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Best Ways to Motivate Yourself – No Excuse Please




Here you can find the best ways to motivate yourself. Let’s start the topic of “Best Ways to Motivate Yourself“.

Motivation, motive means a reason for something we do. So if you find reason or purpose for what we want to do then it’s easier to get motivated by you. The motive has two types positive and negative or you can say the objective type and subjective type. Positive or objective type of motivation is a desire which we want to fulfill like being a millionaire, being an entrepreneur, being popular.

It is one type of wish or dream which you want to be in future, and next is a subjective or negative type of motivation is to avoid something or we want to leave something like any type of addiction like smoking, excessive drinking or excessive food habit to get into shape anything which you are doing already and now you want to avoid it.

In both types we have to clear our mind first because if our goal is not clear then in halfway we lose our patients then we give up. So first of all clear your goal and it should be only your inner desire because your only desire can constantly push you to go ahead. Now there are certain tricks to get motivated every time but I prefer your major 5 ways to motivate yourself constantly.

Best Ways To Motivate Yourself


1. Never feed your hunger for your desires

It is very simple if you feed yourself fully then your fight for feeding yourself is over. If your needs are satisfied then there is no hope for inventions. If you want to stay motivated every time always stay hungry for your goals expand your goals time by time. When there is a need you give your 100% to fulfill it, you overcome all the obstacles. You take it as a challenge. So never feed your desire fully make it a little bit hungry which produces eagerness to do it again.

2. Always have long term and short term goals

The benefit of short term goals is you can achieve it in a small interval of time span and you constantly get motivated for long term goals as well. You can also evaluate yourself also and stick to the goal. Whenever you feel to give up just ask why you are doing this?? If you are able to answer it then it gives reason to move ahead.

Try to maintain your track record which shows you how close you are to achieve your goal. Never miss to give rewards yourself when you complete your task. It’s generated interest to do it again because interest is most important if you are enjoying your work then never get tired or bored from it.

Never give us. Great things take time. Be patient. ― Best Ways to Motive Yourself


3. Choose a healthy competitor or companion

A healthy competitor always gives you a competition to expand your limits. They are your passive influencer who pushes you to come out of your comfort zones. Tell your friends, family members, colleagues that appreciate your work and encourage you constantly. They are the ones who surround you give positive vibes. Positive vibes are too important to stick to your goals. It gives enormous strength to your mind. A journey of success is a very long path to cover so you can’t walk alone otherwise you lose your focus.

Identify those things that motivate you like any motivational books, movies, songs or any person then boost yourself from it when you feel hopeless. Make sure your surrounding should be positive because it has immensely affected your mind.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. ― Motive Yourself


4. Focus on success, not a failure

This is the 4th point of “best ways to motivate yourself”. Many times we lose our focus from success. We have a fear to fail we focus on problems that we used to face and make them large. We think it is impossible; we are wasting our time on it. I can’t do it. It is beyond my limit or capacity then we give up. Instead of thinking about failure, we can think about success also. If you feel you are going wrong then evaluate yourself try to find out your mistakes.

Identify your weaknesses and try to convert into your strength. If we think about problems only then how we can overcome them. So try to find out solutions instead of complaining. We all do mistakes but we are smarter if we learn from our mistakes and try to not repeat it again. Focus is the most important thing to achieve anything. If we want to be best in anything then we have to set our focus on it. Focus on success what are the task should be fulfilled to achieve your goals and have faith in yourself that only you can do this better than anyone. Boost your confidence every day.

Final Point of “Best Ways To Motivate Yourself” 

5. Imagine yourself in intervals of time

This is the most important thing to give a time limit to any of your tasks or goals because if you think you have a lot of time then you being lazy and your productivity is also decreasing.

Instead of thinking that you have a time limit and it’s the last opportunity to prove yourself then you boost yourself quickly and you die to give your best. The second most important thing is to imagine yourself being successful already it clear your vision and your mind also accept and make a blueprint of that plan which gives you success, and then you have to follow it strictly. Imaginations are boundless so we have to use it very wisely otherwise you lost yourself in daydreaming.

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. ― Motive Yourself

Best-Ways-To-Motivate-YourselfFinal Words About Best Ways To Motive Yourself

These are the ways that we can motivate ourselves constantly. Along with chasing our dreams, we do not forget to live also try to find your goals which give you inner happiness also and at the end of the life, you do not regret to live your life fully because achievements, records, and trophies have seemed only objects when you are dying you just recalled that memories which give meaning to our life zest to our life.

Try to be an inspiration to someone who makes “you” as his role model and you make others motivated by your achievements. Be a perfect example for others.

Now we will wrap up the topic of Best Ways To Motive Yourself. Please let me know in the comments section, what is your thoughts about motivating yourself

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