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Gmail: Top 9 Best Gmail Alternatives in 2023 (Update: July)



Gmail Alternatives

Do you know the Best Gmail Alternatives in 2023?

Google Mail, popularly known as Gmail, is an app launched by Google. One can exchange emails using Google Mail by using the Internet.

One can send a single mail or send the same mail to a group of people at a time. One can use Gmail in the web version as well as an application on their device. Paul Buchheit is the person behind the creation of Google Mail. Gmail was created on    April 1, 2004.

When Gmail was introduced to us in the beginning it had only a storage capacity of a Gigabyte now it has enhanced it to 15 Gigabytes. Each user can receive emails up to fifty Megabytes and send up to twenty-five Megabytes.

Google doesn’t have the usual folder-like system to organize mail instead it has a label system which might make a few people uncomfortable.

Gmail will not let you access your emails if you do not have an internet connection so in an urgent situation if you do not have an Internet connection you will not be able to access the emails.

List of The Best Google Alternatives in 2023

Due to the generous storage offering of 15GB and some great productivity tools that are free to use Google has been dominating the market. Many people are not satisfied with the user interface and they go for the alternatives. But, if you are satisfied you can give try to the best Google alternatives too.

The competitors have developed themselves a lot and have a lot of features to offer too. Many have improved their user interface and many have made their privacy top-notch. Although G-mail has been ruling for decades it is time to give a look at the best Google alternatives listed below –

9. GMX

The first Gmail alternative is GMX, which is a free email service that offers a user-friendly interface, generous storage space, and spam filters. It also allows you to manage multiple email accounts from different providers in one place.

GMX offers generous storage space for your emails and attachments. The exact storage capacity depends on the specific plan or account type you choose.

GMX also offers premium accounts with additional features, such as ad-free email, increased storage capacity, and advanced support options. These premium plans are available for a subscription fee.

8. FastMail

The first in the list of the best Google alternatives is FastMail. Who should pay attention to this software? serial entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs often need several addresses across numerous domains without the need for opening multiple mailboxes.

Fastmail might not offer a variety of productivity tools but is a great pick among the best Gmail alternatives. Fastmail is capable of handling emails across numerous domains. Standard calendaring is offered by Fastmail and offers an archive space of 30GB per user. Scheduling emails and sending them is offered by Fastmail at an affordable price of 3 dollars per month.

The 3-dollar plan is the basic and tier 1 plan offering 2GB storage of emails per user. Fastmail has a limitation in the number of emails one can send and receive daily i.e 4,000 emails. No matter if you are an Apple user or an Android user, you can use this app.

The next plan is the Standard plan and the most suggested one too because by just paying 2 dollars extra compared to the tier 1 plan one can avail 30 GB of email space and also the daily traffic limit gets doubled up. One also gets the group scheduling feature with this plan. There are several other plans too, choose the one best suited for you.

One can also share their calendars with their team to make them updated with the schedule. Fastmail can be easily administered and supports up to hundreds of domains. But, Fastmail does not support HIPPA and BAA.

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7. ProtonMail

The next app among the best Gmail alternatives is ProtonMail. The security practices of ProtonMail make the company proud of its app. No matter what, at least one doesn’t have to worry about their data reaching unsafe hands because ProtonMail was promoted to be the singular email system that can prevent NSA hacking. Your emails will be kept private as they are protected by European Law. Zero access encryption and end-to-end encryption keep your emails secured. The best part is not even the company itself can follow your messages.

If you don’t like giving your personal information while opening an email account this will be your best choice among the best Gmail alternatives. One just needs a recovery email and basic requirements like a password and username to open their email account.

ProtonMail has similarities with Gmail, and their inbox design is pretty modern and has productivity tools to offer their users too.

Android and iOS users both can try this app. This app can be used free of cost but offers only 150 messages in a day and storage of 500MB. To gain more features one has to upgrade to the monthly plans. The basic plan starts from 4 Euros and also has a professional plan costing 6.25 Euros a month.

6. Tutanota

The next app among the best Gmail alternatives is Tutanota. ‘Tutanota’ sounds a bit uncommon right? It means ‘secure message’ in Latin. For people concerned about privacy this is another great alternative to Gmail. One can open their account free of cost and can upgrade their account at an affordable price.

The headquarters of Tutanota is in Germany. This app is ad-free and has its personal desktop clients, one of them in macOS. One can enjoy the simplistic free plan or pay one euro monthly to upgrade the plan.

