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The 9 Most Expensive Air Jordan In The World (Update April 2023)



Expensive Air Jordans

Do you know which are the Most Expensive Air Jordan In The World?

Nike founded the most popular line of sneakers around the world. The company made this product by inspiring basketball legend  Michael Jordan. This Air Jordan’s first collection was brought on the racks of sports stores in the year 1985. These sneakers have evolved into a legend in the world of sports shoes.

These expensive Air Jordans have become a  sign for numerous fans and even nonfans of the celebrated player. This is the fact that to purchase and sell these types of shoes are delightful opportunities and, people would honestly provide anything for a pair of Air Jordan. They will bravely wait in long queues for hours just to obtain their hands on a pair.

Nike, the famous sneakers company had changed the style of the global market. The definition of basketball was changed by this expensive air Jordan.

The expensive air Jordan brand has exceeded other big enterprise names like Reebok, Adidas or Converse, and so many others brands. The brand has evolved into an organization that most sneakerheads feel that their feet should be empty without them.

The List of the Expensive Air Jordan

List of the Expensive Air Jordans

Air Jordan sneakers were first developed for execution. But nowadays, they are grails for sneaker collectors and works of art revered by specialists. The brand begins again to innovate and develop. While retaining the gold standard set by Tinker Hatfield, who planned multiple of the first and most famous sneakers in the lineup.

While everyone has their favorite pair, only a few can keep the versatile importance of being the very fairest in structure, performance, and luxury.

Most of the sneakers are now like old classic vintage cars. When they get ancienter, their price and demand are increasing. Many people want to get these air jordans eagerly.

In this following article, you get detailed information about the top 9 expensive air Jordan in the world. The information are collected from many web sources.

9. Air Jordan XVll ($11,267)

Air Jordan XVII is a well-known and expensive air Jordan around the globe. The design of the sneakers shows sophisticated looks. The price value of this air Jordan is approximately $11,267. After a short period of retirement, they celebrated the recovery of the basketball legend to the field.

Famous Michael Jordan put on those shoes while performing for the Washington Wizards. This type of shoe is inspired by jazz music and Aston Martin cars, the removable strap wrapping almost half of the shoe.

Its hidden fast lace system with lace locks gives a very slick feel to them. The world has seen numerous fascinating understandings and revamps of this fashion throughout the years, and the Jordan Brand introduces itself with fresh ideas to enlarge the span of this beloved shoe every year.

8. Air Jordan 10 OVO ($20,000)

This Expensive air Jordan sneaker is a rare collection. Air Jordan 10 OVO is a unique collection and that was presented to Drake and his team as a gift for their partnership with the Jordan Brand. The main features of this shoe are the gold OVO owl logo of Drake’s clothing line and the iconic red Jumpman.

The sneaker is very costly because it is $20000. This precious gift was created during the Toronto Raptor’s event Drake Night, where a fan was lucky and came to be the owner of one of these expensive pairs. Air jordans are natural but costly shoes. These pairs of shoes are the legacy of the memory of Michael Jordan.

This type of shoe is a fashion symbol of Jordan fans. Air Jordans are the top-selling product in the market.

7. Air Jordan 11 Blackout Edition ($21,780)

Air Jordan 11 Blackout Edition is one of the most expensive air jordans in the world. It’s rate is $21780. Because of this high price this rare edition is becoming famous. The most interesting thing about the sneaker is that the whole body of the shoe is covered in Nike-patented leather and carbon.

These materials are making them ideal to wear on both the basketball court and at formal events.

Michael Jordan the legend wore the shoes during the movie Space Jam and during an NBA championship. When they got popularity, it achieved the skies and, Nike produced retro editions as well.

6. Air Jordan I with Autograph ($25,000)

It is a rare and costly collection of sneakers. These pairs of basketball shoes are designed with autographs. Air Jordan I is an expensive air Jordan and the price rate is roughly $25000. It has great popularity and carries heritage, that increases it’s status and price value. The color scheme was inspired by the Chicago Bulls theme, and the fan followers adored it so much. Nike decided to create two retro-style sneakers releases, one in 2013 and another in 2015.

5. Air Jordan 2 OG ($31,000)

This famous and expensive air Jordan came into the market with great success and popularity. The cost will be $31000 in the global market and even eBay site. The sneaker collectors are very much impressed by this air Jordan.  It is made in Italy and the designer of the shoe is Bruce Kilgore. There is two colors variety.

The pair that was traded on eBay was 28 years old and the condition of the shoe is not so good but it has the potential to come to be a museum piece.

