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Who Is Min Geum-Jae? Age, Birthday Family, Luxurious Lifestyle and Net Worth (October 2023)



Min Geum-Jae

BTS fans see Min Geum-Jae as a sibling and a distinct person. Min Geum-Jae, SUGA‘s brother, is a complex guy. We follow Min Geum-Jae from his childhood through his own success and the SUGA link in this biography. Even though he shares the spotlight with his brother, Min Geum-Jae has made himself known.

All About Min Geun-Jae

  • Full Name – Min Geum -Jae
  • SUGA brother age – 34 years old as of 2023
  • Siblings – Has at least one sibling, Suga BTS member
  • Twin Brother – Suga BTS member
  • Notable Traits – Musician, songwriter, fashion enthusiast, philanthropist
  • Personal Life – Got married in Daegu in 2023
  • Social Media – Had an Instagram account with the username @goldjay89. But currently de-active.
  • Birth Year – Born in 1989

Min Geum-Jae: Interesting Facts

  • SUGA’s brother, Min Geum-Jae, is also his fraternal twin; the two were born within minutes of one other. They are really near to one another.
  • Despite her famous family history, K-pop diva Min Geum has chosen to keep a modest profile.
  • Like his well known sibling, he enjoys making music and has tried his hand at songwriting and composition.
  • Min Geum has a keen eye for fashion and often appears with SUGA while dressed to the nines.
  • He is a kind man who gives his time and money to several organizations.

Min Geum-Jae: Birth and Early Childhood

SUGA brother

The year 1989 marks the birth of Min Geum-Jae. Even though they were born minutes apart, he and his fraternal twin, SUGA brother, have the same birthday. This is despite the fact that they were born minutes apart. As they were growing up together, the brothers had a strong connection that went much beyond the fact that they both had a passion for music. They supported one another’s aspirations while navigating the challenges of childhood together.

Early in their careers, they had a number of financial challenges, which served to strengthen their will to achieve success in the music business. Their parents were very encouraging, and it was because of their unwavering support that both of the boys were able to pursue what they were most passionate about.

Min Geum-Jae: Family and Relationship

SUGA sister

Min Geurn-Jae was born in 1989 and is Min Yoon Gi’s younger brother. In 2023, he will have been 34 years old at the time. He was born and reared in the South Korean capital of Seoul. Together with his parents and younger brother, Min Yoon Gi, Min Geum-Jae grew up in Daegu. But they do not have any SUGA sister.

He urged his sibling to follow his heart and follow his ambition of becoming a rapper. In fact, he provided him with a computer for use in music production while he was still a youngster. Min Geurae and his brother are extremely close, and Min often posts photos of the two of them together on his Instagram account @godjay19. He supports his brother and the other members of BTS by going to their concerts and other events.

Min Geum-Jae: Career

SUGA sister

The career of Min Geum is notable despite being less well-known than that of SUGA. Like his older brother, he has a natural talent for music and the arts. Although he has not attempted to become a K-pop star, he has dabbled in other areas of the music business.

  • To demonstrate his skill in creating both words and melodies, Min Geum-Jae has dabbled in songwriting.
  • He has also dabbled in composing, exploring a variety of musical styles and sounds.
  • Style icon Min Geum has made a few guest appearances at fashion shows and editorials because of his forward thinking sense of style.
  • He may not have ambitions to be as famous as his sibling, but he has carved out a successful career for himself in the arts anyhow.

Ossu Seiromushi, owned by Min Geum, is one of the most popular restaurants in Seoul. BTS supporters frequent the restaurant to show their support for Min Geurn-Jae and enjoy the delectable cuisine that he specializes in, which is Japanese steamed foods.

Min Geum-Jae: Achievements

suga brother age

It would be unfair to dismiss Geum-Jae’s contributions since he has yet to become as famous as SUGA. His artistic and musical development is inspiring:

  • His songwriting and composing have had an impact on the music business.
  • His flair for style has won him a legion of fans.
  • His charitable contributions have helped several organizations.
  • His success is a result of his hard work and his desire to have a positive impact on the world.

Min Geum-Jae: Networth

SUGA brother

Although details on Min Geum’s wealth are few, it is believed that he makes a comfortable living from his restaurant. One million dollars is a rough estimate of his wealth. He and his wife live it up to the fullest extent possible and travel all over the globe. He often updates his Instagram with images from his travels.

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His wealth is probably the result of his songwriting and composing efforts, as well as his occasional forays into the fashion industry. His generosity projects also highlight his dedication to helping others. Although he has not become as wealthy as his brother SUGA, Min Geum’s net worth is indicative of his many contributions to the entertainment business.

Conclusion of Min Geum-Jae


Min Geum-Jae, better known as SUGA brother, has more going for him than his famous sibling status. He’s a talented character who enjoys song, style, and volunteering on his personal time. He may additionally have chosen a greater low-key way of life than his sibling. His musical achievements, immaculate fashion, and determination to charity nevertheless make him a main parent in the tuning industry. The tale of Min Geum’s lifestyle demonstrates the strength of religion in oneself, the support of one’s cherished ones, and the pursuit of one’s innovative vocation.

He’s the elder sibling of Min Yoon gi Suga or Agust D, the BTS rapper and producer. He encouraged his brother to follow in his footsteps and pursue a profession in rap. As a younger boy, he gave him a laptop so he could create songs at home. Min Geum and his brother are very close. He attends BTS concert events and activities to support his brother and the alternative contributors.

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