The free plan offers a singular encrypted calendar. With the one euro per month plan one can have multiple calendars and add users too. Two-factor authentication is also present to provide security.

5. Microsoft

The app that comes next in the list of best Gmail alternatives is Microsoft

If you are familiar with Microsoft or Hotmail and have signed up for them anytime then the chances are that you already have an email address of Even if you do not have it there is nothing to worry about because you can get it easily by signing up without any extra charges.

Like Gmail has ties with apps from Google, Microsoft has ties with other web apps of Microsoft like Excel and Word. Microsoft has two types of inboxes one is a Focused Inbox and the other is Another Inbox. These two types of inbox help to sort out incoming mail.

An app like Microsoft Outlook deserves to be on the list of best Gmail alternatives because it gives their user access to a contacts app as well as an integrated calendar and a lot more. If you will run a free account you will enjoy a mail storage of 15GB. Also, the users get an extra 5GB of storage for OneDrive. If you want to enjoy the most of this app you can get a Microsoft 365 subscription.

This subscription starts from $69.99 yearly, this is a plan for one person if you want a plan for your family it will cost you $99.99 yearly. This subscription gives a boost to your mail storage and increases it to 59GB and not only that it also increases your One Drive storage to 1TB. The subscription will also eliminate ads so you can stay focused.

Microsoft with its amazing features has made its place among the best Gmail alternatives.

4. Hey

The app that comes next in the list of best Gmail alternatives is Hey. We face some problems with emails in our day-to-day life and this app makes sure to eradicate some of these terrible problems. For example, you are waiting for an important email but to check the inbox you have to go through several useless emails to find the important one, during this process you even miss some of the important emails.

To solve this issue Hey offers you ‘inbox’ a replacement for inbox. ‘Imbox’ is a place where only important mail can stay. You will continue receiving other emails too but they will be in a different folder so that you can find your important emails easily. You can also make a stack of replies to later emails to make sure you don’t forget to reply to them. They will cost you $99 per year and has a lot to offer.

The top 3 Gmail Alternatives are Below

3. Runbox

The app that comes next in the list of best Gmail alternatives is Runbox. This is an alternative that is suitable for people who want a simple alternative. Features that are expected from a private email provider are fulfilled by Runbox. Importing emails has been made easier by Runbox.

Runbox has also declared that they are against providing your personal data to any third party app. Another unique feature you will get here is- one can pay for their subscription using cryptocurrency. End-to-end PGP encryption is provided by Runbox but one has to activate that by applying some technical knowledge.

2. Mailfence

Best Gmail Alternatives

The next app among the best Gmail alternatives is Mailfence. This app is based in Belgium and acts as a private email provider. For anyone who is worried about security this app will be great as it has its roots deep down in terms of online security.

This service provider gives assurance regarding no selling of data to third parties. Also, another unique feature provided by them is one can set a password for your message and even set a date of expiry. One can also keep their appointments organized with the help of a user-friendly calendar offered by Mailfence.

One can import their contacts easily and the webmail version of this app is free of cost. By paying €2.50 per month one can upgrade their experience.

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1. Zoho Mail

Best Gmail Alternatives

The app that comes next in the list of best Gmail alternatives is Zoho Mail. The service offered by Zoho is rich and suitable for small business owners and personal use as well. You will find every tool needed for the organization in Zoho Mail like- calendar, tasks, contacts, etc.

Zoho stays among the top choices in the list of best Gmail alternatives. The user interface of Zoho is very clean and one can organize that neatly by using Streams.

Your inbox becomes easy to manage no matter whether you are using it for yourself or your small business. The transition from Gmail to Zoho will be smooth that can be assured.

Zoho provides end-to-end encryption of messages so one can rely on security too. If you want to make your presence more professional you can use Zoho. When one will upgrade to the premium plan they will be able to access custom email addresses too.

The customer support of Zoho is available to help you out 24×7. The lowest plan starts from 1 dollar a month.

Conclusion of Gmail Alternatives

Shifting from Gmail to any other email app is not that hectic at all; you just need to sync the contacts of important people and let everyone know about your new id.

Just because you will get a new id it is not necessary that you have to completely abandon the old one.  So, give it a try to the above-mentioned Gmail alternatives.

Topic Summary

Here is a quick list of The Top 9 Best Gmail Alternatives.

  1. Zoho Mail
  2. Mailfence
  3. Runbox
  4. Hey
  5. Microsoft
  6. Tutanota
  7. ProtonMail
  8. FastMail
  9. GMX

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