4. Air Jordan 5 Retro Transformers Sample ($52,900)

The price rate of this sneaker is unbelievable,$52900. It is important thing to know that the price of this Expensive Air Jordan is increasing because many celebrities used this. Mark Wahlberg tried the Air Jordan 5 Retro Transformers Sample and it’s popularity is rising because of this. The logo of the shoe is Optimus Prime and the black leather enhances it’s beauty.

This was a gift from the popular Jordan brand to the actor of celebrating the first Transformers film release. The digit 23 was taken the place of 84, the debut year of the actual Transformers television series.

Most 3 Expensive Air Jordan are Below

3. Air Jordan Silver Shoe with Autograph ($60,000)

This pair of shoes is a really expensive air Jordan and it’s price value is approximately $60000. It is a gift from his beloved wife and this pair of Air Jordan Silver Shoes is filled with Michael Jordan’s autograph. It creates a rich history and beneficial pair of sneakers. The value of this shoe is huge for collectors and fans.

It is a limited collection of air Jordan. The shoe is made from sterling silver and only 10 pairs are created. All of them are now owned by avid collectors. This shoe with an autograph at last auctioned at a high price.

2. Air Jordan 12 OVO ($52,900)

Most Expensive Air Jordans

Air Jordan 12 OVO is holding the second position on our list because of it’s high price value. You may spend $100000 if you will buy this rare piece of sneaker. That makes this shoe one of the most expensive air Jordan around the globe. Like Air Jordan 10 OVO, the Air Jordan 12 OVO claims a parallel story to the model at number 8 on our list.

It creates a relationship with the same brand. It occurred at the same Toronto Raptors event, Drake’s Extravaganza Night. A lady fan follower obtained the sneakers as a gift and she did precisely what most of us would have assumably done. She sold them.

The Air Jordan 12 OVO’s were set free to the crowd as a copy of Drake’s pair accepted as a gift. The materials used include white Stingray leather with a translucent sole and a touch of gold on the sides.

1. Air Jordan 12 Flu Game ($104,000)

Most Expensive Air Jordan

The price rate of this expensive air Jordan is unbelievable. This pair of shoes acquired the first position because the value is probably $104,000. This popular shoe is renowned for its historical story but not for it’s actual name. The story was in the year 1997 NBA Finals when Chicago Bulls were playing against Utah Jazz.

But the Bulls are in hardship and the latter ends in victory. Michael Jordan was retaining flu signs and suffering too much. The brave legend established the stability to guide his team to victory that night and scored 15 points and made a memorable game.

Those pair of Air Jordan 12  Michael was wearing that night came to be known as the Flu Game, a black and red edition of the original version.

Conclusion of the Expensive Air Jordan

Conclusion of the Expensive Air Jordans

There are numerous things we could speak out here about Expensive Air Jordan. Many of which you have presumably listened to before. We could talk about their charisma and how they birthed sneaker culture as we know it. How they irrevocably changed the worlds of sports and style and trading.

Famous Michael Jordan was not the first basketball player to possess his own signature shoe line, nor was he the first performer to work together to develop a shoe. That title is owned by Chuck Taylor.

When Michael Jordan explode into the scene, he came to be a global icon as soon as possible. During his time performing college basketball in North Carolina. Nike, always an originator in the sports clothing industry, saw a star in Jordan and was determined to create a new shoe just for him.

The endorsement contract was for $2.5 million, a total that was unheard of for an unproven player. To produce the story even more legendary, Jordan broke NBA rules when wearing the new shoes, which went against their color regulations.

Jordan wore the shoes anyway, and Nike ate the $ 5,000-per-game fine, learning the marketing was incalculable. The sneaker evolved interchangeably with basketball and hip-hop style and is still a top sneaker today.

Expensive Air Jordan sneakers have created a craze among young basketball players wishing for soaring like the legend Michael Jordan. Jordan’s countless pairs of Air Jordan sneakers have been through a historic NBA career that performed multiple milestones. The shoes are so famous that even other NBA stars utilised the shoes regularly.

There have 26 various autograph pairs of Air Jordan shoes that blasted the market, with each one attracting more hype than the next. The sneakers revolutionized athletic footwear, and we can only stay and see what’s next on the list.

Topic Summary

Here is a quick list of The 9 Most Expensive Air Jordan In The World.

  1. Air Jordan 12 Flu Game
  2. Air Jordan 12 OVO
  3. Air Jordan Silver Shoe with Autograph
  4. Air Jordan 5 Retro Transformers Sample
  5. Air Jordan 2 OG
  6. Air Jordan I with autograph
  7. Air Jordan 11 Blackout Edition
  8. Air Jordan 10 OVO
  9. Air Jordan XVll

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