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The 13 Outstanding Facts about Burj Khalifa: Which You Did Not Know



Facts about Burj Khalifa

In this article, we are gonna discuss some unknown Facts about Burj Khalifa.

Are you someone who wants to visit the tallest building situated in Dubai? Well visiting Burj Khalifa has been on the bucket list of many people. If you want to visit the place you must know that the general public has access to three separate observation levels. The first two are included under the deceptive moniker At The Top, which has 12 and 125 52 m-high levels (not really the top floor, but more than halfway up the building). Moreover, at a height of 555 meters on the 1st floor, there is SKY Luxury Lounge.

At peak hours, entrance to At The Top costs AED 200. The biggest distinction between the two observatories, besides height, is that SKY is quieter and has comfortable seats strewn about in case you need to sit down after staring over the edge. Get a SKY ticket to gain entry to At The Top, which costs 500 AED for just 30 minutes.

To guarantee you have the best time, we advise making reservations in advance. To make the most of your time watching the sunset, reserve your spot at least 90 minutes in advance. You can reserve Sunrise times on Fridays and Saturdays during the winter.

If you want to know more facts about Burj Khalifa to make your visit more worthy and exciting we have made a list of 13 exciting facts about Burj Khalifa. And if you are someone who does not intend to visit the place this list of facts about Burj Khalifa might change your mind.

13 Lesser Known Facts About Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Facts

The facts are arranged in descending order so the facts on top of the list are rarely known by people.

Increase your knowledge about the outstanding structure

13. Cleaning The Windows Of Burj Khalifa Is As Special As The Tower Itself

Given its height and intricate architecture, cleaning the windows of the Burj Khalifa, a famous skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a remarkable task. As one might expect, window washing at such great heights calls for careful preparation, specialized tools, and a highly qualified crew.

No one with a phobia of heights should attempt to clean the Burj Khalifa’s windows. Additionally, it is a laborious activity that keeps repeating itself.

All of the windows are typically cleaned in three months, after which the staff must restart from scratch.

The windows of the Burj Khalifa are cleaned using a combination of manual and automated methods. Traditional cleaning techniques, including ladders or scaffolding, are not practical nor safe given the enormous height. Instead, a variety of cutting-edge techniques are used to ensure that the windows are kept clear and clean.

12. Inspiration Of Burj Khalifa

The first Burj Khalifa fact is that the 830-meter-high tower was designed with form and style taking cues from Islamic architecture. It is symbolic of the globalized world we live in, expressing common themes of Islamic architecture like modernity, sustainability, and spirituality. The exterior design of Burj Khalifa takes its lead from a regional desert flower known as ‘Hymenocallis’. This flower is characterized by its symmetric petals arranged around a central core. With this unique petal-like geometry and a ‘Y’ shaped plan, it could create highly efficient and practical space for Skyscraper buildings like Burj Khalifa. Plus, it also makes such tall buildings an iconic vision that can be seen even from a large distance in the Dubai desert skyline.

Furthermore, the inspiration behind the building’s composition was based on desert plants and flowers that have adapted to survive in arid environments through beautiful patterns found in arabesque architectural art forms. Its intricate details are said to represent facets of regional culture while providing sunshade elements that help reduce energy costs across the building.

11. Burj Khalifa The Tallest Building of All

The next in the list of facts about Burj Khalifa is that the world’s tallest building is a marvel of modern engineering and construction. It took more than 22 million man-hours to build this iconic structure, making it one of the most impressive feats of engineering in human history. From its foundation to its completion, it took six years for the construction of Burj Khalifa. The project involved hundreds of workers from all over the world working together to make this dream a reality.

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Every day, thousands of workers worked on site to build this incredible structure that stands 830 meters tall and is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai. Construction began in 2004 and was completed in 2009. The exterior was finished in just 1.5 years. Every six weeks, a new floor was added during construction.

Engineers used over 45,000 tones of steel rebar—the equivalent weight of around 100 Airbus A380 airplanes.

10. Built To Honor Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed

This is one of the outstanding facts in the list of facts about Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa was built to honor Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, the ruler of Abu Dhabi, and many consider it to be his personal fortune. It also serves as a reminder of the Emirates’ commitment to Dubai and the other emirates. The building was initially known as Burj Dubai when it was first opened in 2010, but after the United Arab Emirates lent Dubai money to help pay off its debts, it was renamed in honor of its ruler Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed.

It snatched the title of the world’s tallest building away from Taipei’s Taipei 101, making it a source of pride for both Dubai and the Arab Emirates. Not only does it hold great symbolic value for those living in the United Arab Emirates but Burj Khalifa has also been a major attraction for tourists visiting Abu Dhabi as well.

