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The 15 Best Beauty Blogs and Bloggers to Follow



Best Beauty Blogs

Are you a Beaty blog lover? Then this topic is the Best Beauty Blogs and Bloggers to Follow is only for you!

Back in the 90s, this millennial generation didn’t have access to the internet nor to the goldmine of information on just about anything under the sun.

For studies, libraries and fat books were our companions while for beauty sadly we are used to blindly following our elder ladies.

Back to the present, in today’s world, youngsters do not follow blindly just anybody. There is loads of information available on the internet and blogging has taken the scene by storm.

List of  The Top 15 Best Beauty Blogs and Bloggers to Follow

Best Beauty Blogs

We will make this list with the help of Stylecraze.

Let us see the most popular and best beauty blogs in descending order

15. The Sunday Girl

The Sunday Girl is one of the most famous beauty blogs all over the world. This blog provides a lot of information about the right beauty products and which products are best for your skin. She gives many beauty tips to her audience on how to take proper care of your skin. If you are worried about your dull skin and damaged hair, then you should follow her to get the best tips for your hair and skin. In 2011, this blog was created and managed by Adrienne Söndag to help her audience.

If you want honest product reviews, then must check out her blogs.

14. The Beauty Look Book

The beauty lookbook blogs give information about various products including makeup, fragrances, haircare, skincare, and much more related to fashion and beauty. In 2009, this blog started as a business plan development, product innovation, and social media marketing platform.

This blog is created and managed by Sabrina. In her blog, she shares her skincare, haircare, and face care routine and how she takes care of her skin. She also gives many beauty tips that will help other women look gorgeous. The blog also focuses on high brands and gives reviews on every variety of products. So, if you have an interest in beauty and skincare then you can follow her.

13. Shirley’s Wardrobe

Shirley’s Wardrobe is one of the best fashion and beauty blogs. This blog provides plenty of information about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. This blog was created by Shirley B. Eniangm. Besides this blog, she also runs a YouTube channel which has many followers. Starting from high heels to the best mattifiers, it gives every detail of fashion products.

If you don’t have much knowledge about fashion, then you can watch her videos and blog to learn about fashion. So, go and check her blogs and get some ideas on fashion.

12. Really Ree

With a following of over 35.8k on Instagram, it was started in 2010. Blogger Ree is based in the UK and shares a wide variety of beauty tips on her blog.

There are dedicated sections for makeup, skin, fragrance, and hair plus a wide variety of beauty offers.

The makeup section gives updates on the latest brand launch and new products in the market to keep you updated.

From luxury brands like Hourglass and Tilbury to budget brands like Maybelline and L’oreal, it has something for everyone.

It also gives a sneak peek into your favorite skincare regime, a review of a wide variety of fragrances to choose from, and hair care products review which helps users to make an informed choice.

11. Jane Iredale

Best Beauty Blogs

With a following of over 138.4k followers on Instagram, this is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Jane Iredale had set out initially to make a simple powder that was natural and not harsh to the skin.

From a powder to a trailblazing business, all thanks to makeup products made from natural minerals. In today’s world, people are more vigilant about having clean makeup products.

And Jane Iredale has a perfect menu of natural skin products which allow the skin to breathe and remain free from toxins.

The products are being widely used by makeup artists, models, and plastic surgeons around the world owing to their clean products.

10. Byrdie

Since its inception in 2013, BYRDIE has slowly captured and built a loyal fan base. It has around 9 million readers who read the recent blogs released by its writers and is one of the best beauty blogs.

It is unique as it reviews only products which are clean and cruelty-free. The bloggers themselves test it and provide a detailed review of the products including their ingredients and whether or not the claims made by the product are correct.

It has a wide range of products tested and reviewed by its bloggers and declared BYRDIE clean.

There are also a wide variety of DIY skincare tips, hair color and cutting, and body piercings which is a goldmine of information. It also showcases celebrity news from around the world.

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9. Allure

This one is a digital version of the magazine of the same name. The blog has a very vibrant appearance and solves most of your beauty and wellness problems in one place.

Being in this field for 25 years, Allure has slowly captured the imagination of its readers.

It covers almost all your beauty queries ranging from skincare, hair, nails, and fragrances to general wellness and mental health.

It also has a place to address your personal battles. The blog has a special place for brands awarded with Beauty awards.

This allows the readers to know these brands, and their innovations and make them a part of their beauty regime.

All the products are reviewed with all the skin tones, gender, and body size making it a favorite with readers and one of the best beauty blogs.

8. 15 Minute Beauty

Best Beauty Blogs

This blog is for every mom who is on the go and does not have the time for a long-drawn beauty care regime. The owner Christine is a Pediatric Critical Care doctor and a busy mom to two girls.

She posts regular updates on how to take care of yourself and your body based on personal experiences and scientific research.

