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Is Graphic Design A Good Career For the Future? [Update: 2022]



Graphic Designs

Concept Of Graphic Design

If we will think about the definition of graphic design we can put it like this, it is the process of planning and launching different ideas and happenings in the form of textual and graphical content. In simple words, we can say that converting our messages into a visual format is the job of a graphic designer. The job of a graphic designer can be as small as making a logo to as tough as designing layouts for any website.

We all have come across unique advertisements that catch our attention and spread in magazines that make us attracted towards the magazine, all these are done by any graphic designer. From designing book covers to designing software interfaces in today’s time graphic designers have a variety of jobs where they will be needed.

This is a field where creativity plays a big role. No one likes to buy products with dull labels, any mobile app can only attract us if it has a cool logo- we all judge things by their visual appeal and a graphic designer knows that well. If we will start listing the works where we will need graphic designers the list will be way too long.

Graphic Design allows the producer of certain goods to connect with their customers and possible customers. The message they want to portray gets simplified visually. Even the toughest messages can be simplified visually. Graphic Design plays a vital role in the branding of any goods.

Few Common Types Of Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Visual Identity Graphic Design

How does a brand express its personality and essence? Through its visual elements. Visual Identity Graphic Design deals with creating a brand identity using visual elements. For example by fixing any color, shape, or image with the brand name. Visual identity graphic design creates brand identity by creating assets for example color palettes, logos, and typography.

UI Graphic Design

The process of how users interact with an application or a device is known as the user interface (UI).  From screen to mouse everything that is needed for interaction is included in the UI. The visual experience of users is looked after by the UI. The job of a User Interface Designer is to create a proportion between technological functionality and aesthetic appeal. A few examples of UI design are- The design of Web Pages, the Design of Apps, Game interfaces, etc.

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

The designs that are made for advertising and marketing purposes are related to graphic design. The success of a company is highly dependent on its marketing efforts. Great marketing will make people aware of the brand and make more people engage with the brand. Communication is effectively done through engaging visual content. Few examples of marketing graphic design – Brochures, posters, flyers, vehicle wraps, etc.

Publication Graphic Design

The designs we can find in books, newspapers, and magazines are made by public graphic design. By using a lot of elements like typography, images, illustrations, and artwork a layout is created. Publication designers are related to print mediums mainly.

Motion Graphic Design

As we can understand by the name it deals with motion-related graphics. Television, movies, and online media are the places where we can find motion graphics. This is one of the newest types and the most popular one too. Motion Graphic Design deals with animated logos, trailers, tutorial videos, and a lot more.

Packaging Graphic Design

Packaging Graphic Design deals with the packaging of products and prepares the products for distribution, storage, and sale. Every product tells a story and that is told by using packaging graphic design. A packaging graphic designer needs to be aware of current trends and must have the skills to meet the wants of their clients.

Do You Want To Become A Graphic Designer? Follow These Steps

Graphic Designer

  • One thing that is necessary for every other job is completing higher secondary education. No matter what stream you choose, your 12th passing certificate is required to get into design colleges. If you have experience with fine arts you might find clearing the entrance examinations a bit easier. Indulging in creative activities while at school is also a great addition to your portfolio.
  • Now the next step is to opt for an undergraduate degree in graphic design. Mainly the entrance to designing colleges is based on examinations and interviews.
  • When you will apply for design institutes you will find most of the institutions ask for your portfolio during the time of application. Your portfolio will get ranked based on your mentioned skills and potential. From your past work experience to your indulgence in any other creative activities, mention everything needed. Do not put every work sample you have in your portfolio, select only the best ones. Quality always prevails over quantity. Whether you have designed any logo or flyers, show them in your portfolio.
  • Last but not least, get yourself registered on job search sites. Make a resume consisting of every detail related to your work field for example qualifications and work experience. This will increase the chances of employment opportunities.

Future Scope Of Graphic Designing

Graphic Design

In today’s time, everyone is busy with several works at hand and the attention span of people is reducing day by day. To gain attention in this situation companies are using interesting eye-catching graphic designs to make people aware of their products and brands.

A prediction has been made looking after the increase in demand for graphic designers that by 2026 the demand will increase by 5 percent.

The need for graphic design is taking over every field. From the movies watched by people to the packaging of products used by us, we can see a lot of examples of graphic design works in our daily life. In the future people will become more looks-oriented so the need for a graphic designer will increase but with the increase in demand the competition will increase too. To maintain a career one has to be equipped with extra skills and qualifications.

Jobs You Can Give A Try After Accomplishing A Certificate In Graphic Design

  1. Communication Designer
  2. Systems Designer
  3. Brand Manager
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Typographer and Font Designer
  6. Design Illustrators
  7. Design Thinker
  8. Experience Designer
  9. Strategy Designer
  10. Design Researcher
  11. Design Manager
  12. Web Designers
  13. Chief Design Officer
  14. Chief Creative Officer
  15. Brand Designer
  16. Narrative Designer
  17. Design Entrepreneur
  18. Social Designer

How To Get A Client For Graphic Designing

Graphic Design

The first step is to get a clear idea about your value. You must communicate your value to your clients in a proper way. For example, you must have a higher value in fields where you have the experience to show that to your client you can add the example of your best work in that field to pitch to the client.

If you have clients who are very satisfied with your services you can talk with them politely and ask them to refer your services to their friends and family. A business has a lot of partnerships so a referral might get you the exposure needed to attract more clients.

An excellent portfolio is key to getting clients. Go into detail about your work projects and add new projects daily. But make sure to not get carried away and add every work of yours to the portfolio and choose the best ones.

You must maintain your social presence. There must be daily posts on your social media profiles because you will not want people visiting your profile to think that you are no longer in the field. Getting in touch with you must be easy, no one will like to spend a lot of time just reaching out to you. Provide your contact information in your profile.

Build networks and interact with people who can help you or might need your services in the future. Networking is the reason for success.

Ask for feedback from clients. After serving your clients, get their feedback and display them on your social sites. This will make trusting you easier for possible future clients.

Importance Of Soft Skills

Graphic Design

To be an all-rounder one needs to have the necessary soft skills in the field of graphic design too.

For example, communication is very necessary. A graphic designer must know how to communicate his ideas properly. The more you will be able to express your ideas properly there are more chances of getting work done.

Another important skill needed is active listening. A Graphic Designer must have the capability to listen to their clients properly and understand their vision and represent it in their graphic work. Also one must be capable of solving problems. While working with a team and boss the rise of disagreements is normal but a graphic designer must know how to deal with them and satisfy everyone.

Graphic Designers must have a creative mind because in this field creativity is the key to success. These were a few basic soft skills required to be an all-rounder.



Get in this field if you have the required skills and want to earn money using your creative mind. Graphic designing is a great skill to learn and if you can excel in it you are bound to achieve great success. Attract clients and you can develop as a freelancing graphic designer too.

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