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Best Ways To Motivate Yourself When You Are Alone



Best Ways To Motivate Yourself

Are you feeling stressed and depressed? Wanna come out? Then this topic is “9 Best Ways To Motivate Yourself When You Are Alone” only for you.

It is not so difficult to stay motivated when people are cheering you on your way. You may have supportive friends and co-workers who would even sometimes pitch in to help you accomplish projects and tasks.

If you happen to run low on enthusiasm, theirs can prove to be contagious. It is fine when you have people to back you up.

But what to do when you are all alone? How much motivated would you feel for a week if you were alone the whole time?

If you know the answer to this, you are likely to face those dry periods of productivity when you fail to motivate yourself in absence of others’ presence.

Best Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Are Alone 

Motivate Yourself

What are the signs of lack of motivation?

The following stated is a concise checklist to check if you are unmotivated when alone. If any of what is stated below are done by you while alone, you are likely to be devoid of motivation:

  • You spend your whole day consuming media, such as watching TV or playing videogames
  • Staying glued to social media for several hours, interacting with posts with every chance you get
  • Having stretched-out phone conversations with friends because you miss their company
  • Mapping out projects that need work, thinking about how you should work on them, but then procrastinating it to some other time
  • Contemplate about things—involving past or future events

If you are prone to doing the above-stated activities when you are alone, then you might just lack motivation and are a procrastinator in the absence of acquaintances.

9 Things to Do to Motivate Yourself  When You Are Alone

If you happen to feel stressed or struggling with your mental health on a particular day, even the pointless of things, such as scheduling an appointment or returning an email might feel like an impossible task in your mind.

Hence, there exist tiny yet helpful hacks for you to get through the day be on top of your chores, even if you do not harbor a state of peak mental health at times.

1. Plan your day

Plan your day

When your work schedule lacks a solid structure, to begin with, it bears a definite feeling of overwhelming anxiety that only adds to your struggling day.

In such situations, time management happens to play a major role.

Take some time, as much as your chores allow you to, and chart out a daily routine to follow. It might contain basic tasks listening out with specific time stamps such as exercising at the early hours, responding to emails for 15 minutes a day, following up on clients and calls later, taking a walk around for a change in scenery and ambiance, etc.

A guide for your day helps plan and accomplish tasks feel much more manageable. A calendar on your phone might just do the job for it, provided it is equipped with alerts to remind you for creating and managing tasks throughout the day.

2. Focus and build on your peak hours of productivity

Best Ways To Motivate Yourself When You Are Alone

A go-to strategy to build on productivity involves identifying spans of time throughout the day.

For example, some people might find themselves to be the most productive from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Thursday, or some people at night.

Therefore, one must make sure to schedule their work in these hours when they feel their mind is at peak productivity, for work that calls for utmost focus.

Someone with such a schedule should ideally not start on an article on a Friday afternoon if it’s an article due on a Monday morning.

3. Reward yourself for completing chores

Reward yourself

If you find yourself struggling to complete certain tasks, try rewarding yourself with small gifts once you complete the tasks. These rewards need not be large and ominous.

For example, if you set for yourself an expense limit every month to keep your expenses at bay, and if you can meet your target, try treating yourself to something that is on your bucket list — maybe a nice dress, a new cooking utensil, or a pretty handmade journal.

It is also possible to leverage this act of self-rewarding on a smaller scale. You can promise yourself to enjoy a delicious meal or have some much-needed off time once you can get two hours of work done, for instance.

4. Divide tasks into smaller tasks

Small Tasks

You must divide each task on your list and schedule it into smaller, seemingly more feasible chores.  If you can accomplish small tasks quickly and efficiently, it is easier to remain motivated, howsoever little you are able to accomplish.

Moreover, writing down each fragment of a task in order is essential. Also, focus on one chunk at a time, do not try to multi-task.

Then rummage through your email or kill some time with social media. But not for more than 15 minutes. Once you set a timer, you can now go back and work on the next chunk that follows and so on.

5. Write down your plans and thoughts

Research has established that taking a pen to paper has more far-reaching mental health benefits than most pills.

Journaling is one of the core pillars of mindfulness.

Simply maintaining daily activities can reduce anxiety, stress as well as depression by aiding in prioritizing and accomplishing tasks, validating our emotions, and engaging the self in constructive self-talk.

Journaling usually involves writing each morning right after waking up and each night before going to bed.

It is advised to try and write at least three full pages daily so as to subdue unnecessary stressors and worries in the mind, letting the brain focus solely on the work at hand.

6. Use music to pull through

listen music

Most folks have their personal playlist that consists of their favorite music. They listen every time they are required to push through a task or accomplish a difficult task.

Equipping a consistent backdrop to your work at hand helps get into the right mindset and feel relaxed when one is unmotivated, or just simply feeling anxious about work.

Additionally, upbeat music is supposed to energize and boost serotonin and adrenaline to get your work done.

7. Take a rain check

Most people who are self-employed are equipped with goals and schedules to do their job efficiently whilst remaining motivated.

However, on the off days when your personally tested strategies fail to provide output, what you likely require is a little reset to your mind and whereabouts.

In those times, it is advisable to let your mind focus on anything except work, maybe you take a quick walk, perform stretches right at your desk, or get a drink of water. These five minutes are essential to free yourself from the pressure to work.

8. Be aware of what you eat

healthy diet

Although most people turn to caffeine to boost productivity and focus, too much caffeine may cause them the opposite of staying focused and motivated.

Overcaffeination supposedly exaggerates the feeling of being mentally unfocused and cloudy. It might even prove to make you feel nervous and skittish which is likely to be the last thing you need while you are trying to stay focused and be productive.

Then, what is the solution?

What one should do instead is to try and cut back on foods and drinks that have high sugar content. This includes candy, soda, and other sweet treats.

While they are okay in moderation, too much of them might cause blood sugar to spike and crash, leaving you irritable and foggy.

9. Dress-up

Well Dress Up

Who does not love getting ready for themselves?

If you are in a state of anxiety or stress or just simply not being you that is ready to take on tasks, clothes and accessories might have a huge impact on your state of mind.

Whether it’s a dress you feel significantly confident in, or it is just the shirt that feels absolutely comfortable, this little detail adds to a great deal of visible positivity, exactly what you need to get into it.

Moreover, the added effort of getting dressed and doing your hairdo or makeup helps feel organized, aiding in focusing on your work a bit better.


Quite evidently, it is tough to motivate yourself when there is no one around to impress or want to perform for. There is arguably no question about it.

External praise and encouragement are considerably the best motivators. But if you can get into the habit of motivating yourself from within, it will prove to be a life skill that will never fail to serve you, even under extremely remote circumstances.

It furnishes one with the independence of acting according to their needs irrespective of their company.

So, be happy and keep motivating yourself.

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