9. Utilization Of Water Through Burj Khalifa

The 15 million gallons of water are sustainably gathered each year. The water is utilized for irrigation to water the landscape and plants, for the cooling system, and to supply the Dubai Fountain. These exciting Burj Khalifa facts are lesser known but such a nice fact should be known by all.

8. Who Climbed Burj Khalifa?

Alain Robert, a French urban climber known as “Spiderman” for his exploits, has scaled Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world.

He took six hours to climb the United Arab Emirates city’s 828 m (2,717 ft) skyscraper, including the tapered spire above the top floors.

Once darkness fell, a sizable throng on the ground watched as he moved up the facade, being illuminated by spotlights.

To meet safety regulations, he unusually employed a rope and harness.

7. Tallest Freestanding Structure

Standing at a height of 829.8 meters, Burj Khalifa is the tallest freestanding structure in the world and its official launch was announced in January 2010. It is also the newest architectural project, one that has managed to exceed 3,280 feet with its mighty Burj.

A freestanding structure is a structure that stands on its foundation or base without attachment to anything else.

6. Do Not Miss The Outdoor Deck

Most Outstanding Fact about Burj Khalifa

Not only that, but it also boasts the highest outdoor observation deck and highest occupied floor in the world! This is why when it was announced that Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower would be built, many were eager to see how it would compare with Burj Khalifa’s impressive stature.

5. Burj Khalifa Breaking Records

Most Outstanding Facts about Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa stands tall with its record-breaking number of stories – 163. It has been a source of great pride for those living in UAE as it casts its shadow over most other freestanding structures worldwide. Its highest occupied floor is located at 584 meters above sea level and it also houses the world’s tallest service elevator which can travel up to 10 meters per second.

4. Even The Elevator in Burj Khalifa Has It’s Record

Top Outstanding Fact about Burj Khalifa

The next fact in the list of facts about Burj Khalifa will make you wonder how great will be the experience to get a first-hand experience of Burj Khalifa. A structure so high can only be reached using an elevator and one might think it takes several minutes to reach the top of it. But, if you are planning to go to the 124th floor where the deck is located it will only take 1 minute from ground level to reach the deck. The elevator travels at the speed of 10 meters per second and is also declared as the elevator having the most travel distance.

Top 3 Most Surprising Facts about Burj Khalifa are Below

3. How Heavy Is Burj Khalifa?

Top Outstanding Facts about Burj Khalifa

Have you ever wondered how much a structure so tall would weigh? Well, no one knows the answer for sure but the next fact in the list of facts about Burj Khalifa will give you a rough idea. It is believed that Burj Khalifa can be as heavy as a hundred thousand elephants.

2. Owner Of Burj Khalifa

Outstanding Fact about Burj Khalifa

Everyone would love to own a place like Burj Khalifa but anyone hardly knows who actually owns this place. If you can not stop wondering about it too then this fact about Burj Khalifa will clear your doubts. The owner of Burj Khalifa is Emaar Properties.

1. Burj Khalifa & It’s Commendable Engineering

Outstanding Facts about Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world.  The tower sits at an impressive 2,717 feet, or 828 meters, and is part of a grand Dubai construction project. It was completed in 2010 after a long stretch of construction and is one of the most recognizable towers in the world. The Burj Khalifa also holds the record for the tallest skyscrapers and tallest towers; it stands even taller than the upcoming Jeddah Tower which is expected to reach 2,716.5 feet or 828 meters. This makes the Burj Khalifa one of the most impressive engineering feats in history, with its height dwarfing all other tall buildings around it.

Burj Khalifa is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and stands at a staggering 2,722 feet tall. It is the tallest structure in the world and has broken numerous height records. The roof height of the Burj Khalifa is 2,717 feet tall, which is just over a mile. When including its spires and antennae, its total height reaches 2,722 feet. This makes it much taller than other iconic buildings such as the Eiffel Tower (1,063 ft) and Empire State Building (1,454 ft).

The Burj Khalifa was previously known as Burj Dubai when construction began in 2004 and was completed six years later. It surpassed Taiwan’s Taipei 101 (1,671 ft) to become the world’s tallest building in 2009. Since then it has held on to this title and can be seen from miles away making it a popular attraction for tourists visiting Abu Dhabi or the United Arab Emirates.

Conclusion of Fact about Burj Khalifa


These facts about Burj Khalifa will make a person wonder how less we know about the famous structures around the world. These facts are exciting and help to understand the history of a popular place in a better way.

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