This works best for busy women who want to look good but don’t have the time to indulge in a full-blown beauty ritual.

There are special sections dedicated to the skincare of pregnant ladies, for acne-prone skin and sensitive skin in general.

Since it resonates with most women irrespective of age, the blog finds in place the best beauty blogs.

7. Lisa Eldridge: Best Beauty MakeUp Blog

If you are fascinated by the makeup of the stars and models and want to try that at home then you are in the right place.

Lisa Eldridge is a world-renowned makeup artist who has worked with the who’s who of the entertainment industry and made people look good and feel good about themselves.

If you want to know the best eye makeup and skincare regime and how to practice it at home, then all the information is available in this blog.

Besides giving beauty tips, there is also space for your favorite accessories to be teamed up with your best self. Jewelry is available on the blog and is 18-carat gold. Earrings, baby rings, and gold rings are some of the items available for your mix and match ritual.

6. New Beauty

This is one of the most loved best beauty blogs in the category of beauty advice. It has a diverse range of topics in the beauty care regime which is sure to solve queries of users who are looking for solutions.

From skincare to hair and nails it has almost everything which women want to know and try for themselves.

These blogs also cover new trends and products and review them for a better understanding of the users. Other than this there is a section wholly

dedicated to beauty treatments, plastic surgeries, and cosmetic procedures.

One interesting feature is the Find A Doc option on the blog. This helps you to get in contact with the finest plastic surgeons and dermatologists for your pressing needs and get better results paving the way for a better you.

Top #5 Beauty Blogs are Below

5. British Beauty Blogger

Best Beauty Blogs

Founded by blogger Jane Cunningham, based in the UK, is a beauty writer with vast experience.

Having written 4 books and for some of the best-known dailies like The Guardian, she founded this blog to talk about products and brands in a way much more informal than a newspaper.

Due to her vast experience, she reviews products and tells the pros and cons of the product. She believes if customers are paying money and the product is a dud, it needs to go away.

She has no fluff approach to reviewing products and users trust her with their decision.

This blog tries to give an unbiased opinion of the products and users love this honest opinion-making it the best beauty blog.

4. Wendy Rowe

With over 20 years of working experience with some of the top brands and A-listers, Wendy Rowe is one of the most sought-after makeup artists. In her blog, she gives an insight into which makeup and product are suitable for a particular occasion.

Among the best beauty blogs, it covers a wide range of topics from daily skincare regime to occasion-wise makeup. Users gain knowledge from her vast experience in beauty tips, latest trends, and beauty advice.

The blog also has a store where users can see the latest beauty products and the reviews given by the author. This helps them in selecting the best choice for their skin.

3. Into the Gloss

This blog has been designed for young adults. It covers topics that Millenials can relate to and can find solutions to their problems which makes them search for answers making this one of the best beauty blogs.

The topics are such in the blog that interest the new generations. It provides entertaining, motivating, and informative stories to empower and strengthen the younger generations.

It also includes interviews with some of the successful people and helps the audience get an insight into their lives.

The blog also caters to the needs of the younger generation in the beauty section and has its brand line consisting of all the products required in a beauty regime.

2. Sephora

Best Beauty Blogs

The blog is named after the Sephora beauty brand. The blog provides a one-stop destination for all beauty needs. It allows the readers to select the most suitable for your skin type by reading the reviews.

The blog also has about five million members who give a goldmine of information on beauty products in the form of posts.

Here the Sephora customers share their queries, and experiences and help the other readers make an informed decision.

Added to this, it provides a calendar of beauty events occurring nearby and helps the users plan their outings accordingly.

1. Glamour

Glamour as the name suggests provides the readers with the worldwide trends in beauty and makeup right there in one place.

It provides information on the make-up practices of celebrities and A-listers giving a chance for readers to glam up their beauty routine.

Not only this, it is available worldwide and gives us information on different cultures and their beauty practices.

Besides beauty products, it also has sections dedicated to worldwide trends in entertainment and politics, and news, making it all in one product and the most searched best beauty blog.



Here are the best beauty blogs to follow.

These are some of the most searched beauty blogs in descending order. Young readers, working women, mothers everyone finds something for themselves here.

These blogs aim to build up a community that in the long run not only becomes a loyal customer base but also helps new users and readers gather confidence in the products and services posted on the blog.

Topic Summary

Here is a Quick List Of The 15 Best Beauty Blogs and Bloggers to Follow

The most followed best beauty blogs in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Glamour
  2. Sephora
  3. Into the gloss
  4. Wendy Rowe
  5. British Beauty Blogger
  6. New Beauty
  7. Lisa Eldridge
  8. 15 Minute
  9. Allure
  10. Byrdie
  11. Jane Iredale
  12. Really Ree
  13. Shirley’s Wardrobe
  14. The Beauty Look Book
  15. The Sunday Girl

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