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Who is Ashley Biles Thomas? Sister of Famous Gymnast Simone Biles (September 2023)



Ashley Biles Thomas

American artistic gymnast Simone Biles‘s sister, Ashley Biles Thomas, is a household name. She shares the record for the most Olympic medals earned by an American gymnast with Shannon Miller, who also has seven awards.

  • Full name – Ashley Biles Thomas
  • Date of birth – 1990
  • Age – 33 years old
  • Place of birth – Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • Sex – Female
  • Ethnicity – African- American
  • Country – American
  • Sexual Orientation – Straight
  • Profession – Celebrity sister of Simone Biles
  • Parents – Shannon Biles
  • Grandparents – Ronald Biles, Nellie Biles
  • Marital status – Single
  • Siblings – Adria Biles, Simone Biles, Tevin, and Ashley
  • Net worth – Unknown

Ashley Biles Thomas: Interesting Facts

Simone Biles siblings

Interesting facts about Ashley Biles:

  • Simone Biles’ elder sister is Ashley Biles. She is seven years older than Simone and resides in Ohio.
  • Ashley and Simone split when Simone was six years old.
  • Attempted attack by Ashley Biles on April 18, 2019. She pleaded guilty on June 25, 2019. The court record indicates a $1,000 fine and a suspended prison term. She was on a two-year probation. The probation ended on June 24, 2021. A charge of criminal endangerment was dropped.
  • Ashley Biles, her brother Tevin, and her sisters Simone and Adria were born in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Ashley Biles’s net worth is unclear. However, her renowned Simone Biles sister is worth $16 million.
  • Ashley Biles has one child.
  • Ashley Biles resembles her Simone Biles sister.

Ashley Biles Thomas: Birth

Columbus, Ohio, is where Ashley Biles Thomas was born in 1990. As of 2023, she will have turned 33. Her actual birthday remains a mystery. Simone Biles sister, Ashley, is 7 years younger than she is. She was born in the United States and identifies as African-American. Her mother, Shannon Biles, was a single parent when she was born. No one knows who her father is except for her. As Simone Biles’s sister, the American artistic gymnast Ashley Biles achieved fame.

Her mother, a single parent with three children, felt immense strain and turned to drinking and drugs. After that, Shanon became engaged in terrible habits that landed her in and out of jail. Because of this, she struggled to fulfill her role as a responsible parent.

Ashley Biles Thomas: Family

Simone Biles sibling

Ron Biles Jr., Adam Biles, Tevin Biles, Simone Biles, and Adria Biles are Ashley’s five siblings. Their mom was a drug addict and alcoholic who spent much time in prison, so she could not take care of the kids.

The family entered foster care when Ashley was seven years old. Their adoptive parents, Ron and Nellie Cayetano Biles, are their maternal grandparents.

Ashley and Tevin were adopted by their aunt in Ohio in 2003, while Simone and Adria were legally adopted by their parents and moved in with them. Ashley would have been approximately 13 years old at this point, and it’s unclear whether she was still in school.

Ashley Biles Thomas: Personal Life

Ashley’s mother, Shanon Biles, is a family member worth mentioning. Adria, Simone, and Tevin, her three younger siblings, are in a similar situation. They’re all Columbus, Ohio, natives.

Since their mother could not care for them, all four siblings have spent time in and out of foster care. Ashley was just seven years old when they first went into foster care.

In 2000, Ashley’s maternal grandfather, Ron Biles, and his second wife, Nellie Cayetano Biles, discovered their grandchildren were in foster care and took them in temporarily. Ron was a resident of the Houston suburb of Spring, Texas.

In 2003, Ashley’s maternal grandpa legally adopted Ashley’s sisters, Simone and Adria. Ron and his older brother moved to Cleveland, while his sister Harriet adopted Ashley and Tevin. Ashley was about 13 years old.

Ashley Biles Thomas: Early profession and carrier

It is unclear what Thomas has done professionally. As Simone Biles sister, she became well-known for her achievements in the arts. However, while discussing the success of her famous sibling:

Simone Arianne Biles, now known as Simone Biles Owens, was born in Columbus, Ohio on March 14, 1997. She is an American artistic gymnast; her name is Aly Raisman. With Shannon Miller, she holds the record for the most Olympic medals won by an American gymnast, with seven.

Regarding the history of the Gymnastics World Championships, she holds the record for the most medals ever won by a single gymnast. She has competed in 25 World Championships, winning 25 medals. In 2022, Vice President Joe Biden awarded Biles the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Biles won three gold medals (all-around, vault, and floor), one bronze medal (balance beam), and one gold medal (the U.S. “Final Five”).

A favorite to win no less than four of the six possible gold medals in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Biles withdrew from the bulk of competition after experiencing “the twisties,” a brief lack of awareness of one’s air balance. She ended up with a bronze medal for her performance on the balance beam and a silver medal for the U.S. team.

Ashley Biles Thomas: Relationship

Ashley Biles is single and not dating anyone.

Ashley’s connection with her sister Simone Biles is uncertain since they were separated when Simone was six years old.

Although Ashley Biles Thomas is a mother, there is no information on her child’s father or current relationship status. There is no information about the father of her 13-year-old daughter.

Ashley Biles Thomas: Net Worth

In September of 2023, analysts estimated Ashley Biles’ wealth at $1 million. However, Simone Biles, her sister and a gymnast, is worth an estimated $1 billion. At $6 million, he is by far the wealthiest relative.

Ashley Biles Thomas: Conclusion

simone biles sister

Ashley Biles is almost similar to her famous sister, Simone Biles. The former is a respected gold medalist as a gymnast in the Olympics, while the latter is destroying himself through criminal activities Both received rigorous training, but one chose to use it as inspiration, while the other decided to wander into trouble.

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