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The 18 Richest NFL Players in the World Which Blow Your Mind (Update: Aug 2023)



Richest NFL Players

Do you know who are the Richest NFL Players in the World?

Sports are considered man’s best way of killing leisure time as well as a promising field of earning millions for the players.

American football has gifted some outstanding and marvelous players of all tike to the world through the National Football League (shortly NFL).

Here, in this article, a short description of the richest NFL players is given.

The list of The Richest NFL Players in the World

Richest NFL Players

The sports world has witnessed a revolutionary change with the evolution of times in terms of its viewers as well as revenue growth and the National Football League of America is no exception.

With its high approach and positive response worldwide, it has profited in billions of dollars every season which ultimately contributes towards making the Richest NFL Players.

18. Randy Moss ($25 million)

Randy Moss is a former professional American football player who is widely considered one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history. Known for his speed, agility, and exceptional catching ability, Moss revolutionized the position with his deep-threat capabilities and ability to make acrobatic catches.

Moss began his career at Marshall University, where he set numerous records and was recognized as a consensus All-American. He was then drafted in the first round of the 1998 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings, where he quickly made a name for himself. Moss quickly became a dominant force, setting rookie records for most touchdown receptions in a season.

Over the course of his career, Moss played for several teams, including the Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, and San Francisco 49ers. In total, he amassed over 15,000 receiving yards and 156 touchdowns, becoming one of only six players to surpass 150 touchdowns in their career.

Off the field, Moss faced some controversies, but his impact on the game cannot be denied. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018, solidifying his status as one of football’s all-time greats.

17. Michael Strahan ($65 million)

This renowned personality has been an all-time favorite among soccer fans because of his loyalty. Michael Strahan has played only for his club New York Giants throughout his entire playing career, that is, 15 long years.

During his playing days, he contributed to winning the famous Super Bowl XLII for his team and NFL club against New England Patriots in 2007.

He has also won Pro Bowl titles and not one, seven of them. With a net worth of 65 million dollars, Michael Strahan has already reserved a place on the Richest NFL Players list.

16. Tony Romo ($70 million)

It had been clearly visible that Tony Romo would excel in soccer professionally and as a quarterback too when he helped his college for winning the Ohio Valley Conference championship in 2001.

He has bagged four Pro Bowl titles and played entirely only for one club, Dallas Cowboys until his retirement in 2017.

He remains at position no. 16 on the Richest NFL Players list with a net worth of 70 million dollars. One can see him even today playing his role as a football analyst on behalf of the CBS TV network.

15. Sam Bradford ($70 million)

Richest NFL Players in the World

Just like Tony Romo, Sam Bradford too is a worthy name among the Richest NFL Players. He has got a net worth of 70 million dollars.
A renowned quarterback who has shared his excellent playing journey with Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and St. Louis Rams.
Apart from playing American football (popularly known as soccer), Sam Bradford is also an expert in basketball and golf.

14. Matt Ryan ($70 million)

The famous club, Atlanta Falcons have chosen Matt Ryan as their 3rd choice during the 2008 NFL draft and their choice was not wrong at all, Matt, through his hard work has helped the Falcons win four prestigious Bowls and thus became one of the Richest NFL Players with a net worth of 70 million dollars.

Unlike the aforesaid NFL players who are no longer active on the playing field, Matt Ryan still is in action and gives his hundred percent during every match.

13. Ben Roethlisberger ($70 million)

With a net worth of 70 million dollars and holder of the Pro Bowl title (six times) as well as Super Bowl Champion, both XL and XLIII (two times), Ben Roethlisberger was one amazing player throughout his entire career.

At just 23 years, he had contributed to winning the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Seattle Seahawks, with 21-10 goals. As a quarterback, he has also won the youngest Super Bowl title and was named the ‘Associated Press NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year’ in 2004.

12. Roger Goodell ($75 million)

Well, although he has not gained his popularity as a football player during his playing days and wealth as well, Roger Godell still remains one of the top Richest NFL Players.

He earned most of his wealth when he looked beyond the field and started doing business.

And after that, he also won the election of becoming the commissioner of the National Football League in 2006. Now, he has got a net worth of 75 million dollars.

11. Joe Montana ($80 million)

Richest NFL Players

As of 2023, Joe Montanna’s estimated net worth has reached 80 million dollars, leading him to be one of the Richest NFL Players.

His football career is like a fairy tale, with the 16 long years that he has played, which made him into a legend, Joe Montanna most of the time played his role as a quarterback.

Throughout his playing career, he has played for the San Francisco 49ers for 14 years, and for the rest of the years, he engaged with the Kansas Chief.

His bag is full of lucrative awards too, for instance, he has won ‘Super Bowl Most Valuable Player’, four super bowl titles, etc.

