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The 11 Most Watched Sports in The World (Update: March 2023)



Most Watched Sports

Do you know which are they Most Watched Sports in The World?

Sports are popular not only among young people but also among elders. Because of television and other digital platforms, it now spread globally. People want to enjoy sports. Year over year the power of sports grows all over the world. Even it plays an important role in our society. Sports are vital for children because it helps to grow different skills. Sports create a strong bonding and it will be a good future for children.

Different countries prefer different sports like in America football and basketball are popular. But cricket is famous in India, England, etc. Sports are helpful to increase the economy of any country. There are various most-watched sports like soccer, cricket, baseball, hockey, golf, table tennis, basketball, etc. Now people are enjoying sports not only on television but also on different online sites.

The List of Most Watched Sports in The World

List of the Most Watched Sports

For those people who love sports, this article is perfect for them. They gain knowledge and details information from this article. Here we have discussed the top 11 most-watched sports in the world.

11. Rugby (400 million)

The actual origin of rugby is soccer. This game is very popular among young people. The number of fan followers of this game is more than 400 million. Rugby is one of the most-watched sports. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, France, and Tonga are popular for this game. But in Australia, you find a large number of rugby viewers.

Rugby and American football are almost the same when the game was split and the new three games create. The most interesting facts are in the year 1995 Japan failed New Zealand with a score of 145 to 17. They are making it the highest-scoring match in the world’s history. In 2000, Italy entered into the Rugby Union which changed it from 5 nations to 6 nations.

10. Golf (450 million)

Almost, 450 million people like this game in the world. The fan followers and the popularity make this sport the most watched sport around the world. Golf is famous in East Asia, Western Europe, and also North American regions.

Do you know how to play this game? Players always try to put the ball into the hole with their possible strokes. It rapidly gains revenue from sponsorships including Rolex, Adidas, Nike, BMW, Cadillac and many other famous brands.

9. American Football (470 million)

The number of fan followers of this game is approximately 470 million people. Americans are insane to watch this game. American football is the most watched sport around the world. But this game does not play on television in several countries. In the USA American Football is primarily associated with this country.

European football and American football are sharing the same name. Football has lots of fan followers and this game becomes very famous around the world day by day. People get crazy to watch football. Even football generates a huge amount of revenue. Do you know some interesting facts? Canadians and Americans call this popular sport football. It puts up with 600 cows to earn one season’s price of footballs for the NFL.

8. Baseball (500 million)

Baseball is a very popular game in the Caribbean and East Asia. But in America baseball is a pastime and an important game. This game has millions of fan followers globally. Major League Baseball (MLB), the pinnacle of baseball, leagues are famous baseball team in the world. The number of fans is approximately 500 million.

The male gender normally dominates this game. This game is the most-watched sport in America and other many countries. In Japan, baseball is also a  very popular sport and most watched sport on television. Baseball is a cultural sensation in America.

7. Table Tennis (850 million)

Table Tennis is also very popular in the world. It holds its position easily on the list as the most watched sport. The number of fan followers is roughly 850 million. The other name of this sport is ping pong. In the Olympics the viewership of this game is limited but people watch this sport on television. Common people also can play this game if they practice minutely.

Table tennis does not need any athlete, you can play this game as a hobby. In China, the game is very famous even players win gold medals. This game was used as a diplomatic tool in the year 1970 between China and US.

6. Volleyball (900 million)

Volleyball is a unique sport and easily holds its position on the list. Volleyball may not have a good amount of money as other popular sports. But the number of fan followers is amazing, 900 million. This game spreads instantly due to its popularity. Though this sport is not a leading sport it gains popularity. Several countries watch this moderate game. During summer it is one of the most watched sports in the world. In the year 1964 volleyball was first introduced to the Olympics.

5. Tennis (1 billion)

Tennis is another most watched sports in the world. It gains popularity globally and the total fan of this game is 1 billion. Like other sports, tennis doesn’t need any team. Women’s tennis is now very popular over men.

This game becomes so popular because of television viewers. In the Olympics, it is a regularly played game and is played internationally. The amazing facts about this game world’s largest tennis event, Wimbledon, needs more than 24 tons of Kent strawberries to be served. For many years women are part of tennis.

4. Hockey (2.2 billion)

Hockey is undoubtedly the most watched sport around the world. More than 2.2 billion people like this sport. Hockey is divided into two versions, ice hockey, and field hockey. Ice hockey is famous in Canada and USA. While field hockey is well-known in India and Pakistan. When we talk about revenue, hockey isn’t as big of a goliath as other sports on the list.

Though football and baseball do have a not big fanbase these two games collect big revenue. The online streaming process is good for hockey. People enjoy this game on digital platforms. In the middle of the game if the goalie will be injured anyone can play the role.

The Last Top #3 Most Watched Sports are Below

3. Basketball (2.4 billion)

Basketball is another modern game and also a most watched sport. Cricket and football are very ancient sports whereas basketball is not a 300-year tradition. This game was started in the late 19th century. All over the world, the number of fan followers is approximately 2.4 billion and this sports influence people.

This game has a large number of fan followers in Canada, USA, Japan, and China. But the fan followers are rapidly growing. In the USA it is becoming a very famous game day by day. In old days until 1926, this sport was played with soccer.

2. Cricket (2.5 billion)

Most Watched Sport in The World

There is no one in this world who doesn’t even know about cricket. It is almost the most popular and most-watched sport in the world. Though this sport is very famous in the world in the USA it doesn’t hold any important position. People wait eagerly for the World Cup and the number of viewers is increasing rapidly like 2.5 billion.

This renowned game dominates various countries like India, Australia, Pakistan, England, etc. Cricket needs eleven members as team players. It is quite similar to baseball still there are lots of differences. The interesting thing about this game is, it was first played in the year 1646.

1. Soccer (3.5 billion)

Most Watched Sports in The World

Soccer is the king of among many sports. The whole nation will be waiting for World Cup.  More than 250 million people strongly play this game. So it is undoubtedly the most watched sport and most played sport in the world. It gains a huge number of revenue from sponsorships, TV viewers etc.

The number of fan followers is huge like 3.5 billion. Soccer is also a popular game in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. It easily holds the first position on our list for its popularity and fan followers. But in North America, this sport doesn’t rule properly. In the 2nd century soccer first originated in China. Everyone knows about the famous soccer player Lionel Messi.

Conclusion Most Watched Sports

In this article, we gather various knowledge about different types of most watched sports. These several games help people to change their socioeconomic culture. Sports also entertain people and make strong, the economy of any country. The ranking is established on the estimated number of fans, like a global audience, online popularity, gender equality, sponsorship deals, and the primary population region.

Sports create excitement, thrill, suspense, and emotion inside human beings. For centuries over centuries, there is a strong connection between humans and sports. Sports can create a strong bonding between two countries. When an event arranges related to sports like the Olympics and World Cup, various countries will participate in this event. Different types of sports will be enjoyed and get attention from all types of generations.

People have their favorite sports, but do you know which sports are the most famous around the world? There are various options. Popular means most watched and played. Sometimes we decide on popular games according to fan followers.

Topic Summary

Here Is A Quick List Of The Top 11 Most Watched Sports in The World.

  1. Soccer
  2. Cricket
  3. Basketball
  4. Hockey
  5. Tennis
  6. Volleyball
  7. Table Tennis
  8. Baseball
  9. American Football
  10. Golf
  11. Rugby

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