour.

11. Peruvian Inca Orchid (Around $3,000)

This type of breed is actually from Peru. The Peruvian Inca Orchid is one of the most expensive dogs in the world.

Peruvian Inca Orchid takes its position in the list of expensive dogs because the estimate is to be 3000 dollars. These purebreds are helpful hunters and sighthounds.

They have survived perfectly in the cold weather. Due to living in a cold climate, this breed does not like a hot climate.

Peruvian Inca Orchids are very rare, their colour is grey and their body has no hair.

This type of breed has three sizes. Their weight is between 8 pounds and 55 pounds. They care a lot for females and children.

Outsiders are careful about this dog. These dogs do not show any affectionate behaviour when they do not know him.

10. Azawakh (Around $3,000)

Azawakh is a rare and enthusiastic kind of species. It originated in West Africa and is also recognized as the guardian dog. This is a hunting dog and the speed of this kind of dog is 64km/hour.

The cost of the dog is approximately  3000dollars. It is one of the most expensive dogs in the world. Azawakh has a pair of almond shape eyes and are very thin and tall impression.

They regularly do physical exercise to keep themselves in good condition. The several colours of Azawakh are brown, red, sandy and brindle. These types of dogs are defensive and conscious.

9. Chow Chow (Around $3,000)

Most Expensive Dogs

Chow Chow dog is looking very impressive and cute. They are indifferent and self-dependent on nature. The cost is estimated to be 3000 dollars.

To continue its peak condition it must exercise regularly. Undoubtedly it is one of the most expensive dogs in the world. They originated from China.

The breeding program happens in the United States. Chow Chow is available in different colours like red, black, cream and cinnamon blue.

This type of breed has an 11 to 13 years life span. They just need regular grooming and nurturing. President Calvin Coolidge, Elvis Presley and Janet Jackson are the prestigious owners of Chow Chow.

8. Akita (Around $4,500)

Akita is the 8th most expensive dogs in the world. The amount of these dogs is approximately 4500 dollars.

They mainly originated in northern Japan and existed in two forms Japanese Akita and American Akita. Akita is a hunting dog but it is a working dog too.

It has many features double, short and thick coat, deeply set and triangular-shaped eyes. They are very emotional and independent by nature.

This dominant and influential animal has proved valuable as a pet and people always want to buy it.

7. Samoyed ($4,000 to $10,000)

The price of a Samoyed is between 4000 dollars to 10000 dollars. It is regarded as one of the most expensive dogs in the world.

This breed originated in western Siberia and Northwest Russia. Their lifespan is 12 to 13 years. Samoyed is a herding dog. The people of Siberia Samoyedic have named the dog.

It is a completely northern breed and also has a double-layer thick coat. Its fur colour is white and has beautiful almond-shaped eyes which can be black or brown.

This dog has triangular ears and wonderful tails. This is a very rare breed and a naughty but good companion for children and adults.

6. Chinese Crested Hairless (Around $5,000)

Expensive Dogs

Chinese Crested Hairless is initially from China and has earned patronage in Great Britain. It has no hair on its body except the tail. It is one of the most expensive dogs because its value is nearly 5000 dollars. This breed is capable to get in two forms.

One with fur known as Hairless and another without one known as Powderpuff breed.

It has soft skin like human beings. They are available in different colours from pale to black. These breeds need proper care and grooming.

They are loyal, gentle, and emotional by nature. They need careful handling.

5. German Shepherd (Around $6,500)

The price of a German Shepherd is approximately 6500 dollars. German Shepherd is the 5th most expensive dog in the world.

The breed originated in Germany and later found its path. This kind of species is extremely adorable. The ability to listen, follow and understand is mesmerizing. It is a rare and wonderful breed.

The size of the dog is medium to large. They have a powerful bone structure which makes them strong. It has a peaceful, quiet and cheerful temperament.

These kinds of breeds are well-trained for rescue teams, searching squads etc. Their intelligence, power, and obedience are the important features of the German Shepherd.

It is also used to help children with therapy.

4. Pharaoh Hound (Around $6,500)

The pharaoh hound originated in Malta and it is originally used for hunting rabbits on the island. The value of the Pharaoh Hound is estimated to be 6500 dollars.

This Hound is one of the most expensive dogs in the world. Its life span is between 12 to 14 years. This kind of breed is powerful, elegant, and athletic.

The dog has created himself as a strong animal without any business.

The colour of Pharaoh Hound is chestnut or dark colours with silky coats. Their weight is forty-five to fifty-five pounds. When they are excited they have blushed.

Top #3 Most Expensive Dogs are Below

3. Canadian Eskimo (Around $7,200)

Canadian Eskimo is one of the most expensive dogs in the world. This kind of dog is very old. They work both as protectors and hunters.

They originated in Siberia and later they were sent to North America one thousand years back. This kind of breed is very rare and it requires comprehensive handling.

The price value of Canadian Eskimo is around 7200 dollars. Because of this, it gets its position on the list.

The rare breed is looking very cute and almost looks like a wolf. It has a smooth and feathery tail with triangular ears.

The weight of the male breed is 30 to 40 kg and the female breed is 18 to 30 kg. This type of dog requires lots of hard work.

2. Tibetan Mastiff ($5,000 to $9,000)

Expensive Dogs

Tibetan Mastiff is a wonderful kind of breed. It is found in several countries like India, Nepal, Tibet and Mongolia. It is one of the most popular and expensive dogs in the world.

This kind of dog helps people to protect themselves from wild dogs, wolves, leopards and bears.

Their life span is nearly 10 to 14 years. Their price range is between 5000 to 9000 dollars.

1. Lowchen (Above $10,000)

The price value of Lowchen is above 10000 dollars. It is one of the most expensive dogs in the world. This kind of breed is strong, obedient and competitive by nature.

Their life span is between 12 to 14 years. The meaning of Lowchen is a lion. The dog has numerous colours and also has fluffy and flowing hair.

They need proper training and guidance. Their maintenance costs are very expensive. Lowchen is a good companion for children and adults both.

They are very active, playful, and sweet and everyone loves them.

Conclusion of The Most Expensive Dogs in the World


If you are a dog lover then you get detailed information about the most expensive dogs on the planet. Undoubtedly, dogs are true friends of men. They are selfless, and helpful and always try to make their owner happy.

Topic Summary

Here Are A Quick List Of The Most Expensive Dogs in the World

  1. Lowchen
  2. Tibetan Mastiff
  3. Canadian Eskimo
  4. Pharaoh Hound
  5. German Shepherd
  6. Chinese Crested Hairless
  7. Samoyed
  8. Akita
  9. Chow Chow
  10. Azawakh
  11. Peruvian Inca Orchid
  12. Saluki
  13. Rottweiler
  14. Irish Wolfhound
  15. English Bulldog
  16. Saint Bernard
  17. French Bulldog
  18. Czechoslovakian Vlcak

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