10. Eli Manning ($100 million)

Eli Manning is not only one of the Richest NFL Players but also a handsome one. This quarterback player had represented his university in college football from the years 2000 to 2003.

Later he was chosen by the San Diego Chargers as the first overall in the NFL draft of 2004.

After that, he joined the New York Giants and played for them for 16 years. The playing runs in his veins as many of his family members also had played in the same field.

With a net worth of 100 million dollars, Eli fits finely on the Richest NFL Players’ list.

9. Drew Brees ($100 million)

For future soccer players, Drew Brees is a living motivation. He is active in the field for 19 long years, beginning his journey in 2001, he still believes in going on, even after being 41 years old.

Not only an energetic player, but Drew Brees is also a successful one, to date, his net worth is 100 million dollars.

He was first chosen by the San Diego Chargers and then as the first overall of the NFL draft in 2001 in the second round.

After that, he had not had to look back and has enjoyed a flourishing playing career bagging the Pro Bowl Trophy 13 times.

8. Brett Favre ($100 million)

Richest NFL Players in the World

With an estimated net worth of 100 million dollars, Brett Favre rightly remains on the Richest NFL Players list.

Outdoing the one and only Drew Brees, Brett Favre has got a record of career years, that is, 20 long years. Brett has mostly played football as a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and at a later stage, he joined Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, etc.

Brett has an enriched playing history where he won the Pro Bowl Title 11 times and has created record touchdowns, passes, and many more.

7. John Elway ($145 million)

It can be said that John Elway is livings his days to the fullest, success has embraced him in every possible way.

During his playing days, he was an outstanding quarterback, and even after retiring from football, his popularity has led him to win the election for the post of the President of Football Operations on behalf of the Denver Broncos of the NFL.

Now he has a record net worth of 145 million dollars.

6. Tom Brady ($180 million)

Tom Brady was selected by the New England Patriots in the 2000 NFL draft in the sixth round.

This quarterback player is hailed as the greatest quarterback because of his stunning talent and abilities that brought him the winning of the six games of the Super Bowl being in the same team, thus creating history.

As of 2023, his net worth is 180 million dollars.

5. Steve Young ($200 million)

Richest NFL Players

With an estimated net value of 200 million dollars, it is no wonder that Steve Young is the holder of the fifth position among the Richest NFL Players.

Although he was active in the field only for 15 years, his magnificent talent has brought him glory and helped him towards winning the Pro Bowl trophy 7 times and the Super Bowl title 3 times.

Out of his 15 professional years, he played 13 of them for the San Francisco 49ers and the rest for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Los Angeles Express.

4. Peyton Manning ($200 million)

Being a revolutionary personality himself, Peyton Manning has always contributed effortlessly toward bringing victory to the team.
He has played 18 years as a quarterback player and mostly at Indianapolis Colts (14 seasons); he also has played for the Denver Broncos for 4 years.
His net worth is 200 million dollars.

The Top #3 Richest NFL Players are Below

3. John Madden ($200 million)

A true multitasker is John Maden, as the team could use him as per the need of the situation during a match.

However, such an amazing player could not be played long due to an injury to his knees, but that could not stop him from achieving success.

He is popular as a player as well as a successful coach, and a commentator. Today his estimated net worth is believed to be 200 million dollars.

2. Al Davis ($500 million)

Richest NFL Players

Death could not prevail over the craze for this awe-inspiring player among his fans, such is his popularity.

With an estimated net value of 500 million dollars, Al Davis remains in the second position among the Richest NFL Players.

During his living days, he had played his role as an astonishing soccer player as well as an NFL coach, and executive.

1. Roger Staubach ($600 million)

As of 2023, with a net value of 600 million dollars, Roger Staubach remains at the top of the Richest NFL Players list.

Although his football career was short enough (11 years) in comparison with others, he ensured his journey to be a remembered one.

He was with the Dallas Cowboys during his entire career and won 6 Pro Bowl and 2 Super Bowl trophies.

Conclusion of The Richest NFL Players in the World


Soccer has proved to be a successful career for all these players mentioned above and they are highly praised by their fans as well.

Although it may seem that luck was with them in making them so rich, their hard work has also paid off which helped them in being on the list of Richest NFL Players of all time.

Therefore, if you too love soccer and plan of making a career in this field then following their path initially may help you a lot.

Topic Summary

Here Are A Quick List Of The Richest NFL Players in the World

  1. Roger Staubach
  2. Al Davis
  3. John Madden
  4. Peyton Manning
  5. Steve Young
  6. Tom Brady
  7. John Elway
  8. Brett Favre
  9. Drew Brees
  10. Eli Manning
  11. Joe Montana
  12. Roger Goodell
  13. Ben Roethlisberger
  14. Matt Ryan
  15. Sam Bradford
  16. Tony Romo
  17. Michael Strahan
  18. Randy Moss

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