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Top 13 Best Travel Blogs In The World (Update: June 2023)



Travel Blogs In The World

Are you want to know the Best Travel Blogs In The World?

Do you love to travel all over the world? There are many wonderful places in the world and people want to explore all the spots.

The best travel blogs in the world give incredible travel tips, photography, and video content.

The best travel bloggers produce to be excellent writers and storytellers, offering beneficial guidance and motivation to get travellers enthusiastic to evaluate new places.

There are various travel bloggers with unique aspects and stories.

Though I am a great travel blogger, I have seen many things and experienced so much. I want to share my favourite best travel blogs and websites in the world.

Check out the list of the top 13 travel blogs in the world

ravel Blogs In The World

Are you looking for some of the best travel bloggers in 2023? From mainstream travel bloggers to virtual storytellers focusing on hidden treasures.

In the following, I make a list that is helpful for travel bloggers. There are lots of best travel blogs in the world. As with such lists, this is so imperfect and presents one way to see the authority of a blog.

Rules for bloggers: your website must focus on travel. You do not mention a large portion about food, fashion, or something else and a small portion about the trip.

Blogs must be owned and corporate sites are not allowed. It should be a proper travel blog site.

Comprehending the best travel blogs is a naturally flawed method. 20 people can stare at it in different ways.

It is not contended that this list is the be-all and end when it appears to the subject. This list endeavours to be an accurate look at the website’s algorithmic authority.

I take four publically usable metrics which are all on a 100-point scale and take the normal of the three to deduce a website’s rank on the list.

13. Like Where You’re Going

Top Travel Blog In The World

If you’re seeking an authentic and exciting travel experience, look no further! ‘Where you’re going’ is here to show you the best places to explore and discover around the globe. From bustling cities and cultural traditions to remote beaches and rural life, you’ll find the perfect destination to visit and experience.

Our blog will provide you with all the information you need to make your next trip a memorable one. We’ll update you on the best places to stay, the best activities to do and the best cuisine to try, wherever you’re off to. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, our blog is your go-to source!

12. Never Ending Footsteps

Top Travel Blogs In The World

It is one of the best travel blogs in the world.

Never Ending Footsteps is the top travel blogger. It is established by Lauren Juliff, this travel blog has been around for 10 years. Attaining hundreds of thousands of travellers each month.

The owner of the website has travelled to over 90 countries and shares valuable tips about all the ups and downs of her several years on the path.

She wrote a famous book. If you are a travel lover then search this website for tips and advice. It makes its position in the list of 2023.

11. Going Awesome Places

Best Travel Blogs In The World

Searching for an in-depth travel instructor and itineraries around the world? Then check out Going Awesome Places, which is regarded as one of the best travel blogs among all blogs.

I have wandered with Will in the past, and I extremely admire his labour, ethic and awareness of detail.

He writes ridiculously vast travel articles, where he always tries to cover the A to Z details of unique destinations around the globe.

His blogging skills are mesmerizing. Will, the founder of this website is a great storyteller on social media. His IG stories are also impressive, engaging and instructive.

You must follow this top travel blogger for betterment.

10. Nomadic Matt – Top Travel Blogger

Top Travel Blogs In The World

This website is considered one of the best travel blogs in the world. Nomadic Matt is a renowned blog. Matt has been one of the top performers in the industry for over a year now decade.

He necessarily has not calmed down over 1 million page views per month on his website.

Nomadic Matt’s writing is very clear and concise. He always advised us to save money on travel. That is why I enjoy this blog. Matt‘s website is perfect for substantial tips and important resources.

In addition, Matt is a New York Times bestselling author of the book “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.”

He is a good seller of travel blogging courses and Travel Con is his travel Conference. Matt belongs to Boston and his travel blog is very famous on social media.

9. Atlas and Boots

Travel Blogs In The World

Atlas and Boots are attached to outdoor travels, like nomad lifestyle tips, hiking, diving, and other fun nature-acquainted activities around the world. Nature lovers enjoy reading this travel blog.

Kia and Peter are the founders of this nature blog. They have climbed Mt. Everest, the Arctic Circle, and Mt. Elbrus.

Both founders have starred in many significant publications, such as BBC Travel, Lonely Planet, The Guardian, and so on. These award-winning travel bloggers have some unique areas, and because of this, their site is the best travel blog.

8. Hey Ciara

Best Travel Blog In The World

Hey, Ciara is considered one of the best travel blogs on the globe. Ciara is a solo traveller and also very famous. Ciara is a tremendous writer and inspires hundreds of thousands of travellers on her blog.

Being a travel lover she quits her corporate job and chooses the path to wander all over the world. With various insightful journeys and lifestyle advice, as well as inspiring and uplifting subjects, Ciara with remind you how beautiful the world truly is.

7. The Points Guy – Among the most famous travel bloggers

Best Travel Blogs In The World

Economic savvy travellers won’t want to miss out on pursuing. The Points Guy. This best travel blog is affectionate to tips on credit cards and rewards points.

Brian Kelly established this travel blogger website. He always encloses everything from how to improve airline points and miles to the hacking hotel rewards, by this way you can wander for free and search the top places.

His credit card reviews are good so we use them to find the best hotels.

Brian has more than 100 staff like editors, writers, reporters and other contributors. On his site, we get up-to-date content and the best things.

I like his website for its accuracy and loyalty. So at last it is easy to say why this is so popular.

6. The Blonde Abroad

Travel Blogs In The World

It is one of the best travel blogs in the world. This site is best for solo female travellers. But if you do not appropriate that description, you will read the valuables for your journey.

Kiki is the founder of this website, The Blonde Abroad. She gives amazing travel tips, how-to guides, and photo /video content from her tours around the world.

In addition, we say that her travel site has a beautiful design. She laid out everything so creatively, that you can’t help but feel glad and creative as you scroll through her travel blog.

Are you searching for a top-class travel blog? look no further because it is a wonderful and mesmerizing travel blog.

5. The Planet D

Top Travel Blogs

For exploration petitioners, The Planet D is one of the best travel blogs in the world. Dave and Deb are award-winning travel blog founders based in Canada.

They travelled to more than 100 countries. They write extensive travel guides and itineraries which I use in my plan for a trip.

Besides their amazing travel tips, Dave and Deb are also good photographers. They are sharing various pictures and videos on their blog and social media channels.

Planet D has informative, inspirational travel content which has enriched many people‘s lives around the world. It is no wonder why they are so much renowned on social media.

4. Y Travel Blog

Top Travel Blog

It stands as one of the best travel blogs in the world. Y Travel Blog is a family and adventure travel blog site. Caz and Craig are the founders of the blog and they are both writers and photographers.

They were born on the Central Coast of Australia. The couple has stayed in five countries and now dwells in North Carolina.

They travel all over the world with their two beautiful daughters. They share tips and information on their site.

Their contents are super exciting and full of adventures. They always share different experiences and challenges which are more raw and authentic than other vacation bloggers.

Their works are so admirable.

The #3 Top Travel Blogs are Below

3. Dan Flying Solo

Best Travel Blogs

Dan Flying Solo is famous as the best travel blog in the world. Dan is a well-known blogger. He was born and raised in the UK.

Dan is also an awesome writer and photographer whose works are featured in numerous major publications including Travel + Leisure and National Geographic.

He always mentions a variety of different destinations on his travel blog. Dan Flying Solo focuses on lesser-known places.

2. The Travel Episodes

Travel Blogs In The World

The Travel episodes do not take storytelling to the next phase with their articles but also with video clips, sound effects and photography.

It’s like a lesson from a futuristic storybook that teleported you to the place.

When you first reached the page, you are feeling the tense environment of the video playing in the background and you can read more digestible paragraphs.

I have never seen such a type of travel blog site. It is one of the best travel blogs in the world.

1. Anywhere We Roam

Best Travel Blog

Anywhere We Roam is regarded as one of the best travel blogs in the world. It is a UK-based travel blog run by Paul and Mark.

The photos of this blog tell thousands of words. The layout of the travel blog hardly satisfies as a white canvas to promote the atmospheric and immersive photography that Anywhere We Roam is a champion at. Their work is maintained high-quality standards.

Their great work is the impression of Havana where you see the culture and atmosphere of Havana.

Conclusion of Best Travel Blogs In The World


Looking for more travel bloggers? There are various popular travel blogs beyond the list. Travelling with kids is not easy. If you want to travel with your family then search family travel blogs.

It helps you to gain knowledge and experience skills. You can search The Bucket List Family, Earth Trekkers, Families love to travel etc. There are several types of travel blogs.

Travel blogs for young adults, married couples etc. Married couples always try to improve and make strong their relationship by travelling.

Are you a senior citizen? Are you feeling bored with your loneliness? So pack your bags and go travelling. You can search first for any travel blog that fits the 50s.

Travel blogs are still very famous. Google or social media is very helpful for planning vacations with family, friends and of course solo trips.

Many followers prefer the long-form content that only a travel blog provides. Short Instagram captions don’t give proper knowledge about anything but travel blogs give you detailed information.

So top travel blogs are still popular in the years ahead. Even pandemic situations can not fade the popularity of travel blogs. Starting a travel blog is really awesome.

You can share your experience with your followers and make them updated about your trip. Hope people enjoy these types of travel blogs around the globe.

Occasionally it is updated. Travel bloggers’ salaries are as high as $244000 and as low as $13000. The major travel bloggers earned a lot of money from blogging.

There are many steps such as how to start a travel blog, to start a blog, pick a passionate and personality match name, and establish a hosting for your travel blog, you must register a domain name for your travel blog.

Find a theme for your blog, must install word press plugins. It is absolutely a profitable job.

Topic Summary

Here Are A Quick List Of The Best Travel Blogs In The World

  1. Anywhere We Roam
  2. The Travel Episodes
  3. Dan Flying Solo
  4. Y Travel Blog
  5. The Planet D
  6. The Blonde Abroad
  7. The Points Guy
  8. Hey Ciara
  9. Atlas and Boots
  10. Nomadic Matt
  11. Going Awesome Places
  12. Never Ending Footsteps
  13. Like Where You’re Going

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